Airport Names starting with r

Ringhaver Heliport
River Oak Airport
Robbins Roost Airport
R J D Heliport
Ragsdale Road Airport
Rybolt Ranch Airport
Red & White Flying Service Airport
Rustic Wilderness Airport
Race City Heliport
Rowena Dell Airport
Ranger Heliport
Richards Field
Robinson Industries Heliport
Rapids Airway Airport
Russell County Medical Center Heliport
Rancho De Aereo Airport
Raju Airport
Running Creek Ranch Airport
Reichhart Airport
Rich Field
Riverside Hospital Airlift Heliport
Randall Airport
Roscoe Mc Connico Airport
Richvale Airport
Richmond Airport
Rancho Del Lago Heliport
Ragtime Aerodrome
Running M Ranch Airport
Resort Airport
Rgnl Medical Center Heliport
Roberta Industrial Park Airport
Rinehart Airport
Roto-Whirl/Holiday Heliport
Roto-Whirl/Vantage Heliport
Rebel Field
Reh Heliport
Roosterville Airport
Runner Landing Area Airport
Rocky Reef Farm Airport
Russell Field
Rock Creek Farm Airport
Round Butte Heliport
Rome Service Airport
Robbins Farm Airport
Robertson Ranch Airport
R & S Buzzard Airport
Riner Farm Airport
Riverwood Airport
Rucilla's Roost Airport
Rodgers Roost Airport
Road Commission Nr 1 Airport
Rosser Ranch Airport
Riverside Medical Center Heliport
Rocking T. Ranch Airport
Riddle Airport
Redgate Ranch Airport
Ranta Strip
Ridgeview Airport
Reisig Brothers Airport
Riley Creek Airport
Rose Field
Rigrtona Airport
Richland Acres Ultralightport
Rice-Bell Field Airport
Ruby Star Airpark
Ring Hill Airport
Riverwood Healthcare Center Heliport
Rose Field
Reherman Airport
Ratliff Airport
Rgl Field
River Region Medical Center Heliport
Re-Dun Field
Roesler Timber Company Heliport
Rangely District Hospital Heliport
Ruby Airport
Red's Field
Region 1 Headquarters-State Police Heliport
Riverside Medical Center Heliport
Riveredge Airpark
Russell Lands Heliport
Redman Residence Heliport
Raintree Seaplane Base
R I Science Center Helistop
Reed Airport
Rio Grande Hospital Heliport
Red Baron Airpark
Robinson Airpark
Risky Airport
Reyhan Heliport
Ramsy Farm Airport
Rosedale Airport
Ron's Ultralight Field
Riley Field
Rutger's Helistop Sec. A & B Heliport
Rutgers Helistop Nr 1 Heliport
Roxbury Runway Airport
Richland Airport
Reed Airport
Ridgeview Airport
Rosebud Comprehensive Health Care Facility Heliport
Ray Farm Airport
Rmr Ranch Airport
Ramada Helistop
Rutledge Falls Heliport
Raincreek Heliport
Rab Ranch Airport
Runkle Stagefield Army Heliport
Rak Airport
Royal Wood Aerodrome
Reichdrill Heliport
Reece Ranch Airport
Rockledge Airport
Rosenau Airport
Ryon Heliport
Ray's Stall Airport
Ranger Creek Airport
Riverside Airport
Rotor Swing Heliport
Rowland R Airfield
R I An Anaheim Helistop G/L B/201 Heliport
Reeds Airport
Reeves Private Airport
Reid-Eash Airport
Rotorcraft Leasing Co Creole Base Heliport
Richardson Field
Rotorcraft Leasing Co Intracoastal City Heliport
Ridge Heliport
Red Barn Heliport
Roubideau Airport
Ralph Jacobs Airport
Route 66 Airfield
Rahn Airport
Ritchie Airfield
Radford Aap Heliport
Robert L Delanoy Airport
Rutherford Airport
Remington Field
Rolling Meadows Airfield
Rollert Farm Airport
Rhynalds Ranch Airport
Randolph County Hospital Heliport
Regional Medical Center Of San Jose H1 Heliport
Rice Private Heliport
Ritter Field
Red Shed Field
Rupp Airport
Rush Airport
Reed Flying Service Inc Airport
Roy Burden Restricted Landing Area
Rider Heliport
Recompense Farm Airport
Runway Ranch Airport
Ryan Field
River Bend Ranch Heliport
Redwing Airport
Rose Field
Railway Stop Heliport
Ragwing Acres Airport
Reed Airport
Rotelle Heliport
Rosini Residence Heliport
Ridgewood Air Airport
Republic Helicopters Heliport
Russell Paradise Airport
Ray Smith Farm Airport
Rockford Municipal Airport
Red Birds Airyard Airport
Rosegill Farm Airstrip
Rychlk Heliport
Rice Ranch Airport
Raco 1 Heliport
Red Berry Heliport
Rolling Plains Hospital Heliport
Reid Hospital Heliport
Rotorcraft Heliport
Rs Ag-Land Airport
Rising Sun Airport
Rentz Ultralightport
Roberts Airport
Roto-Whirl/Ski World Heliport
Roseland Airport
Rall Field
Recreation Corporation Airport
R O Ranch STOLport
Rusby Field
Rimes Lakecrest Airport
Rush Airport
Ruckman Field
Ringhaver Heliport
Roadcap Airport
Riego Flight Strip
Ronshausen Airport
River's Edge Farm Airport
Roberts Field
Rolling Meadows Airport
Rebel Field
River John Airport
Ridgeway Field
River Acres Airport
Raleigh Enterprises Heliport
Rhodes Air Ranch Airport
Rockdale Hospital Heliport
Robinson Airport
Rake Airport
Rinkenberger Restricted Landing Area
Rogers Airport
Reed-Wilsonton Airport
Russell Airport
Richardson Field
Research Medical Center Heliport
Root Hog Airport
Risovi Ranch Strip
Remlinger Ranch Heliport
Riceland Aerodrome
Richard L Miller Heliport
Risker Field
Rust Airstrip
Running Colors Airport
Rafter J Airport
Roy Otten Memorial Airfield
Rosenbaum Field
Red Stewart Airfield
Rooster Field
Rotunda Heliport
Rees Field
R & R Field
Ransome Heliport
Rental Tools Heliport
Rusk County Memorial Heliport
Riordan Airport
Roseanne Airport
Rolle Airfield
Redlands Airport
Rush STOLport
Raven's Nest Heliport
Rugg Ranches Airport
Robert Chris Mc Intosh Airport
Rancho Vallecito Airport
Redington-Fairview General Hospital Heliport
Ray Schnepf Ranch Airport
Rimrock Airport
R F Roesner Airport
Rock Cut Farms Airport
Rafter 'R' Ranch Airport
Rocky Hill Ultralightport
Rock Point Airport
Rancho Tehama Airport
Rankin Airport
Reinoehl Field
Roeder Airport
Rappahannock General Hospital Heliport
Red Oak Airport
Reed-Joseph Land Co. Airport
Randy Champe-Gary Howe Memorial Heliport
Rabbit Ranch Airport
Richardton Airport
Ridge Landing Airport
Royal Trails Airport
R.M. Harris Airport
Rendleman Airport
Riley Field
Ranken Airport
Robinsonville Heliport
Ring Rock Ranch Airport
Regier Brothers Airport
Raritan Center Heliport
Riverside Hospital Heliport
R & M Aviation Airport
Russo Airstrip
Rgnl Hospital of Jackson Heliport
Riverside Airport
River Ridge Aero Estates Airport
Romeo Airstrip
Raether Airport
Robin'S Landing
Rocky Ridge Airport
R T Leblanc Airport
Red Oak Landing
Rabbit Hole Heliport
Richtsmeier Airport
Red Wing Airport
Robinson Ranch Airport
Remer Municipal Airport
Rons Field
Radloff's Cedar View Farms Airport
R. Leep Strip
Ritz 2 Heliport
Rothrock Airport
Riverside Hospital Heliport
Rostex Airport
Ridgeview Airport
Robinson Heliport
Richey Airport
Ray Community Airport
Reimer Aerodrome
Ransome STOLport
Reigle Field
Rattlesnake Island Airport
Robin STOLport
Ruder Airport
Rossler Ranch Airport
Regeneration Airport
Rensselaer County Airport
Rondo Heliport
Ron Wood Airport
Rybovich Heliport
Roney Farms Airport
Riverveiw Airport
RTI/Data-Com Heliport
Rick Mathias Private Airport
Reynolds County Memorial Hospital Heliport
Rollang Field
Rolling Hills Airport
Rohrer Airport
Rogers Private Airport
Ranch Hill Heliport
Roy E. Ray Airport
Rabbit Run Airport
Reed Airport
Rawls Ranch Airport
Renz Ranch Airport
R D Williams Airport
Reston Hospital Center Heliport
Rockingham Heliport
Ross Private Strip
Riverside Hospital Heliport
Rmc Heliport
Randolph's Landing Area Airport
Ralph E. Koch Airport
Rush Copley Emergency Center Heliport
Ropkey Field
Rose Nr 3 Heliport
Ricks Field
Roach Farm Airport
Rancho San Simeon Airport
Rotor Leasing Heliport
Reader-Botsford Airport
Rapoport Ranch Airport
Richmond Field
Richey Airfield
Rainy Pass Lodge Airport
Rainbow Heights Estates Airstrip
Rainbow Field
R S Auto Airport
Regan Ranch Airport
Ramme Airport
Rummel Restricted Landing Area
Reid Restricted Landing Area
Republic County Hospital Heliport
Rooney Airfield
Riverside Landings Airport
R C Ford Field
Rmz Heliport
Red Roof Inns Heliport
Redhills Airport
Reds Wallowa Horse Ranch Airport
Riddle Memorial Hospital Heliport
Rocking R Ranch Airport
Rockys Place Airport
Rabb And Nobra Airport
Remo Private Airport
Roseland Rescue Squad Heliport
Rex Ranch Airport
Rwave Heliport
Randal Field
Rgnl Public Safety Training Academy Heliport
Roland Airport
Restoration Ranch Airport
Riverode Farms Airport
Rbh Heliport
Rosalia Municipal Airport
Ruffwood Heliport
Rick's Airport
Ribbon Ridge Airport
Rancho San Marcos Airport
R.I. San Bernardino G/L Helistop
Rossettie Airport
Reinke Airport
Reiss Game Farm Airport
Ries Airport
Rose Number 2 Heliport
Roubin & Janeiro Inc Heliport
Rowco, Inc Heliport
Red Bud Regional Hospital Heliport
Ranch-Aero Airport
Rocking A Airport
Ridge Soaring Gliderport
Reimers Airport
Runsick Flying Service Airport
Rainbow Heliport
River Meadow Farm Heliport
Rogers Helicopters Inc Heliport
Reese Airport
Rider Private Heliport
Rex's Ultralightport
Rush-Copley Medical Center Heliport
Ryan Field
Romere Pass Seaplane Base
Regions Hospital Heliport
Ridge Road West Airport
Rauhaus Field
Ross International Airport
Roma Airport
Ryan Aerodrome
Richey Airport
Redhouse Airfield
R & R Farms Airport
Resaca Airstrip
Richardson Medical Center Heliport
Rocky Ridge Airpark
Root Field
Rainbow Field
Rampart Heliport
Rossi's Farm Airport
Rooster Field
Redwood Coast Medical Services Heliport
Reagans Roost Ultralightport
Red Stevenson Property Heliport
Rutherford Ranch Airport
Richters Airport
Rose Field Airport
Regional Medical Center San Jose H2 Heliport
Roland Norton Memorial Airstrip
R I Ai Canoga Park B/2 Helistop
Robinson Airport
Robertson's Roost Airport
Robinson Field
Raymond Classen Memorial Airport
Rans Airport
Richland Memorial Hospital Heliport
Rite Aid Distribution Center Heliport
Rockingham County Heliport
Ronson 287 Heliport
Riverview Ranch Airport
Ronca Heliport
Rorer Group Heliport
Raby Airpark
Retta Airport
Rnk Ranch Airport
Ryegate Airport
R & K Skyranch Airport
Runway Leasing Inc Nr 1 Airport
Rwnway Leasing Inc Nr 2 Airport
River Falls Area Hospital Heliport
Rachal Airport
Reese Airpark
Rust Field
Reedville Airport
Rhines Roost Airport
Robeck Landing Heliport
Ray's Roost Airport
Reece Field
River Bend Ranch Airport
Rob Airport
Riverlands Area Heliport
Reading Hospital & Medical Center Heliport
Roy H Laird Memorial Hospital Heliport
Rexford Airport
Rosemont Airport
Rock Creek Airport
Robertson Airport
Recreation and Conference Center Heliport
Rock Airport
Royalton Airport
Rush Memorial Hospital Heliport
Routh Airport
Rose Port Airport
Rush Field
Refreshment Services Inc Heliport
Red Beard Dusting Service Airport
Raleigh East Airport
Robert Wood Johnson Hospital Heliport
Rca Sommerville Heliport
Richards Airport
Riverside Methodist Hospital Heliport
Reforestation Services Heliport
Reading Hospital Heliport
Rogers Airport
Rocky Creek Ranch Airport
River Bend Airport
Rag Wing Airport
Reeder Airport
Rancho Verde Airport
Rothera Point Airport
RAF Calveley
RNAS/RAF Calshot
RAF Castletown
Ras Sumeira
Rennell/Tingoa Airport
Ringi Cove Airport
Ramata Airport
Reids Landing Airport
Rainey Field
Rotor Wing Inc Heliport
Rgnl Medical Center Heliport
Rito Airport
Rio Bellavista Airport
Rauch Airport
Raies Heliport
Rancho De Montaña Heliport
Rawson Airport
Realicó Airport
Rio Chico Airport
Rivadavia Airport
Rojas Airport
Rosario De La Frontera Airport
Rosario Del Tala Airport
Rufino Airport
Recreo / Transener S.A. Heliport
Roca Heliport
Rio Cullen II Heliplatform
Randolph County Medical Center Heliport
Ralph Fulmer Field
R.V. Stewart Field
Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Helipad
Royal North Shore Hospital Helipad
Royal Brisbane Hospital Helipad Charlie
Rockhampton Downs Airport
Rumginae Airport
Roesner Ranch Airport
Rittenhouse Army Heliport
Roosevelt Dam Heliport
Rio Vista Hills Airport
RAF Castle Camps
Ryakhovo Airport
Raykova Moglia Arport
Reykhólar Airport
Rif Airport
Raufarhöfn Airport
Reykjavik Airport
Reykjahlíð Airport
Reykjanes Airport
RNAS Pembroke/RNAS Milton/RAF Carew Cheriton
RNAS Boaz Island
Rurenabaque Airport
Riberalta Airport
RCAF Station Buttress
RCAF Station Aylmer
RCAF Station Lincoln Park
RCAF Station Carberry
RCAF Station Fingal (No. 4 Bombing and Gunnery School)
RCAF Station Mossbank
RCAF Station Pearce
RCAF Pennfield Ridge
RCAF Station Dafoe
RCAF Station Caron
RCAF Station Davidson
Ram Falls Airport
Raspberry Airport
Rea Point Airport
Redvers Airport
Renous Airport
Richardson Airport
Risks Creek Airport
Rivers Airport
Rivipere Ouelle Airport
Rodney Airport
Ross Bay Junction Airport
Ross Point Airport
Round Hill Airport
Rowley Airport
Russell Lake Airport
Réservoir Gouin (Pourvoirie Oasis) Airport
Regina / Aerogate
Roseville Field
Ruscom Station Field
Rivière Temiscamie Floatbase
roths field
Rivière-aux-Saumons Aerodrome (Private Operator: Safari Anticosti)
Rivière Bell Airport
Robinson international Air Field
Round Mountain Airport
Reider Ranch Airport
Ridgecrest Community Hospital Heliport
Riverside Metro Center Heliport
Rivers Inlet Seaplane Base
Radium Hot Springs Airport
Rykerts Seaplane Base
Rigolet Airport
Red Canyon Ranch Heliport
Raspberry Heliport
Raven Ridge Heliport
Rico Heliport
Rio Blanco Heliport
Red Earth Creek Airport
Ross International Airport
Rocky Mountain House (General Hospital) Heliport
Rockyford Airport
Rimbey Airport
Red Deer Forestry Airport
Radisson Airport
Russell Airport
Rosetown Airport
Roblin Airport
Rockglen Airport
Roland (Graham Field) Airport
Radville Airport
Riverton Airport
Rocanville Airport
Rosenort Airport
Regina Beach Airport
Round Lake (Weagamow Lake) Seaplane Base
Rainy River Seaplane Base
Red Lake Seaplane Base
Red Sucker Lake Seaplane Base
Redbud Community Hospital Heliport
Ranchaero Airport
Rotor-Aids Maintenance Hangar Heliport
Robert D Cloud Heliport
Rockwell Facility Heliport
Rodgers Flat Heliport
Reasoner Airport
Rose Medical Center Heliport
Rhoads Heliport
Rifle Junction Heliport
Reed Hollow Ranch Airport
Renfrew (Victoria Hospital) Heliport
Rolph Airport
Rockton Airport
Rodney (New Glasgow) Airport
Rivière Bonnard Airport
Rivière Bell Aerodrome
Red Deer Regional Hospital Centre Heliport
Red Deer / South 40 Airstrip
Red Deer / Truant Airfield
Rimbey (Hospital & Care Centre) Heliport
Red Lake (Margaret Cochenour Memorial Hospital) Heliport
Reindeer Lake / Lindbergh Lodge Airstrip
Riding Mountain Airport
R.M. of Pipestone Airport
Rivière Temiscamie (Air Roberval Ltee) Airport
Redwater (Heliworks)
Rimouski (Hydro-Québec) Heliport
Rivière-du-Loup Heliport
Rankl Field
Ripley Field
Reed's Gap Heliport
Roberts Farm Airport
Rentschler Heliport
Rougemont Airport
Ramblazon de Reyes Airport
Ross River Airport
Rainbow Lake Airport
Red Deer Regional Airport
Regina International Airport
Rae Lakes Airport
Resolute Bay Airport
Rivière-du-Loup Airport
Roberval Airport
Red Lake Airport
Rocky Mountain House Airport
Red Sucker Lake Airport
Rankin Inlet Airport
Revelstoke Airport
Repulse Bay Airport
Rouyn Noranda Airport
Rimouski Airport
Round Lake (Weagamow Lake) Airport
Rogersburg Airport
Red Lake Falls Municipal Airport
Randolph Airport
Reggane Airport
Relizane Airport
Rostock University Helipad
Remagen Rolandseck Helipad
Rammertshof Amberg Airfield
Rote Wiese Airfield
Rehoboth Bay Seaplane Base
Rollins Building Heliport
Remada Air Base
Reninge heliport
Rumbeke heliport
Rotselaar heliport
Riesa-Göhlis Airport
Roitzschjora Airport
Rechlin-Lärz Airport
Ruppiner Land Airport
Rothenburg/Görlitz Airport
Rügen Airport
Rerik-Zweedorf Airport
Reichelsheim Airport
Rothenburg o. d. T. Airport
Regensburg-Oberhub Airport
Reinsdorf Airport
Rudolstadt-Groschwitz Airport
Renneritz Airport
Rosenthal-Field Plössen Airport
Rottweil-Zepfenhahn Airport
Rinteln Airport
Rheine-Eschendorf Airport
Rotenburg (Wümme) Airport
Rendsburg-Schachtholm Airport
Rapla Airfield
Ridali Airfield
Ruhnu Airfield
Raadi Airfield
Rautavaara Airport
Raahe Pattijoki Airport
Rantasalmi Airport
Rovaniemi Airport
Ranua Airport
Rayskala Airport
RAF Rufforth
Rothera Research Station
RAF Wrexham
Robin Hood Doncaster Sheffield Airport
RAF Brawdy
Royal Marines Base Chivenor Airport
RAF Lyneham
RNAS Portland Heliport
RNAS Culdrose
RNAS Yeovilton
RNAS Lee-On-Solent
Redhill Aerodrome
Retford Gamston Airport
RAF Full Sutton
RAF Ternhill
RAF Spadeadam
RAF Mona
RAF Shawbury
RAF Woodvale
RAF West Freugh
RAF Kinloss
RAF Leuchars
RAF Lossiemouth
RAF Hethel
Rochester Airport
RAF Upper Heyford
RAF Benson
RAF Abingdon
RAF Lakenheath
RAF Mildenhall
RAF Sculthorpe
RAF Tangmere
RAF Thorney Island
RAF Wattisham
RAF Wyton
RAF Fairford
RAF Woodbridge
RAF Bentwaters
RAF Brize Norton
RAF Odiham
RAF Henlow
RAF Halton
RAF Northolt
RAF Alconbury
RAF Manby
RAF Coningsby
RAF Dishforth
RAF Church Fenton
RAF Honington
RAF Cottesmore
RAF Newton
RAF Scampton
RAF Lindholme Airport
RAF Swinderby
RAF Wittering
RAF Linton-On-Ouse
RAF Leconfield
RAF Waddington
RAF Syerston
RAF Topcliffe
RAF Coltishall
RAF Cranwell
RAF Barkston Heath
RAF Marham
Rotterdam Airport
Rathcoole Aerodrome
Rarup Airport
Randers Airport
Rolf Helideck
Ro Airport
Ringsted Airport
Rognan Airport
Ringebu Airfield, Frya
Rakkestad Astorp Airport
Rørvik Airport, Ryum
Røros Airport
Røst Airport
Reinsvoll Airport
Ringhorne Platform
Radom Military Air Base
Rybnik-Gotarowice Glider Airport
Rzeszów Airport
Radom-Piastrów Glider Airport
Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport
Redzikowo Air Base
Rosinos de la Requejada Airport
Ronneby Airport
Råda Air Base
Rörkärr Airport
Ränneslätt Airport
Ramsele Airport
Ramstein Air Base
Rheine Bentlage Airport
Roth Airport
Rostock-Laage Airport
Riga International Airport
RAF Greenham Common
Rūdiškės Airport
Rokiškis Airport
Rojūnai Airport
Ranger Municipal Airport
Redtail Airstrip
Romor Ranch Airport
Robinestte Seaplane Base
Rand Airport
Riverside Airport
Richards Bay Airport
Riversdale Airport
Rustenburg Airport
Reivilo Airport
Richmond Airport
Rooiberg Airport
Robertson Airport
Reitz Airport
Rakops Airport
Rlm Farms Airport
Ringhaver Heliport
Redhead Airport
Rutten Dusting Strip
River Acres Airport
Rafaï Airport
RAF Ascension Island
Roy Cove Landing Strip
Ruckel Airport
Rgnl Medical Center Bayonet Point Heliport
Rossi Field
Reynolds Airpark
Rosa Airport
Rufansa Airport
Royal Zambesi Lodge Airstrip
Roland Garros Airport
Relais De Margaux Heliport
Robert Piqué Hôpital Militaire Heliport
Renneville Heliport
Refuge Du Requin Heliport
Relais Du Soleil Heliport
Remontées Mécaniques Heliport
Remire Island Airport
Ratelshoek Airport
Renroc Airport
Rutenga Airport
Rusape Airport
Ruacana Airport
Rosh Pinah Airport
Rag Rock Airport
Rundu Airport
Rughenda Airfield
Rutshuru Airport
Rwindi Airport
Ramada Inn Antebellum Heliport
Ridgeview Farm Airport
Richards Airport
Rollins STOLport
Roswell Animal Hospital Heliport
RAF Barford St. John
RAF Molesworth
RAF St. David's
RAF Catterick
RAE Bedford
Roche Barton Farm Airstrip
RAF Bottesford
RNAS Arbroath / HMS Condor / RM Condor
RAF Nutts Corner / Belfast-Nutts Corner Airport
RAF Methold
RNAS/RAF Donibristle / HMS Merlin
Redlands airfield
RAF Hixon
RAF Abbots Bromley
RAF Acaster Malbis
RFCS Southfields / RAF Acklington
RAF Akeman Street
RAF Aldermaston
RFC All Hallows / RAF All Hallows
RAF Alness / RAF Invergordon
RAF Alness / RAF Invergordon
RAF Andrews Field / RAF Great Saling
RAF Ansty
RFC Anwick / RAF Anwick
RAF Appledram
RAF Ashbourne
RAF Ashford
RAF Atcham
RAF Atherstone
RAF Attlebridge
RAF Babdown Farm
RAF Bacton
RAF Balado Bridge
RAF Balderton
RAF Ballyhalbert
RAF Banff
RAF Bardney
RAF Barton Bendish
RAF Bassingbourn
RAF Bircotes
RAF Beaulieu
RAF Bekesbourne
RAF Bempton
RAF Bibury
RAF Birch
RAF Bircham Newton
RAF Bishopscourt
RAF Bisterne
RAF Bitteswell
RAF Blakehill Farm
RAF Blyton
RAF Bodney
RAF Bognor
RAF Bolt Head
RAF Bottisham
RAF Boulmer
RAF Bovingdon
RAF Boxted
RAF Bracebridge Heath
RAF Bradwell Bay
RAF Bramcote / HMS Gamecock
RAF Bratton
RAF Talbenny
RAF Breighton
RAF Brenzett
RAF Broadwell
RAF Brooklands
RAF Buckminster
RAF North Witham
RAF Bungay / RAF Flixton
RAF Burgh Castle
RAF Burtonwood
Rougham Airfield / RAF Bury St Edmunds
RAF Caistor
RAF Chilbolton
RAF Charmy Down
Richter Airpark
River Bend Airport
Raven Ice Landingstrip
Robertsport/Cape Mount Airport
Roberts International Airport
Rabat-Salé Airport
Richard Toll Airport
Rancho Pal
Rabil Airport
Robe Airport
Ras Banas Airport
Ras Jimsah New Airport
Ras Shukhayr New Airport
Ras Sudr
Rainshed Heliport
Ras Lanuf Oil Airport
Ruhengeri Airport
Rumbek Airport
Raga Airport
Renk Airport
Robert Newlon Field
Ridge Airport
Rathbun Lake Airport
Riedesel Private Airport
Ruckl Airport
Robel Field
Rantau Prapat/Padang Halaban Airport
Riam Sejawak Airstrip
Ros Bori Airstrip
Rokot Airport
Roti Airport
Ranch Aero Airport
Russell W Anderson Strip
Rock Creek Farm Airport
Richards Airport
Rockford Bay Heliport
Riverlake Airport
Rainbow Ranch Airport
Reed Ranch Airport
Reeroe Airport
Ratcliff Airport
Rheude Airport
Rockey's Air Strip
Ridgway Flying Service Airport
Raceway Airport
Renshaw Airport
Regional Haelth System Heliport
Richardson Field
Rust's Landing Airport
Runyan Aviation Airport
Richardson Airport
Redpath Restricted Landing Area
Rochelle Community Hospital Heliport
Rural King Supply Heliport
Richmond Airport
Rose Packing County Heliport
Resurrection Medical Center Heliport
Raj Bhavan Helipad
Rasgovindpur Airstrip
Raigarh Airport (JSPL)
Rajouri Airport
Robison Airport
Rush Strip
Roberson Airport
Radif Al Khafi Highway Strip
Rasheed Air Base
Ruwayshid Air Base
Riggins Farms Airport
Rend Lake Conservancy District Heliport
Russell Airport
Rotstein Airport
Rhea Restricted Landing Area
Rainbow'S End Airport
Rolla Municipal Airport
Rolla Downtown Airport
Riverview Airport
Reelfoot Lake Airport
Redfield Municipal Airport
Robbins Field
Rouses Point Seaplane Base
Ripley Airport
Rolette Airport
Rough River State Park Airport
River Ranch Resort Airport
Rockwell City Municipal Airport
Richwood Municipal Airport
Ridgeland Airport
Roscommon Conservation Airport
Reeves Airport
Real County Airport
Robertson Field
Russellville Logan County Airport
Reno Stead Airport
Rangely Airport
Robert Lee Airport
RWJ Airpark
Rushford Municipal Airport
Roosevelt Memorial Airport
Roy Wilcox Airport
Robert R Wells Jr Airport
Rio Grande City Municipal Airport
Ravalli County Airport
Roosevelt Municipal Airport
Rankin Airport
Roanoke Municipal Airport
Rector Airport
Ronan Airport
Red Cloud Municipal Airport
Richland Airport
Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport
Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport
Raleigh County Memorial Airport
Reedsburg Municipal Airport
Roscoe Turner Airport
Robertson Field
Romeo State Airport
Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport
Rusinga Airport
Rutundu Airport
Rhamu Airport
Rumuruti Airport
Roy Hurd Memorial Airport
Reagan County Airport
Rockwall Municipal Airport
Rohnerville Airport
Rutherford Co Marchman Field
Republic Airport
Rostraver Airport
Renner Field-Goodland Municipal Airport
Robert Gray Army Air Field Airport
Richards-Gebaur Air Force Base
Range Regional Airport
Roscommon County - Blodgett Memorial Airport
Redstone Army Air Field
Randolph County Airport
Richard Downing Airport
Russell County Airport
Riverside Airport
Rush County Airport
Rosamond Skypark Airport
Rialto Municipal Miro Field
Rickenbacker International Airport
Russellville Municipal Airport
Ruleville Drew Airport
Richton Perry County Airport
Richard Arthur Field
Rogue Valley International Medford Airport
Richland Municipal Airport
Rosaschi Air Park
Red Lion Airport
RAF Cammeringham / RAF Ingham
Rogers Field
Round Valley Airport
Reedley Municipal Airport
Rio Vista Municipal Airport
Riwon Airport
Robert F Swinnie Airport
Ralph Wenz Field
Ruhe's Airport
Riverside Municipal Airport
Rapid City Regional Airport
Rock County Airport
Roseburg Regional Airport
Red Bluff Municipal Airport
Robinson Army Air Field
Rusk County Airport
Richmond County Airport
Redding Municipal Airport
Reading Regional Carl A Spaatz Field
Red Oak Municipal Airport
Roberts Field
Raleigh Durham International Airport
Red Lodge Airport
Redlands Municipal Airport
Rome State Airport
Rooke Field
Rusk County Airport
Red Wing Regional Airport
Rhinelander Oneida County Airport
Reid-Hillview Airport of Santa Clara County
Richmond International Airport
Richmond Municipal Airport
Rice Lake Airport
Richfield Municipal Airport
Rancho Murieta Airport
Riverton Regional Airport
Ridgely Airpark
Robert S Kerr Airport
Rock Springs Sweetwater County Airport
Rockwood Municipal Airport
Richland Airport
Richard B Russell Airport
Randolph Air Force Base
Ramona Airport
Reno Tahoe International Airport
Renton Municipal Airport
Roanoke–Blacksburg Regional Airport
Rogers Municipal Carter Field
Rush City Regional Airport
Roswell International Air Center Airport
Roseau Municipal Rudy Billberg Field
Rice Lake Regional Carl's Field
Rochelle Municipal Airport - Koritz Field
Roundup Airport
Roben Hood Airport
Rock Rapids Municipal Airport
Russell Municipal Airport
Ruston Regional Airport
Rochester International Airport
Robinson Municipal Airport
Raton Municipal-Crews Field
Russellville Regional Airport
Rugby Municipal Airport
Rowan County Airport
Rutland - Southern Vermont Regional Airport
Richard Lloyd Jones Jr Airport
Redwood Falls Municipal Airport
Rocky Mount Wilson Regional Airport
Rawlins Municipal Harvey Field
Rexburg Madison County Airport
Ray S Miller Army Air Field
Ryan Field
Ross County Airport
Randolph Air Force Base Auxiliary Airport
Rockingham County NC Shiloh Airport
Rosecrans Memorial Airport
Rosebud Sioux Tribal Airport
Richard I Bong Airport
Robert Sibley Airport
Reserve Airport
Roger M. Dreyer Memorial Airport
Ruth Airport
Rantoul National Avn Center-Frank Elliot field
Richard B Helgeson Airport
Riddick Field
Rigby Jefferson County Airport
Rock Hill York Co Bryant field
Rolla National Airport
Robins Air Force Base
Rodnikovskiy Airport
Rio Linda Airport
Roy Williams Airport
Robe Lake Seaplane Base
Reno Flight Park Airport
River West Medical Center Heliport
Riverbend Heliport
Radomir Dolni Rakovets Airfield
Ravnetz Air Base
Ruse Airport
RAF Akrotiri
Rijeka Airport
R.A.C.C. Heliport
Requena Airport
Robledillo De Mohernando Airport
Rozas Airport
Reus Air Base
Rota Naval Station Airport
Rethel Airport
Rodez-Marcillac Airport
Royan-Médis Airport
Rochefort-Saint-Agnant (BA 721) Airport
Redon Bains-sur-Oust Airport
Romans - Saint-Paul Airport
Ruoms Airport
Ribérac St Aulaye Airport
Rion Des Landes Airport
Revel Montgey Airport
Roanne-Renaison Airport
Rouen Airport
Reims-Prunay Airport
Romilly Sur Seine Airport
Rennes-Saint-Jacques Airport
Reims-Champagne (BA 112) Airport
Rochefort Soubise Airport
Romorantin Pruniers Airport
Reggio Calabria Airport
Reggio Emilia Airport
Ravenna Airport
Rivolto Air Base
Rieti Airport
Ruzyně International Airport
Rana Loumy Airport
Rakovnik Glider Airport
Roudnice Mad Airport
Rdh Farms Airport
Read Airport
Raymond Restricted Landing Area
Riley's Field
Ralph E. Daniels Airport
Rockford Memorial Hospital Heliport
Rockenbach Airport
Reginaldo Hammer Airport
Ramat David Air Base
Ramon Air Base
Reutte Heliport
Robert L Suggs Heliport
Reynolds Airport
Riverview Medical Center Heliport
Rapides Rmc Hospital Heliport
Richard's Airport
River Parish Hospital Heliport
Raceland Station Heliport
Raron Heliport
Reichenbach Air Base
Raron Airport
Rūdininkai Air Base
Rumbula Air Base
Rudine airfield
Rangeley Lake Seaplane Base
Rotorcraft Heliport
Raytheon Heliport
Richie's Heliport
Russell Mill Pond Seaplane Base
Rent-A-Tool Heliport
Rossneck Airport
Robinson Private Airport
Ragged Island Airport
Reservoir Airport
Robinson Ridge Field
Rocky Ridge Airport
Riverside Seaplane Base
Rabinal Airport
Rubelsanto Airport
Retalhuleu Airport
Rongelap Island Airport
Ramón Villeda Morales International Airport
Rapaco II Airport
Rus Rus II Airport
Regional Hamer Airport
Rancho Jamastran Airport
Rus Rus I Airport
Raya Airport
Read Seaplane Base
Reading Airport
Robertson Field
RAF Castle Combe
Rancho El Durangueno Airport
Rio Verde Airport
Rancho Santa Ynes Airport
Rancho San Salvador Northeast Airport
Rancho Guadalupe South Airport
Rancho Marina Vieja Airport
Rancho La Milpita Airport
Robco Airport
Runke's Field
Rileys Landing Seaplane Base
Reynolds Field
Rohwer Airport
Rosita Airport
Riddle's Roost Airport
Ridgeview Ranch Airport
Rolling Shoals Farm Airport
Ray Johnson Inc Airport
Ruben Cantu Airport
Rio Frio / Progreso Airport
Rancho Humo Airport
Rancho Nuevo Airport
Roxana Farms Airport
Reality Plantation Airport
Rye Field
Rocking T Ranch Airport
Riverside Heliport
Ranch Strip
Ruff Airport
Red Mountain Heliport
Redfield Ag Strip
Robbins Airport
Robinson Airport
Riley Brancus Ranch Heliport
Riley House Heliport
Research Belton Hospital Heliport
Refueling Pad Heliport
Rafael Cabrera Airport
Rancho Grande Airstrip
Rancho El Caracol Airfield
Rancho Chávez Airstrip
Rancho Las Cruces Airstrip
Río de Agua de Vida Airstrip
Real del Castillo Airstrip
Roan Airport
Ramerth Airport
Rosacker's Nr 2 Seaplane Base
Rosacker's Nr 1 Seaplane Base
Rice Memorial Hospital Heliport
Robertson Field
Rosenberg Airport
Rock Sound Airport
Rum Cay Airport
Rudder Cut Cay Airport
Red River Heliport
Roidina Peter Jo Airport
Rostock Ritz Lodge Airport
Rietfontein Airport
Runnersrest Landing Site
Rietoog Airport
Rheinpfalz Landing Site
Rehoboth Town Airport
Rehoboth Airstrip
Rehoboth Sta Airport
Rooisand Airport
Rhenoster K Airport
Ripplinger Strip
Regan Airstrip
Roy Lohse Airport
Raeford Rhyne Airpark
Robertson Field
Randolph Hospital Heliport
Rocking A Farm Airport
Rarotonga International Airport
Ricketyback Field
R J Bohn Armory Heliport
Rices Airpark
Rau Field
Rgnl West Medical Center Heliport
Roth Airport
Rempe Private Airport
Rabi Island Airport
Rotuma Airport
Ridgefield Park Seaplane Base
Reeder Airport
Ross Heliport
Rainbow Air Heliport
Roberts Roost Airport
Rode Kruis Ziekenhuis Heliport
Rancho Magdalena Airport
Ray Ranch Airport
Ruidoso Heliport
Rosebud Airport
Rael Ranch Horse Pasture Airport
Rodeo Airport
Roswell Regional Hospital Heliport
Rena Airfield, Landsørkje
Rimatara Airport
Rurutu Airport
Raivavae Airport
Reao Airport
Raroia Airport
Rangiroa Airport
Raiatea Airport
Red Rock Ranch Airport
Rlb Heliport
Remsa/Care Flight Heliport
Rolling Thunder Airport
Redcliffe Airport
Rabbit Lane Airport
Randall's Roost Airport
Robins Island South Heliport
Russell Airport
Remsen City Airport
Richfield Airport
Richter Aero Airport
Rotorua Hospital Heliport
Rawene Hospital Heliport
Rotorua Lakefront Heliport
RNZAF Base Ohakea
Raglan Airfield
Ryans Creek Aerodrome
Rangitata Island Airport
Rangitaiki Airfield
Rotorua Lakes Water Aerodrome
Rotorua Regional Airport
Rangiora Airfield
Ruawai Aerodrome
Roxburgh Aerodrome
RNZAF Base Auckland-Whenuapai
Ravendale Airport
Rutter Airport
Roxford Airport
Riverview Airport
Rustag Airport
Razer Airport
Ras Khafji Airport
Rabigh Airport
Rafha Domestic Airport
Ras Mishab Airport
Ras Tanura Airport
Riyadh Air Base
Ras Tanajib Airport
Rieben Airport
Rothrock Field
Rose Garden Heliport
Roscoes Airport
Remington Heliport
Riverside Airport
Raylene Airport
Roberts Airport
Ross Field
Ruhlin Heliport
Rogers Heliport
Rataiczak Airport
Russ Airport
Robinson Memorial Hospital Heliport
Rafsanjan Airport
Ramsar Airport
Ray Preston Airport
Renavair Field
Ras al-Qulayah Naval Base Heliport
Rene Mouawad Air Base
Rayak Air Base
Rustaq Airport
Ras Al Khaimah International Airport
Rajanpur Airport
Rahwali Airport
Robray Airport
Rafiqui Air Base
Risalpur Air Base
Rawalakot Airport
River Run Ranch Airport
Roaring Springs Ranch Airport
Roppair Airport
Rainier Heliport
Rogue Valley Medical Center Heliport
Rasin El Aboud Airport
Río Azúcar Airport
Rio Sidra Airport
Río Tigre Airport
Rover Airport
Rocktop Airport
Rosenzweig Airport
Red Dog Airport
Ralph Wien Memorial Airport
Russian Mission Airport
Ruby Airport
Ralph M Calhoun Memorial Airport
Robert (Bob) Curtis Memorial Airport
Rota International Airport
Reko Diq Airport
Rossoszyca (Warta) Highway Strip
Radzewice Airport
Radzyń Podlaski-Marynin Airport
Rostki Airport
Reno Airport
Rayne Airport
River Hill Aviation Airport
Rocky Hollow Field
Ridgway Heliport
Ranch-Aero Airport
Rexach Office Building Heliport
R.H. Heliport
Robbins Nest Heliport
Robert Packer Hospital Heliport
River Hill Heliport
Ramada Inn-Gettysburg Heliport
Rakanda Airport
Raba Raba Airport
Rock Creek Airport
Red Devil Airport
Rehoboth Airport
Rheinstetten Airport
Riconn Airport
Rhode Island Hospital Heliport
Rebun Airport
Rishiri Airport
Rampart Airport
Rajah Buayan Air Base
Roxas Airport
Romblon Airport
Rybnovsk Airport
Ropsha Airfield
Rydoma Airfield
Ryazhsk Airfield
Rybinsk Yuzhny Airfield
Rzhevka Heliport
Rechnoy Yacht-club Helipad
Romanovskaya Airport
Rozhdestveno Airfield
Ryshkovo Airfield
Rostov-na-Donu Tsentralny Air Base
Rostov-na-Donu Severny Heliport
Rodnikovskaya Airstrip
Rtishchevo Air Base
Reshma Air Base
Rogachyovo Air Base
Rzhev Air Base
Ruti Airport
River Cess Airport/Heliport
Ras Safaniya
Rio Cuarto Aeroclub Airport
Rafaela Airport
Rincon De Los Sauces Airport
Rio Tercero Airport
Resistencia (City) Airport
Resistencia International Airport
Rovere Airport
Rivadavia Airport
Reconquista Airport
Rio Mayo Airport
Rio Colorado Airport
RIOgaleão – Tom Jobim International Airport
Regional de Maringá - Sílvio Nane Junior Airport
Rubem Berta Airport
Russell Airport
Richland Memorial Hospital Heliport
Ross Strip
Raven's Run Airport
Rambos Field
Riverbend Airpark
Rincón Bonito Airport
Ricardo García Posada Airport
Río Exploradores Airport
Russfin Airport
Rucamanqui Airport
Robinson Crusoe Airport
Roberto Chavéz Airport
Refugio del Lago Airport
Río Bravo Airport
Rodelillo Airport
Reñihúe Airport
Rio Frio Airport
Rio Negro Airport
Rapelhuapi Airport
Rucañanco Airport
Río Murta Airport
Rucalonco Airport
Río Pascua Airport
Rucamalen Airport
Rappe Field
Rapid City Regional Hospital Heliport
Ralph Myers Airport
Rushmore Heliport
RPB Helipad
Refinaria Presidente Bernardes Heliport
Rancho Enagri Airport
Rancho Villela Airport
Rede Globo Heliport
Rio de Contas Airport
Renaissance Hotel Heliport
Recreio Heliport
Rio Sul Center Heliport
Rio Claro Airport
Resende Airport
Rio Alpha Heliport
RM - Angra Heliport
Reales Tamarindos Airport
Rio Amazonas Airport
Rosario Airport
Rodelbahn Heliport
Rapel Heliport
Radenci Airfield
Rosana Camargo Airport
Retiro Piúva Airport
Riachuelo - Matriz Heliport
Região das Hortências Heliport
Rede Record Heliport
Rio Centro Heliport
Roberta Lombardi Heliport
Ryhad Palace Hotel Heliport
Reseda Office Heliport
Rio Arraias Airport
Rio Ouro Airport
Rio Negro Airport
Recanto das Marés Heliport
Rodrigues Airport
Rancho Jatobá Airport
Rei da Pamonha Heliport
Real Hospital Português Heliport
Raposa Airport
RS Morizono Heliport
Riacho Verde Heliport
Rio Grande Airport
Resgate Região Oceânica Heliport
Rio Alegre Airport
Ribeirão Shopping Heliport
Recreio Airport
Rio do Sangue Airport
Rancho Dória Heliport
Rancho Ae Airport
Remedios C Airport
Rondón Airport
Rancho Nare Airport
Rancho Grande Airport
Rio Paila Airport
Rancho Alegre Airport
Rafael Nuñez International Airport
Reyes Murillo Airport
RSLAF Cockerill Barracks
Roboré Airport
Refugio Airport
Rancho Alegre Airport
Rosal Airport
Rosapata Airport
Retiro Airport
Rio Seco Airport
Rincon Del Tigre Airport
Reyes Airport
Rudi Kappel Airport
Roberts Memorial Airport
Rucker Burdett Airport
Rands Airport
Rucker Airport
R J C Farms Inc Airport
Roberts Field
Roberts Air Field
Rurópolis Airport
Redenção Airport
Rio Capim Airport
Rancho Paraíso Airport
Rachid Saliba Airport
Riviera de São Lourenço Heliport
Remanso Airport
Rio Paranaíba Airport
Russas Airport
Riachão Airport
Redpoint I Heliport
Retiro Santo Antônio da Fazenda Triunfo Airport
Residência Papaiz Heliport
Rosa Branca Airport
Regina Airport
Ricrán Airport
Requena Airport
Rodríguez Ballón International Airport
Regional do Vale do Taquari Airport
Rosada Airport
Recanto das Águias Airport
Retiro São João Airport
Royal Palm Plaza Heliport
Rio Brilhante Airport
Realeza Airport
Refúgio Airport
Rancho Sumidor Airport
Rio Pardo Airport
Rosário do Sul Airport
Rancho Donana Airport
Reserva Acurizal Airport
Ricardo de Tomasi International Airport
Rio Branco Airport
Rio Sucio Highway Airstrip
Río de Agua Airport
Rancho Grande de Apure Airport
Rancho Grande de Táchira Airport
Riecito Airport
Rosetta Airport
Roblecito Airport
Rosario Airport
Rosário do Leste Airport
Recanto Airport
Rede Globo 2 Heliport
Retiro Arrombadinho Airport
Rio Vermelho Açucar e Álcool Airport
Rondonópolis Airport
Regional Orlando Villas Boas Airport
Residência Oficial Heliport
Roberts Army Heliport
Rives Air Park
Rhome Meadows Airport
Rafter P Airport
Reward Ranch Airport
Richards Airport
Rocky Top Ranch Airport
Rancho Ecantado Airport
Reddington Building Heliport
R & J Livestock County Airport
Rowan Heliport
Rancho Blanco Airport
Reb Folbre's Place Airport
Rafael Hernandez Airport
Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport
Ray Airport
Richardson Strip
Roane Medical Center Heliport
Rutledge Field
Ranger Heliport
Rhea Medical Center Heliport
Robertson Farm Airport
Rio Vista Ranch Airport
Roy Ranch Airport
River Field
Rock Creek Ranch Airport
Red Ace Ranch Airport
Redstone Ranch Airport
Rancho Buena Vista Airport
Ross Planes Airport
Redmond Taylor Army Heliport
Russells Ranch Airport
Ruby Field
Rhodes Ranch Airport
Rebel Field
Robotek Airport
Risovoye Airfield
Respect Hall Helipad
Rivne International Airport
Rzhevka Airport
Ross Air Base
Rubtsovsk Airport
Rostov-na-Donu Airport
Rockaway Airport
Roosevelt Field
Richards Field
R V Ranch Airport
Reid Ranches Airport
Road Rock Inc. Heliport
Rayl Heliport
Rohde's Airport
Ropkey Field
Rio Medina Airport
Rancho Grande Airport
Rangeview Airstrip
RAF Castle Archdale/RAF Lough Erne
RAF Carnaby
RAF Catfoss
RNAS Cattewater/RAF Cattewater/RAF Mount Batten
RAF Cardington
RAF Chailey
Ranger Station Airstrip
Raco Army Airfield
Ravenswood Airport
Ravenswood Airport
Rockingham Memorial Hospital Heliport
Raduzhny Airport
Roshchino International Airport
Rogers Roost Airport
Redwood Health Center Heliport
Ramenskoye Airport
Rocha Airport
Raedhanpur Airport
Ratlam Airport
Rose Retreat Farm Airport
Robertson Airport
River Bend Airport
Riverside Walter Reed Hospital Heliport
Reedville Airport
Raja Bhoj International Airport
Ratnagiri Airport
Rajkot Airport
Raipur Airport
Ratanakiri Airport
Rancho Pando Airport
Raudales de Danta Airport
Raulera Heliport
Rigo Heliport
Río Chico (Club Miami)
Río Hacha Airport
Rourkela Airport
Raxaul Airport
Rupsi India Airport
Rular Airport
Rockfish Airpark
Robinson Airport
Rajbiraj Airport
Ramechhap Airport
Rukumkot Airport
Rolpa Airport
Rumjatar Airport
Rajiv Gandhi International Airport
Ramnad Naval Air Station
Rajahmundry Airport
Red Fox Airport
R G Newsome Heliport
Rutland Regional Medical Center Heliport
Ranong Airport
Rob Muang Airport
Roi Et Airport
Rach Gia Airport
Roche Harbor Seaplane Base
Rosario Seaplane Base
Round Lake Airport
Roche Harbor Airport
Reoh1 Heliport
Rake's Glen Airport
Rar Gwamar Airport
Rendani Airport
Ranau Airport
Rumpin Airport
Rocket City Airport
Rush River Airport
Rainbow Airport
Rigdon Private Airport
Radin Inten II (Branti) Airport
Rokot Airport
RAF Wildenrath
Raja Haji Fisabilillah International Airport
Ranai Airport
Red Roof Airport
Redoft Airport
Ross Complex Heliport
Redfern Aerodrome
Randle-Kiona Airpark
Rox Airport
R & S Landing Strip
Round Lake Seaplane Base
Ranch Side Airport
Rusmar Farms Airport
Reedsburg Memorial Hospital Heliport
River Valley Airport
River View Airpark
Rocky Bay Airport
Ruth Field
Rainelle Airport
Ravenswood Seaplane Base
Rexroad Airport
Rach Heliport
Red Reflet Ranch Airport
Robbins Airport
Riverton Memorial Hospital Heliport
Red Creek Ranch Airport
Richardson Field
Rick's Hilltop Heliport
Rancho Del Cielo Airport
Rabb Dusting Inc Airport
RAAF Base Amberley
Rockhampton Airport
RAAF Scherger
RAAF Base Curtin
RAAF Gingin
RAAF Base Glenbrook
RAAF Williams, Laverton Base
RAAF Base East Sale
RAAF Williams, Point Cook Base
Ravensthorpe Airport
RAAF Base Pearce
RAAF Base Edinburgh
Raglan Airport
Raymore Homestead Airport
Ravensthorpe Airport
Rawlinna Airport
Rainbow Beach Airport
Robe Airport
Royal Brisbane Hospital Helipad Alpha
Redbank Mine Airport
Robinson River Airport
Rabbit Flat Airport
Rainbow Airport
Refuge Cove Seaplane Base
Redmont Airport
Reedys Airport
Redcliffe Airport
Renmark Airport
Red Hill Station Airport
Royal Childrens Hospital Helipad
Riddell Airport
Rocklands Airport
Rocklea Airport
Rolleston Airport
Richmond Airport
Royal Melbourne Hospital Helipad
Ramingining Airport
Ringwood Airport
Robinhood Airport
Roebourne Airport
Robinvale Airport
Rocky River Airport
Roma Airport
Rothsay Mine Airport
Ross River Airport
Roper Bar Airport
Rhodes Ridge Airport
Raymangirr Airport
Roseberth Airport
Rosehill Heliport Airport
Ringer Soak Airport
Rosevale Resort Airport
Romsey Airport
Rottnest Island Airport
Rutland Plains Airport
Rudal River Airport
Rugby Airport
Riveren Airport
Rawlinna Station Airport
Ravensworth Airport
Roxby Downs Station Airport
Roy Hill Station Airport
Rawnsley Park Airport
RAAF Base Richmond
Royal Darwin Hospital Helipad
Rylstone Hospital Helipad
Riverview Airport
Ranch Motel Airport
Robben Island Airstrip
Rugao Air Base