Airports in san antonio municipality

Baptist Medical Center Heliport
Bulverde Airpark
Standard Industries Airport
Cross-B Airport
Red Berry Heliport
G W Heliport
Sony Microelectronics Helistop
Medical Center Hospital Heliport
Tj-Cj Private Heliport
Christus Santa Rosa Westover Hills Heliport
North Central Baptist Hospital Heliport
Horizon Airport
Triple R Airport
Rowco, Inc Heliport
H B Zachry Heliport
Camp Bullis Heliport
Wilford Hall Medical Center Heliport
Camp Bullis Als (Cals) Airport
Kestrel Airpark
Boerne Stage Field
San Geronimo Airpark
Martindale Army Heliport
San Antonio International Airport
Lackland Air Force Base
Stinson Municipal Airport
Dalupuri Island National Airport
Twin-Oaks Airport
Santa Rosa Northwest Hospital Heliport
Southwest General Hospital Heliport
Rio Medina Airport
San Antonio de Maturín Heliport
Adkins Heliport
Heart Hospital of San Antonio Heliport
A W Ranch Airport
Santa Rosa Helistop
Del Rio Heliport
Methodist Hospital Heliport
Department of Public Safety Heliport
University Health System Heliport
Yates Airport