Airports in us-ca region

Goldstone /Gts/ Airport
Lugo Substation Heliport
Swansboro Country Airport
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Heliport
Swepi Beta Platform Ellen Heliport
Conover Air Lodge Airport
Grossmont Hospital Heliport
Gray Butte Field
Hunt's Sky Ranch Airport
Lost Hills Sheriff's Station Heliport
Pope Valley Airport
Sce Solar I Heliport
Abc7-Tv Heliport
West Side Hospital Heliport
Richvale Airport
Pg & E Co. Placerville Svc Center Heliport
Kistler Ranch Airport
Tulare Motor Sports #1 Heliport
Mee Memorial Hospital Heliport
Alta Sierra Airport
Tulare Motor Sports #2 Heliport
Drew Medical Center Heliport
Northside Airpark
Va Greater Los Angeles Health Care Center Heliport
Crawford Airport
Shepherd Ranch Airport
Hoffman Private Airport
Emory Ranch Airport
Boeing Seal Beach (Rooftop) Heliport
Ward Ranch Airport
Blech Ranch Airport
Yosemite Hidden Lake Ranch Airport
Krey Field Airport
Parking Lot Heliport
John Nichol's Field Airport
Glen Fed Heliport
The Atrium Heliport
Bohunk's Airpark
Good Samaritan Hospital Heliport
Tera Ultralightport
Sce San Jacinto Valley Service Center Heliport
San Luis Reservoir Seaplane Base
Corning Municipal Airport
Ward Field
Sonoma Valley Airport
Selma Airport
Shingletown Airport
Sonoma Skypark Airport
William E Poole Heliport
Joe Gottlieb Field
Turner Field
Hansen Airport
Faber Vineyards Airport
Newton Field
M H 15 Heaps Peak US Forest Service Heliport
Maine Prairie Airport
Hoag Memorial Hospital Heliport
Foothill Presbyterian Hospital Heliport
Devonshire Area Heliport
Stanford University Hospital Center Heliport
Hunt Farms Airport
Police Pistol Range Heliport
Mother Lode Service Center Heliport
Brookside Hospital Heliport
Las Trancas Airport
Twin Cities Community Hospital Heliport
Bowles Airport
Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital Heliport
Palisades Ranch Airport
Frazier Lake Airpark
Boeing Santa Susana Heliport
Belridge Strip
Sunrise One Heliport
G S A Laguna Niguel G/L Helistop
Aha-Quin Airport
California Title Building Heliport
On the Rocks Airport
L. A. Times Costa Mesa Heliport
R I Science Center Helistop
Los Angeles County Fire Department Heliport
William Archibald Heliport
Little Buttes Antique Airfield
Pontious Airport
Alameda County Parking Garage Heliport
Uci Medical Center Heliport
Pomerado Hospital Heliport
Lake Park Helistop
Marian Medical Center Heliport
Sfi-Vernon Heliport
Dunsmuir Muni-Mott Airport
Eckert Field
Gravelly Valley Airport
Clayton Heliport
Mysterious Valley Airport
Area Energy Llc Heliport
Sheriff's Heliport
Commodore Center Seaplane Base
Double Tree Farm Airport
ABC-TV Heliport
Lefko Airport
L A Co Mens Detention Cntr-Main Jail Heliport
Douthitt Strip
Mesa Heliport
Salyer Farms Airport
R I An Anaheim Helistop G/L B/201 Heliport
Loma Madera Ranch Airport
Van Dyke Strip
Platform Holly Heliport
Boeckmann Ranch Airport
Litton Industries Heliport
Vincent Substation Heliport
Holiday Ranch Airport
Sopwith Farm Airport
Sce Pardee Substation Helistop
Dos Palos Airport
Borax Heliport
San Joaquin Community Hospital Heliport
Landells Heliport
Childrens Hospital Los Angeles Heliport
Dubey Airport
Ash Mountain Heliport
Cosmodyne Heliport
Cones Field
Crosswinds Airport
Blackinton Airport
Platform Emmy Heliport
K & T 660 Figueroa Partners Heliport
Prudential Helistop
B & E Ranch Airport
Commerce Business Park Heliport
Canyon Creek Heliport
Mc Cabe Ranch Airport
Longbell Ranch Airport
American Display Heliport
Kovr Heliport
St John's Regional Medical Center Heliport
Glendale Plaza Emergency Heliport
Inland Valley Reg Med Ctr Heliport
Mustang Airport
Dept. Of Water And Power Granada Hills Heliport
Tenaja Valley Airport
Paramount Farms Airport
Regional Medical Center Of San Jose H1 Heliport
Department Of Water & Power Los Angeles Heliport
Qualcomm Building N Heliport
Lake Arrowhead Airport
Indian Valley Hospital Heliport
Long Beach Memorial Medical Center Heliport
Baldwin Base Heliport
Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital Heliport
Stone Airstrip
Bob's Flying Service Inc Airport
Pacific Bell-2300 Imperial Hwy Heliport
Lloyd's Landing Airport
Oak Country Ranch Airport
Platform Hillhouse Heliport
Fiddyment Field
Burney Service Center Heliport
Bonanza Hills Airport
Los Angeles County/USC Medical Center Heliport
Flying M Ranch Airport
Farnsworth Ranch Airstrip
Stone Land County Airport
Tri-City Hospital Heliport
Blackwell Land Company Inc Airport
Billy Joe Airport
Lyall-Roberts Airport
Arnold Ranch Airport
Cashen Airport
Riego Flight Strip
Sanborn Airport
Sce Palm Springs District Heliport
Castle Heliport
Burroughs Heliport
Newport Beach Police Heliport
Jamboree Center Helistop
Dixon Airport
Haws Airport
J.H. Snyder Co. Iii Heliport
Metz Airport
Holy Cross Medical Center Heliport
Clark Ranch Airport
Uc Davis Medical Center Tower Ii Heliport
Metropolitan Water District Heliport
Meadow Airstrip
World Trade Center Heliport
Super Bowl Heliport
Chase Plaza Heliport
Long Point Heliport
Raleigh Enterprises Heliport
Toyota Helistop
Sce Northern Division Heliport
Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital Heliport
Harris Ranch Airport
City of Industry Civic Financial Center Heliport
Silver Creek Ranch Airport
John F Kennedy Memorial Hospital Heliport
Costa Mesa Police Department Heliport
Peg Field
Naa Long Beach Port Helistop
Dick Taylor Airstrip
Dick Dale Skyranch Airport
Mazza Airport
Van Nuys County Court Heliport
W R Byron Airport
Cortopassi Airport
Occidental Petroleum Heliport
Wilshire Area Heliport
Chapin Medical Pad Heliport
Hell'er High Water Airport
Hermitage Airport
Parker Center Heliport
Rancho Vallecito Airport
Transamerica Center Heliport
Crystal Airport
Mountains Community Hospital Heliport
Spears Heliport
Pg&E Auburn Service Center Heliport
Huntington Beach Service Center Heliport
Grass Valley Service Center Heliport
Sallaberry Ranch Strip
Texaco Platform Habitat Heliport
El Peco Ranch Airport
Rancho Tehama Airport
Lapd Hooper Heliport
City National Bank Heliport
Funny Farm Airport
Camp Parks Heliport
St Francis Medical Center Helistop
Choc Heliport
Chevron Refinery Heliport
Johnsen Airport
Yandell Ranch Airport
Randy Champe-Gary Howe Memorial Heliport
Lyon Heliport
Wolfranch Heliport
Antelope Valley Ranch Airport
Rabbit Ranch Airport
Mercy San Juan Hospital Heliport
Pat Coyle Memorial Heliport
Inyo County Sheriff Search & Rescue Heliport
Hanford Community Medical Center Helistop
Arrowhead Regional Medical Center Heliport
St Mary Medical Center Heliport
L A Co Sheriff Lakewood Heliport
Kelly Airport
Vetters Sky Ranch Airport
Lake Mathews Airport
Adelanto Airport
Ponderosa Sky Ranch Airport
Hummingbird Nest Heliport
Lofty Redwoods Airport
Thayer Aviation Airport
Paradise Valley Hospital Heliport
Lake Riverside Estates Airport
Akin Airport
Terminal Annex Heliport
Naval Hospital Heliport
Costerisan Farms Airport
Sunset-Glendale Heliport
Los Angeles Times-La Heliport
Cyr Aviation Airport
Merle Norman Cosmetics Bldg 3 Heliport
Boron Airstrip
Van Vleck Airport
Jay Stephen Hooper Memorial Heliport
Borrego Air Ranch Airport
Jackson Lake Heliport
Little Hands STOLport
O'Connell Brothers Airport
James Brothers Airport
City Hall Heliport
Dreamworks Helistop Glendale Heliport
Texaco - San Ardo Heliport
Ord Mountain Heliport
San Rafel Private Heliport
Ludlow Airport
San Joaquin Sprayers Inc Heliport
San Joaquin Helicopters Heliport
Agro-West Airport
Howard /Private/ Airport
Konocti -Clear Lake Seaplane Base
Grupe Ranch Airport
Hart Ranch Airport
St Louise Regional Hospital Heliport
Mapes Ranch Airport
Natividad Medical Center Heliport
Kcin Emergency Heliport
Edward Roybal Federal Bldg Heliport
Gene Wash Reservoir Airport
Creekside Airport
Johnston Field
US Forest Service Chester Heliport
Q Area Heliport
Chp Academy Airport
San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital Heliport
Engine Co Nr 108 Heliport
Bauer Airport
Johnson Brothers Airport
Engine Co Nr 109 Heliport
Bank of America Data Center Heliport
Flying S Ranch Airport
Trw Manhattan Beach Heliport
Desert Air Sky Ranch Airport
G3 Ranch Airport
Meadowlark Field
Tahoe Forest Hospital Heliport
Goodyear Blimp Base Airport
Sunrise Dusters Airport
Sce San Joaquin Heliport
Al Divine Airport
Bottimore Ranch Airport
Rancho San Simeon Airport
Triangle T Ranch Airport
Northrop Palos Verdes Heliport
Chapman Farms Airport
Davis Airport
Pacific Gas & Electric Co Camp 5 Heliport
Lake California Air Park
El Rico Airport
Porter Ranch Airport
Victor Valley Community Hospital Heliport
Medlock Field
Hotel New Otani Los Angeles Heliport
Triple R Ranch Airport
Sce Rosemead Heliport
Catalina Air-Sea Terminal Heliport
East Valley Sheriff's Station Heliport
Valley Vista Airport
Eagle Ridge Ranch Airport
J&J Crop Dusters Inc Airport
Depue Airport
UCLA Emergency Medicine Department Heliport
Majors Airport
White Pine Heliport
William Shells County Heliport
Manzanita Airport
Majlar Heliport
Mark Franz Private Strip
Orange Co Sheriffs Forensics Lab Helistop
Harley Airport
Peoria Airport
Columbia Heliport
The Wilshire Thayer Heliport
Amargosa Airport
Fresh Pond Heliport
Gunnersfield Ranch Airport
Quincy Helitack Base Heliport
Iron Mountain Pumping Plant Airport
Bear Valley STOLport
Julian Hinds Pump Plant Airstrip
R.I. San Bernardino G/L Helistop
Di Giorgio Ranch Landing Strip
Malibu Administrative Center Heliport
Civic Center Heliport
Willis Ranch Airport
Bald Mountain Heliport
Emmett Field
El Centro Regional Medical Center Heliport
Daulton Airport
Baker & Hall Airport
Broadcom Corporation Heliport
St Mary Desert Valley Hospital Heliport
Milhous Ranch Airport
Abraham Ranch Airport
Paradise Lakes Airport
Mercy Medical Center Heliport
Desert Regional Medical Center Heliport
Balch Camp Heliport
West Side Field Station Airport
Brian Chuchua Jeep Heliport
Eisenhower Medical Center Heliport
River Meadow Farm Heliport
Du Bois Ranch Airport
Children's Hospital Oakland Heliport
Rogers Helicopters Inc Heliport
Boeing Canoga Park Heliport
Mcmwtc Heliport
Playa Vista 1 Heliport
Playa Vista 2 Heliport
Playa Vista 3 Heliport
Perryman Airport
Carson Sheriff Station Heliport
L A County Sheriff's Department Heliport
Bacchi Valley Industries Airport
Blythe Service Center Heliport
Los Angeles County Fire Station Nr 123 Heliport
7-M Ranch Airport
Sandhill Heliport
Sheriff's Wayside Heliport
Sce Moorpark Substation Heliport
Fort Bragg Airport
South Coast Metro Center Heliport
Southeast Superior Court Heliport
Beverly Center Heliport
Century City Heliport
Norwalk Sheriff Station Heliport
Redwood Coast Medical Services Heliport
Valley Medical Center Heliport
Ernst Field
Mercy Medical Center Merced Heliport
Swanson Ranch Nr 1 Airport
City National Plaza Heliport
Honda of Santa Ana Heliport
Regional Medical Center San Jose H2 Heliport
Park Place Heliport
Swanson Ranch Nr 2 Airport
Elwood Onshore Facility Heliport
Osborne Airport
Merle Norman Cosmetics (Sylmar) Heliport
Auburn Cdf Heliport
High Hill Ranch Heliport
Sce Eastern Division Heliport
Pines Airpark
Yucca Valley Service Center Heliport
Platform Henry Heliport
Wallom Field
Kgtv-10 Parking Lot Heliport
Nichols Farms Airport
Lake Wohlford Resort Airport
Lucchetti Ranch Airport
NBC-TV Heliport
A G Spanos Companies Hq Heliport
R I Ai Canoga Park B/2 Helistop
Moller Airport
Lodi Memorial Hospital Heliport
United Ca Bank Data Processing Ops Heliport
Bland Field
Travis Air Force Base Aero Club
Fowler's Airport
Diamond M Ranch Airport
Devers Substation Heliport
Sacatar Meadows Airport
Westlake Farms Airport
Moronis Airport
Fountain Valley Regional Hospital Heliport
Mc Carthy Ranch Heliport
Kaiser Hospital Heliport
Loma Linda University Medical Center Heliport
Bonel Airport
Verdugo Hills Hospital Heliport
Warner Center Plaza One Heliport
Twi Ii Heliport
Tejon Agricultural Airport
Siller Bros Inc Airport
Everest & Jennings Helistop Nr 1 Heliport
Noltas Airport
Pomona Police Department Heliport
San Antonio Community Hospital Heliport
El Mirage Field Adelanto Airport
Lassen Community Hospital Heliport
Pomona Superior Court Heliport
Psk Ranch Airport
Barstow Service Center Heliport
Pioneers Memorial Hospital Heliport
Recreation and Conference Center Heliport
Hi-Desert Memorial Hospital Heliport
California Mart Heliport
North Valley Airport
Harris River Ranch Airport
Boeing Huntington Beach Heliport
Santa Fe International Corp Heliport
Turlock Airpark
Johnson Ranch Airport
Christensen Ranch Airport
Likely Airport
Hart Mine Airport
Blair Strip
Air George Heliport
Old Aerodrome
Union Eva Heliport
Spezia Airport
Adin Airport
Fort Bidwell Airport
Folsom Lake Seaplane Base
Platform Hermosa Heliport
Burney Sheriff's Station Heliport
Patterson Airport
John Myers Airport
Flying N Ranch Airport
Machado Dusters Airport
Bates Field
Scheidel Ranch Airport
Sce Energy Control Center Heliport
Round Mountain Airport
Coonrod Ranch Airport
Mc Cloud Airstrip
Ipp Adelanto Heliport
Kings River Community College Airport
U of C - Richmond Field Station Heliport
Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital Heliport
Holtsmans Airport
Peterson Airport
Wagner Aviation Airport
Camanche Skypark Airport
Eagle's Nest Airport
Limberlost Ranch Airport
Lauppes Strip
Maguire-California Hospital Helipad
Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla Heliport
Mark Twain St Joseph's Hospital Heliport
Hall of Justice Heliport
Alcatraz Heliport
University Medical Center Heliport
Fontana Police Heliport
Commodore Heliport
Sanger Heliport
San Joaquin Airport
County Medical Center Heliport
Flea Port Heliport
San Rafael Airport
American Display Heliport
Dominican Santa Cruz Hospital Heliport
Totem Pole Ranch Airport
Graywood Ranch Airport
Central Valley Aviation Inc Airport
Quinn Airport
Mc Conville Airstrip
Barton Memorial Hospital Heliport
Sequoia Ranch Airport
Stevinson Strip
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Heliport
San Diego Police Headquarters Heliport
Jones Heliport
Jones Farms Airport
Hughes/Malibu Heliport
The Sea Ranch Airport
Ports O'Call Heliport
Tews Field
33 Strip
Mission Hospital Helistop
Correctional Training Facility Heliport
Blake Sky Park Airport
Emanuel Medical Center Heliport
Vestal Strip
Deer Creek Ranch Airport
Sce High Desert District Heliport
Mc Millan Assault Strip
John Muir Walnut Creek Medical Center Heliport
Olive View Medical Center Heliport
Alta Vista Heliport
Monterey Bay Academy Airport
Westley Airport
Saddleback Memorial Medical Center Heliport
Avenal Airport
Sun Hill Ranch Airport
Horse Shoe A Ranch Airport
Community Memorial Hospital Heliport
Vanderford Ranch Company Airport
Hemet Valley Hospital Helistop
Reider Ranch Airport
Flying T Ranch Airport
Ridgecrest Community Hospital Heliport
City Hall Heliport
The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company Heliport
San Bernardino County Medical Center Heliport
Riverside Metro Center Heliport
Corona Regional Medical Center Heliport
Gilbert Aviation Heliport
Torrey Pines Gliderport
Opus Center Irvine Heliport
Northridge Hospital Heliport
Sce Songs Mesa Heliport
San Ardo Field
Skylark Field
Cadiz Airstrip
Johnson Heliport
Paradise Skypark Airport
First Interstate Bank Building Heliport
Albalisa Dinner Playhouse Inc Heliport
St Joseph Medical Center Heliport
Goleta Valley Community Hospital Heliport
Christy Airstrip
Platform Ocs P-0188 Hondo Heliport
Kilroy Ac8-Long Beach Heliport
Usc University Hospital Heliport
Eagle Field
Kilroy Airport Center Heliport
Airport Towers Nr 1 Heliport
Sky Way Estates Airport
First Interstate Bank Operations Center Heliport
Glendale Adventist Medical Center/Gamc Heliport
Queen Mary Heliport
Biltmore Hotel Heliport
Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center Heliport
Anacapa View Estates Heliport
Ferdun Ranch Airport
St Vincent Professional Office Building Heliport
Brian Ranch Airport
Huntington Memorial Hospital Heliport
Sce Ridgecrest Service Center Heliport
Turner Field/Amphibious Base Heliport
Barstow Community Hospital Heliport
Danby Airstrip
Bank of America Glendale Heliport
Wells Fargo-Cv Heliport
Sutter Amador Hospital Heliport
Sheriff's Station Heliport
Jones/Ag-Viation Airport
Kindsvater Ranch Airport
7R Ranch Airport
Great Western Helistop
Wells Fargo-El Monte Heliport
Moronga Basin Chp Heliport
Camino Airstrip
Queensway Bay Heliport
Caltrans District 7 Heliport
Fib Administration & Operations Building Heliport
Pauma Valley Air Park
First Interstate Bank Heliport
Warner Springs Gliderport Airport
Allan Ranch Flight Park Ultralightport
Enloe Hospital Heliport
Swepi Beta Platform Eureka Heliport
St. Helena Fire Department Heliport
Antelope Valley Service Center Heliport
Oakland Convention Center Heliport
Mission Viejo Company Helistop
Boeing Seal Beach (Ground Level) Heliport
Orange County Steel Salvage Heliport
North Net Fire Training Heliport
Quail Lake Sky Park Airport
Hoag Heliport
Va Medical Center Heliport
International Tower Heliport
Westwood Gateway Heliport
Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital Heliport
San Joaquin General Hospital Heliport
Redbud Community Hospital Heliport
Westside Towers Heliport
Sce Serrano Substation Heliport
Ranchaero Airport
Torrey Pines Corporate Helistop
Sce Southeastern Division Heliport
Camp 11 Heliport
Memorial Hospital Heliport
Kern Medical Center Heliport
Station 125 Heliport
Castaic Dam Heliport
Washington Hospital Heliport
H.B.P.D. Heliport
Camp 2 Heliport
Platform Hidalgo Heliport
Platform Harvest Heliport
Sutter Lakeside Hospital Heliport
Queen of Angel-Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital Heliport
Hughes/Corporate Heliport
Camp 8 Heliport
Rotor-Aids Maintenance Hangar Heliport
Skyotee Ranch Airport
Robert D Cloud Heliport
U S Naval Hospital San Diego Heliport
Bonny Doon Village Airport
Camp 14 Heliport
Sce Tiffany Pines Heliport
Sherman Oaks Community Hospital Heliport
Camp 15 Heliport
Los Robles Regional Medical Center Heliport
Joe Heidrick Heliport
Ahlem Farms Airport
Infineon Raceway Pad 1 Heliport
Mc Candless Towers Heliport
Haddicks Heliport
Wesinger Ranch Airport
Los Angeles Times - Northridge Heliport
Butte Creek Hog Ranch Airport
Auberry Hydro Service Center Heliport
Sce Saddleback Service Center Heliport
Sce Shaver Summit Heliport
Plumas District Hospital Heliport
County Heliport
Vaca Valley Hospital Heliport
Mercy Hospital & Medical Center Heliport
Rockwell Facility Heliport
Watsonville Community Hospital Heliport
Coalinga Airport
Mendocino Coast District Hospital Heliport
San Francisco Va Medical Center Heliport
Infineon Raceway Pad 2 Heliport
Mono County Medical Heliport
Uc Davis Medical Center Life Flight Base Heliport
Williams Gliderport
Borges - Clarksburg Airport
Queen of the Valley Hospital Heliport
Vineyard Oaks Farm Airport
Childrens Hospital and Health Center Heliport
Las Serpientes Airport
Ferndale Resort Seaplane Base
Northrop Anaheim Heliport
Harvard Airport
Flying R Airport
The Westin Bonaventure Hotel Heliport
Rodgers Flat Heliport
Hughes/Canoga Park Heliport
Big Creek Helistop
J-B Airport
Boeing De Soto Heliport
Airport Imperial Bldg Helistop
Pg&E, Fresno Service Center Heliport
Hughes/Space & Comm. Heliport
Shaws Hill Heliport
Kelso Valley Airport
Flying B Ranch Airport
Operating Engineers Pension Trust Bldg Heliport
Double Creek Ranch Airport
Boeing Anaheim B/250 Heliport
Flying Bull Airport
Bear Valley Hospital Heliport
The McConnell Foundation Heliport
Pacoima Dam Heliport
Community Regional Medical Center Heliport
Kings County Houston Ave. Heliport
Walter'S Camp Airport
O'Sullivan Army Heliport
Hollister Municipal Airport
Hughes Airport
Dinsmore Airport
Lake Berryessa Seaplane Base
Elk Grove Airport
Georgetown Airport
Ocean Ridge Airport
Sierra Sky Park Airport
Brownsville Airport
Hyampom Airport
Bridge Bay Resort Seaplane Base
Tusi AHP (Hunter Liggett) Heliport
Commodore Center Heliport
Baker Airport
Shelter Cove Airport
Lampson Field
Lodi Airport
Montague-Yreka Rohrer Field
Spaulding Airport
New Jerusalem Airport
Gansner Field
Angwin Parrett Field
Chowchilla Airport
Independence Airport
Happy Camp Airport
Gustine Airport
Chemehuevi Valley Airport
Edwards Af Aux North Base Airport
California Pines Airport
Scott Valley Airport
Butte Valley Airport
Alturas Municipal Airport
Arcata Airport
Amedee Army Air Field
Corona Municipal Airport
Napa County Airport
Apple Valley Airport
Auburn Municipal Airport
Catalina Airport
Beale Air Force Base
Meadows Field
Eastern Sierra Regional Airport
Blythe Airport
Blue Canyon Nyack Airport
Banning Municipal Airport
Bob Hope Airport
Brawley Municipal Airport
Bicycle Lake Army Air Field
New Coalinga Municipal Airport
Byron Airport
Cable Airport
Buchanan Field
Jack Mc Namara Field Airport
Chico Municipal Airport
Cliff Hatfield Memorial Airport
Camarillo Airport
Chino Airport
Compton Woodley Airport
Calaveras Co Maury Rasmussen Field
Corcoran Airport
Mc Clellan-Palomar Airport
Calexico International Airport
Boonville Airport
Sequoia Field
Barstow Daggett Airport
Delano Municipal Airport
Gnoss Field
Yolo County Davis Woodland Winters Airport
South County Airport of Santa Clara County Airport
Pine Mountain Lake Airport
University Airport
Edwards Air Force Base
Needles Airport
Murray Field
El Monte Airport
Firebaugh Airport
Hayfork Airport
French Valley Airport
Franklin Field
Fresno Yosemite International Airport
Fresno Chandler Executive Airport
Rohnerville Airport
Fullerton Municipal Airport
Nevada County Air Park
Herlong Airport
Half Moon Bay Airport
Jack Northrop Field Hawthorne Municipal Airport
Hanford Municipal Airport
Hemet Ryan Airport
Hayward Executive Airport
Imperial County Airport
Inyokern Airport
Santa Ynez Airport
Mesa Del Rey Airport
Rosamond Skypark Airport
Holtville Airport
Kern Valley Airport
Furnace Creek Airport
Borrego Valley Airport
Stovepipe Wells Airport
Taft Kern County Airport
Wasco Kern County Airport
Yucca Valley Airport
Hesperia Airport
Big Bear City Airport
Bakersfield Municipal Airport
Elk Hills Buttonwillow Airport
Desert Center Airport
Perris Valley Airport
Rialto Municipal Miro Field
Agua Dulce Airpark
California City Municipal Airport
Trona Airport
Poso Kern County Airport
Chiriaco Summit Airport
Lost Hills Kern County Airport
New Cuyama Airport
Mountain Valley Airport
Los Angeles International Airport
Long Beach /Daugherty Field/ Airport
Lincoln Regional Karl Harder Field
Little River Airport
Lompoc Airport
Los Banos Municipal Airport
Livermore Municipal Airport
Alpine County Airport
William Robert Johnston Municipal Airport
Madera Municipal Airport
Mc Clellan Airfield
Merced Regional Macready Field
Castle Airport
Sacramento Mather Airport
Mojave Airport
Shafter Minter Field
Mammoth Yosemite Airport
Modesto City Co-Harry Sham Field
Mariposa Yosemite Airport
Monterey Peninsula Airport
Montgomery Field
Yuba County Airport
Camp Pendleton MCAS (Munn Field) Airport
Alameda Naval Air Station
China Lake Naws (Armitage Field) Airport
El Centro Naf Airport
Miramar Marine Corps Air Station
Lemoore Naval Air Station (Reeves Field) Airport
Imperial Beach Nolf (Ream Fld) Airport
San Nicolas Island Nolf Airport
Point Mugu Naval Air Station (Naval Base Ventura Co)
MCAS Tustin
San Clemente Island Naval Auxiliary Landing Field
Moffett Federal Airfield
Twentynine Palms (Self) Airport
El Toro Marine Corps Air Station
North Island Naval Air Station-Halsey Field
Nervino Airport
Rogers Field
Colusa County Airport
Round Valley Airport
Turlock Municipal Airport
Garberville Airport
Kingdon Airpark
Columbia Airport
Lee Vining Airport
Lone Pine Airport
Oakdale Airport
Ells Field Willits Municipal Airport
Reedley Municipal Airport
Haigh Field
Watts Woodland Airport
Woodlake Airport
Weed Airport
Sutter County Airport
Lonnie Pool Field Weaverville Airport
Bryant Field
Cedarville Airport
Cloverdale Municipal Airport
Cameron Airpark
Petaluma Municipal Airport
Westover Field Amador County Airport
Sierraville Dearwater Airport
Tulelake Municipal Airport
Trinity Center Airport
Rio Vista Municipal Airport
Fall River Mills Airport
Metropolitan Oakland International Airport
Marina Municipal Airport
Oceanside Municipal Airport
Ontario International Airport
Oroville Municipal Airport
Oxnard Airport
Palo Alto Airport of Santa Clara County
Palmdale Regional/USAF Plant 42 Airport
Brackett Field
Paso Robles Municipal Airport
Palm Springs International Airport
Porterville Municipal Airport
Placerville Airport
Riverside Municipal Airport
Red Bluff Municipal Airport
Redding Municipal Airport
Redlands Municipal Airport
Reid-Hillview Airport of Santa Clara County
Flabob Airport
Rancho Murieta Airport
March ARB Airport
Ramona Airport
Sacramento Executive Airport
San Diego International Airport
Santa Barbara Municipal Airport
San Bernardino International Airport
San Luis County Regional Airport
Stockton Metropolitan Airport
Brown Field Municipal Airport
Gillespie Field
San Francisco International Airport
Siskiyou County Airport
Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport
Los Alamitos Army Air Field
Sacramento International Airport
Santa Monica Municipal Airport
Santa Maria Pub/Capt G Allan Hancock Field
John Wayne Airport-Orange County Airport
Salinas Municipal Airport
San Carlos Airport
Charles M. Schulz Sonoma County Airport
Travis Air Force Base
Susanville Municipal Airport
Ruth Airport
Tracy Municipal Airport
Mefford Field
Twentynine Palms Airport
Zamperini Field
Truckee Tahoe Airport
Jacqueline Cochran Regional Airport
Tehachapi Municipal Airport
Lake Tahoe Airport
Bermuda Dunes Airport
Ukiah Municipal Airport
Vandenberg Air Force Base
Nut Tree Airport
Southern California Logistics Airport
Visalia Municipal Airport
Van Nuys Airport
Whiteman Airport
General WM J Fox Airfield
Willows Glenn County Airport
Watsonville Municipal Airport
Camp Roberts Heliport
Pebbly Beach Seaplane Base
Fallbrook Community Airpark
Rio Linda Airport
Oceano County Airport
Lodi Airpark
Agua Caliente Airport
Shoshone Airport
Jacumba Airport
Roy Williams Airport
Ocotillo Airport
PG&E Livermore Training Center Heliport
Sharpe AAF
Nasa Crows Landing Airport
MCOLF Camp Pendleton (Red Beach) Airport
Lake Oroville Landing Area Seaplane Base
Kneeland Airport
Hoopa Airport
Pinnacles Ranch Airport
Healdsburg Municipal Airport
Samoa Field Airport
Ravendale Airport
Southard Field
Carmel Valley
Exeter Airport
Benton Field
Pixley Airport
Barton Heliport
Andy Mc Beth Airport
Lost Isle Seaplane Base
Salton Sea Airport
Tri-City Airport
Roberts Army Heliport
Santa Cruz Island Airport
Santa Paula Airport
Two Harbors Amphibious Terminal
Tenco Tractor Airport
Avery Ranch Airstrip
Chicken Strip
Mosier Airport
Anaheim Police Heliport
Summerville Airport
Sce San Onofre Heliport
Panamint Springs Airstrip
Western Medical Center Santa Ana Heliport
Treasure Island Helipad
Ranger Station Airstrip
Point Bennett Research Station Airstrip
Bechers Bay Airstrip
Santa Margarita Ranch Airport
Hearst Ranch Airport
San Clemente Naval Auxiliary Air Station
Gilbreath Bros Duck Club Airport
Berkley Municipal Heliport