Airports in us-ks region

Hayden Farm Airport
Caldwell Municipal Airport
Flying N Ranch Airport
Jmj Landing Airport
Valley Grain Heliport
Robinson Industries Heliport
Darbro Field
Riverside Hospital Airlift Heliport
Beyer Farm Airport
Heape Field
Churchill Airport
Alderson Airport
Coffman Airport
J V Ranch Airport
Kellie Mann Airfield
Camp Chippewa Airport
Norris Airport
Kendrigan Airport
Mono Aircraft Airport
Pearce Field
Lmn 120 Airport
Van Pak Airport
Plainville Airpark
Stockton Municipal Airport
University of Kansas Hospital Heliport
Sheller's Airport
Sooter Airport
Daniel's Landing Airport
G & S Space Port Airport
Colmery-O'Neil Vamc Heliport
Sickler Airstrip
Tevis Airport
Fowler Airport
Cherokee Strip
Schultz Field
Lloyd Stearman Field
Hamilton Field
Ellinwood Municipal Airport
Huey Airport
Cochran Airport
Risky Airport
Leo's Place STOLport
Prichard Airstrip
Keyser Airport
Silers Plane Valley Airport
Hitch Feeders Ii Inc. Airport
Buehler Airport
Huff Airport
Airpark Estates Airport
St Francis Hospital & Medical Center Heliport
St Francis Regional Medical Center Heliport
Ney Airport
Blocker Field
Wyrill Farming Airport
St Lukes Hospital Heliport
Bellamy Farm Airport
Highland Farm Airport
Navrat Airport
Elk County Airport
Argonia Municipal Airport
Rupp Airport
Rush Airport
Stuber Flying Ranch Airport
Wilson Airport
Dick Airport
Plains Municipal Airport
Vonada Airport
Starshire Farm Airport
Tyler Airport
Mills Field
Wilkens Airport
Buena Terra Airport
St Joseph Heliport
Selby Farm Airport
White Farms Airport
Bar P Ranch Airport
Lucas Airport
Savute Airport
Pomona Lake Airport
Rolling Meadows Airport
Stormont-Vail Hospital Heliport
Mesa Verde Airport
Rogers Airport
Eveleigh Farms Airport
High Point Airport
St Mary Hospital Heliport
Berwick Airport
Reed-Wilsonton Airport
Stafford Municipal Airport
Chanay Airport
Flying Z Ranch Airport
Marion Municipal Airport
Smith Airport
Vankirk Airport
Liebau Ranch Airport
Hidden Valley Airport
Maxwell Airport
R F Roesner Airport
Lifeteam 20 Heliport
Norwich Airport
N & N Airport
Amar Farms Airport
Ingels Aerodrome
Police Heliport
Thomsen Field
Butler Airpark
Bursch Private Airport
Grandpa's Farm Airport
Cedar Air Park
Barnard Airport
Charles E Grutzmacher Municipal Airport
Bland Airport
Osage City Municipal Airport
Weaver Ranch Airport
Michael Airport
Robinson Heliport
Gilmore Airport
Burger's Valley Airport
Dunn Field
Bressler Field
Tribune Municipal Airport
Anthony Balloonport
Threshing Bee Airport
Fortmeyer Airport
Deweze Airport
Hall Farms Airport
Mollenkamp Field
Anthony Hospital Heliport
Jack Poore Airport
Black Airport
Alley Field
Sedan City Airport
Masters Field
Seneca Municipal Airport
Hillside Airport
5-D Ranch Airport
Griffith Field
Patterson Farms Airport
Montezuma Coop Airport
Cloud 9 Airport
Chiles Airpark
Republic County Hospital Heliport
Quinter Air Strip
Stevenson Private Airport
Walker Strip
Bussen Airport
Yeamans Fox Nest Airport
Kiowa Airport
Shute Airport
Mary's Place Airport
Providence Medical Center Heliport
Maize Airport
Westport Airport
Stonehenge Airport
Westport Auxiliary Airport
Mount Muncie Airport
Philip Ranch Airport
Ensminger Airport
Esplund Farm Airport
Prima Airport
Abel Ranch Airport
Walter A Swalley Airpark
Wilcox Field
Flying T Airport
Cloud Airport
Youvan Airport
Bent Nail Ranch Airport
Croisant Airport
Linders Cow-Chip Airport
Evans Airport
Shaw Aerial Spraying Airport
Eagle Field
Gilley's Airport
Blackhawk Airport
Miller Aeroplane Field
Sanders Airport
Weiss Airport
Holyrood Municipal Airport
Neosho Memorial Regional Hospital Heliport
Bucklin Airport
St Mary's Airpark
Yates Center Airport
Paul Windle Municipal Airport
Cimarron Municipal Airport
Morgan Farms Airport
Neu Field
King Ranch Airport
Davis Airfield
Rans Airport
Blue Sky Airport
Wesley Medical Center Heliport
Pine Sod Ranch Airport
Prairie Cottage Airport
The Wilderness Airport
Sunset Strip Airpark
St. Joseph'S Landing
Smith Field
Clear View Farm Airport
Rexford Airport
Elm Creek Farms Airport
Chase County Airport
Wilroads Gardens Airport
Patty Field
Coffeyville Regional Medical Center Heliport
Hartland Airport
Shawnee Mission Medical Center Heliport
Kake Helistop
Rose Port Airport
Rush Field
Lundgren Hereford Ranch Airport
Miller Airport
Dmh Airport
Trego Wakeeney Airport
Eureka Municipal Airport
Montezuma Municipal Airport
Sublette Flying Club Airport
Hoxie-Sheridan County Airport
Fredonia Airport
Satanta Municipal Airport
Stanton County Municipal Airport
Neodesha Municipal Airport
Ingalls Municipal Airport
Kinsley Municipal Airport
Gardner Municipal Airport
Lakin Airport
Augusta Municipal Airport
Freeman Field
Syracuse Hamilton County Municipal Airport
Mark Hoard Memorial Airport
Comanche County Airport
Minneapolis City County Airport
Moundridge Municipal Airport
Ness City Municipal Airport
Cook Airfield Inc Airport
Oxford Municipal Airport
Council Grove Municipal Airport
Vinland Valley Aerodrome
Dighton Airport
Oswego Municipal Airport
Garnett Municipal Airport
Wamego Municipal Airport
Lincoln Municipal Airport
Hiawatha Municipal Airport
Harper Municipal Airport
Horton Municipal Airport
Ellsworth Municipal Airport
Kingman Airport Clyde Cessna Field
Colonel James Jabara Airport
Atwood-Rawlins County City Airport
Anthony Municipal Airport
Beech Factory Airport
Shalz Field
Cessna Aircraft Field
Coffeyville Municipal Airport
Blosser Municipal Airport
Chanute Martin Johnson Airport
Clay Center Municipal Airport
Dodge City Regional Airport
Wellington Municipal Airport
Elkhart Morton County Airport
Emporia Municipal Airport
Captain Jack Thomas El Dorado Airport
Newton City-County Airport
Sherman Army Air Field
Topeka Regional Airport - Forbes Field
Marshall Army Air Field
Fort Scott Municipal Airport
Great Bend Municipal Airport
Garden City Regional Airport
Renner Field-Goodland Municipal Airport
Hill City Municipal Airport
Hugoton Municipal Airport
Herington Regional Airport
Hutchinson Municipal Airport
Hays Regional Airport
Mc Connell Air Force Base
Wichita Mid Continent Airport
Independence Municipal Airport
New Century Aircenter Airport
Riverside Airport
Washington County Memorial Airport
Medicine Lodge Airport
Harold Krier Field
Amelia Earhart Airport
Moritz Memorial Airport
Osborne Municipal Airport
Abilene Municipal Airport
Jetmore Municipal Airport
Miami County Airport
Smith Center Municipal Airport
Sabetha Municipal Airport
Allen County Airport
Rush County Airport
Liberal Mid-America Regional Airport
Larned Pawnee County Airport
Lawrence Municipal Airport
Lyons-Rice County Municipal Airport
Alfred Schroeder Field
Meade Municipal Airport
Manhattan Regional Airport
Mc Pherson Airport
Marysville Municipal Airport
Norton Municipal Airport
Oakley Municipal Airport
Oberlin Municipal Airport
Johnson County Executive Airport
Ottawa Municipal Airport
Phillipsburg Municipal Airport
Tri City Airport
Atkinson Municipal Airport
Pratt Industrial Airport
Stockton / Rooks County Regional
Belleville Municipal Airport
Russell Municipal Airport
Salina Municipal Airport
Cheyenne County Municipal Airport
Mankato Airport
Philip Billard Municipal Airport
Scott City Municipal Airport
Coffey County Airport
Ulysses Airport
Strother Field
J Roesner Airport
Dwight Eisenhower Va Medical Center Heliport
Wright International Airport
Lenora Municipal Airport
Roberts Memorial Airport
Halstead Airport
Beaumont Hotel Airport
Fisher Airport
Solomon Valley Airpark
Belle Plaine Farms Airport
Caney Municipal Hospital Helicopter Pad Heliport
Jenkinson Airport
Albers Airport
Schoolcraft Airport
Curtis Airport
Shupe Airport
Sills Air Park
Flying H Ranch Airport
Brady-Pippin Airport
Flory /Private/ Airport
Hoelting Airport
Overmiller Airport
Lucas Airport
Horttor Airport
Bovinair Airport
Belcher Airport
Rucker Burdett Airport
Marysville Mediport Heliport
William Newton Memorial Hospital Heliport
Rands Airport
Callaway Airpark
Rucker Airport
Menorah Medical Park Heliport
Wamsley Field
Harold K. Wells Airport
Lawrence Memorial Hospital Heliport
Baldock Farm Airport
Olson Aerodrome
Ziggy Carline Airport
Harrod Airport
Strafuss Airport
Bob Faler Airport
Michael's Airport
Taylor Airport
Converse Farm Airport
Moore Field
Mc Collough Airfield
Mt Carmel Medical Center Heliport
Meitl Airport
Pilot Pointe Estates Airport
Bonner Field
Overland Park Regional Medical Center Heliport
R J C Farms Inc Airport
Mercy Hospital Heliport
Witham Airport
Foster Field
Hermon Farm Airport
Lcf Heliport
Yoder Airpark
Roberts Field
Gail Ballard Airport
Eck Field
Lake Waltanna Airport
Beesley Farms Airport
Button Airport
Lil Bird Airport
Emmerson Airport
Kaypod Airport
Bob Park Airport
Graham Farms Airport
Salina Regional Health Center Heliport
Hays Medical Center Heliport
Sommers Airport
Sunflower Aerodrome
Johns Airport
Albright Airport
Municipal Office Building Heliport
Girard District Hospital Heliport
Hancock Airport
Highcrest Air Park
Blaser's Airport
Fox Fire Airport
Arrow B Ranch Airport
Supreme Feeders Airport
Crosswind Airfield
Somerset Airport
D'Field Airport
Godfrey Airport
Sunshine Ranch Airport
Dickson /Private/ Airport
Amy Airport
Roberts Air Field
Brollier Airport
Anton Flying Uv Airport
Laflin Ranch Airport
Rayl Heliport
Coberly Airport