Airports in lafayette municipality

Exempla Good Samaritan Heliport
Fox Hole Airport
Findlay Heliport
Hargroder Heliport
Timber House Airport
Heart Hospital Heliport
Lafayette Training Center - Cusa Heliport
Lafayette Home Hospital Heliport
La Haye Center Heliport
Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital Heliport
Wyandotte Airport
Lafayette General Hospital Heliport
Lafayette Hilton Heliport
Freebird Field
Acadiana One Office Bldg Heliport
Clarian Arnett Heliport
Gibson Field
Ratcliff Airport
Wolfelt Heliport
Etter Airport
Lafayette Municipal Airport
Barwick Lafayette Airport
Purdue University Airport
Lafayette Regional Airport
Womens's and Children's Hospital Heliport
Lafayette Airstrip
Operators Inc. Training Facility Heliport