Airport Names starting with s

St Mary Medical Center Heliport
Shell Chemical East Site Heliport
Slater Field
Sands Ranch Airport
Steel Systems Heliport
Sw Region Faa Heliport
San Jacinto Methodist Hospital Heliport
Swansboro Country Airport
St Vincent General Hospital Heliport
Stender Airport
Schumaier Restricted Landing Area
Saint Peter's Seaplane Base
Smith Field
St Joseph Hospital Heliport
Seton Medical Center Hays Heliport
Swepi Beta Platform Ellen Heliport
Shannon Field
Strangers Point Heliport
Stottle Memorial Heliport
Seidel Ranch Airport
St Anthony's Hospital Heliport
Sahoma Lake Airport
Sandy River Airport
Seacoast Medical Center Heliport
Shannon Medical Center Heliport
Spangle Field
Saline Memorial Hospital Heliport
Shingle Mill Heliport
Schertz Aerial Service - Hudson Airport
St James Heliport
Stillwater Medical Center Heliport
S & C Distribution Center Heliport
Strawbridge & Clothier Exton Heliport
Saguache Municipal Airport
Stillwater Creek Airport
Spotts Field
Stumpfield Heliport
State Police Area Iii Heliport
Sacred Heart Medical Center Helistop
Sce Solar I Heliport
Smith Heliport
Sinele Strip
St Marys Hospital Heliport
Saint Elizabeth Medical Center Heliport
Schiavoni Heliport
Southwest Florida Regional Medical Center Heliport
St Vincent Jennings Hospital Heliport
Scott Airstrip
Salaika Aviation Airport
Seavair's Landing Seaplane Base
Sunniland Ranch Airport
Salt Fork Lodge Heliport
Sapelo Island Airport
Symms Airport
Sauer Airport
St Joseph Hospital Heliport
Sparrow Hospital Heliport
St Barnabas Medical Center Heliport
Saxon Sycan Airport
Stevens-Crosby Airport
Springwood Airstrip
Stronghold Airport
Sunnybreeze Airport
Sunbelt Strip
Skydive Iowa Airport
Silver Cross Hospital Heliport
Swedish American Heliport
Summer Hill Farm Airport
Stonebridge Farm Helistop
Spring Lake Fire Department Heliport
Sullivan Lake State Airport
Smokey Mtn Ranch Airport
South Capitol Street Heliport
Scotts Airport
Smh Heliport
St Joseph's Hospital Heliport
Sunstate Heliport
Shepherd Ranch Airport
Swedish S.W. Medical Heliport
Sce San Jacinto Valley Service Center Heliport
Sharon Hospital Heliport
St Francis Hospital Heliport
Stanchester Airport
Sunset Strip
St Anthony Regional Hospital Heliport
Sharar Field
South Fork Ranch Airport
Steele Memorial Heliport
Sutton's Field
Snider Field
Sky Airport
Savanna Army Depot Helipad
Squier Landing Airport
Security Ford Heliport
Sumner Heliport
Sugar Springs Airport
Stier Airstrip
Short-N-Ruff Airport
St Joseph Hospital West Heliport
Sloan's Airport
Sheriff's Courthouse Heliport
Shenandoah Valley Farms Airport
Stock Farm Heliport
Sunderland Airport
Slaughter Airport
Sorlie Airport
Schumacher Strip
Saville Private Airport
Syracuse Hospital Heliport
Spring Brook Airport
Seven Gullies Airport
Summerlin Medical Center Heliport
State Police Troop D Heliport
San Luis Reservoir Seaplane Base
Salt Box Airport
Shattuck Hospital Heliport
Sutton on Rogue Airport
Shoestring Aviation Airfield
Shriver Airport
Sonoma Valley Airport
Selma Airport
Shingletown Airport
Sonoma Skypark Airport
Stockton Municipal Airport
Smith Farms Airport
Santa Maria Ranch Airport
St Mary's Medical Center Heliport
Shiloh Airport
Seattle Seaplanes Seaplane Base
Streamline Heliport
Stevens Memorial Hospital Heliport
Shamrock Port Heliport
Snow Crest Ranch Airport
Simandl Field/Private Airport
Shangri-La Airport
Sheldon Heliport
Seven C's Ranch Airport
South Texas Project Heliport
Southeastern Helicopters Heliport
Shannons Pond Seaplane Base
Silkman Farms Inc. Airport
Seven Feathers Airport
Squires Airport
Southwest Government Center Heliport
St Mary's Hospital Heliport
Smith Strip
St Joseph Hospital Heliport
St Francis M C Helistop
Stevens Mountain Airport
Saint's Strip Ultralightport
St. Joseph's Mercy Heliport
St Mary's Hospital - Kankakee Heliport
St Anthony Memorial Hospital Heliport
Sheller's Airport
Southwest Hospital Heliport
Sixberry's Landing Seaplane Base
Sprint/Midatlantic Telecom Heliport
Southdown Heliport
Saikkonen Airport
Sherrie John Manor Heliport
Sekiu Airport
Salem Field
Sooter Airport
St. Agnes Health Care Heliport
Skinner Ranch Airport
Siple Heliport
Satterbergs Airport
Silva Ranch Airport
St Joseph Medical Center Heliport
Socatean Bay Airport
Sorenson Airport
St. Luke's/Pennstar Flight Center Heliport
Sunshine Farms Airport
Stakely Heliport
Stevinson Farm Airport
Smith I-Ranch Airport
Snowshoe Resort/Topof the World Heliport
Sherman (Frog Pond) Airport
Stanford University Hospital Center Heliport
Swedish Medical Center Heliport
Scanlon Airport
Sickler Airstrip
Saubak Airport
Sindt Airport
Sunset Airport
Skinners Wholesale Nursery Airport
Stangl STOLport
Station 241 Heliport
Southern Aero Sports Airport
Seven Springs Airport
Smith Heliport
Skylane Ranch Airport
Sheriffs Helistop
Shannon Field
Shell Venice Terminal Heliport
Station 233 Heliport
Sky Ranch At Carefree Airport
Sky Ranch Airport
Sleepy Hollow Airport
Skamokawa East Valley Airport
Strip in the Woods Airport
Slack Airport
Spud View Airport
Skillet Fork Farm Airport
Schultz Field
Spooky Nook Heliport
Sexton Airport
Schuff Aviation Heliport
S R P Tolleson Center Heliport
Sunrise One Heliport
Sfi-Vernon Heliport
St Mary's Heliport
Sheriff's North Multi District Office Heliport
Southern Agricultural Aviation Airport
Shilo Farms Airport
South One Ten Airport
Shawnee Field
Spencer Municipal Hospital Heliport
Sch Heliport
St Luke's Wood River Medical Center Heliport
Sligars Landing Heliport
Skyline STOLport
St Mary's Medical Center Heliport
Shearer STOLport
Swan Valley Farm Airport
Sword's Heliport
South Grand Lake Regional Airport
Silers Plane Valley Airport
Sof Maintenance Site Heliport
Switch Pad Heliport
Savoy Medical Center Heliport
S.Fresh Water Bayou Heliport
Spring Brook Airport
Sies Landing Area Airport
Summerell Airport
Shady Grove Adventist Hospital Heliport
Southfork Airport
Sky Harbor Residential Airpark
St Joseph Hospital Heliport
Sherlock Field
Smith County General Hospital Heliport
Skyrider Ultralightport
St. James Heliport
Smitty's Landing Airport
Short Air Airport
Simerly Airport
Spadaro Airport
Sibbernsen Airport
Sea Air Atlantic City Seaplane Base
Skytop Farms Heliport
Scardo's Heliport
Stone Ridge Heliport
Sherman Field
S and S Field
Som Jackson Heliport
Stone Airport
Stamper Ranch Airport
Steciak Strip
Sunnyhill Airport
Sunset Air Strip
Skyhill Airport
St Christopher's Hospital For Children Heliport
Schadels Airport
San Patricio Heliport
Sankey Airport
Seiling Airport
Slate Creek Airport
Sanford Usd Medical Center Heliport
Sugar Grove Heliport
Shoreline Ranch Airport
Sabot Airport
Spring Valley Farm Airport
Schmidt Ranch Airport
Simons Airfield
Sky Acres Airport
Skye Dance Airport
Stafford Airport
Skatter Creek Airport
Skelly Stagefield Army Heliport
Skarda/Tollville Airport
Sheriff's Heliport
Skyline Seaplane Base
Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center Heliport
Soaring Sun Seaplane Base
St Francis Hospital & Medical Center Heliport
Southern Helicopters Airport
Solitude Airstrip
Seaberg Ranch Airport
Shilling's Airport
St Joseph Community Hospital Heliport
Stinson Stagefield Army Heliport
St Francis Regional Medical Center Heliport
Sky Landings Airport
Smith Field
St. Joseph Medical Center Heliport
Spartanburg Regional Medical Center Heliport
Standard Industries Airport
South Austin Medical Center Heliport
Southwind Airport
Scott 2000 Airport
Shenandoah Hospital Heliport
Stromsburg Municipal Airport
Saxon's Heliport
Seeley Lake Airport
St John'S Medical Center Heliport
Shorthorn Aux Landing Strip
Salyer Farms Airport
Stauss Hospital - Galena Heliport
Slip Knot Landing Airport
Steele Airport
Sacred Heart Hospital of Pensacola Heliport
Shag Bark Farms Heliport
Shirt Lake Seaplane Base
Smith Air Strip
Sacred Heart Hospital Heliport
Seven Shamrock Airport
St Lukes Hospital Heliport
Shooting Star Ranch Heliport
Solana North Heliport
Sopwith Farm Airport
Sce Pardee Substation Helistop
St Vincent Indianapolis Hospital Heliport
Sony Music Heliport
Schaller Airport
Shelley Private Airport
Sierra Providence Hospital Heliport
Sport Flyers Airport
Sampley's Airport
San Joaquin Community Hospital Heliport
Spaudling Aerodrome
St Mary's Hospital & Medical Center Heliport
Schlosser Airport
Sawyer Field
Sunny Hill Landing Heliport
Smith Private Airport
St Vincent Health Center Heliport
Seton Edgar B. Davis Hospital Heliport
Seratt Airport
Stone County Medical Center Heliport
Sunstate-Glendale Helistop
Safer Airport
St John's Regional Medical Center Heliport
St Mary-Corwin Hospital Heliport
Sharpe's Strip
Skiatook Municipal Airport
Southern Ranch Airport
Swaids Field
Shannon Flight Strip
Smith Airport
Stewart Memorial Hospital Heliport
South 80 Field
Silverwood Airport
Splan Airport
St. Benedicts Helipad
Stottlemyer Airport
Sneek Airport
Sutton Airport
Skip's Place Airport
Scott Field
St Anthony Heliport
Somers Blossom Airport
Schertz Aerial Service - Cooksville Airport
Sunrise Beach Airport
Stuber Flying Ranch Airport
Starshire Farm Airport
Seldom Scene Airport
Snow Airport
Stockton Lake Seaplane Base
St. Mary Hospital Heliport
Somerville Airport
Spencer Field
Sun River Ranch Heliport
South Boulder Airport
St Genevieve County Memorial Hospital Heliport
Saint Louis Children's Hospital Heliport
Soderquist Airport
Slater Farm Airport
Sky-5 Heliport
Scottbrook Farm Airport
Scotland Neck East Airport
Scotland Memorial Heliport
Spring Lake Airport
Scott Heliport
Spear Memorial Hospital Heliport
Speedway Northside Heliport
Sportland Pier Heliport
Six Flags Great Adventure Heliport
Strong Memorial Hospital Heliport
Slate Hill Heliport
Sawmill Creek Resort Heliport
Sweet Home Airport
Shulls Airport
Strawberry Acres Airport
Sun Company-Radnor Heliport
Sunbury Community Hospital Heliport
Sportsman Airpark
South Carolina Pipeline Heliport
Salty Fare Landng Seaplane Base
Sled Heliport
Sturgis Heliport
Shoemaker-Shelby Forest Airport
Soggy Bottom Airport
Shofner Farms Airport
Smith Prairie Airport
Shearer /Usfs/ Airport
Stanley Airport
Spring Valley Hospital Heliport
Seven Gables Airport
Sentara Williamsburg Regional Medical Center Heliport
Swanson Airport
Stuart Island West Airport
Shullsburg Airport
Someday Ranch Airport
Skida Patch Airport
Sweetwater Bay Seaplane Base
Sugar Valley Airport
S & S Avion Ranch Airport
Seeman Airport
Siegfried Point Heliport
Scott Airport
Stuttgart Memorial Hospital Heliport
Scottsdale Healthcare Thompson Peak Hosp Heliport
Stone Airstrip
Sunset Strip Airpark
Sebastian Cove Airport
St Elizabeth Medical Center South Heliport
Stevens Strip
Schoharie Creek Airport
S J M Landing Heliport
Southern Tennessee Medical Center Heliport
Seton Medical Center H-4 Heliport
Skypoint Estates Airport
Sky Ranch Airport
Seagate Heliport
Swift Private Airport
Sunset Strip
Soaring Horse Airport
Sutliff Private Airport
Skepton Heliport
Sw Police Station Nr 4 Heliport
St Mary's Hospital Heliport
Six Mile Volunteer Fire Department Heliport
Simons Airport
St Joseph Heliport
Swamp Smith Airport
Stone Song Heliport
Snoddy Air Strip
Seal Island Heliport
St Vincent's Medical Center Heliport
Selby Farm Airport
Shelburnes Airport
Schumacher Field
Spring Land Heliport
Sabinsville-Consolidated Heliport
Stone Land County Airport
Squaw Harbor Seaplane Base
Squires Heliport
Sarita Airport
Sunset Strip
Southwest General Hospital Heliport
Skinner Airport
St. Mary's Hospital Heliport
Skydive Houston Airport
Sanborn Airport
Sky Ranch North Airport
Savute Airport
Smyrna Airport
Schroeder Private Airport
Sugar Grove Airport
Steeplechase Heliport
State Police Division Three Heliport
San Rafael Ranch Airport
Sce Palm Springs District Heliport
Sanders Ranch Airport
Somerset-Pulaski Co EMS Heliport
Sullivan Airport
Strom Field
Seminole Spraying Service Airport
Sony Microelectronics Helistop
S & S Ranch Airport
Seymour Lake Seaplane Base
Songlo Vista Airport
Sterling Airport
Shady Acres Airport
Super Bowl Heliport
Sce Northern Division Heliport
Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital Heliport
Sky Island Ranch Airport
Sterling Regional Medical Center Heliport
Skylane Airport
Southfork Heliport
Searey Central SPB
Sheriff's Operation Center Heliport
Sun N Lake Heliport
Stonewall Heliport
Shenandoah Flying Field
Stout Field
Silver Creek Gliderport
Sweedler Airport
Stillman Fire Heliport
Sugar Creek Farm Airport
Skilak Blm Helistop
Stormont-Vail Hospital Heliport
St Mary Hospital Heliport
Southern Natural Gas Co. Seaplane Base
St Margarets Hospital Heliport
Seapuit Heliport
Sadler Hill Heliport
Southern Md Hospital Center Heliport
South Fox Island Airport
Shadduck Seaplane Base
Stahlberg-Mohr Airport
Schumacher Airport
Sarnoff Princeton Heliport
Secret Spot Airport
Six Ponds Airport
Suny Health Science Center Heliport
Stub's Field
St Luke's Hospital Heliport
St Anthony Heliport
Schulteis Airport
Stahl's Mountain Airport
Shamokin Hospital Heliport
Scottsburg Airport
Swans Field
Schiffer Acres Airport
Stafford Municipal Airport
Spring Ranch Airport
Stamps Field
Skellytown Airport
Sitton Field
Shandy Hall Farm Airport
Serenity Farm Airport
Star Smith Field
Sterling Air Park
Sequiam Heliport
Smyrna Hospital Heliport
St Anthony's Hospital Heliport
Specialty Records Heliport
Sybert Farm Airport
Square K Airport
Signal Peak Lookout Heliport
Schubert Airstrip
Settlers Bay Airstrip
Silver Creek Ranch Airport
Southern Machine & Steel Yard Heliport
Shannon Field
Sloop Airport
Sleepy Hollow Airport
Stonewall Airpark
Spring Paths Airport
Stoney Creek Farm Heliport
Shotgun Ranch Airstrip
Sheffels Ranch Airport
Smith Airport
Slay'S Airstrip
State Police Division Six Heliport
Sandhill Ranch Airport
S&S Flying Service Airport
Sjs Heliport
Sky High Airport
Sports Complex Of Honesdale Heliport
Shirley Williams Airport
Stone Field
Skyline Hospital Ems Heliport
Stoiber Airport
Stilwell Airport
Silver Lake F S Strip
Spl Heliport
St Joseph's Hospital Heliport
St Luke Hospital Heliport
Sontimer Airport
Sky Park Airport
Savannah Agri-Air Airport
Steinert Lakes Airport
St Margaret Memorial Hospital Heliport
Spears Heliport
Strayhorn Ranch Airport
St Patrick Hospital Heliport
Sons Private-Commercial Airport
Sallaberry Ranch Strip
Shaull Farm Airstrip
Schirmeister Private Airport
Southern Training Center Heliport
Secluded Lake Airport
Southern Regional Medical Center Heliport
Shoshoni Municipal Airport
South Peninsula Hospital Heliport
St John Homestead Airport
Spinelli Field
St Mary's Regional Medical Center Heliport
Shurley Field Airport
Scudder Airport
San Carlos Airport
South Albany Airport
Simsbury Airport
St Francis Medical Center Helistop
St Anthony North Heliport
Schwartz Farms Inc Airport
Southwire Heliport
Schaumburg Municipal Helistop
Sport Aircraft Flight Park Ultralightport
Shultz /Private/ Airport
Smith Restricted Landing Area
Shady Acres Airport
Staton Airport
St John Airport
Skalicky Airstrip
Schneider Field
Spearman Field
Sanden Airport
Simon Heliport
Somerset Medical Center Heliport
Seabrook Heliport
Station 237 Heliport
Snyder Airport
Sky Haven Airport
St Thomas Hospital Heliport
St Francis Hospital Heliport
Springbrook Airport
South Hill Heliport
Schrock Airport
Sauers-Haven Airport
Sheepshead Airport
Skyport Airport
St Thomas Municipal Airport
Swinging Door Heliport
Squirrel Creek Ranch Airport
Southfork Airport
State Police Heliport
Slack Airport
Stage Coach Hills Airport
Starr Airport
St John's Medical Center Heliport
Swensen Airport
Scrappin Valley Airport
St Mary Medical Center Heliport
Southwest Medical Center of Oklahoma Heliport
Smith Field
Skyview Airport
Svitak Airport
St Ignatius Airport
Summit Lake Seaplane Base
Shonto Airport
Steinman Airport
Short Airport
Shell Central Facilities Seaplane Base
Silver City Airpark
Starns Brothers Airport
Smiths Land Base Airport
St Vincent Hospital Heliport
S W Jack Heliport
Shivers Private Airport
Somerton Airport
Sell's Flying Field
St Charles Medical Center Heliport
Sunset-Glendale Heliport
Sky Soaring Airport
Sency Airport
Stonecipher Airport
Schmidt Airport
Seaside Municipal Airport
Sunset Strip Airpark
Sossamon Field
Southerly Airport
Spangler Airport
Sydal Acres Airport
Stuntz & Hochstetler Pines Airport
Samuels Springs Airport
Sorrell Airport
Scott & White Memorial Hospital Heliport
Silver Wings Field
Southwest Hospital Heliport
Southern Command Police Station Heliport
Saguaro Heliport
Sedona Medical Campus Heliport
San Rafel Private Heliport
San Joaquin Sprayers Inc Heliport
San Joaquin Helicopters Heliport
St Louise Regional Hospital Heliport
Shipman Ranch Airport
Spickard Farm Airport
South Glastonbury Heliport
Stark County Sheriff Heliport
St James Helistop
Skypad Heliport
Skiff Medical Center Heliport
Sanford Merrill Medical Center Heliport
Sears Merchandise Group Heliport
Salem Township Hospital Heliport
Stangland Airport
Siltcoos Lake Seaplane Base
Schuy-Rush Airport
Standard Field
Shell Morgan City Heliport
Shell Chemical West Site Heliport
Southend Farm Heliport
St. Luke's Heliport
South Pond Seaplane Base
Sinai Hospital Heliport
Suburban Heliport
Scrabeck Airport
Seven Hills Airport
Skaggs Community Hospital Heliport
St Lukes Hospital Heliport
St. John's Regional Medical Center Heliport
Sky Haven Airport
Semchenko Airport
Sprint/Carolina Telephone Heliport
Stiehl Airport
Snyder Ranch Airport
Salubrious Point Airport
South Quaker Heliport
Stanwix Heights Airport
Samaritan Hospital Heliport
Sheets Field
Stearmans Roost Airport
Siletz Airport
Santiam Memorial Hospital Helistop
Shield Farm Airport
St Francis Medical Center Heliport
Seagoville Airport
Sierra Blanca Heliport
South Boston Medical Heliport
Sullins Heliport
Stevens Helicopters Heliport
Sourdough Airport
St Mary Medical Center Heliport
Springbrook Airport
St Joseph's Hospital Heliport
St Mary Hospital of Port Arthur Heliport
San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital Heliport
Stevens Airport
Skyway Estates Airport
Spencer Airport
Star Hill Golf Club Airport
Samaritan Medical Center Heliport
Sedan City Airport
Schroder Airport
Sandefer's Heliport
Smith Restricted Landing Area
Shirley Airport
Southern Comforts Aerodrome
Sunset Airport
Shanks Agricultural Strip
Skywest Airpark
Seven Lakes Airport
Seneca Municipal Airport
Sandy Point Airport
Scheller Airport
Seven Rivers Airport
Shreveport North Airport
Shands Cair Heliport
Shear Airport
Sunrise Dusters Airport
St Marys Hospital Heliport
Svard Heliport
Seward Memorial Hospital Heliport
St Luke's Episcopal Hospital Heliport
Sky Diving Airport
St Mary's Helistop
Sce San Joaquin Heliport
Southern Seaplane Airport
Scenic Overlook B & B Heliport
Sawyer Farm Airport
Schexnayder Airport
South Hollywood Airport
Schoettmer Farm Airport
Smitty's Soaring Airport
Station-Kel Heliport
Ski Harbor Airport
Singleton Ranch Airport
Saline Airport
San Patricio International Airport
St Francis Medical Center Heliport
Solar Nr 1 Heliport
Sinele's Sunset Strip
Slatington Airport
Schulze's Airport
Sleepers Strip
Sweet Home Airport
Sce Rosemead Heliport
Skywagon Ranch Airport
Salida Hospital Heliport
Schmeltzer Heliport
Seminole Lake Gliderport
Sylvanmir Farms Airport
Sarasota Dept Of Fire-Rescue East Side Heliport
Saw Whet Farms Airport
Shamrock Field
Stoney Point Field
Spring Valley Farm Airport
Saint Luke's Medical Center Heliport
Southport Heliport
Sts Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center Heliport
St Joseph Medical Center - Joliet Heliport
Shelby County Airport
Stevenson Private Airport
Shute Airport
Smith Restricted Landing Area
Songwood Inn Airport
Scibelli Heliport
Spring Landing Airport
Survival Flight Heliport
Ste Genevieve Flying Club Airport
Strom Private Airport
South Hector Airstrip
Skinningsrud Airport
Syracuse Suburban Airport
Sky Wagon Ranch Airport
Shelton Airport
Schmidt Airport
Somerset Hospital Heliport
Scandia Air Park
Shangri La Airport
Sam's Field
Stouffers Heliport
Stehekin State Airport
Seagate Helistop
Sky Ranch Heliport
Skalitsky Airport
Sixty Six Heliport
St. Somewhere Airport
Stampede Valley Airport
Stovall Ranch Nr 4 Airport
St Joseph's Hospital Heliport
Sampson Heliport
St Croix Riviera Airport
Saxon Airport
St Helen Airport
Spring Hill Airport
Shenandoah Airpark
Sanders Personal Use Airport
Sells Airport
Spawr Heliport
Stonehenge Airport
Sunrise Acres Airport
St. Elizabeth Hospital Heliport
Sattler Landing Strip
Schulteis Field
Sentara Hampton General Hospital Heliport
St Margaret Mercy Hospital Heliport
Sulphur Mines Heliport
St Marys Heliport
St Francis Hospital - Litchfield Heliport
St Mary's Heliport
Sky-Go Farms Airport
Salado Airport
Southern Virginia Regional Medical Center Heliport
Stan Jost Airport
Shontz Airport
St Mary of the Plains Hospital Heliport
Seven G S Seaplane Base
Sandy Creek Airpark
Station 44 Heliport
Soltis Field
Srigley Field Airstrip
Smies Airport
Steel Supply Heliport
Skyhaven Airport
Scher Heliport
Spanish Oaks Airport
Springhill Airport
Swan Creek Airport
Staggs Airport
Stony Branch Airport
Stava Airport
SAP America Heliport
Snake River Seaplane Base
Smith Aviation Inc Airport
St Mary Desert Valley Hospital Heliport
Sauer-Harter Airport
Smith Airport
Smith-Stewart Field
Silverton Municipal Airport
Snettisham Airport
Sig Field
Sugar Loaf Shores Airport
Spruce Creek Airport
St Marys Health Care Systems Heliport
Smisson Field
Sunset Strip
Samaritan Hospital North Heliport
St Clare Medical Center Heliport
Schroeder Private Airport
Squaw Creek Heliport
St Margaret Mercy Heliport
Sills-Anderson Heliport
Skagway Seaplane Base
Shaw Aerial Spraying Airport
Southern Natural Gas County Heliport
St. Mary's Hospital Heliport
Sands Point Seaplane Base
Spitfire Aerodrome
Sjule Private Airstrip
Stag Air Park
Spencer Field
Stoe Creek Farm Airport
Society Hill At North Brunswick Heliport
Saratoga Hospital Heliport
State Police Troop K Heliport
Sherwood Farm Airport
Shaw Field
Skydive Greene County Inc Airport
Southcreek Airport
Scott Airport
St John Heliport
State Park Heliport
Stott Private Airport
Shadyside Health Edu & Research Corp. Heliport
Suburban General Hospital Heliport
St. Vincent Outpatient Center Heliport
Susquehanna High School Heliport
Sky Classics Field
Stark's Twin Oaks Airpark
Stovall Ranch Nr 1 Airport
Stones River Airport
Strack Farms Heliport
Stuart Island Airpark
St Vincent Hospital Heliport
Syvrud Airport
Simonson Field
Seiferd Field
Springfield Community Hospital Heliport
Sloas Airport
Sfs Airpark
Spring Creek Airport
Smith's Strip
Sandhill Heliport
Sheriff's Wayside Heliport
St John's Regional Health Center Heliport
Sce Moorpark Substation Heliport
Summit Meadow Heliport
Skeen Ranch Airport
Silvernails Field
St John Sapulpa Hospital Heliport
St Joseph Hospital Heliport
South Coast Metro Center Heliport
Snake River Health Services Inc Heliport
Southeast Superior Court Heliport
Sweetbriar Airport
Screven Ems Heliport
Shetler'S Heliport
Shimmon Airport
St. Luke's Cornwall Hospital Heliport
Skyview Airport
Shin Pond Seaplane Base
Sanders Airport
Soldier Bar Usfs Airport
Scott Seed Farm Airport
Sharp Airport
Spring Airport
Seesholtz Airport
Slaughter Ranch Airport
Soloy Strip
Swanson Ranch Nr 1 Airport
Seigfried Halfpap Airport
Southampton Heliport
Shore Memorial Hospital Heliport
Star Houston Heliport
Sailfish Point Heliport
Saint Joseph Hospital Heliport
Swanson Ranch Nr 2 Airport
South Fulton Airport
Strickland Field
Strawberry Fields Airport
Soaring Club of Houston Gliderport
Scout Lake Seaplane Base
Sully Municipal Airport
Sce Eastern Division Heliport
Samsula / Coe Field
S & S Landing Strip
Shields Airport
Summe Farm Heliport
South Suburban Hospital Heliport
St Joseph's Hospital - Breese Heliport
St Mary's Airpark
Shell Central Facilities E Bay Block 24 Heliport
Southern Natural Gas Company Heliport
State Highway Paris Heliport
Sally Wofford Airport
Suzie Field
Sinai Ii Heliport
Spiering Airport
Stewart Farms Airport
Sethney Personal STOLport
St Elizabeth Hospital Heliport
St John's Mercy Medical Center Heliport
Summey Airpark
Smith Field
Smith Airport
South Jersey Hospital System Heliport
St Luke'S Cornwall Hospital-Newburgh Heliport
Suntime Airport
Sullivan Correctional Facility Heliport
Sha-Wan-Ga Valley Airport
St Vincent Charity Hospital Heliport
Southern Oregon General Hospital Heliport
Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital Heliport
Sunny Rest Airport
Sons Ii Heliport
Still Meadow Farm Airport
Santiam Junction State Airport
Short Stop Airport
Stark Field
Star Dusters Airport
Short Creek Airport
Stol Field
Strait Ranch Airport
Sartor Heliport
Skyhaven Airport
Sand Springs Strip
Scobey Border Station /East Poplar International/ Airport
Spotted Bear /Usfs/ Airport
Sunburst Airport
Shivok Airport
Stonewall Jackson Hospital Heliport
St Mary's Hospital Heliport
Snoqualmie Valley Hospital Emergency Room Heliport
St Mary's Hospital Ozaukee Heliport
Stupek Farms Airport
San Luis Resort Heliport
Surfside Seaplane Base
St Luke'S Meridian Medical Center Heliport
Sunset Strip Airpark
Sharp Field
Schmidt Private Airport
Stewart Farms Airport
Sauk-Prairie Airport
Sacatar Meadows Airport
Summit Medical Center Heliport
Strietelmeier Flying Field
Stanton Airport
St. Joseph'S Landing
Sanford Canby Medical Center Heliport
Stine Field
Stewart Airport
Songbird Ranch Airport
Stone Mountain Park Skylift Heliport
Stonington Municipal Airport
Shelby Air Service Airport
Sharkey Heliport
Stouffer's Dublin Heliport
St Elizabeth Hospital Heliport
Santa Rosa Medical Center Heliport
Snow Hill Airstrip
Smith Field
St Bernard Field
St Rita's Medical Center Heliport
South Point Airport
Stewart Field
Schlemmer Airport
Snyder Ranch Heliport
Star Heliport
Southwest Lubbock Airport
Siller Bros Inc Airport
Solar Heliport
St Johns Hospital Heliport
Salem Community Hospital Heliport
San Pedro Ranch Airport
Singleton Airport
Snake River Canyon Heliport
Sand Lake Seaplane Base
Sebewaing Airport
St Mary's Hospital - Centralia Heliport
Sobolik Airport
Skybast Heliport
S & S Ranch Airport
Shawano Medical Center Heliport
Smith's International Airport
San Antonio Community Hospital Heliport
St Mary's Hospital Heliport
Streets Ferry Heliport
St. Mathews Airport
Sundog Airport
Sam Little International Airport
Shiflet Field
Sports Mans Paradise Airport
Stormy Hill Seaplane Base
Sky Harbor Airport
Salmon River Airfield
Santa Fe International Corp Heliport
Spezia Airport
Scherler Private Airstrip
Sage Seadrome Seaplane Base
Sacred Heart Hospital Heliport
Suwannee Belle Airport
Saranac Farm Airport
Shady Bend Airport
Suwannee Hospital Emergency Heliport
Shaffer Airport
Short Stop Airport
St Francis Hospital-Southcampus Heliport
Schertz Field
St Mary's Hospital - Decatur Heliport
St James Hospital and Health Centers Heliport
Slater Memorial Airport
Shawnee Mission Medical Center Heliport
Skyline Airpark
Seamans Field
Stanley Memorial Hospital Heliport
Saint Luke's Hospital Heliport
Sandy Run Acres Airport
Stallone Airport
Susquehanna Heliport
Strang Airpark
Shaniko Ranch Airport
Sky Lakes Medical Center Heliport
S & C 8th & Market Helistop
Solt Field
State Police Area Six Heliport
Seitz Field
Siepsers Eye Port Heliport
St Mary Medical Center Heliport
Shell Pelican Island Heliport
Summit Medical Center Heliport
Simaron Ranch Airport
Springview Municipal Airport
Southampton Memorial Hospital Heliport
Simpson Airport
Sheridan Memorial Hospital Heliport
Sack-O-Grande Acroport Airport
Sudan Airport
Sky Harbor Seaplane Base
Saginaw Seaplane Base
Seldovia Seaplane Base
Sitka Seaplane Base
Situk Airport
Shump Airport
Shelby Strip
Sixmile Lake Airport
Saddleback Island Heliport
Spy Island Drill-Site Heliport
Sheikh Sultan Bin Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan palace Heliport Complex
Salerno Landing Zone Airport
Sarhawdza Landing Zone Airport
Sheber Too Landing Zone Airport
Santa Cruz/Graciosa Bay/Luova Airport
Sege Airport
Santa Ana Airport
Suavanao Airport
Skelton Airport
Sunset Strip
Solomon State Field
Strawberry Point Airport
Swift Creek Airport
South Gasline Airport
Shawn Field
Sky Ranch At Pioneer Peak Airport
Stro's Airport
Stephan Lake Lodge Airport
Skid Marks Airport
Scooter's Landing Strip
Shirley Lake Airport
Strickland/Smalley Field
Sehoy Airport
Styron Airport
Southeast Alabama Medical Center Heliport
Spratling Field
Sturdy Oak Farm Airport
Shelby Medical Center Heliport
Shoals Creek Seaplane Base
Southwest Alabama Medical Center Heliport
Shields Airport
Striplin Airfield
Sharpe Field
Smart Road Airport
Sommerset Strip
Selma Medical Center Heliport
Shinuyar Airport
Saurimo North Airport
Saenz Peña Airport
San Andres De Giles Airport
Santa María Airport
Salliqueló Airport
Salto Airport
San Benito Airport
San Cayetano Heliport
San Cristobal Airport
San Francisco Airport
San Isidro Labrador Heliport
San Joaquín Heliport
San Jorge Airport
San Justo Airport
San Martin Airport
San Vicente Airport
Sanatorio Guemes Heliport
Santo Tome Airport
Sarthou S.A. Heliport
Saturnino Unzue Heliport
Scaro Airport
Sol De Agosto Heliport
Stroeder Airport
Suboficial Auxiliar Miguel A. Cardone Airport
Sunchales Aeroclub Airport
Swiss Medical Heliport
Saldungaray Airport
San Cayetano Airport
San Gregorio Airport
San Ignacio Airport
San José De La Dormida Airport
Santo Tomás De La Sierra Airport
Savesa Airport
Sigfrido Rohr Aviagro Srl Airport
Skare Airport
S.A.N.A. Heliport
San Patricio Airport
St Edward Mercy Medical Center Heliport
St Michael Hospital Heliport
Sparks Regional Medical Center Heliport
St Vincent Infirmary Heliport
Smith Heliport
St Anthony's Medical Center Heliport
Siloam Springs Memorial Hospital Heliport
Stephens Heliport
Squirrel Run Airport
Scalaria Airchallenge Water Landing Area
Stirling Range Retreat
Snowy Range Airfield
Seventeen Seventy Heliport
Sherlock Ultralight Airfield
sherlock aerodrome
Sturt Creek Airport
Shaw River Airport
Springvale Airport
Sindeni Airstrip
Slai Airstrip
Smok Airstrip
Somokopa Airstrip
Simbari Airstrip
Simogu Airstrip
Sopu Airport
Sialum Airport
Sinow Airstrip
Sumwari Airstrip
Suabi Airport
Sirebi Airstrip
Simberi Airport
Sila Airport
Sabah Airport
Seltamin Airstrip
Simbai Airport
Samberigi Airstrip
Selbang Airport
Sangera Airstrip
Sturt Island Airport
Serra Airstrip
Samanzing Airstrip
Suame Airstrip
Sugu Airstrip
Sim Airport
Sisamin Airstrip
Sibilanga Airstrip
Sopise Airstrip
Siawi Airstrip
Shaki Airport
Sital Chay Airport
Sangachaly Air Base
Salyany Air Base
Sergio Private Airport
Schu Ranch Airport
Serene Field
Sheepy Hollow Ranch Airfield
Stewart Mountain Dam Heliport
Sunrise Ranch Airport
Sierra Vista Community Hospital Heliport
Scottsdale Memorial Hospital-North Heliport
Sovet Airport
Svishtov Airport
Selanovtsi Airport
Stara Zagora Airport
Station Nord Landing Strip
Station Nord Heliport
Sermiligaaq Heliport
Siorapaluk Heliport
Saqqaq Heliport
Sisimiut Airport
Saattut Heliport
Savissivik Heliport
Sauðárkrókur Airport
Sandá Airport
Selfoss Airport
Steinasandur Airport
Stora-Holt Airport
Siglufjordur Airport
Skógasandur Airport
Svínafell Airport
Sprengisandur Airport
Stórikroppur Airport
Sandskeið Airport
Stykkishólmur Airport
Skálavatn Airport
Sauðanes Airport
Sitio de Voo Tatamborá
Senhor Do Bonfim
Suia-Missu Airport
Smarhon Air Base
Sartaneja Airport
San Pedro Airport
Santa Cruz Airport
Silver Creek Airport
Southern Cross Airport
Sylvania Airport
Sundance Guest Ranch "C" Airport
Stevensville Seaplane Base
Saglek Airport
Saltspring Island Airport
Sarcpa Lake Airport
Saulteaux Airport
Savant Lake Airport
Sawmill Bay Airport
Scar Creek Airport
Scud River Airport
Shekilie Airport
Shell 13 Airport
Shepherd Bay Airport
Sherard Bay Airport
Sherman Meadows Airport
Sheslay Airport
Shingle Point Airport
Shunda Airport
Sikanni Chief Airport
Simcoe Airport
Simpson Lake Airport
Skocdopole Farms Airport
Smeaton Airport
Smith River Airport
Smoky City Airport
Smoky Tower Airport
Snag Airport
Squanga Lake Airport
St-Gabriel-De-Brandon Airport
St-Joseph-De-St-Hyacinths Airport
St-Prosper (Pel) Airport
St-Simon-De-Bagot Airport
St. Aldwyn Airport
St. Anthony Airport
St. Leonard (Cyr) Airport
Stave Lake Airport
Ste-Anne-De-Sorel Airport
Sainte-Croix Airport
Steeper Airport
Stewart Lake Airport
Stobart Creek Airport
Stokes Point Airport
Strandberg Creek Airport
Stratford Airport
Strathmore (Duke) Airport
Sturdee Valley Airport
Sturdee Airport
Sturgeon Falls Airport
Sturgeon Landing Airport
Sturt Point Airport
Sweetgrass Landing Airport
Seeley Lake Field
Stevensville Airstrip
Scott's Airstrip
Stuart Island Airstrip
Sheridan Lake Airstrip
Seagrave Airfield
Saint-François-de-Laval (Laval Aviation)
Saint-François-de-Laval (Laval Aviation)
Sandford Field
Selby - Howard's Airstrip
Sumas Municipal
Sky Wrench Field
Skydive SWOOP
Scheidel Ranch Airport
Sce Energy Control Center Heliport
Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital Heliport
Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla Heliport
Sanger Heliport
San Joaquin Airport
San Rafael Airport
Sequoia Ranch Airport
Stevinson Strip
San Diego Police Headquarters Heliport
Sce High Desert District Heliport
Saddleback Memorial Medical Center Heliport
Sun Hill Ranch Airport
San Bernardino County Medical Center Heliport
Sce Songs Mesa Heliport
San Ardo Field
Skylark Field
St Joseph Medical Center Heliport
St. Andre-Avellin
Smithers (Canadian) Heliport
Stewart Seaplane Base
Surge Narrows Seaplane Base
Sechelt-Gibsons Airport
Springhouse Airpark
Sullivan Bay Seaplane Base
Shawnigan Lake Seaplane Base
Scum Lake Airport
Smithers/Tyhee Lake Seaplane Base
Seal Cove (Public) Heliport
San Juan Point (Coast Guard) Heliport
Sechelt (St. Mary's Hospital) Heliport
Sproat Lake Tanker Base Heliport
Seal Cove (Coast Guard) Heliport
Springdale Airport
Scottsfield Airpark
Summerside (Prince County Hospital) Heliport
St. Lewis (Fox Harbour) Airport
Sevogle Airport
St. John's (Paddys Pond) Seaplane Base
St. Stephen Airport
South Brook Seaplane Base
Stanley Airport
Sussex Airport
Shelburne (Roseway Hospital) Heliport
Skyote Airport
S F Heliport
Schantz Airstrip
Sprague Airport
Sacramento Heliport
Sunlite Heliport
Sky Ridge Medical Center Heliport
Silverton Junction Heliport
St. Andrews Codroy Valley Airport
Shunda (Fire Base) Heliport
St. John's (Universal) Heliport
St-Quentin Airport
Scotts Seaplane Base
Ste-Agnès-de-Dundee Airport
Strathmore (D.J. Murray) Airport
Springdale/Davis Pond Seaplane Base
Stettler Airport
Swan Hills Airport
Snare River Airport
St. Paul Airport
Steen River Airport
St. Francis Airport
Steen Tower Airport
Sundre Airport
Silver City Airport
Spirit River Airport
Schlenker Airport
Sundre / Goodwins Farm Airport
Smoky Lake (George Mcdougall Health Centre) Heliport
San Vittore Heliport
Stewart (Health Centre) Heliport
Spiritwood / H & M Fast Farms
Steinbach Airport
Shaunavon Airport
Sand Point Lake Seaplane Base
Snow Lake Airport
Savant Lake (Sturgeon Lake) Seaplane Base
Summer Beaver Airport
Souris Glenwood Industrial Air Park
Sandy Bay Airport
Strathclair Airport
Shellbrook Airport
Sioux Lookout Seaplane Base
St. François Xavier Airport
Southend Airport
Sandy Bay Seaplane Base
Silver Falls Airport
Shoal Lake Seaplane Base
Selkirk Seaplane Base
Somerset Airport
Slate Falls Airport
Sandy Lake Seaplane Base
Sioux Lookout Heliport
Spiritwood Airport
Silver Falls Seaplane Base
Starbuck Airport
St. Brieux Airport
Scobey Border Station Airport
Steinbach (South) Airport
Staunton Lake Seaplane Base
Selkirk Airport
Shoal Lake Airport
Sioux Narrows Airport
Shilo Heliport
Snow Lake Seaplane Base
Shilo (Flewin Field) Heliport
Spring Valley (North) Airport
Southend Seaplane Base
Squaw Rapids Airport
Ste. Rose Du Lac Airport
Shepherd's Landing Airport
Stewart Lake Seaplane Base
Stony Rapids Seaplane Base
Sky Way Estates Airport
Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center Heliport
St Vincent Professional Office Building Heliport
Sce Ridgecrest Service Center Heliport
Sutter Amador Hospital Heliport
Sheriff's Station Heliport
Swepi Beta Platform Eureka Heliport
St. Helena Fire Department Heliport
Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital Heliport
San Joaquin General Hospital Heliport
Sce Serrano Substation Heliport
Sce Southeastern Division Heliport
Station 125 Heliport
Sutter Lakeside Hospital Heliport
Skyotee Ranch Airport
Sce Tiffany Pines Heliport
Sherman Oaks Community Hospital Heliport
Sce Saddleback Service Center Heliport
Sce Shaver Summit Heliport
Stettler (Health Centre) Heliport
Stayner (Clearview Field)
Shuang Yu Shu Airfield
Shigatse Air Base
Shaoguan Guitou Airport
Suixi Air Base
Shihezi Airfield
Shanghai Dachang Air Base
Shanghai Longhua Airport
Shanghai Jiangwan Airfield
Shenyang Beiling Air Base
Shenyang Yu Hung Tun Air Base
Shuangcheng Air Base
Siping Air Base
Suizhong Air Base
Sanshilipu Air Base
San Francisco Va Medical Center Heliport
Shaws Hill Heliport
Springwater Barrie Airpark
Sudbury/Ramsey Lake Seaplane Base
Sudbury/Azilda Seaplane Base
Sudbury (Regional Hospital) Heliport
Stanhope Municipal Airport
Sturgeon Falls (West Nipissing General Hospital) Heliport
Shelburne / Fisher Field
Sault Ste. Marie Heliport
Smoky Lake Seaplane Base
Straffordville Airport
Smiths Falls (Community Hospital) Heliport
Sault Ste. Marie/Partridge Point Seaplane Base
St Anthony Hospital Central Heliport
Sky Haven Airport
St Francis Hospital Heliport
Suckla Farms Balloonport
St Lukes Hospital Heliport
St Joseph Hospital Heliport
Schwartzwalder Heliport
Simcoe (Dennison Field) Airport
Simcoe (Norfolk General Hospital) Heliport
South River/Sundridge Airport & Float Plane Base
Stoney Creek Airport
Southampton Airport
Stirling Airport
Strathroy (Blue Yonder) Airport
Skeleton Lake Seaplane Base
St. Joseph Island Airport
Sault Ste. Marie Seaplane Base
Stoney Point (Trepanier)
Stoney Point (Le Cunff) Airport
Sable Island Landing Strip
St-Mathieu-De-Beloeil Airport
Shediac Bridge Airport
Sudbury / Coniston Airport
Sundre (Hospital & Health Care Centre) Heliport
Ste-Marguerite Heliport
St Jean Chrysostome Airport
St-Ferdinand Airport
St-Louis-De-France Airport
Snap Lake Airport
St-Victor-De-Beauce Airport
Slave Lake / Slave Lake Helicopters
Sudbury / Laurentian (Hospital)
Ste-Julienne Airport
St-Michel-Des-Saints Airport
Sept-Îles/Lac Des Rapides Seaplane Base
St-Jérôme Airport
Stanhope Airport
Saint John (Saint John Regional Hospital) Heliport
Stony Plain (Westview Health Centre) Heliport
Stony Plain (Lichtner Farms) Airport
St-Mathias Airport
Ste-Anne-Du-Lac Seaplane Base
Shuswap (Skwlax Field) Airport
Sonora Resort Heliport
St-Dominique Airport
Sorel-Tracy/Air Nature Inc. (Heli)
Sable Island Heliport
St-Lambert-De-Lauzon Airport
St Hyacinthe Airport
Ste-Lucie-De-Beauregard Airport
Spout Lake Seaplane Base
Ste-Agathe (Aim) Heliport
Schomberg (Sloan Valley View Farm Airfield)
St-Mathias Seaplane Base
Ste-Véronique Seaplane Base
Sorel Airport
St-Donat Airport
Sydney (Cape Breton Regional Hospital) Heliport
St-Jovite Airport
St-Frédéric Airport
St-Jérôme (Hydro-Québec) Heliport
Schefferville/Squaw Lake Seaplane Base
Skis Landing Area Airport
State Emergency Heliport
Swift Airport
Sikorsky Bridgeport Heliport
Spruce Airport
South Meadows Heliport
Stonington Airpark
Sanford Heliport
Shoreline Clinic Heliport
Sept-Îles (Hydro-Québec) Heliport
St Bruno-de-Guigues Airport
St-Alphonse/Lac Cloutier Seaplane Base
St-Augustin Heliport
Senneterre Airport
Selkirk / Kindy Airstrip
St. Paul (Health Care Centre) Heliport
St-Anselme Airport
St-Basile (Marcotte) Airport
San Pedro Airport
SanPedro Highway Airstrip
San Jose de las Lajas Hgway Airstrip
San German Airport
San Jose Northwest Airport
San Carlos Airport
Santa Fe Airport
Sault Ste Marie Airport
St. Anthony Airport
St Augustin Airport
St Jean Airport
Stephenville Airport
Schefferville Airport
Southport Airport
St Thomas Municipal Airport
Sydney / J.A. Douglas McCurdy Airport
Stratford Municipal Airport
Sudbury Airport
Sherbrooke Airport
Suffield Heliport
Squamish Airport
Stony Rapids Airport
St Georges Airport
Smiths Falls-Montague (Russ Beach) Airport
Saint John Airport
Sanikiluaq Airport
St Leonard Airport
St. Theresa Point Airport
Summerside Airport
Sparwood Elk Valley Airport
Sachs Harbour (David Nasogaluak Jr. Saaryuaq) Airport
Ste Anne Des Monts Airport
Saskatoon John G. Diefenbaker International Airport
Sioux Lookout Airport
Smithers Airport
Swift Current Airport
St. John's International Airport
Salluit Airport
Slave Lake Airport
Sandspit Airport
Sept-Îles Airport
Střecha Nem Hospital Heliport
Šumperk Heliport
Střediskový Central Heliport
Salmon Arm Airport
Swan River Airport
South Cariboo Region / 108 Mile Airport
Sachigo Lake Airport
Sandy Lake Airport
South Indian Lake Airport
Stewart Airport
Shamattawa Airport
Starbuck Municipal Airport
Stephen Municipal Airport
Spencerport Airpark
Saida Airport
Soummam Airport
Skikda Airport
Sidi Bel Abbes Airport
Savé Airport
Spirit of Washington Heliport
Steuart Office Pad Heliport
Sibley Memorial Hospital Heliport
Steinstücken Helipad
Sperenberg Air Base
Straubing Airfield
Strausberg Helipad
Schönwalde Airfield
Steinberg in Surwold Glider Airfield
Staufenberg Airfield
Segelfluggelände Farrenberg
Scheuen Airfield
Schnuckenheide-Repke Airfield
Steinberg at Wessein Airfield
Stüde Bernsteinsee Airfield
Sultmer Berg Airfield
Sugar Hill Airport
Strawbridge Christiana Mall Heliport
Spirit Airpark
Scotty's Place Airport
Seguenega Airport
Sebba Airport
Safane Airport
Sideradougou Airport
Sunyani Airport
Soko Airport
Seguela Airport
San Pedro Airport
Sassandra Airport
Shiroro Airport
Sam Mbakwe International Airport
Sadiq Abubakar III International Airport
Santiago Municipal Airport
Saertu Airport
Sidi Ahmed Air Base
Sfax Thyna International Airport
Sansanné-Mango Airport
Sokodé Airport
Sierra Sky Park Airport
Superior Municipal Airport
SHAPE Helipad
Saint-Remy Airport
Schaffen Airport
Sart Tilman heliport
Suarlée Airport
Saint-Ghislain Airport
St Hubert Airport
Spa (la Sauvenière) Airport
Sint-Lucas heliport
Saint Hubert Air Base
Sint-Pieters-Leeuw heliport
Sint-Augustinus heliport
Segeletz Airport
Strausberg Airport
Schönhagen Airport
Sömmerda-Dermsdorf Airport
Stralsund Airport
Schmoldow Airport
Schwarzheide/Schipkau Airport
Sprossen Airport
Saarmund Airport
Spremberg-Welzow Airport
Saarbrücken Airport
Stuttgart Airport
Schweinfurt-Süd Airport
Schameder Airport
Siegerland Airport
Stade Airport
Schmallenberg-Rennefeld Airport
Stadtlohn-Vreden Airport
Soest/Bad Sassendorf Airport
Straubing Airport
Schwabmünchen Airport
Schwerin Parchim Airport
Stölln-Rhinow Airport
Stendal-Borstel Airport
Schönebeck-Zackmünde Airport
Schwandorf Airport
Schwabach-Heidenberg Airport
Schönberg Airport
Schmidgaden Airport
Sonnen Airport
Suhl-Goldlauter Airport
Saarlouis-Düren Airport
Schweighofen Airport
Speyer Airport
Schwenningen am Neckar Airport
Saulgau Airport
Schwäbisch Hall-Weckrieden Airport
Stechow-Ferchesar Airport
Salzgitter-Schäferstuhl Airport
Salzgitter-Drütte Airport
Schleswig-Kropp Airport
St. Michaelisdonn Airport
St. Peter-Ording Airport
Seedorf Airport
Sierksdorf/Hof Altona Airport
Seinäjoen Central Hospital Heliport
Savikko Airport
Savonlinna Airport
Selanpaa Airport
Seinäjoki Airport
Sonkajarvi Jyrkk Airport
Sodankyla Airport
Suomussalmi Airport
Sulkaharju Airport
St Angelo Airport
Sywell Aerodrome
Shobdon Aerodrome
Silverstone Heliport
Sandtoft Airfield
Strubby Heliport
Sherburn-In-Elmet Airfield
Sturgate Airfield
Sleap Airport
Stronsay Airport
Sanday Airport
Swansea Airport
St. Mary's Airport
Southampton Airport
Shoreham Airport
Southend Airport
Skegness (Ingoldmells) Aerodrome
Sumburgh Airport
Scatsta Airport
Stornoway Airport
Shipdham Airfield
Stapleford Aerodrome
Seething Airfield
Sheffield City Heliport
Strubby Airfield
Soesterberg Air Base
Seppe Airport
Stadskanaal Airport
Shannon Airport
Sligo Airport
Spanish Point Airport
South (Syd) Arne Helideck
Sæby (Ottestrup) Airport
Sønderborg Airport
Skjold Helideck
Spjald Airport
Siri Helideck
Sindal Airport
Svínoy Heliport
Stóra Dímun Heliport
Samsø Airport
Sydfy (Tasinge) Airport
Skive Airport
Skúvoy Heliport
Stauning Airport
Snåsa Airfield, Grønøra
Stafsberg Airport
Svea Airport
Svalbard Airport, Longyear
Sandane Airport, Anda
Sogndal Airport
Svolvær Helle Airport
Ski Airfield
Stokmarknes Skagen Airport
Sleipner A Platform
Skien Airport
Stord Airport
Sørkjosen Airport
Sandnessjøen Airport, Stokka
Sandefjord Airport, Torp
Sleipner B Platform
Stavanger Airport, Sola
Sabre Army (Fort Campbell) Heliport
Szczecin-Goleniów "Solidarność" Airport
Szczecin-Dąbie Airport
Swidwin Military Air Base
Sochaczew Airport
Słupsk-Krȩpa Airport
Stalowa Wola-Turbia Airport
Suwałki Airport
Świdnik Lotnisko Airport
Szczytno-Szymany International Airport
Salamanca Fire Station Helipad
Stockholm Tullinge Airport
Sjöbo Air Base
Sandvik Airport
Skövde Airport
Säffle Airport
Såtenäs Air Base
Sundbro Airport
Stockholm Skavsta Airport
Strängnäs Air Base
Sunne Airport
Sjöbo/Sövde Airport
Smålandsstenar Smålanda Airport
Sollefteå Airport
Sveg Airport
Sundsvall-Härnösand Airport
Skellefteå Airport
Sattna Airport
Söderhamn Airport
Stockholm Västerås Airport
Stockholm-Arlanda Airport
Stockholm-Bromma Airport
Skå-Edeby Airport
Storuman Airport
Skinnlanda Airport
Siljansnäs Airport
Shire Inda Selassie Airport
Sheridan Barracks Landing Area
Spangdahlem Air Base
Schonewald CRC Helipad
Schleswig Airport
Schweinfurt Army Heliport
Spilve Aerodrome
S. Darius and S. Girėnas Airport
Sasnava Airport
Šiauliai International Airport
Šeduva Airport
Šilute Air Base
Saginaw Airport
Shell Creek Airpark
St. Joseph Hospital Heliport
Southfork Airport
Shands Helistop
Sarasota Memorial Hospital Heliport
Sheets Airport
South Dade Community Health Center Heliport
Shady International Airport
Shands Jacksonville Hospital Heliport
Santa Fe River Ranch Airport
St. Joseph's Hospital North Heliport
Stilbaai Airport
Steytlerville Airport
Somersveld Airport
Sani Pass Airport
Springbok Airport
Secunda Airport
Saldanha /Vredenburg Airport
Sabi Sabi Airport
Schweizer Reneke Airport
Stellenbosch Airport
Springs Airfield
Saffier Airport
Swartkop Air Force Base
Sutherland Airport
Siteka Airport
Senekal Airport
Standerton Airport
Sishen Airport
Somerset East Airport
Sace Airport
Slurry Airport
Syferfontein Airport
Skukuza Airport
Stutterheim Airport
Star Airport
Sir Seretse Khama International Airport
Sua Pan Airport
Selebi Phikwe Airport
Serowe Airport
Savuti Airport
Shakawe Airport
Sibiti Airport
Sidetra Airport
Souanke Airport
Sundance Farms Airport
Southern Fruit Groves Airport
Southeastern Airport
Summerland Key Cove Airport
St Cloud Hospital Heliport
St Luke's Hospital Heliport
Squires Aviation Ranch Airport
Stout Airport
Southerland Strip
Sikhuphe International Airport
Simunye Airport
Siteki Airport
Sibut Airport
Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport
Sir Charles Gaetan Duval Airport
Sea Lion Island Landing Strip
Spring Point Landing Strip
Saunders Island Landing Strip
Salak Airport
Spencer's Airpark
Steep Head Farm Airport
Suwannee Farms Airport
St Lucie Medical Center Heliport
Strazzulla Groves Airport
State Prison Field
Smokey's Heliport
Sierra Airpark
Sanford Seaplane Base
Sheriff's South Multi District Office Heliport
Seven Springs Ranch Airport
Salty Approach Airport
Serenje Airport
Shiwa n'gandu Airport
Sakeji Airport
Senanga Airport
Southdowns Airport
Sesheke Airport
Solwesi Airport
Samfya Airport
Sainte Marie Airport
Soalala Airport
Sambava Airport
Samangoky Airport
Sanza Pombo Airport
Saurimo Airport
Soyo Airport
Sumbe Airport
Sette Cama Airport
São Tomé International Airport
Songo Airport
Saint-Ouen L'Aumone Heliport
St Cressent Heliport
Sarl R.C.E Heliport
Societe Europeenne de Propulsion Heliport
Sophia Antépolis Heliport
Saint Remy de Marienne
Sécurité Heliport
Societe des Eaux Minerales D'Evian Heliport
St Roch Mayeres Airport
Seychelles International Airport
Sarh Airport
Sanyati Estate Airport
Sun Yet Sen Airport
Spray View Airport
Sengwa Gorge Airport
Siyalima Airport
Salima Airport
Sehlabathebe Airport
Sehonghong Airport
Sekakes Airport
Semonkong Airport
Seshutes Airport
St. Theresa Airport
Skorpion Mine Airport
Sossusvlei Moun Airport
Swakopmund Airport
Solitaire Airport
Stampriet Pan Airport
Sesriem Airstrip
Strate Airport
Semendua Airport
Shabunda Airport
Saulia Airport
Sominka Airport
Songa Airport
Sandoa Airport
Shongamba Airport
Stafford Airport
Saint Joseph's Hospital Heliport
Satilla Regional Medical Center Heliport
South Fulton Medical Center Heliport
Shade Tree Airport
State Capital Parking Lot Heliport
Senou Airport
Sikasso Airport
Shenstone Flying Strip
Stancombe Farm Airstrip (Private)
San Sebastián De La Gomera Heliport
Senaki Air Base
Signakhi Airport
Se Georgia Health System-Brunswick Heliport
Smith Field
Sandy Hill Airport
Stone Mountain Park Public Safety Heliport
Southern Oaks Airport
Sherbro International Airport
Sødalen Landingstrip
Summit Ice Landingstrip
Spriggs Payne Airport
Sasstown Airport
Saïss Airport
Smara Airport
Sidi Ifni Xx Airport
Safi Airport
Sidi Slimane Airport
Saniat Rmel Airport
Saint Louis Airport
Simenti Airport
Sélibaby Airport
Spetsai Airport
San Luis Ixcan Valle Uno Candelaria
San Pedro Cotija Airport
Sangaredi Airport
Sambailo Airport
Siguiri Airport
São Filipe Airport
São Pedro Airport
Sunbury Seaplane Base
Sackman Field
Soddu Airport
Sheik Hussein Airport
Scusciuban Airport
Siwa Oasis North Airport
Sidi Barrani Airport
Sohag International Airport
Shark El Oweinat International Airport
St Catherine International Airport
Sharm El Sheikh International Airport
Shilavo Airport
Sha Tin Airfield
Segel Airport
Samburu South Airport
Sidi Salih Airport
Sarir Nw Airport
Sabha Airport
Sarir (C-4) Airport
San Francisco De La Paz Airport
Sary Su Airport
Shendi Airport
Singida Airport
Same Airport
Seronera Airport
Songea Airport
Sumbawanga Airport
Shinyanga Airport
Szarvas Airport
Szatymaz Airport
Soroti Airport
Salem Municipal Airport
Sig-Nor Airport
Schurr Airport
Sherman Airport
Sielaff Helo Pad Heliport
Strawberry Point Medical Center Heliport
Solly's Strip Ultralightport
Sigourney Iowa Airport
Sand Field Airport
St Lukes Hospital Emergency Heliport
Sicogon Airstrip
Sungai Siring International Airport
Samboka Airstrip
Sape Airstrip
Saumlaki/Lolurun Airport
Sela Airstrip
Seradala Airstrip
Serimbu Airstrip
Sikari Airstrip
Silimo Airstrip
Syekh Hamzah Fansyuri Airport
Santosa Hospital Helipad
Siriwo Airstrip
Soba Airstrip
Sumo Airstrip
Sumtamon Airstrip
Sungai Tontang Airstrip
Suswa Airstrip
Synopi Airstrip
Sugimanuru Airport
Sawan Airport
Sangir Airport
Senggo Airport
Sky Island Ranch Airport
Sluder Airstrip
Seven Devils Airport
Smith Ranch Airport
Stocking Meadows Airport
St Joseph's Regional Medical Center Heliport
Sutherland Heliport
Sunrise Skypark Airport
Stibnite Airport
Shoshone Blm Heliport
St Luke's Boise Medical Center Heliport
Star 's' Ranch Airport
Simpson Airport
Sun Valley Gun Club Heliport
Sulphur Creek Ranch Airport
Sky Ranch South Airport
Spencer Ranch Landing Strip
St Alphonsus Heliport
Snake River Skydiving Airport
Scanlon Heliport
Sugar Creek Air Park
Shelby Memorial Hospital Heliport
Stettler Strip
Sherk Field
Starke Memorial Hospital Heliport
St Joseph's Hospital Heliport
Strip Airport
Salsbery Airport
Smith Airport
Sommers Airport
St. Joseph Hospital Heliport
Solenberg Airport
Shrum Field
Stark Heliport
Shawnee Community College Heliport
Sherman Hospital Heliport
St Joseph Medical Center - Bloomington Heliport
St Elizabeth's Hospital Heliport
St Mary Medical Center - Galesburg Heliport
Springfield Southwest Airpark
Siachen Glacier AFS Airport
Shikra Naval Helibase
Serchhip Helipad
Saiha Helipad
Sevoke Road Indian Army Heliport
Shillong Indian Army Helipad
STC BSF Indian Army Helipad
Shibpur Airstrip
Shirpur Airport
saharsa airstrip
Sirohi Airport
Sutton Airport
Stevens Farms Airport
Shakamak Airport
Starkey's Airport
St Anthony Hospital Heliport
Skyridge Airport
Stephenson Airport
Shinn Bone Lane Airport
Stewarts Green Acres Airport
Spring Lake Airport
St. Vincent Clay Hospital Heliport
Siefert Airport
Songer Airport
Shure Airport
Sealscott Airport
Stewart Airport
St Joseph Regional Medical Center Heliport
Small Field
Shamrock Airport
Singleton's Landing Strip
Sanders Gyroport Airport
Safwan Airport
Sahl Sinjar Air Base
Salman Pak East Air Field
Salum Air Base
Samarra East Air Base
Samarra West Air Field
Shaibah Airport
Shayka Mazhar Air Base
Shaykh Hantush Highway Strip
Subakhu Air Field
Shahrokhi Highway Strip
Shahabad Highway Strip
Shadgan Airport
Sarvestan Airport
Semnan New Airport
St Joseph Hospital - Elgin Heliport
St Mary's Hospital - Streator Heliport
St James Hospital and Health Center Heliport
Stockton Airport
St Joseph Memorial Hospital Heliport
Schilson Field
Sycamore Fire Department Heliport
Sue Rock International Airport
Senigalia Airstrip
San Domino Island Heliport
Silent Hill Airstrip
Schaumburg Regional Airport
Stanley Municipal Airport
Sargent Municipal Airport
Smithville Municipal Airport
Scott Field
Shelter Cove Airport
Sam Riggs Airpark
Shelby Community Airport
Superior Municipal Airport
Seneca County Airport
Sublette Flying Club Airport
Satanta Municipal Airport
St John The Baptist Parish Airport
Searchlight Airport
Sandia Airpark Estates East Airport
Spaulding Airport
Sunnyside Municipal Airport
Sand Canyon Airport
Suwannee County Airport
Shamrock Municipal Airport
Somerset County Airport
Shelby County Airport
Stanton County Municipal Airport
Scott Field
St Elmo Airport
St. Mary's County Regional Airport
Sharon Airport
Stevensville Airport
Salem Airpark Inc Airport
Southeast Greensboro Airport
Southbridge Municipal Airport
Sky King Airport
Syracuse Hamilton County Municipal Airport
St Louis Metro East Shafer Field
Sky Ranch Airport
Sayre Municipal Airport
St Charles Airport
St Labre Mission Airport
Sky Acres Airport
Salina Gunnison Airport
Sturgis Municipal Airport
Searcy County Airport
Scottsboro Municipal Word Field
Schroon Lake Airport
St Marys Airport
Spanish Peaks Airfield
Star City Municipal Airport
Saratoga County Airport
Sheridan Airport
Shiprock Airstrip
Siler City Municipal Airport
Seymour Municipal Airport
Stanton Municipal Airport
Skaneateles Aero Drome Airport
St George Airport
Saluda County Airport
Sisters Eagle Air Airport
Sunbury Airport
San Augustine County Airport
South Alabama Regional At Bill Benton Field Airport
Stevenson Airport
Skylark Airpark
Salem Airport
Seven Springs Airport
Skywest Inc Airport
San Saba County Municipal Airport
Smithville Crawford Municipal Airport
Spicewood Airport
Steven A. Bean Municipal Airport
Sisseton Municipal Airport
Skydive Chicago Airport
Starr Browning Airstrip
San Geronimo Airpark
Schafer Usfs Airport
Stuart Atkinson Municipal Airport
Springfield Municipal Airport
Stallion Army Air Field
Sycamore Strip
Sheridan Municipal Airport
Scobey Airport
Sun Valley Airport
Scott Valley Airport
Southwest Georgia Regional Airport
Souther Field
St Louis Regional Airport
San Luis Valley Regional Bergman Field
Sault Ste Marie Municipal Sanderson Field
Slidell Airport
Springdale Municipal Airport
Sugarloaf Regional Airport
Southwest Michigan Regional Airport
Silver Bay Municipal Airport
Stephens County Airport
Scott AFB/Midamerica Airport
Southeast Texas Regional Airport
Southeast Iowa Regional Airport
Samuels Field
Skypark Airport
Skagit Regional Airport
Silver West Airport
Shalz Field
Sparta Fort Mc Coy Airport
St Louis Downtown Airport
Sampson County Airport
Sharp County Regional Airport
Sauk Centre Municipal Airport
Springfield Municipal Airport
Springerville Municipal Airport
Sequoia Field
Skyhaven Airport
Sedalia Memorial Airport
Shreveport Downtown Airport
Stuart Powell Field
Slayton Municipal Airport
Summerville Airport
Sky Harbor Airport
Sergoit Airport
Siana Springs Airport
Shompole (Dry Lake) Airport
Shompole ("All" weather) Airport
Seislucho Airport
Sarara Airport
Satao Airport
Shekiko Airport
Soy-Chemoset Airport
Segera Ranch Airport
Solio Ranch Airport
Sabarei Airport
Sigor Airport
Sololo Airport
Shimba Hills Airport
Samburu North Airport
South County Airport of Santa Clara County Airport
Smiley Johnson Municipal-Bass Field
Spearman Municipal Airport
San Manuel Airport
Sells Airport
South Texas International At Edinburg Airport
Shelby County Airport
Shelby-Cleveland County Regional Airport
South Arkansas Regional At Goodwin Field
Summit Airport
Shannon Airport
Shawano Municipal Airport
Sulphur Municipal Airport
St George Island Airport
Slaton Municipal Airport
Stigler Regional Airport
Seagraves Airport
Simmons Army Air Field
Sierra Vista Municipal Libby Army Air Field
Sherman Army Air Field
St Lucie County International Airport
Sussex Airport
Sretenka Airport
Suzak Airport
Sovetsky/Kiyan Kul Airport
Sakaldy Dubar Airport
Spasskoye/Akbash Airport
South Lafourche Leonard Miller Jr Airport
Sussex County Airport
Spokane International Airport
South Big Horn County Airport
Shelbyville Municipal Airport
Scholes International At Galveston Airport
Seymour Johnson Air Force Base
Stratford Field
Stan Stamper Municipal Airport
Stennis International Airport
Sundance Airpark
San Marcos Municipal Airport
Sawyer County Airport
Saginaw County H.W. Browne Airport
Sidney Municipal Airport
Stanton Airport
Santa Rosa Route 66 Airport
Schenck Field
Skylark Field
Smith Reynolds Airport
Sibley Municipal Airport
Sloulin Field International Airport
Schoolcraft County Airport
Santa Ynez Airport
Sikorsky Heliport
Sallisaw Municipal Airport
Southern Wisconsin Regional Airport
St James Municipal Airport
Salem Memorial Airport
St Clair Regional Airport
Smith Center Municipal Airport
Sabetha Municipal Airport
Southwest Washington Regional Airport
Stovepipe Wells Airport
St. Tammany Regional Airport
South Haven Area Regional Airport
Steele Municipal Airport
Sumner County Regional Airport
Scott Airport
Springfield Robertson County Airport
Saline County/Watts Field
Southern Illinois Airport
Sacramento Mather Airport
Shafter Minter Field
Southwest Minnesota Regional-Marshall-Ryan Field
Selfs Airport
Santee Cooper Regional Airport
Stockton Municipal Airport
Smyrna Airport
Sullivan County International Airport
Selfridge Angb Airport
Spence Airport
Sidney Municipal Airport
Sky Manor Airport
Solberg Hunterdon Airport
Stroudsburg Pocono Airport
Stormville Airport
Summerdale Nolf Airport
Santa Rosa Nolf Airport
Site 8 NOLF
Silverhill Nolf Airport
Spencer Nolf Airport
San Nicolas Island Nolf Airport
San Clemente Island Naval Auxiliary Landing Field
Saufley Field Nolf Airport
South Weymouth Naval Air Station
Stilwell Cherokee Nation Airport
Sutter County Airport
Sierraville Dearwater Airport
Searle Field
Solon Springs Municipal Airport
Socorro Municipal Airport
St Landry Parish Ahart Field
Southwest Oregon Regional Airport
Starke County Airport
St Marys Municipal Airport
Sondok Airport
Sinuiju Airport
Sunchon Airport Airport
Sunan-up North Highway Strip
Sinhung Highway Strip
Sangwon Highway Strip
Samjiyŏn Airport
Sungam ni Airport
Sonchon Airport
Sohung South Airport
Sangwon Ni Highway Strip
San Carlos Apache Airport
Stellar Airpark
Seligman Airport
Snohomish County (Paine Field) Airport
St Clair County International Airport
St Petersburg Clearwater International Airport
St Clair County Airport
Stevens Field
Sher Wood Airport
Skyhaven Airport
Stockton / Rooks County Regional
Stafford Regional Airport
Southwest Florida International Airport
Swinton Smith Field at Reidsville Municipal Airport
Sunriver Airport
Sandusky County Regional Airport
Springer Municipal Airport
Siletz Bay State Airport
Stanford Airport
St Maries Municipal Airport
Shoshone County Airport
Shively Field
Sacramento Executive Airport
Safford Regional Airport
Santa Fe Municipal Airport
San Diego International Airport
Sparta Community Hunter Field
San Antonio International Airport
Savannah Hilton Head International Airport
Sawyer International Airport
Staples Municipal Airport
Santa Barbara Municipal Airport
San Bernardino International Airport
Sheboygan County Memorial Airport
South Bend Regional Airport
San Luis County Regional Airport
Steamboat Springs Bob Adams Field
Shelby Airport
Salisbury Ocean City Wicomico Regional Airport
Scribner State Airport
Schenectady County Airport
Stockton Metropolitan Airport
Scott Municipal Airport
Shenandoah Municipal Airport
Scottsdale Airport
Sidney Richland Municipal Airport
Seattle Tacoma International Airport
Sebring Regional Airport
St Charles County Smartt Airport
Sedona Airport
Sanford Regional Airport
San Francisco International Airport
Suffolk Executive Airport
Springfield Branson National Airport
Springfield Beckley Municipal Airport
St Augustine Airport
Sugar Land Regional Airport
South St Paul Municipal Richard E Fleming field
Stuttgart Municipal Airport
St George Municipal Airport
Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport
Sheldon Municipal Airport
Sanderson Field
Sheridan County Airport
Shreveport Regional Airport
Sikeston Memorial Municipal Airport
Sullivan County Airport
Siskiyou County Airport
St Johns Industrial Air Park
San Angelo Regional Mathis Field
Sac City Municipal Airport
Storm Lake Municipal Airport
Salt Lake City International Airport
Salem Municipal Airport/McNary Field
Smith Field
Salina Municipal Airport
Salem Leckrone Airport
Sulphur Springs Municipal Airport
Smith Field
Sacramento International Airport
Santa Monica Municipal Airport
Somerset Airport
Sumter Airport
Santa Maria Pub/Capt G Allan Hancock Field
Savannah Hardin County Airport
Shawnee Regional Airport
Salinas Municipal Airport
Sidney Municipal-Lloyd W Carr Field
Sonora Municipal Airport
Show Low Regional Airport
Sioux Center Municipal Airport
Spartanburg Downtown Memorial Airport
Scappoose Industrial Airpark
Springhill Airport
Sheppard Air Force Base-Wichita Falls Municipal Airport
Spencer Municipal Airport
Silver Springs Airport
San Carlos Airport
Searcy Municipal Airport
Seminole Municipal Airport
Sarasota Bradenton International Airport
Sierra Blanca Regional Airport
Shaw Air Force Base
Stinson Municipal Airport
Shell Lake Municipal Airport
St Cloud Regional Airport
Stevens Point Municipal Airport
Sterling Municipal Airport
St Paul Downtown Holman Field
Stroud Municipal Airport
Spirit of St Louis Airport
Sioux Gateway Col. Bud Day Field
Saline County Regional Airport
Susanville Municipal Airport
Statesville Regional Airport
Stewart International Airport
Sherman Municipal Airport
Stillwater Regional Airport
Seward Municipal Airport
Summersville Airport
Syracuse Hancock International Airport
Sylvester Airport
Sandpoint Airport
Stonewall County Airport
Statesboro Bulloch County Airport
Space Coast Regional Airport
Scott City Municipal Airport
Sanford-Lee County Regional Airport
Sturgis Municipal Airport
Stanford Field
South Valley Regional Airport
Spanish Fork-Springville-Woodhouse Field Airport
Sullivan Regional Airport
Southland Field
South Jersey Regional Airport
Southern California Logistics Airport
Stanly County Airport
Sequim Valley Airport
Smith Mountain Lake Airport
Strother Field
Sebastian Municipal Airport
Sunray Airport
South Lakeland Airport
Springfield Municipal Airport
Standing Rock Airport
Sandusky City Airport
Sarkand Airport
Sary Agach Airport
Shagyr Airport
Shelpe Southeast Airport
Stepnoye East Airport
Stepnoye West Airport
Syugaty Airport
Schuylkill County /Joe Zerbey/ Airport
Shoshone Airport
St Luke General Hospital Heliport
Shaw Crop Service Airport
St Francis Cabrini Hospital Heliport
St Tammany Parish Hospital Heliport
Stuart Airstrip
Spillers Club Airport
Sycamore Airport
St Elizabeth Hospital
Southern Baptist Hospital Heliport
Swallow Reef Airstrip
Stanke Dimitrov Airport
Stryama Airport
Stefanovo Airport
Sokolovo Airport
Stanke Dimitrov Highway Strip
Sofia Airport
Sliven Airfield
Silistra Polkovnik Lambrinovo Airfield
Stryama Airport
Stara Zagora Airport
Sepurine Training Base
Slavonski Jelas Airport
Split Airport
Sinj Glider Airport
Sa Sabina Heliport
Santa Cilia De Jaca Airport
San Javier Airport
Sabadell Airport
Servei D'Evacuació Del Circuit De Catalunya Heliport
Salamanca Airport
Son Bonet Airport
San Enrique Airport
Sangüesa Airport
San Luis Airport
San Sebastian Airport
Sotos Airport
Santiago de Compostela Airport
Servei Generals Del Circuit De Catalunya Heliport
Sant Martí De Sescorts Heliport
Santo Tome Del Puerto Airport
Santander Airport
Sevilla Airport
Soucelles Airport
St Aubin Airport
Soissons-Cuffies Airport
St Junien Airport
Saint-Girons-Antichan Airport
Ste Foy La Grande Airport
Soulac Sur Mer Airport
St Pierre D'oléron Airport
Sarlat Domme Airport
St Malo St Serva Airport
Saulieu Liernais Airport
St André De L'eure Airport
Sézanne St Rémy Airport
Strasbourg Neuhof Airport
St Florentin Cheu Airport
Semur En Auxois Airport
Sarrebourg Buhl Airport
Sarreguemines Neunkirch Airport
St Dié Remomeix Airport
St Chamond L'horme Airport
Saint-Flour-Coltines Airport
Sallanches Airport
Saint-Affrique-Belmont Airport
St Gaudens Montrejeau Airport
St Jean D'angély Airport
Soissons - Courmelles Airport
Sollières Sardières Airport
Saint-Jean-en-Royans Airport
St Jean D'avelanne Airport
St Galmier Airport
Solenzara (BA 126) Air Base
St Claude Pratz Airport
Saint-Yan Airport
Saint-Rambert-d'Albon Airport
Saint-Étienne-Bouthéon Airport
Salon-de-Provence (BA 701) Air Base
Salon Eyguières Airport
St Martin De Londres Airport
Sisteron - Thèze Airport
St Etienne En Devoluy Airport
Saumur-Saint-Florent Airport
St Valéry Vittefleur Airport
Saint-Quentin - Roupy Airport
Saint-Cyr-l'École Airport
Saint Omer Wizernes Airport
Sarre Union Airport
Saverne Steinbourg Airport
Saint-Brieuc-Armor Airport
Saint-Nazaire-Montoir Airport
Saint-Dizier-Robinson (BA 113) Air Base
Sedan Douzy Airport
Strasbourg Airport
Serres - La Bâtie-Montsaléon Airport
St Pierre Airport
Saintes Thénac Airport
Ste Léocadie Airport
Saint-Simon - Clastres Air Base
Sedes Airport
Skiathos Island National Airport
Samos Airport
Syros Airport
Sparti Airport
Santorini Airport
Sitia Airport
Stefanovikion Airport
Skiros Airport
Szentkirályszabadja Airport
Siófok-Kiliti Airport
Sármellék International Airport
Szolnok Airport
Szolnok-Szandaszőlős Sport Airport
Szombathely Info Airport
Szentes Aerodrome
Szeged Glider Airport
Sigonella Airport
Salgareda Carrer Airport
Sondrio Caiolo Airport
Siena-Ampugnano Airport
Sarzana-Luni Airport
Salerno Costa d'Amalfi Airport
Slovenj Gradec Airport
Šoštanj Airport
Stankov Glider Airport
Stichovice Pluml Airport
Skutec Airport
Slany Airport
Sobeslav Airport
Strunkovice Airport
Strakonice Airport
Sumperk Airport
Sazena Kralupy Airport
Stoney Real Estate Airport
Smith Restricted Landing Area
Sunset Acres Airport
Schaller Airport
Smith Airport
Sd Aero Airport
Stutzke Airport
St James Hospital Heliport
Schott Airport
Severson Airport
Spickard-Marshall Airport
St Anthony Medical Center Heliport
Sde Dov Airport
Spitzerberg Airport
Stockerau Airport
St. Pölten Heliport
Schwerpunkt Heliport
St. Anton Am Arlberg Heliport
St. Johann In Tirol Airport
Sölden Heliport
Swarovski Heliport
St. Vinzenz Heliport
Sanatorium Dr. Schenk Heliport
Schwaz Heliport
St. Andrä Im Lavanttal Heliport
Scharnstein Airport
St. Georgen Am Ybbsfelde Airport
Schaerding-Suben Airport
Seitenstetten Airport
St. Johann Im Pongau Heliport
Schwarzach Heliport
Salzburg Airport
Schwaz Military Heliport
Schwarzenbergkaserne Military Heliport
Santa Margarida Airport
Santa Maria Airport
Santa Cruz Airport
Sines Airport
São Jorge Airport
Santarém Airport
Sintra Airport
Sarajevo International Airport
Sharpe AAF
Sibiu International Airport
Satu Mare Airport
Suceava Stefan cel Mare Airport
Shell Pipe Line Gibson Heliport
Stephen's Flying Service Airport
Sylvester's Airport
Southland Strip Ultralightport
St Helena Parish Hospital Heliport
South 40 Heliport
St Jude Heliport
Sun Drilling Products Heliport
St Charles Airport
Southland Strip Nr 2 Ultralightport
Simpson Airport
Squires Heliport
Station 823 Heliport
Sara Field
Sabine Medical Center Heliport
Saanen Airport
Sion Airport
Schaffhausen Airport
St Stephan Airport
St. Gallen-Winkeln Heliport
Schindellegi Heliport
San Vittore Airport
Speck-Fehraltorf Airport
St Gallen Altenrhein Airport
Samedan Airport
Sitterdorf Airport
Schanis Airport
Samsun Samair Airport
Sivas Airport
Sivrihisar Airport
Samandıra Air Base
Şanlıurfa Airport
Siirt Airport
Sinop Airport
Şanlıurfa GAP Airport
Selçuk Efes Airport
Süleyman Demirel International Airport
Samsun Çarşamba Airport
Sabiha Gökçen International Airport
Saldus Airfield
Santana do Livramento Airport
Srpci Airport
Sveti Nikole Airport
Štip Airport
Stenkovec Brazda Airport
Skopje Alexander the Great Airport
Sombor Airport
Subotica Airport
Senica Airport
Svidník Airport
Sliač Airport
Spišská Nová Glider Airport
Sagamore Hill Heliport
Snow Airport
Simmons Heliport
Sids Airport
St Luke's Hospital Heliport
Sampson Pond Heliport
Sherman-Private Airport
Sudbury Airport
Sky Glen Airport
Sprague Nr 1 Heliport
Sprague Nr 2 Heliport
South Caicos Airport
Salt Cay Airport
St. Mary's Hospital East Heliport
Sacred Heart Hospital Heliport
Spring Hill Airport
Silver Hill Airport
Stewart Airport
Smith Field
Stolcrest STOLport
South River Seaplane Base
Saxon Farms Airport
San Pedro De Macoris Airport
Samaná El Catey International Airport
Samana El Portillo Airport
San Juan De La Maguana Airport
Sabana de Mar Airport
San Isidro Air Base
San Juan Airport
Sunrise Farms Airport
Super Cub Field
Sunny Hill Airport
Salmon Falls Airport
Skydive Lebanon Airport
Scottow Bog Flightpark Ultralightport
Seboomook Forestry District Headquarters Heliport
Santa Cruz del Quiche Airport
San José Airport
San Marcos Airport
Sur Agropecuaria Airport
San Luis Airport
San Bernardo Airport
San Fernando Airport
Santiago De Puringla Airport
Sangrelaya Airport
San Antonio Malera Airport
San Marcos De Ocotepeque Airport
Santa Rosa Copán Airport
Sico Airport
San Jose Airport
San Lorenzo Airport
Sinaloa Airport
Sixatigni Airport
Santa Barbara Airport
Santa Maria Airport
Sulaco Airport
State Police Hq Heliport
Stony Acres Airport
St Mary's Hospital Heliport
Silver Lake Airport
Shafter Airport
Sangster International Airport
Shinbweyang Airport
Santa Bárbara Regional Airport
San Cristobal De Las Casas Airport
San Felipe International Airport
Santa Lucia Air Force Base
Surfside Airport
St Mary's Hospital Heliport
St Olaf Hospital Heliport
Shelton's Private Airport
Spud Field
St Luke Hospital Heliport
Stanley Field
Sandy Flats Airport
Sky Meadow Airport
Stocker Private Airport
Sky Park Airport
Springfield Medical Center-Mayo Health System Heliport
Snell's Seaplane Base
Schroeder Airport
Swiderski Field
Sky Manor Aero Estates Airport
Serenity Airport
San Pedro Airport
San Carlos
Sharpe Farms Airport
St Lukes Hospital West Heliport
St Joseph Health Center Heliport
Show Me The Sky Airport
Salem Memorial Hospital Heliport
St Joseph Health Center Heliport
Sky-Vu Airport
St Francis Hospital Heliport
Schaback Strip
Skyriders Airport
St Louis University Hospital Heliport
Spelman/St. Luke's Hospital Heliport
St Louis Downtown Heliport
St Francis Hospital Heliport
Stickle Cattle Farms Airport
Sky Ranch Ii Airport
Sanctuary Airport
Starr Airport
San Blas Airport
San Alberto Airport
San Cristobal Airport
Santa Cruz Airport
San Jose Heliport
Santa Fe Airport
Santa Clara De Guapiles Airport
Shiroles Airport
San Isidro del General Airport
Salama Airport
Santa Marta Airport
Santa Maria De Guacimo Airport
San Pedro Airport
Sarapigui Airport
San Agustin Airport
San Vito De Java Airport
Sixaola Airport
Supplejack Airport
Smith County Airport
Southland Flying Service Inc. Airport
St Dominic-Jackson Memorial Hospital Heliport
Southwest Regional Medical Center Heliport
Schloss Adlers Airport
Simpson Field
Slobovia Outernational Airport
Singing River Hospital Heliport
Segars Heliport
Shade Tree Field
Skelton Airport
San Ramon Airport
Smith Field
St Patrick Hospital Heliport
St Vincent Hospital Heliport
Sunday Creek Airpark
St Peter's Community Hospital Heliport
Sanders Airport
Swank Airport
Sourdough Island on Salmon Lake Heliport
Sikorski Ranch Airport
Smith Farms Airport
Sand Creek Wildlife Station Airport
Samuel L. Clemens Memorial Airport
Southeast Mo Hospital Heliport
Spillman Field
Stark Airport
Someday Ranch Airport
Sugar Branch Airport
Strutman Field
St Louis Children's Hospital Heliport
Sunburst Ranch Airport
Skyview Airport
St Mary's Health Center Heliport
Sierra Maestra Airport
San Nicolas De Bari Airport
San Antonio De Los Banos Airport
Sagua La Grande Airport
San Julian Air Base
Siguanea Airport
Sancti Spiritus Airport
San Sebastion del Oeste Airport
San Lucas Military Airstrip
Santa María de Mulegé Airport
San Juanico Airstrip
Santa Cruz Airfield
Salina Cruz Naval Air Station
San Ignacio Airport
San Luis Río Colorado Airport
Sook Airport
Sungei Tekai Airport
Sipitang Airport
Sieg's Farm Airport
Swan Field
Swanson Private Airport
Schwenk Airport
Schjeldrup Airport
Sunrise Airport
Safe Air Seaplane Base
Sioux Valley Hospital Heliport
St Cloud Hospital Heliport
Swanson Field
San Andros Airport
Spring Point Airport
Sandy Point Airport
Spanish Cay Airport
South Bimini Airport
Staniel Cay Airport
Stella Maris Airport
San Salvador Airport
Sampson Cay Airport
Sky Manor Airport
Shippensburg Airport
Spanish Springs Airport
Schlip 1 Road113 Landing Site
Schlip 2 67 Road Landing Site
Schlip 2 87 Road Landing Site
Schlip Kalkrand1 Landing Site
Sossusvlei Lodge Landing Site
Stamprietpan Ok Landing Site
Salzbrunn Airstrip
Spatzenfeld Landing Site
Solingen Airstrip
Sandfontein Airstrip
Swa Knie Landing Site
Steinhausen Landing Site
Saure Airport
Sabbe Brothers Landing Strip
Storseth Airstrip
Smith Airstrip
Stoneriver Airport
Spencer Airport
Salisbury V.A. Medical Center Heliport
South Oak Aerodrome
Safe Field
Skyland Airport
Silver Creek Airport
Six Oaks Airport
Schneider Haven Airstrip
Sampson Regional Medical Center Heliport
South River Airport
St Aloisius Medical Center Heliport
Swenson Airport
St Alexius Med-I-Port Heliport
St. Luke's Hospital Heliport
Sakakawea Medical Center Heliport
Smith Private Airport
Spitzer Airport
Schroeder Airport
Sauter Airport
Schutte Airport
Simpson Airport
Sullivan Airstrip
Starns Auxiliary Airport
Sutton Airport
Stewart Field
Sudbeck Field
St Elizabeth Community Health Center Heliport
Stinking Water Creek Airport
St Francis Medical Center Heliport
Savusavu Airport
Seabrook Station Heliport
Southern Nh Medical Center Heliport
Springfield Point Heliport
Speedway Heliport
Smiling Jack Heliport
Steck Farm Airport
Shanklin Heliport
Sean Heliport
Spring Creek Heliport
S and C Echelon Heliport
Stone Harbor Golf Club Heliport
State Police Bloomfield Heliport
Sliker Strip
South County Heliport
Soverel Park Heliport
Steeplechase Pier Heliport
State Police Holmdel Helispot Heliport
Salem Airfield
Seton Hall Heliport
Southern Ocean County Hospital Heliport
St Benedict's Heliport
Shepard Airport
S.O.P. Airport
Sheeley's Farm Airport
Snyder's Lake Seaplane Base
Seventh Lake Seaplane Base
Southampton Village Heliport
St Luke's Memorial Hospital Heliport
St John's Episcopal Hospital Heliport
St Charles Hospital Heliport
St Mary's Hospital Elevated Heliport
Safe Flight Instrument Corp. Heliport
St Francis Hospital Heliport
Sinak Airport
Streekziekenhuis Koningin Beatrix Heliport
St. Elisabeth Ziekenhuis Heliport
St Vincent Hospital Heliport
Solo Ranch Airport
Sierra Vista Hospital Heliport
Sanostee Airport
Socorro General Hospital Heliport
Southwell H.Q. Heliport
St Joseph West Mesa Hospital Heliport
San Miguel Ranch Airport
Sheraton Inn Heliport
Sjrmc Heliport
Shoestring Ranch Airport
St Johns College Helispot Heliport
Skywagon Farm Airport
Stavanger Airport, Forus
Salangen Airfield, Elvenes
Sølenstua Airfield
Southern Skies Airstrip
Soldier Meadow Nr 2 Airport
Soldier Meadow Nr 1 Airport
Sunnyside/Kirch Wildlife Mgmt Area Airport
Sky Ranch Heliport
St. Rose Dominican Hospital Heliport
Sulfur Airport
St Mary's Regional Medical Center Heliport
Swanson Ranch 3 Airport
Sweetwater (USMC) Airport
Sce Mohave Generating Station Heliport
Sola Airport
Siwo Airport
Sara Airport
Santo Pekoa International Airport
Southwest Bay Airport
Skytop Airport
Sky-Ranch Airport
South Dayton Airport
Schuyler Airport
Stanton Airport
Staten Island University Hospital Heliport
Snow Field
Scott'S Sky Ranch Airport
Southland - Kew Hospital Heliport
Stratford Airport
Springhill Airport
South Pole Station Airport
Samoa Field Airport
Southard Field
Shank Air Base
Sardeh Band Airport
Sharana Airstrip
Shindand Airport
Sheberghan Airport
Sheghnan Airport
Sheik Isa Air Base
Sky Harbor Airport
Shaibah Airport
Sharurah Airport
Sulayel Airport
Sundance Meadows Airport
Sage Ranch Airport
Shady Cove Airpark
Salem Hospital Heliport
Six Springs Ranch Airport
Shaniko Cattle Airport
Station Thirty Heliport
Sunset Strip
Spring Valley Farm Airport
Stoltzfus Airfield
Salem Lakefront Airport
Sycamore Hospital Heliport
Stone Airport
St Elizabeth Medical Center Heliport
Sell Field
Swigart Airport
Selby General Hospital Heliport
Stoney's Airport
Scott Park Heliport
St Charles Hospital Heliport
Shootz Field
Sharondale Field
St Vincent Hospital & Medical Center Heliport
Scheibe Field
Sheriff's Heliport
St. Ann's Heliport
St. Luke's Solon Emergency Center Heliport
Shahid Asyaee Airport
Sirri Island Airport
Shahid Ashrafi Esfahani Airport
Sanandaj Airport
Shahid Vatan Pour Air Base
Shahrekord Airport
Sardar-e-Jangal Airport
Semnan Airport
Sirjan Airport
Sarakhs Airport
Shahroud Airport
Sabzevar National Airport
Soga Airport
Shiraz Shahid Dastghaib International Airport
Sahand Airport
Saghez Airport
Shahid Sadooghi Airport
Saravan Airport
Sky Haven Airpark/Sellmeyer Field
Snake Creek Wilderness Airport
Sageeyah Airfield
Siegmanns Airport
Secrest Ranch Airport
Strader Ranch Airport
Scottys Field
Sheffield-Smith Airstrip
Stroud Hospital Heliport
Silverwood Ultralightport
Stuart Ranch Airport
Stidham-Private Airport
Sand Ridge Airpark Inc Airport
Skydive Oregon Airport
Stilwell Memorial Hospital Heliport
Stuart Mountain Airpark
Sharjah International Airport
Salalah Airport
Sohar Airport
Saiq Airport
Sur Airport
Shahbaz Air Base
Sindhri Tharparkar Airport
Shaikh Zaid Airport
Sibi Airport
Skardu Airport
Sukkur Airport
Sehwan Sharif Airport
Shekhupura Airport
Saidu Sharif Airport
Sialkot Airport
Sui Airport
Sahiwal Airport
Snider Creek Airport
Simtag Farms Airport
Strauch Field
Snyder Ranch Airport
Seaside Heliport
Sacred Heart General Hospital Heliport
Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital Heliport
Showa Airport
Seneca Emergency Airstrip
Sulaymaniyah International Airport
Shayrat Air Base
Saiqal Air Base
Sadah Airport
Sana'a International Airport
Socotra International Airport
Sayun International Airport
Southern Adams County Heliport
San Miguel Airport
Sambu Airport
Superior Tours Heliport
Shadyside Health Education & Research Corp Heliport
Strizki Ultralightport
Stefanik Airport
Sci-Mahanoy Heliport
Stone Castle Motel Airport
St Luke's Hospital Heliport
Skyview Heliport
Sharon General Hospital Heliport
Scammon Bay Airport
Shungnak Airport
Skagway Airport
Shageluk Airport
St Michael Airport
St George Airport
Savoonga Airport
Sand Point Airport
Shishmaref Airport
Sitka Rocky Gutierrez Airport
Selawik Airport
Sleetmute Airport
St Mary's Airport
St Paul Island Airport
Seldovia Airport
Sheep Mountain Airport
Summit Airport
Sparrevohn LRRS Airport
Skwentna Airport
Soldotna Airport
Seward Airport
Shaktoolik Airport
South Naknek Nr 2 Airport
Sengapi Airstrip
Samban Airstrip
Suki Airport
Sule Airport
Saipan International Airport
Sialkot Cantonment Airport
Sawan Airport
Shikarpur Airport
Środa Śląska (Komorniki) Highway Strip
Skibno Airport
Smolnik Airport
Stare Drawsko Airport
Swiebodzice Airfield
Szprotawa-Wiechlice Air Base
Strittmatter Airport
Sweet Valley Airport
Snider Seaplane Base
St Clair Memorial Hospital Heliport
Station 219 Heliport
Schrenkel Airport
Sagulla Airport
Sainovich Airport
Skyline Airstrip
Summers Psnl Use Heliport
Strohmier Airport
Skala Airport
Stitt Airport
St Francis Hospital Heliport
Snyder Office Heliport
Skunk Hollow Airport
Sharretts Airport
Salinas Airport
Squibb Heliport
Sabalos Ward Heliport
State Government Number One Heliport
Santa Isabel Airport
San Juan Steam Plant Heliport
San Juan Seaplane Base
Sabanera Heliport
Siocon Airport
Sterling Heliport
Snook Airport
Sugan Pond Heliport
Shenango Valley Medical Center Heliport
St Mary Hospital Heliport
Smithkline Beecham Heliport
Santa Maria Da Feira heliport
Sines heliport
Santa Clara Airport
San Cosme y Damian Airport
Salto del Guaira Airport
Sierra Blanca Airport
South County Hospital Heliport
Sagami Depot Heliport
Shikabe Airport
Saga Airport
Shizuhama Airport
Sado Airport
Sendai Airport
Sendai Kasuminom Airport
Shonai Airport
Shimofusa Airport
Soumagahara Heliport
Sokcho Airport
Sacheon Air Base
Seoul Air Base
Suwon Airport
Seongmu Airport
Seosan Air Base
Shimojishima Airport
Seahawk Lz Airport
Subic Bay International Airport
Sangley Point Air Base
Sanga Sanga Airport
Surigao Airport
Siargao Airport
Semirara Airport
San Jose Airport
San Fernando Airport
Sibulan Airport
Siquijor Airport
Sportski aerodrom Kikinda
Sombor Airport
Sombor Airport
Shimanovsk Airport
Syktyvkar Southwest
Saratov South Airport
Severomorsk-2 Naval Air Base
Sivoritsy Airfield
Sasovo Airfield
Slavgorod Severniy Air Base
Severnoye Airport
Srednebeloye Helicopter Base
Saint Petersburg Children's Hospital No.1 Helipad
Seltso Airfield
Solnechniy Airfield
Severskaya Airfield
Sennaya Guba Helipad
Sarmany Airport
Solntsevo Heliport
Sinegorye Airport
Solnechniy Airport
Shabanovo Airfield
Sosnovka Airport
Sormovo Airfield
Sonino Airstrip
Starodub Airport
Seshcha Air Base
Shevlino Helipad
Sofrino Helipad
Sukhaya Rechka Naval Air Base
Srednyaya Akhtuba Airfield
Salsk Airfield
Sokol Air Base
Sibirskiy Heliport
Shadrinsk Helipad
Suzdal Airport
Seltsy Airfield
Svetlograd Airfield
Smychkovo Airfield
Staritsa Airstrip
Samara Kryazh Air Base
Shadrinsk Air Base
Severny Air Base
Salmi Air Base
Shatalovo Air Base
Saratov Sokol Airfield
Smuravyovo Air Base
Slavgorod Yuzhniy Air Base
Savasleyka Air Base
Step Air Base
Salka Airfield
Sharomy Air Base
Sumsk Air Base
Shaykovka Air Base
Smolensk South Airport
Smoketown Airport
Spanaway Airport
Skyharbor Airport
Sky Harbor Airport
Skykomish State Airport
Santa Rita Airport
Santa Victoria Airport
San Nicolas De Los Arroyos Airport
Saladillo Airport
San Juan Aeroclub Airport
Santa Maria Airport
San Antonio De Areco Airport
Sauce Viejo Airport
San Fernando Airport
Sagwon Airport
Salamo Airport
Suboficial Ay Santiago Germano Airport
San Carlos Airport
Salton Sea Airport
Salar De Cauchari Airport
San Pedro Airport
Sierra Grande Airport
Santa Cruz Airport
San Martín Base
Santa Teresita Airport
Santa Rosa Airport
San Carlos De Bariloche Airport
Santa Maria Airport
São Pedro da Aldeia Airport
São Tomé Heliport
Santa Genoveva Airport
Santo Ângelo Airport
Salgado Filho Airport
Senador Nilo Coelho Airport
Santos Dumont Airport
Sao Roque Airport
Santa Cruz Airport
Santa Maria Airport
Senador Petrônio Portela Airport
São Gabriel da Cachoeira Airport
Sugar Hill Airport
State Line Ultraport/Flightpark Ultralightport
Shealy Airport
Savannah River Site (Department of Energy) Heliport
Springs Memorial Heliport
Sky Valley Airpark
Summers Station Heliport
Shiloh Plantation Airport
Santa Adriana Airport
San Alfonso Airport
San Rafael Airport
Santa Rita Airport
San Damian Airport
San Lorenzo Airport
San Andrés Airport
San Guillermo Airport
Siberia Airport
Santa Marta Airport
Santa María de Mingre Airport
Santa Eugenia Airport
Sandra Scabini Airport
San Miguel Airport
Santa Rosa de Tabalí Airport
San Pedro de Atacama Airport
Santa Bárbara Airport
San Fernando Airport
San Gerónimo Airport
San Javier Airport
Santo Domingo Airport
Segundo Corral Alto Airport
San Sebastián Airport
Santa Lucía Airport
Santa Luisa Airport
Santa Teresa del Almendral Airport
Soldotna Hospital H Heliport
Sky Ranch For Boys Airport
Shambo Ranch Airport
St Luke's Mrmc Heliport
Schaller Airport
Staben Strip
Star Aviation Nr 1 Heliport
São Pedro Airport
Solar das Paineiras Heliport
Senadora Eunice Micheles Airport
Sete Povos Airport
Sorocaba Airport
Sul América Seguros Heliport
Saint-Exupéry Airport
Shering Plough Heliport
Shopping Leste Aricanduva Heliport
Saidor Airport
Sítio Santo Antônio Heliport
São Joaquim da Barra Airport
São João da Boa Vista Airport
SBT Heliport
Salviano Inácio Rocha Airport
São Manuel Airport
Samambaia Heliport
SEC Heliport
Serrambi Heliport
Sofitel São Paulo Heliport
Shopping Center Iguatemi Heliport
São Carlos Airport
Sítio Santa Helena Airport
Shering Plough Heliport
SESI - FIESP Heliport
Saquarema Airport
São Luiz Heliport
Subestação São Roque Heliport
Senna Heliport
Secovi Heliport
Sítio São José Airport
Staffanstorp Bjällerup Field
San Carlos Costa Airport
San Rafael Airport
San Carlos Airport
seattle airport
Seymour Airport
Sucua Airport
Santo Domingo de Los Colorados Airport
San Cristóbal Airport
Stanley Airport
Safia Airport
Silvio Pettirossi International Airport
Salto del Guaira Airport
San Pedro Airport
Santa Teresa Airport
Shelby Auxiliary Field One Airport
San Cristóbal Heliport
Servicios Aéreos Copters Heliport
San Esteban Heliport
San Francisco Heliport
Santa Rosa De Tabalí Heliport
Santiago Centro Heliport
Sonda Heliport
Skua 1 Heliport
Santiago Heliport
Skua 4 Heliport
Subteniente Marcelo Topali Heliport
Sotracer Heliport
Sumaya Heliport
Sentvid pri Sticni field
Serrinha Heliport
Summerville Heliport
Sada Siderurgia Ltda Airport
São Luiz Airport
SOLAG - Sol e Lua Aviação Agrícola Airport
Santa Elisa Heliport
Sítio Canhanheiro Heliport
Solar dos Vianas Heliport
Secretaria da Agricultura Heliport
Sítio Flyer Airport
Suiço Heliport
Santa Marta Airport
Sodepa Heliport
São Francisco Airport
Santo Expedito Airport
SESC Pantanal Airport
Sebastião José Pereira Airport
Senador Antônio Farias Airport
Senador Carlos Lyra Heliport
Santa Paula Airport
Santa Terezinha Airport
Santa Felicidade Airport
Sítio Santa Izabel Heliport
Selva de Pedra Airport
Serra Verde Airport
São Paulo do Piauí Airport
Santos Dumont Airport
Sítio Santa Catarina Heliport
Sítio Flor de Lys Airport
Santa Helena Airport
Soufer Heliport
Santuário Nacional de Nossa Senhora da Conceição Apare Heliport
Santa Terezinha Airport
Sissano Airport
Sabre Heliport
Sada Heliport
Severino Lopes Airport
Satélite Aviação Agrícola Airport
Sylvio Quadros Mercês Heliport
Sementes Roos Heliport
São João e São Marcos Heliport
São José de Dentro Heliport
Salto Augusto Airport
São João Airport
São Leopoldo Airport
São Francisco Airport
Sellix Heliport
Santa Isabel Airport
Santa Liberdade Airport
Santa Maria de Normândia Airport
São Miguel Cachoeirinha Airport
Sauparú Airport
Serra do Sol Airport
Socó Airport
Suapi Airport
Simasa Airport
Serra da Borda Airport
Serabi Airport
Sonhar Airport
Santa Cecília Airport
São José Airport
Silvestre Heliport
Sinal Empreendimentos Heliport
Santo Aleixo Heliport
Sinal Construtora Heliport
Seculum Heliport
San José Mulatos Airport
San Juan De Uraba Airport
San Pedro De Urabá Airport
Santa Rita, Ituango Airport
Sopetran Airport
San Pablo - Incora Airport
Santa Rosa Del Sud Airport
Solano Airport
Sabanalarga Airport
San Fernandof Airport
San Luis De Palenque Airport
San Pablo Airport
Santa Ana Airport
Santa Clara Airport
Santa Helena De Upia Airport
Sardinas Airport
Señorías Airport
Soceagro Airport
San Jacinto Airport
Sabaneta Airport
Sala 77 Airport
San Juan Del César Airport
San Martin Airport
Santa Maria Airport
San Pablo Airport
San Pablo Airport
Santa Catalina Airport
San Pedro De Jagua Airport
San Felipe Airport
San Diego Airport
San Francisco Airport
San Luis Airport
Santa Bárbara Airport
Santana Ramos Airport
Sinai Airport
San Juan Del César Airport
Sabaneta Airport
San Isidro Airport
San Juanito Airport
San Luis Airport
San Luis De Airport
San Martin Airport
San Miguel Airport
San Vicente Airport
Santa Bárbara Airport
Santa Isabel Airport
Solita Airport
Suescun Airport
Santa Bárbara Airport
Santa Lucía Airport
San Vicente Airport
San Marcos Airport
San Pedro Airport
San Agustín Airport
San Germán Airport
San Javier Airport
San Jerónimo Airport
San José Airport
Santa Ana Airport
San Gerardo Airport
San Marino Airport
San Pablo Airport
San Antonio Airport
San Gerardo Airport
San Luis De Paca Airport
San Miguel Airport
San Pablo Airport
Santa Isabel Airport
Santa Lucía Airport
Santa Rita Airport
Sonaña Airport
San Carlos-Planas Airport
San José De Ocune Airport
Santa Rosalìa Airport
Santiago Vila Airport
Santa Ana Airport
San Luis Airport
Sitkinak Airport
San Bernardo Airport
Santa Fe De Antioquía Airport
San Gil Airport
Santiago I Airport
Simón Bolívar International Airport
Santiago Perez Airport
Santa Catalina Airport
Samaipata Airport
Solomon Aerodrome
San José De Chiquitos Airport
San Juan Estancias Airport
San Joaquín Airport
San Javier Airport
San Lorenzo Airport
San Ramón Airport
Santa Rita Airport
Santa Ana Del Yacuma Airport
San Carlos Gutierrez Airport
Santa Teresita Airport
San Francisco Moxos Airport
San Miguel De Gaser Airport
Santa Ana De Huachi Airport
Salinas Airport
Santa Rosa Del Sara Airport
San Ignacio de Moxos Airport
Sanandita Airport
Sipuati Airport
Santiago De Chiquitos Airport
Santa Rosa De Yacuma Airport
Saipiru Airport
Santiago Airport
San Matías Airport
San Pedro Rb Airport
San Carlos Airport
San Francisco Naciff Airport
San Pedro Richard Airport
San Vicente Airport
San Marino Field
Sapmanga Airport
Sipaliwini Airport
Stoelmanseiland Airport
Solomon Valley Airpark
Schoolcraft Airport
Shupe Airport
Sills Air Park
Strafuss Airport
Salina Regional Health Center Heliport
Sommers Airport
Sunflower Aerodrome
Supreme Feeders Airport
Somerset Airport
Sunshine Ranch Airport
Santo Antônio do Amparo Airport
Sobradinho Airport
Sócrates Mariani Bittencourt Airport
São Domingos Airport
Santana dos Brejos Airport
São João do Piauí Airport
São Félix do Xingu Airport
Santa Magalhães Airport
Suape Heliport
São José do Jacuípe Airport
Santana do Araguaia Airport
Santa Rita de Cássia Airport
Serra do Cipó Airport
São Lourenço Airport
Santa Fé Heliport
São Sebastião Heliport
São Mateus Airport
São João Nepomuceno Airport
Sobral Airport
São Sebastião do Paraíso Airport
San Quintín Military Airstrip
Sousa Airport
São Bento Airport
Sacramento Airport
São Luiz Airport
Sento Sé Airport
Salgueiro Airport
São José Airport
Santa Maria do Suaçuí Airport
Santa Rita Do Sapucai Airport
Salinópolis Airport
São Raimundo Nonato Airport
Serro Airport
Salinas Airport
Souto Soares Airport
Soure Airport
Santa Teresa Airport
Senador Teotônio Vilela Airport
Santa Maria da Boa Vista Airport
São José do Egito Airport
Sertânia Airport
Santa Maria da Vitória Airport
Sítio Vodó Airport
Saint-Georges-de-l'Oyapock Airport
Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni Airport
Saúl Airport
Sullana Airport
San Juan Aposento Airport
Satipo Airport
Shumba Airport
San Juan de Marcona Airport
San Nicolas Airport
Santa Maria Airport
Saposoa Airport
Shiringayoc/Hacienda Hda Mejia Airport
San Rafael Airport
San Regis Airport
Sepahua Airport
San Francisco Airport
Siguas Airport
San José de Sisa Airport
Shapaja Airport
Shiringayoc Airport
San Francisco Airport
Stony River 2 Airport
Sítio Pouso do Aviador Airport
Sobradinho Airport
Salcã Airport
Sikorski Heliport
Spessato Aviacao Agricola Airport
São Sepé Airport
São Camilo Airport
Sítio Limoeiro Airport
Sorocred Heliport
Sítio Serra Negra Airport
Sítio Enel Airport
Santa Terezinha Airport
Salenco Airport
São Bento Airport
São João Airport
São Luís Gonzaga Airport
Salto Santiago Airport
São Miguel do Iguaçu Airport
Santa Maria Airport
Sementes Petrovina Airport
Salvaterra II Airport
Santa Isabel Airport
São Miguel do Oeste Airport
Santa Rosa do Purus Airport
Siqueira Campos Airport
Santa Anastácia Airport
São Lourenço do Sul Airport
São Borja Airport
Santa Cruz do Sul Airport
Soledade Airport
São Gabriel Airport
São Joaquim Airport
São Francisco do Sul Airport
Santiago Airport
Sertanópolis Airport
Santa Maria Airport
Silvestre Airport
SBC Trans Heliport
Santa Vitória do Palmar Airport
Studart Heliport
Santa Anastácia II Airport
Sarandi Airport
São Carlos Airport
Santa Rosa Airport
Santa Bernardina International Airport
Santa Rosa de Lima Airport
San Diego De Cabrutica Airport
San Fernando de Atabapo Airport
San Carlos Airport
San Juan de Los Morros Airport
Simón Bolívar International Airport
San Lorenzo De Barinas Airport
San Lorenzo De Falcón Airport
San Luis Capanaparo Airport
Santa Ana Airport
Sabaneta Airport
Santa Bárbara de Monagas Airport
Santa Bárbara del Amazonas Airport
San Silvestre Airport
San Roque Airport
Santa Mónica Airport
San Ramón Airport
San Pablo De Barinas Airport
San Pablo Paeño Airport
Santa Rosalía Airport
Santa Elena de Río Claro Airport
Santa María La Tigra Airport
Santa Juana Airport
Santa Rita Airport
Santa Rita Airport
Santa Rosa de Guanare Airport
Santa Rosa de Barinas Airport
San Pancracio Airport
Stevens Village Airport
San Antonio Del Tachira Airport
Santa Bárbara de Barinas Airport
San Carlos Río Negro Airport
Sabana Dulce Airport
Santa Elena de Uairen Airport
San Antonio De Falcon Airport
San Antonio De Barinas Airport
San Juan De Río Claro Airport
Sub Teniente Nestor Arias Airport
San Leonardo Airport
San Fernando De Apure Airport
San Tome Airport
San Benito Airport
San Francisco De Carabobo Airport
San Juan de los Cayos Airport
San Francisco de Mérida Airport
Santa Bárbara del Zulia Airport
San Ignacio Airport
Santo Atanázio Airport
Siwea Airport
São Félix do Araguaia Airport
Serafino Ferruzzi Airport
Satwag Airport
Santa Helena de Goiás Airport
Santa Izabel do Morro Airport
Serra da Capivara Airport
Santo Antônio do Lerverger Airport
Surumu Airport
Spa-Unicordis Heliport
Silur Airport
Santo Antônio do Descoberto Airport
São Raimundo II Airport
Sopave Norte Airport
São Joaquim Airport
Sertânia Airport
Santa Terezinha Airport
Seringal Nova Olinda Airport
São Simão Airport
São Vicente Airport
São Miguel do Araguaia Airport
Surucucu Airport
Sede Fazenda São Benedito Airport
Sílvio Gonçalves de Mello Airport
São José Airport
Sehulea Airport
Sheldon Point Airport
Shell Army Heliport
Seal Bay Seaplane Base
Stanton Airfield
Skeldon Airport
Santa Cruz Island Airport
Santa Paula Airport
Sudden Stop Airport
Skyway Manor Airport
Sheriff Department Heliport
Sunset Airport
San Jacinto Methodist Hospital Heliport
Smoky Bend Airport
Sportsman's World Airport
Short Field
Sir Grantley Adams International Airport
Sasereme Airport
Split B Ranch Airport
Santa Rosa Northwest Hospital Heliport
Shell Deer Park Refinery Heliport
Spring Branch Memorial Hospital Heliport
Smither Field
Staggs Heliport
Starflight Facility Heliport
St-François Airport
Saraghs Southeast Airport
Seymour Air Park, Inc. Airport
Spencer Field
St Thomas Hospital Heliport
Sequoyah Nuclear Plant Heliport
Schiff Airport
Shultz Airport
Sky Ranch Airport
Salyazı Airport
Sarımsaklı Airfield
Sheraton Spindletop Hotel Heliport
Station 30 Heliport
Smith Flying Service Airport
Silver Wings Airport
Sherman Airport
Station 24 Heliport
Station 40 Heliport
Superturf Heliport
Square Air Airport
Stubbs Strip
Shell I C Heliport
Stapleton Field
Steen Airport
Sierra Medical Center Heliport
Sandy Creek Ranch Airfield
Smith Airport
Southland Center Heliport
Southwest Custom Aircraft Heliport
Southwest General Hospital Heliport
Sandbur Ranches Private Airport
South Texas Regional Hospital Heliport
Stemmons Place Heliport
Smiley Creek Airport
Skadovsk Airport
Sovyetskiy Air Base
Sevastopol Naval Institute Helipad
Shiroke Airfield
Sambir Air Base
Starokostiantyniv Air Base
Stryi Air Base
Shymkent Airport
Sary-Arka Airport
Semipalatinsk Airport
Stepanakert Air Base
Stepanavan Airport
Suntar Airport
Saskylakh Airport
Sukhumi Dranda Airport
Svobodny Airport
Susuman Airport
Sokol Airport
Seymchan Airport
Severo-Evensk Airport
Shakhtyorsk Airport
Sievierodonetsk Airport
Simferopol International Airport
Saki Air Base
Suprunovka Airport
Sumy Airport
Svyatoshyn Airport
Severomorsk-1 Naval Air Base
Shenkursk Airport
Solovki Airport
Shoyna Airport
Savvatiya Air Base
Siversky Air Base
Staraya Russa Airport
Segezha Airport
Sortavala Airport
Strelna Heliport
Shushenskoye Airport
Severo-Eniseysk Airport
Sharypovo Airport
Strezhevoy Airport
Spichenkovo Airport
Sredniy Ostrov Air Base
Snezhnogorsk Airport
Svetlogorsk Airport
Stavropol Shpakovskoye Airport
Shakhty Airport
Salsk Airport
Sochi International Airport
Staten Island Airport
Ski Valley Airport
Shelton Laurel Lil National Airport
Stephenson Farms Airport
Sears Airport
San Mar Gale Airport
Schumpert Clinic South Heliport
Summerville Airport
Sce San Onofre Heliport
Silver Heels Airport
Sand Arroya Airport
Southwest Citrus Airport
Sunshine Ranchettes Heliport
Selah Creek Landing Zone Airport
Sarver Field
Shell Pipeline Nairn Heliport
Station 507f Heliport
Swanson Private Heliport
Shimpa Airstrip
St. Joseph's Hospital Heliport
Sawyer / Southwest Lakes Airpark
South Jersey Healthcare Helipad
Still Meadows Helistop
Spohn-Alice Heliport
Stowers Ranch Airport
Santa Margarita Ranch Airport
Spaceport America
Snyder Winston Field
San Clemente Naval Auxiliary Air Station
Spirit Lake Municipal Airport
Steel Pier Taj Mahal Heliport
Salekhard Airport
Saranpaul' Airport
Sovetskiy Airport
Surgut Airport
Severouralsk Airport
Swains Creek Airport
Sandy Ranch Airport
Strawberry Valley Estates Airport
Sun Valley Estates Airport
State Capitol Helicopter Landing Site Heliport
Sky Ranch Airport
Sulphurdale Airport
St Mark's Heliport
Skaggs Heliport
Shakhristabz Airport
Sugraly Airport
Sariasiya Airport
Samarkand Airport
Staroselye Airport
Semyazino Airport
Sheremetyevo International Airport
Stupino Airfield
Severka Airfield
Stary Oskol Airport
Syktyvkar Airport
Soldatskaya Tashla Airfield
Saransk Airport
Saratov Central Airport
Sibay Airport
Smyshlyayevka Airport
Saybui Airport
Shirabad Northeast Airport
Shur Ob East Airport
Shurchi North Airport
Soldatskiy Southeast Airport
Statsiya Yakkabag Airport
Syrdaya Airport
Syrdaya Highway Southwest Airstrip
Shabskiy North Airport
Shakhrikhan South Airport
Shakhrikhan West Airport
Shakhristabz Southwest Airport
Shamaldy Say Southeast Airport
Shamenay Airport
Shurchi West Airport
Siyazy/Pa Yan Airport
Srentenka Airport
Surkhany Airport
Syrdar Northwest Airport
Southampton Correctional Center Airport
Stokes Airport
Snow Hill Airport
Sidhi Airport
SRMC Heliport
Sanford Field
Skovhus Airport
Summit Heliport
Scott Airpark
Smith Field
Sentara Norfolk General Hospital Heliport
Spring Valley Airport
Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport
Solapur Airport
Surat Airport
Sigiriya Air Force Base
Siem Reap International Airport
Stung Treng Airport
Sihanoukville International Airport
San Antonio De Amazonas Airport
San Antonio de Maturín Heliport
San Francisco Heliport
San José de Kayama Airport
San José de Río Cuao Airport
San Pedro de Adawaña Airport
San Simón de Cocuy Airport
Santa María de Erebato Airport
Servicentro (Electricidad de Caracas) Heliport
Simaraboshe Airport
San Felix Airport
San Salvador de Paul Airport
Sookerating Airport
Shillong Airport
Silchar Airport
Starbase Airport
Simpsonville Airport
Sky Bryce Airport
Sawyer STOLport
Smith Airport
Scott Farm Strip
Sager Field
Smyth County Community Hospital Heliport
Sentara Obici Hospital Heliport
Shah Amanat International Airport
Shah Mokhdum Airport
Saidpur Airport
Shamshernagar Airport
Shek Kong Air Base
Shun Tak Heliport
St. Thomas Waterfront Heliport
Stouffer Grand Beach Resort Heliport
Suratgarh New Airport
Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport
Safdarjung Airport
Sirsa Air Force Station
Shimla Airport
Sarsawa Air Force Station
Sheikh ul Alam Airport
Satna Airport
Sayaboury Airport
Savannakhet Airport
Sam Neua Airport
Saravane Airport
Silgadi Doti Airport
Simara Airport
Surkhet Airport
Sanfebagar Airport
Simikot Airport
Suketar Airport
Sri Sathya Sai Airport
Salem Airport
Southwestern Vermont Heliport
Santa's Airport
Spencer Airport
Savage Island Airport
Smith Airport
State Garage Site Heliport
Shelburne Farms Airport
Sky Acres Airport
Shaw Meadow Airport
Staton Airport
Stave Island Seaplane Base
Shelburne Airport
Sa Pran Nak Airport
Suvarnabhumi Airport
Sak Long Airport
Sukhothai Airport
Surat Thani Airport
Songkhla Airport
Samui Airport
Sakon Nakhon Airport
Surin Airport
Saw Airport
Salingyi Airport
Sedoktayar Airport
Shante Air Base
Sittwe Airport
Suburban Airport
Shiocton Airport
Seaplane Landing Area Seaplane Base
Stonehedge Heliport
Shaw Island Trust Heliport
South Cove Heliport
Stacey's Airport
Samaritan Hospital Rms Heliport
Spring Creek Ranch Airport
Sky Valley Airstrip
Smith Airport
Sky River Ranch Airport
Skyqueen Airport
Serui Airport
Selaparang Airport
Sumbawa Besar Airport
Sarmi Airport
Sentani Airport
Senggeh Airport
Sultan Aji Muhamad Sulaiman Airport
Sam Ratulangi Airport
Sultan Khairun Babullah Airport
Stagen Airport
Syamsudin Noor Airport
Sampit(Hasan) Airport
SANGGU Airport, Buntok
Saumlaki/Olilit Airport
Stenkol Airport
Sorong (Jefman) Airport
Satar Tacik Airport
Selayar/Aroepala Airport
Soroako Airport
Stebbins Airport
Sematan Airport
Sibu Airport
Simanggang Airport
Semporna Airport
Sahabat [Sahabat 16] Airport
Sepulot Airport
Sandakan Airport
Stocktrade Airport
St. Mary's Hospital Ozaukee Heliport
Simpangtiga Redelong Airport
Skyport Airport
St Clare Hospital Heliport
Spiegel Field
Schewe Airport
Sss Aerodrome
St Joseph's Memorial Hospital Heliport
Smilin' Sam's Airport
Swan Airport
St Mary's Kewaunee Area Memorial Hospital Heliport
Speedwing Field
Semplak Airport
Sultan Syarif Kasim Ii (Simpang Tiga) Airport
Sungai Pakning Bengkalis Airport
Sei Bati Airport
Soekarno-Hatta International Airport
Silampari Airport
Silangit Airport
Singkawang Airport
Supadio Airport
Sintang(Susilo) Airport
Sultan Thaha Airport
Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin Ii Airport
Seunagan Airport
Seumayam Airport
Sultan Iskandar Muda International Airport
Sungai Tiang Airport
Segamat Airport
Sitiawan Airport
Sungei Patani Airport
Sultan Abdul Halim Airport
Sultan Ismail Petra Airport
Simpang Airport
Sultan Azlan Shah Airport
Senai International Airport
Sultan Mahmud Airport
Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah International Airport
Seattle Private Number One Heliport
Silver Lake Seaplane Base
Schoepflin Airport
Sunny Slope Runway Airport
Slinkard Airfield
St Joseph Hospital Heliport
Swanton Ultralightport
Southwest Washington Medical Center Heliport
St Joseph Hospital Main Campus Heliport
St Croix Valley Airport
Sky Meadows Airpark
St Catherine's Hospital Heliport
Suai Airport
Sabu-Tardanu Airport
Sanggata/Sangkimah Airport
Sangkulirang Airport
Senipah Heliport
Surabaya Airport
St Mary's Hospital of Milwaukee Heliport
Springstead Airport
Scherrico Meadows Airport
Shangrila Airport
Storytown Airfield
Swan Field
St Joseph's Hospital Heliport
St Marys Hospital Medical Center Heliport
St Mary's Medical Center Heliport
St Nicholas Hospital Heliport
Spooner Hospital Heliport
Sugar Ridge Airport
Schiffmann Seaplane Base
St Joseph's Community Hospital Heliport
Sky Hollow Airport
St Joseph's Hospital Heliport
Sembawang Air Base
Steamboat Bay Seaplane Base
San Juan /Uganik/ Seaplane Base
Seletar Airport
Singapore Changi International Airport
Skid Row Seaplane Base
St Mary's Hospital Heliport
State Police Heliport
Swope Farm Airport
St Mary's Seaplane Base
Scott Field
Snowshoe Heliport
Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital Heliport
Slate Run Airport
Skyview Airpark
Sherwin Field Nr 1 Airport
Snell - North Laramie River Airport
Symons Airport
Star Valley Ranch Airport
Sloan Airport
Skorup Memorial Hospital Heliport
South Lincoln Medical Center Heliport
Salmo Airport
Spectre Airport
Southwest Rains Vol Fire Department Heliport
Smith Airport
St. Joseph Medical Center Heliport
Shelton Private Heliport
Stocker Airport
South Padre Island Heliport
Stoney Fork Landing Airport
Skye Bridge Ashaig Airport
Soltsy-2 Air Base
Severomorsk-3 Naval Air Base
San Jacinto College Central Campus Heliport
Sonny Broussard Landing Strip
Skylark Airport
Seeligson Ranch Airport
San Jose Island Airport
Sky Lane Ranch Airport
San Christoval Ranch Airport
Seafood Warehouse Park Airport
Santiago Cattle Co. Airport
Santa Rosa Helistop
Smolensk North Airport
Sosnovka Airfield
Sugar Loaf Resort Airport
Sleepy Eye Municipal Airport
Stambaugh Airport
Sunshine Coast Airport
St Vincents - Victoria Barracks Helipad
South Goulburn Is Airport
Streaky Bay Airport
Sandhill Airport
Saipem Airport
Sandstone Airport
Strathbogie Airport
Sydney Bankstown Airport
Stanbroke Airport
Scotia Sanctuary Airport
Scone Airport
Southern Cross Airport
Sudley Airport
Soudan Station Airport
Strathdownie Airport
Serpentine Airport
Sandfire Airport
Stonefield Gliding
Sandfly Airport
Strathgordon Airport
St George Airport
South Grafton Airport
Singleton Airport
South Galway Airport
Shay Gap Airport
Shark Bay Airport
Shannon River Airport
Shute Harbour Airport
Shepparton Airport
Siam Airport
Saibai Island Airport
St Leonards Airfield
Silent Grove Airport
Sea Lake Airport
Strathleven Airport
Sale Airport
Sylvania Homestead Airport
Somersby Airstrip
Smithton Airport
Smith Point Airport
Strathmore Airport
Strathmay Airport
Snake Bay Airport
Snowtown Airport
Southwell Airport
Stanthorpe Airport
Springfield Airport
Springsure Airport
Spring Creek Airport
Southport Airport
Springvale Airport
Sunrise Dam Airport
Strahan Airport
Surat Airport
Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport
Saint Arnaud Airport
Strathburn Airport
Stuart Creek Airport
St Helens Airport
Stonehenge Airport
Strathearn Airport
Santa Teresa Airport
Supplejack Downs Airport
Silver Hills Airport
Strathaven Airport
Swansea Airport
Sweers Island Resort Airport
Swan Hill Airport
South West Rocks Airport
Stawell Airport
Strathalbyn Airport
Sydney Adventist Hospital Helipad
Scone Hospital Helipad
St George Hospital Helipad
Shellharbour Hospital Helipad
Singleton Hospital Helipad
Sutherland Hospital Helipad
Salmon Lake Airport
Stampede Airport
Stockdale Landing Strip Airport
Sterkfontein Airport
Sun Valley Airfield
Schmidtsdrif Airport
Scottburg Airport
St Lucia Estuary
Swartwater Highway Strip Airport
Sappi / Ngodwana
Sunset Shores Airfield
Shanhaiguan Airport
Shijiazhuang Daguocun International Airport
Shantou Waisha Airport
Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport
Shashi Airport
Sanya Phoenix International Airport
Sunan International Airport
Sainshand Airport
Simao Airport
Shubuling Airport
Shanghai Pudong International Airport
Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport
Sunan Shuofang International Airport
Shanshan Airport
Shenyang Dongta Airport
Sealand Helipad
Satsuma Iwo-jima Airport