Airport Names starting with p

Purkeypile Airport
Providence Seward Medical Center Heliport
Pine Heliport
Pickles Airport
Prehn Cranberry Company Airport
Penske Heliport
Paiute Meadows Airport
Peco Berwyn Heliport
Pilots Ridge Airport
Powwatka Ridge Airport
Pluhar Airport
Pocock Airport
Pope Valley Airport
Pauls Valley General Hospital Heliport
Portageville Community Heliport
Paulus Hook Pier Heliport
Peacock Ranch Airport
Philadelphia Market Street Heliport
Providence Airport
Port of Highgate Springs Heliport
Patoka Reservoir Landing Area Seaplane Base
Panther Helicopters Inc Heliport
Pike Field Airport
Palisades General Hospital Heliport
Pleasant Valley Airport
Pecks Heliport
Pg & E Co. Placerville Svc Center Heliport
Parks Airport
Pocono Raceway Heliport
Puesta Del Sol Airport
Pierick Airport
Peterson Airport
Placid Lakes Airport
Pine Hill Airport
Perrotti Skyranch Airfield
Pitcock Rosillos Mountain Ranch Airport
Parkway Farm Strip
Pilot Station Airport
Parker Lake Airport
Pollux Heliport
Pinon Canyon Airport
Prowers Medical Center Heliport
Parking Lot Heliport
Panhandle Helicopter Llc Heliport
Paradise Falls Airport
Paso Fino Farm Airport
Pinewood Airport
Pecan Patch Airstrip
Pegasus Ranch Airport
Pinnacle Airport
Parrish Airport
Pearce Field
Pine Mountain Aero Heliport
Pond View Private Airport
Peasley Field
Paul's Seaplane Base
Pankratz Airport
Pinehurst Ranch Airport
Prince STOLport
Port Newark Helistop
Parknavy STOLport
Parkview Hospital Heliport
Providence Hospital Heliport
Philadelphia Gliderport
Phoenix Technologies Heliport
Pete's Water Landing Seaplane Base
Paul Personal Use Airport
Plainville Airpark
Prairie Lakes West Heliport
Porch Ranch Airport
Park West Heliport
Pecan Plantation Airport
Panola General Hospital Heliport
Potts Field
Parkland Hospital Nr 2 Heliport
Pierce Airport
Piac Heliport
Pt Enterprise D&W Ranch Airport
Plueger Airfield
Pentecost Airport
Pietschtree Airstrip
Penske 2 Heliport
Ponderosa Heliport
Presbyterian Hospital Of Rockwall Heliport
Peaceful Cove Airport
Pleasant Home Gliding Club Gliderport
Port of Iberia Heliport
Peninsula Hospital Center Heliport
Peterson Field
Police Pistol Range Heliport
Port Alice Seaplane Base
Praise God Airport
Pape' Bros Inc. Heliport
Pineridge STOLport
Propwash Airport
Panther Creek Airport
Pruss Airport
Pomroy Heliport
Pasco Heliport
Palisades Ranch Airport
Port Protection Seaplane Base
Paradise Air Park
Pulice Construction Heliport
Pontious Airport
Pomerado Hospital Heliport
Palo Duro Airport
Plateau Sky Ranch Airport
Post Oak Ranch Airport
Pine Island Airport
Palmetto General Hospital Heliport
Paines Prairie Heliport
Pga National Heliport
Pratt and Whitney Aircraft Heliport
Parkview Memorial Hospital Heliport
Prichard Airstrip
Phi Harahan Heliport
Prince George's Hospital Center Heliport
Peterson Airport
Piker-Too Airport
Prill Field
Putnam County Memorial Hospital Heliport
Preszler Airstrip
Paul Ridder Ranch Airport
Pauls Airport
Plymouth Municipal Airport
Philmont Heliport
P J Valves Heliport
Punxsutawney Area Hospital Heliport
Point Roberts Airpark
Priest River Municipal Airport
Pine Airport
Pilot's Pastures Airport
Providence Hospital Heliport
Pinon Ranch Airport
Paullina Municipal Airport
Pratt Airport
Palos Community Hospital Heliport
Peterson Regional Medical Center Heliport
Piedmont Hospital-Newnan Heliport
Propwash Airport
Platte Valley Medical Center Heliport
Pike's Airport
Poole's Heliport
Pleasant Valley Airstrip
Pinehurst State Airport
Police Helicopter Patrol Heliport
Prairie View Farm Airport
Platform Holly Heliport
Phantom Three Heliport
Princeton Hospital Heliport
Pepperell Airport
Phantom Two Heliport
Pennys Heliport
Parkview Center Hospital Heliport
Pad-66 Heliport
Phantom One Heliport
Prince William Hospital Heliport
Pasley Airport
Pellar Farm Airport
Parrett Mountain Airport
Paloma Ranch Airport
Pearland Heliport
Paulling Place Airstrip
Petroleum Helicopters Inc Heliport
Plum Island Airport
Post Mills Airport
Platform Emmy Heliport
Prudential Helistop
Paramount Farms Airport
Presbyterian/St Luke's Medical Center Heliport
Port Everglades Heliport
Pbso-West County Jail Heliport
Porta Target Heliport
Poole Farm Airport
Petty Farms Airport
Paulding Airport Inc Airport
Psi Heliport
Proctor Hospital Heliport
Parrish RLA Restricted Landing Area
Pierson Municipal Airport
Piatt County Airport
Pond Creek Municipal Airport
Plains Municipal Airport
Plane-O-Field Airport
Pribbs Field
Pelican Lake Seaplane Base
Pegasus Ranch Aerodrome
Puff Airpark
Pilgrim's Home Airfield
Peddie School Heliport
Port-O-John Airport
Park Medical Center Heliport
Pata Skyhaven Airport
Pioneer Memorial Hospital Heliport
Parker Carson STOLport
Paradise Valley Airport
Pepper Port Airport
Percival Springs Airport
Port O'Connor Base (Ehi) Heliport
Pyramid Ranch Airport
Piano Ranch Airport
Pcfd Nr 26 Heliport
Plows & Props Airport
Planeacres Airport
Primghar Airport
Phalanx Airport
Pittsburgh Children'S Hospital Heliport
Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital Heliport
Peterson Seaplane Base
Presbyterian Hospital Huntersville Heliport
Pacific Bell-2300 Imperial Hwy Heliport
Phillips Airport
Pine Hollow Airport
Platform Hillhouse Heliport
Pettigrew Moore Aerodrome
Peil/Juliar Seaplane Base
Plath Farms Airport
Providence Medical Center Heliport
Peterson Ultralightport
Peabody Bedard Field
Pge Boardman Heliport
Palm Beach Sheriff's Range Heliport
Pomona Lake Airport
Print Pad Heliport
Paradise Air Haven Airport
Palo Pinto General Hospital Heliport
Pine Mountain Heliport
Pixley-Richards Gilbert Heliport
Phoenix General Satellite Hospital Heliport
Pronger Bros Ranch Airport
Prairie Lake Private Res Sp Mooring Facility
Prattsburg Airport
Prater Ranch Airport
Patten Industries Heliport
Pinckneyville Correctional Center Heliport
Pippenger Airport
Petroleum Helicopters Heliport
Pillow Hill Airport
Pokety Airport
Peru / Destiny Cove SPB
Police Department Helicopter Maint Facility Heliport
Penman Airport
Pascagoula Naval Station Heliport
Phillips Private Airport
Pawlet Ranch Airport
Phelps Airport
Pemberton Airport
Pfister Helistop
Pelz Field
Pge Service Center Heliport
Phil Cain Memorial Field
Pitcairn Heliport
Picosa Ranch Airport
Pinoak Airport
Pigeon Forge Heliport
Purdy-Nielsen Memorial Airpark
Pavlat Airport
Paradise Point Airport
Put In Bay Airport
Plover River Airfield
Plantation Pine Airport
Palmview Police Department
Professional Arts Building Heliport
Paddock Field
Peg Field
Ptarmigan Heliport
Palm Beach Community College Heliport
Plantation Key Seaplane Base
Pirates Cove Airport
Packard Ranch Airport
Papa Heliport
Parlin East Heliport
Police Headquarters Heliport
Potter Airport
Perry Nuclear Power Plant Heliport
Pennfield Farm Airport
Prudential Heliport
Pine Springs Airport
Parker Center Heliport
Pester Airport
Plane Country Airport
Pinon Airport
Porter Memorial Hospital Heliport
Perl Acres Airport
Pleasantville Pentacostal Church Heliport
Phillips Corporation Airport
Pg&E Auburn Service Center Heliport
Pleasure Field
Pelican Rapids Muni-Lyon's Field
P.J. Killian Airport
Piney Pinecreek Border Airport
Palm Valley Tucson Airport
Parsons Field
Pat Coyle Memorial Heliport
Pioneers Heliport
Pine Island Helistop
Physicians Regional Med Ctr-Collier Blvd Heliport
Pittsburgh-Monroeville Airport
Pegasus Run Airport
Pedro Bay Airport
Police Heliport
Port Sulphur Seaplane Base
Pleasant Beach Heliport
Pg Heliport
Pier 7 Heliport
Phh Heliport
Phil's Field
Payne Airport
Peterson Airstrip
Peacock STOLport
Pfau Private Airport
Passaic River Seaplane Base
Pse & G Trenton Distribution Helistop
Peters Airport
Petro Heliport
Pitts Field
Peace Harbor Hospital Heliport
Ponderosa Airport
Paraport Airstrip
Pea Patch Airport
Perry Ranch Airport
Pin Oak Stables Heliport
Palestine Regional Medical Center Heliport
Palm Petroleum Corporation Heliport
Potomac Hospital Helistop
Pleasantdale Field
Pink Hill Airport
Port Orchard Airport
Pfeffer & Son Farms Airport
Para Field
Pawnee City Municipal Airport
Puckett Gliderport
Pegasus Air Park
Parma Airport
Paris Landing Airpark
Pge Heliport
Ponderosa Sky Ranch Airport
Pullum Pad Heliport
Pleasant View Ultralightport
Paradise Valley Hospital Heliport
Pingston Aeroworks Airport
Pine Bottom Heliport
Potters Field
Pete's Port Airport
Packwood Airport
Prade Ranch Airport
Purgatory Nr One Heliport
Penderosa Airport
Palisades Field
Posey Patch Ultralightport
Pine Prairie Airport
Pegasus Airpark
Pleasant Valley Airport
Parsons Airport
Packer Airport
Palm Beach County Judicial Center Heliport
Pinebrook Estates Airport
Panacea Airport
Peachtree Landings Airport
Panther Field
Pruetz Municipal Airport
P.H.I. Heliport
Paul E. Kroenlein Airport
Pasport Airport
Plattsburg Airpark
Porter Airport
Penton Heliport
Pacer Field
Presho Municipal Airport
Paoli Memorial Hospital Heliport
Pearson Ranch Private Airport
Perkins Prothro Cimarron Ranch Airport
Perry Memorial Hospital Heliport
Psf Heliport
Plainfield International Airport
Patz Airport
Parkland Health Center Heliport
Pmmc Heliport
Presbyterian Hospital of Commerce Heliport
P-K Ranch Airport
Plainwell Municipal Airport
Pea Patch Aerodrome
Portland Downtown Heliport
Pikeville Methodist Hospital Heliport
Parma Community Hospital Heliport
Providence Hospital Heliport
Page Regional Airport
Peacock Farms Airport
Precision Chrome Heliport
Ponderosa Heliport
Plum Valley Airport
Pat Robinson Airport
Patterson Farms Airport
Pacific Gas & Electric Co Camp 5 Heliport
Pagel's Field
Priest Lake Usfs Airport
Page Airport
Porter Ranch Airport
Prairie Lake Hunt Club Airport
Pilkinton Airstrip
Porter Memorial Hospital Heliport
Perry Aero Park
Platinum Mine Airport
Pine Mountain Airpark
Peoria Airport
Payson Ranch Airport
Palmyra Park Heliport
Polk County Hospital Heliport
Phyllis Field
Providence Medical Center Heliport
Pendleton Memorial Methodist Hospital Heliport
Pembroke Farm Airport
Perry County Memorial Hospital Heliport
Piolis Brookside Airport
Pinson's Cottonpatch Airport
Pointers Airport
Port Meadville Heliport
Pocono Mountain Heliport
Posh Heliport
Pir Heliport
Powers Airport
Prickett-Grooms Field
Parker Airport
Phico Heliport
Philbrick Mountain Airport
Pierce Field
Philip Ranch Airport
Port Huron Hospital Heliport
Paynes Airport
Puviaq Airport
P W Johnson Memorial Airport
Pershing Regional Health Center -Marceline Heliport
Port Elsner Airport
Pogo Mine Airstrip
Peavy Farms Airport
Prima Airport
Pendleton Airpark
Pfister Ranch Heliport
Pomona Landing Airport
Pam's Place Airport
Pawhuska Heliport
Perrys Airport
Pike River Landing
Paul Field
Philips Lighting County Heliport
Peterson Field
Paradise Lakes Airport
Playa Vista 1 Heliport
Playa Vista 2 Heliport
Playa Vista 3 Heliport
Perryman Airport
Parkland Airport
Priebe Airport
Pine Ridge Helistop
Pella Community Hospital Heliport
Porter Field
Pete Antie Municipal Heliport
Petroleum Helicopters Cameron Heliport
Phi Venice Heliport
Petroleum Helicopters-Intracoastal City Heliport
Paris Municipal Airport
Piggott Municipal Airport
Princeton-Kauffman Memorial Airport
Petes Airport
Peekskill Seaplane Base
Pamlico Airport
Pine Island Airport
Plainsview Ranch Airport
Pineridge Ranch Airport
Parson Landing Airport
Piso Airport
Pq-Lafayette Hill Heliport
Perry Health Center Heliport
Phi Heliport
Pegasus Field
Pca Heliport
Providence Health Center Heliport
Port of Ilwaco Airport
Prosser Hospital Heliport
Polly Ranch Airport
Pearce Industries Heliport
Price Field
Pamco Pa Heliport
Porta-Kamp 12th Street Heliport
Post Oak Central Heliport
Paces South Farms Airport
Pineview Air Airport
Prairie Airport
Ponderosa Seaplane Base
Port of Poulsbo Marina Moorage Seaplane Base
Passavant Area Hospital Heliport
Playas Medical Building Heliport
Portage Lake Municipal Seaplane Base
Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center Heliport
Porter Ranch Airport
Palmyra Municipal Airport
Park Place Heliport
Pace Field
Piney Creek Airport
Personal 500 Sales Co. Heliport
Poleschook Airport
Pines Airpark
Platform Henry Heliport
Prospect Peak Heliport
Pine View Airport
Paul C. Miller-Sparta Airport
Pinetree Heliport
Port Paradise Farms Airport
Portage Community Hospital Heliport
Parkview Noble Hospital Heliport
Paul Windle Municipal Airport
Pine Sod Ranch Airport
Prairie Cottage Airport
Paris Community Hospital Heliport
Porter Airport
Pike County Memorial Hospital Heliport
Parker Field
P & R Airport
Pio Costa Heliport
Petes Airpark
Pilot Butte Airport
Philipsburg Area Hospital Heliport
Parker Airport
Pleasant Grove Airpark
Pegasus Place Airstrip
Patco Heliport
Paxton Airport
Pardee Memorial Hospital Heliport
Paisano Ranch Airport
Pine Lakes Farm Airport
Ponderosa Heliport
Pine Shadows Airpark
Prevost Memorial Hospital Heliport
Pio Costa Sand & Gravel Heliport
Pinellas County Mosquito Control Heliport
Peakview Airport
Presbyterian Hospital Heliport
Pomona Police Department Heliport
Paine's Airport
Pleasant Hill Airport
Providence Place Field
Pomona Superior Court Heliport
Parkland Bonne Terre Primary Care Center Heliport
Peacock Willow Creek Heliport
Pritchard Airport
Providence Medical Plaza Heliport
Powell STOLport
Peninsula Point Pullout Seaplane Base
Psk Ranch Airport
Pioneers Memorial Hospital Heliport
Police Headquarters Heliport
Phylcon Ranch Airport
Pasco County Mosquito Heliport
Pine Hill Airport
Patty Field
Paintsville-Prestonsburg-Combs Field
Philadelphia Seaplane Base
Poughkeepsie Main Plant Heliport
Pawnee Municipal Hospital Heliport
Portland Adventist Medical Center Heliport
Perin Heliport
Pheasant Run Heliport
Placid Heliport
Performance Helicopters Heliport
Piper Canyon Airport
Puget Sound Plaza Heliport
Pioneer Heliport
Point Thomson Sea Ice Airstrip
Parasi Airport
Point Mcintyre Airport
Piper Landing Airport
Point Mac Airport
Point Mackenzie Heliport
Providence Hospital Heliport
Pat-Mar Strip
Pleasant View Farm Airport
Perdido Winds Airpark
Parker Field
Palmer Field
Providence Hospital Heliport
Pecan Ponds Farm Airport
Presidente Avellaneda Airport
Pablo Sierra Aeroaplicaciones Airport
P.N.A. Of. Ppal. Ballestra Heliport
Palitue Airport
Parana Aeroclub Airport
Parana Club De Planeadores Airport
Parque Hermoso Airport
Pedro Luro Airport
Pellegrini Airport
Pepone Aeroclub Airport
Pilcaniyeu Airport
Pinamar Airport
Planta Cruz Del Sur Heliport
Poblet Airport
Policía Provincia De Córdoba Heliport
Policlinico San Martin Heliport
Polisur S.A. Heliport
Posadas Aeroclub Airport
Presidencia De La Nación Heliport
Puán Airport
Pueblo Esther Airport
Pulmari Airport
Punta Alta Airport
Pedro Ferrari Airport
Petrazzini Airport
Petruk Airport
Pettilep Airport
Pettilep II Airport
Puerta De Avalos Airport
Pulverizaciones M.H. Airport
Pachón Minera Heliport
Pernigotti Heliport
Policia De La Provincia De Mendoza Heliport
Piero Vara Heliport
Puerto Piramides Airport
Punta Delgada Field
Pearson Field
Pine Village Airport
Penrose Airport
Pike County Hospital Heliport
Piggott Community Hospital Heliport
Poe's Airport
Public Safety Heliport
Pöchlarn-Wörth Heliport
Pinjarra North Airstrip
Pinjarra Skydiving Airstrip
Preston Field - Blair Howe
Port Fairy
Pomonal Airstrip
Peppimenarti Airport
Pangoa Airport
Pumani Airport
Puri Airport
Panakawa Airport
Port Moresby Jacksons International Airport
Pirsagat Airport
Pushkino East Air Base
Phoenix Area Heliport
Phoenix Baptist Hospital Heliport
Pilots Rest Airport
Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station Heliport
Police & Public Safety Building Heliport
Phoenix Memorial Hospital Heliport
Pima County Sheriff's Heliport
Paradise Valley Hosp Emerg Dept Heliport
Phoenix Children's Hospital Heliport
Paamiut Heliport
Paamiut Airport
Patreksfjordur Airport
Priština International Airport
Ponta Do Costa
Panco 10 Heliport
Port Nelson Airstrip
Polotsk Airport
Postavy Air Base
Pribytki Air Base
Placencia Airport
Punta Gorda Airport
Peleliu Airport
Pourvoirie Joncas Airstrip
Pontiac Airpark
Panny Airport
Paradise River Airport
Parrsboro Airport
Parson Airport
Paulson Airport
Pearce Point Airport
Pearce Airport
Pelly Bay (Dew Site) Airport
Pelly Lake Airport
Pennfield Ridge Airport
Perrault Falls Airport
Petrel Airport
Petrolia Airport
Pineimuta Muni Airport
Polaris (Little Cornwallis Island) Airport
Ponteix Airport
Porcupine Airport
Port Albert Airport
Port Eliza Airport
Port Radium Airport
Port-Cartier Airport
Pottageville Airport
Primrose Airport
Princess Airport
Prophet River Airport
Prospect Lake Airport
Purtuniq Airport
Private Airstrip
Port Hope (Peter's Field)
Picton (Prince Edward County Hospital) Heliport
Point Petre Helipad
Prichard Airstrip
Prince Edward O.P.P. Helipad
Paterson Field
Pretty Estates Resort Airport
Platform Hermosa Heliport
Patterson Airport
Peterson Airport
Ports O'Call Heliport
Paradise Skypark Airport
Platform Ocs P-0188 Hondo Heliport
Port Alberni/Sproat Lake Seaplane Base
Pender Harbour Seaplane Base
Penticton Seaplane Base
Pitt Meadows Seaplane Base
Prince Albert (Fire Centre) Heliport
Port Alice/Jeune Landing Seaplane Base
Port McNeill Seaplane Base
Prince Rupert/Digby Island Seaplane Base
Port Simpson Seaplane Base
Port Washington Seaplane Base
Powell Lake Seaplane Base
Port Mcneill Airport
Port Hardy Seaplane Base
Port Alice (Hospital) Heliport
Prince George (Pacific Western Helicopters) Heliport
Prairie Creek Airport
Port Alberni (West Coast General Hospital) Heliport
Port McNeill (Hospital) Heliport
Prince Rupert (Hospital) Heliport
Port Hardy (Hospital) Heliport
Port Alberni Airport
Prince Rupert (Hydro) Heliport
Prince George (North Cariboo Air Park) Airport
Postville Airport
Porters Lake Airport
Port Au Choix Airport
Port Hope Simpson Airport
Poudre Valley Hospital Heliport
Public Service Company/Mdc Heliport
Peyton Heliport
Page Memorial Hospital Heliport
Parker Adventist Hospital Heliport
Point Creek Heliport
Pleasant View Heliport
Pond's Field
Placerville Heliport
Phippsburg Heliport
Pokemouche Airport
Porters Lake Seaplane Base
Parry Sound/Derbyshire Island Seaplane Base
Ponoka Industrial Airport
Provost Airport
Paulatuk Seaplane Base
Pelly Crossing Airport
Pelican Airport
Pine Lake
Ponoka (Hospital & Care Centre) Heliport
Paradise Hill Airport
Preeceville Airport
Pelican Narrows Airport
Portage La Prairie (North) Airport
Patuanak Airport
Points North Landing Seaplane Base
Pangman Airport
Porcupine Plain Airport
Pelican Narrows Seaplane Base
Pickle Lake Seaplane Base
Pikangikum Seaplane Base
Pukatawagan Seaplane Base
Pine Dock Airport
Pine Dock Seaplane Base
Pauma Valley Air Park
Platform Hidalgo Heliport
Platform Harvest Heliport
Plumas District Hospital Heliport
Plattsville (Lubitz Flying Field)
Pulandian Air Base
Pingquan Air Base
Pg&E, Fresno Service Center Heliport
Pacoima Dam Heliport
Perth (Great War Memorial Hospital) Heliport
Portage Lake Seaplane Base
Pendleton Airport
Pembroke (Regional Hospital) Heliport
Parry Sound Area Municipal Airport
Port Elgin Airport
Pays Plat Seaplane Base
Port Loring Seaplane Base
Picton Airport
Peterborough (Civic Hospital) Heliport
Port Stanton/Sparrow Lake Seaplane Base
Palacio Municipal Heliport
Proma Heliport
Parque Central Bavaria Heliport
Public Service of Colorado Arvada Heliport
Penrose Hospital Heliport
Pinyon Airport
Parkview Medical Center Heliport
Perry Park Airport
Palmerston (District Hospital) Heliport
Pilot Butte Airport
Paramount Bistcho Airport
Pontiac Airpark Water Aerodrome
Parry Sound/St. Waleran Island Seaplane Base
Port Colborne Airport
Port Elgin (Pryde Field) Airport
Potvin Heli-Base Heliport
Palmerston Airport
Pincher Creek (Hospital) Heliport
Parry Sound Harbour Seaplane Base
Parry Sound/Huron Island Seaplane Base
Parry Sound/Frying Pan Island-Sans Souci Seaplane Base
Perry Lake Seaplane Base
Parry Sound/Deep Bay Seaplane Base
Poplar Hill Airport
Powell River (Hospital) Heliport
Port Alberni Seaplane Base
Port Colborne (General Hospital) Heliport
Port Perry (Community Memorial Hospital) Heliport
Port Carling/Butterfly Lake Seaplane Base
Parry Sound Medical Heliport
Parc De La Vérendrye (Le Domaine) Seaplane Base
Parc Gatineau Seaplane Base
Parent Seaplane Base
Poste Montagnais (Mile 134) Airport
Paquet Airport
Poste Lemoyne (Complex Lg-3) Heliport
Plainville Heliport
Portland Heliport
Pratt & Whitney Heliport
Partyka Chevrolet Heliport
Preston Airport
Puente Guillen Airport
Pina Airport
Purio Airport
Pınarbaşı Air Base
Princeton Airport
Pond Inlet Airport
Points North Landing Airport
Prince Albert Glass Field
Paulatuk (Nora Aliqatchialuk Ruben) Airport
Port Hawkesbury Airport
Peace River Airport
Pitt Meadows Airport
Pickle Lake Airport
Pikangikum Airport
Port Menier Airport
Peawanuck Airport
Parent Airport
Peterborough Airport
Prince Rupert Airport
Pemberton Airport
Pelee Island Airport
Puntzi Mountain Airport
Powell River Airport
Puvirnituq Airport
Pembroke Airport
Petawawa Airport
Pangnirtung Airport
Prince George Airport
Penticton Airport
Port Hardy Airport
Prachatice Hospital Helipad
Pukatawagan Airport
Pikwitonei Airport
Poplar River Airport
Pincher Creek Airport
Pinehouse Lake Airport
Prince Rupert/Seal Cove Seaplane Base
Pratt's Eastern Divide Airport
Porga Airport
Parakou Airport
Pellworm Airport ?
Paterzell Airfield
Peißenberg Airfield
Peine-Glindbruchkippe Airfield
Pevey Airport
Po Airport
Poura Airport
Pama Airport
Port Bouet Airport
Port Harcourt International Airport
Pirna-Pratzschwitz Airport
Pinnow Airport
Pritzwalk-Sommersberg Airport
Peenemünde Airport
Pasewalk Airport
Purkshof Airport
Pellworm Field
Plettenberg-Hüinghausen Airport
Paderborn Lippstadt Airport
Paderborn-Haxterberg Airport
Pfarrkirchen Airport
Pennewitz Airport
Pegnitz-Zipser Berg Airport
Pirmasens Airport
Pfullendorf Airport
Pattonville Airport
Peine-Eddesse Airport
Porta Westfalica Airport
Pärnu Airport
Pohjois-Karjalan Central Hospital Heliport
Pokka Airport
Peijaksen Hospital Heliport
Pyhoselka Airport
Piikajarvi Airport
Pieksämäki Airport
Päijät-Hämeen Central Hospital Heliport
Punkaharju Airport
Pori Airport
Pudasjärvi Airport
Pyhäsalmi Airport
Predannack Airport
Papa Westray Airport
Pembrey Airport
Plymouth City Airport
Penzance Heliport
Popham Airport
Panshanger Aerodrome
Peterhead Heliport
Perth/Scone Airport
Peterborough Business Airport
Peterborough/Sibson Airport
Perranporth Airfield
Powerscourt Airfield
Petrojarl Varg Platform
Pobiednik Wielki Airport
Pińczów Airport
Pila Airport
Poznań-Kobylnica Airport
Plock Airport
Poznań-Ławica Airport
Pruszcz Gdanski Airport
Piotrków Trybunalski-Bujny Airport
Powidz Military Air Base
Piteå Airport
Pajala Airport
Palanga International Airport
Panevėžys Istra Airport
Panevėžys Airport
Panevėžys Air Base
Pociūnai Airport
Paluknys Airport
Pinellas County Sheriff's Building Heliport
Palms West Hospital Helistop
Post Electric Inc Heliport
Pittman Oaks Airport
Pullenshope Hendrina Airport
P C Pelser Airport
Port Alfred Airport
Prince Albert Airport
Pofadder Airport
Port Elizabeth Airport
Piet Retief Airport
Plettenberg Bay Airport
Pietersburg Municipal Airport
Port St Johns Airport
Prieska Airport
Pongola Airport
Pietermaritzburg Airport
Pilanesberg International Airport
Pilgrims Rest Airport
Polokwane International Airport
Punda Maria(Malia) Airport
Potchefstroom Airport
Posmasburg Soil Airport
Paarl East Airport
Petrusville Airport
Pietersrus Airport
Paradise Beach Airport
Parys Airport
Progress Airport
Pomfret Airport
Potgietersrus Airport
Petit Airport
Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi Airport
Pierre Van Ryneveld Airport
Palapye Airport
Pemo Airport
Pointe Noire Airport
Paniola Air Ranch Airport
Porter STOLport
Piggs Peak Airport
Poste Airport
Paoua Airport
Pebble Island Landing Strip
Port San Carlos Landing Strip
Port Howard Landing Strip
Pate Lake Seaplane Base
Peach Orchard Airport
Pennington Heliport
Petauke Airport
Prince Said Ibrahim International Airport
Pierrefonds Airport
Port Bergé Airport
Porto Amboim Airport
Port Gentil Airport
Principe Airport
Pemba Airport
Ponta do Ouro Airport
Pellegrin Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Pontonx Heliport
Pont Chaillou Heliport
Polyclinique Du Ternois Heliport
Polyclinique Heliport
Port Vauban Heliport
Pene De Soulit Airport
Plateau De La Calme Airport
Pointe De Louillon Airport
Praz Sauge Et Pre Vernay Airport
Platte Airport
Praslin Airport
Pala Airport
Plumtree Airport
Pelaneng Airport
Pokweni Glider Airport
Popokabaka Airport
Punia Airport
Punia-Basenge Airport
Phibraki Airport
Pweto Airport
Pepa Airport
Pinebloom Plantation Airport
Peach State Airport
Patterson Island Airport
Paulding Memorial Hospital Heliport
Pratermill Flight Park Airport
Porthtowan Airfield
Papa Stour Airport
Poti East Airport
Pope Field
Podor Airport
Paso Caballos Airport
Playa Grande Airport
Praia International Airport
Preguiça Airport
Pawnee Municipal Airport
Port Said Airport
Paloich Airport, Heliport
Princeville Airport
Peleau Airport
Puu Waa Waa Ranch Airport
Pahala Airstrip
Pepeekeo Airstrip
Panda Airport
Peninsula Hotel Helipad
Ping Chau Helipad
Pachella Airport
Pibor Airport
Port Sudan New International Airport
Port Sudan Air Base
Pemba Airport
Pusztacsalád Airport
Pakuba Airport
Paoli Municipal Airport
Picayune Airport
Poyner Airport
Pierson Field
Palo Alto County Hospital Heliport
Pulau Panjang Airport
Paiton Power Helipad
Pandaan Helipad
Padang Pagai Airstrip
Pagai Airstrip
Panggema/Hasan Airport
Papasena Airstrip
Pass Valley Airstrip
Piramid Airstrip
Pit River Airstrip
Pogapa Airstrip
Polimo Airstrip
Poga Airstrip
Prongkoli Airstrip
Pulau Panjang Airport
Pomala Airport
Purwokerto Airport
Pagerungan Airport
P And R Field
Portneuf Medical Center Heliport
Pisch's Place Airport
Picabo Airport
Patrum Field
Pelz Port Airport
Pigeon Airport
Poole Airport
Pakyong Airport (Under Construction)
Piardoba Airfield
Pukpui Helipad
Pelling Helipad
Pedong Helipad
PAP Complex Heliport
Phalodi Airfield
Pandaveswar Airfield
Poonch Airport
Plummer Airport
Plugger Airport
Pherigo Airport
Plew Airport
Podell Airport
Police Heliport
Piper's Landing Airport
Pecatonica Fire Protection District Heliport
Perry Memorial Hospital Heliport
Port Esquivel Airstrip
Puerto Seco Airstrip
Pan Am Building Heliport
Pentagon Army Heliport
Pio Costa Enterprises Heliport
Paramount Air Airport
Perry-Warsaw Airport
Pender Municipal Airport
Pioneer Village Field
Perham Municipal Airport
Port-Bucyrus-Crawford County Airport
Platte Valley Airpark
Prattville - Grouby Field
Paxton Airport
Platte Municipal Airport
Parowan Airport
Posey Field
Portland Municipal Airport
Pontotoc County Airport
Paisley Airport
Palatka Municipal - Lt. Kay Larkin Field
Portage County Airport
Parlin Field
Pittsfield Municipal Airport
Pineville Municipal Airport
Princeton Caldwell County Airport
Peter Prince Field
Pru Field
Padgham Field
Princeton Airport
Phillipsburg Airport
Purcell Municipal - Steven E. Shephard field
Perry-Foley Airport
Parr Airport
Poplar Airport
Polk County Airport- Cornelius Moore Field
Panola County Sharpe Field
Putnam County Airport
Portland Mulino Airport
Post Garza County Municipal Airport
Prentice Airport
P K Airpark
Prospect State Airport
Pine Hill Municipal Airport
Philippi Barbour County Regional Airport
Post Air Airport
Pine Bluffs Municipal Airport
Providence Webster County Airport
Polson Airport
Parkston Municipal Airport
Prices Airport
Phillips Army Air Field
Pekin Municipal Airport
Portage Municipal Airport
Plymouth Municipal Airport
Poplar Grove Airport
Pennridge Airport
Port Columbus International Airport
Patrick Air Force Base
Pickaway County Memorial Airport
Pryor Field Regional Airport
Phoenix Deer Valley Airport
Polgolla Reservoir Seaplane Base
Private Airstrip
Private Airstrip
Private Airstrip near Lenana
Pine Mountain Lake Airport
Phifer Airfield
Pangborn Memorial Airport
Pike County Airport
Perry Municipal Airport
Possum Kingdom Airport
Peachtree City Falcon Field
Page Field
Pokrovka Airport
Pokrovka/Ozero Issyk Kul Airport
Port Meadville Airport
Piedmont Triad International Airport
Phoenix Goodyear Airport
Pawhuska Municipal Airport
Portland Hillsboro Airport
Park Township Airport
Piqua Airport-Hartzell Field
Peru Municipal Airport
Perry County Airport
Pine Ridge Airport
Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport
Plantation Airpark
Pickens County Airport
Perryville Municipal Airport
Piseco Airport
Pahute Mesa Airstrip
Perris Valley Airport
Pollock Municipal Airport
Poso Kern County Airport
Purdue University Airport
Palm Beach County Park Airport
Pickens County Airport
Pearland Regional Airport
Poplarville Pearl River County Airport
Perry County Airport
Prentiss Jefferson Davis County Airport
Pocahontas Municipal Airport
Picayune Municipal Airport
Philadelphia Municipal Airport
Petit Jean Park Airport
Pocono Mountains Municipal Airport
Pikeville-Bledsoe Airport
Pinal Airpark
Punxsutawney Municipal Airport
Pottstown Municipal Airport
Patuxent River Naval Air Station/Trapnell Field Aiport
Port Angeles Cgas Airport
Pensacola Naval Air Station/Forrest Sherman field
Point Mugu Naval Air Station (Naval Base Ventura Co)
Pace Nolf Heliport
Prague Municipal Airport
Petaluma Municipal Airport
Putnam County Airport
Pyong Ni South Highway Strip
Pukch'ang Airport Airport
Panghyon South Highway Strip
Panghyon Airport
Pyongyang Airport
Pyongsul Li Airport
Paegam Airport
Polacca Airport
Payson Airport
Palo Alto Airport of Santa Clara County
Point Baker Seaplane Base
Plattsburgh International Airport
Price County Airport
Palm Beach International Airport
Pike County-Hatcher Field
Picacho Stagefield Heliport
Plant City Municipal Airport
Picayune Airport
Prairie Du Chien Municipal Airport
Portland International Airport
Pella Municipal Airport
Penn Yan Airport
Pecos Municipal Airport
Paynesville Municipal Airport
Pleasanton Municipal Airport
Panama City-Bay Co International Airport
Page Municipal Airport
Pitt Greenville Airport
Pauloff Harbor Seaplane Base
Phillipsburg Municipal Airport
Palm Beach Co Glades Airport
Philadelphia International Airport
Philip Airport
Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
Pocatello Regional Airport
Port Isabel Cameron County Airport
Pierre Regional Airport
Pittsburgh International Airport
Pinckneyville Du Quoin Airport
Park Rapids Municipal Konshok Field
Park Falls Municipal Airport
Portland Municipal Airport
Pellston Regional Airport of Emmet County Airport
Pierce County-Thun Field
Pembina Municipal Airport
Palmdale Regional/USAF Plant 42 Airport
Pompano Beach Airpark
Panola County Airport
Plattsmouth Municipal Airport
Plymouth Municipal Airport
Ponca City Regional Airport
Princeton Municipal Airport
Princeton Municipal Airport
Pensacola Regional Airport
Pontiac Municipal Airport
Pope Air Force Base
Polk Army Air Field
Poplar Bluff Municipal Airport
Pocahontas Municipal Airport
Powell Municipal Airport
Perry Lefors Field
Pittsfield Penstone Municipal Airport
Pipestone Municipal Airport
Port Williams Seaplane Base
Paso Robles Municipal Airport
Perry Municipal Airport
Presidio Lely International Airport
Portales Municipal Airport
Pittsfield Municipal Airport
Portsmouth International at Pease Airport
Palestine Municipal Airport
Palm Springs International Airport
Palacios Municipal Airport
Potsdam Municipal-Damon field
Pratt Industrial Airport
Porterville Municipal Airport
Pottstown Limerick Airport
Pueblo Memorial Airport
Paulding County Regional Airport
Pullman Moscow Regional Airport
Platteville Municipal Airport
Provincetown Municipal Airport
Placerville Airport
Pauls Valley Municipal Airport
Provo Municipal Airport
Pine River Regional Airport
Portland International Jetport Airport
Perry Houston County Airport
Port Bailey Seaplane Base
Pageland Airport
Plymouth Municipal Airport
Piedmont Municipal Airport
Perryton Ochiltree County Airport
Presque Isle County Airport
Palgong San Heliport
Plains Airport
Prineville Airport
Prosser Airport
Payette Municipal Airport
Port of Whitman Business Air Center Airport
Penn Valley Airport
Pineland Municipal Airport
Paul Pittman Memorial Airport
Panhandle Carson County Airport
Perry Stokes Airport
Person County Airport
Perry County Municipal Airport
Philip Billard Municipal Airport
Peter O Knight Airport
Portland Troutdale Airport
Perkins Field
Preston Airport
Panguitch Municipal Airport
Porter County Municipal Airport
Pearson Field
Patton Army Heliport
Potomac Airpark
Pilot Country Airport
Park River W C Skjerven Field
Parshall Hankins Airport
Port Largo Airport
Pervomoyevka Airport
Petropavlosk North Airport
Podgorny Airport
Pacemaker Landing Zone Airport
Pebbly Beach Seaplane Base
Pearce Ferry Airport
Price Ultralightport
Pioneer Field Flight Park Ultralightport
PG&E Livermore Training Center Heliport
Phoenix Airport
Pelican Seaplane Base
Peter Creek Ranch Airport
Popeyes Heliport
Podem Airport
Petrich Airport
Palm Beach Seaplane Base
Plovdiv International Airport
Primorsko Airport
Paphos International Airport
Ploce Airport
Pula Airport
Parque De Garraf-Sitges Heliport
Parque De Bomberos De Orriols Heliport
Palma De Mallorca Airport
Pamplona Airport
Palma Del Río Airport
Pirineus - la Seu d'Urgel Airport
Plan-de-Dieu Airport
Péronne-Saint-Quentin Airport
Poitiers-Biard Airport
Pau Pyrénées Airport
Périgueux-Bassillac Airport
Pons Avy Airport
Pamiers-Les Pujols Airport
Pontivy Airport
Pouilly Maconge Airport
Pithiviers Airport
Paray Le Monial Airport
Pont Sur Yonne Airport
Pérouges - Meximieux Airport
Pierrelatte Airport
Peyresourde Balestas Airport
Propriano Airport
Perpignan-Rivesaltes (Llabanère) Airport
Pont St Esprit Airport
Pézenas Nizas Airport
Puivert Airport
Paris Beauvais Tillé Airport
Persan Beaumont Airport
Paris-Le Bourget Airport
Paris Issy-les-Moulineaux Heliport
Paris-Orly Airport
Pontoise - Cormeilles-en-Vexin Airport
Phalsbourg-Bourscheid Air Base
Ploërmel Loyat Airport
Pontarlier Airport
Pont St Vincent Airport
Puimoisson Airport
Porto Cheli Airport
Piraeus Heliport
Paros Airport
Pápa Air Base
Pécs-Pogány Airport
Pescara International Airport
Pantelleria Airport
Palermo-Boccadifalco Airport
Pavullo Airport
Prati Vecchi D'Aguscello Airport
Parma Airport
Piacenza Airport
Padova Airport
Pratica Di Mare Airport
Pisa International Airport
Peretola Airport
Perugia San Francesco d'Assisi – Umbria International Airport
Postojna Airfield
Ptuj Airport
Portoroz Airport
Plzen Line Airport
Policka Airport
Panensky Tynec Airport
Pardubice Airport
Pribyslav Airport
Prostejov Airport
Pribram Airport
Podhorany Glider Airport
Přerov Air Base
Plasy Rybnice Airport
Pana Community Hospital Heliport
Palmahim Air Base
Palma Airport
Punitz-Güssing Airport
Pinkafeld Airport
Patergassen Heliport
Pico Airport
Portimao Airport
Porto Santo Airport
Praia Verde 23M Airport
Prijedor Urije Airport
Pointe Coupee General Hospital Heliport
Petro Com Headquarters Heliport
Phi Fourchon Base Heliport
Payerne Airport
Pfaffnau Heliport
Porrentruy Airport
Paliepiai Air Base
Prilep Airport
Ponikve Airport
Pančevo Airfield
Podgorica Airport
Prievidza Glider Airport
Piešťany Airport
Prešov Air Base
Poprad-Tatry Airport
Pond Road Heliport
Princess Lane Heliport
Pheasant Field
Prospect Hill Heliport
Parker Heliport
Princess House Heliport
Pine Cay Airport
Providenciales Airport
Pilots Cove Airport
Peninsula Regional Medical Center Heliport
Pier 7 Heliport
Peñuela / Esperanza Field
Punta Cana International Airport
Piloto Airport
Panther Pond Seaplane Base
Payne Field
Penobscot Bay Medical Center Heliport
Puerto Barrios Airport
Poptún Airport
Publigraficos Heliport
Palacios Airport
Puerto Lempira Airport
Payasito Airport
Pewanogowink-Banks Airport
Perry Airport
Pearls Airport
Puerto Libertad North Airport
Parral Airport
Plan De Guadalupe International Airport
Puerto Peñasco International Airport
Piedras Negras International Airport
Punta Colorada Airport
Punta Pescadero Airport
Palenque International Airport
Puerto Escondido International Airport
Ponciano Arriaga International Airport
Playa De Oro International Airport
Pulkrabek Private Landing Field
Pangerl Airport
Peil's Vermillion Wings Seaplane Base
Punta Huete (Panchito) Airport
Puerto Cabezas Airport
Phillips Field
Peterson Farm Airport
Powis Airport
Penonome Airport
Punta Cocos Airport
Panama Pacific International Airport
Puerto Obaldia Airport
Palo Arco Airport
Playa Blanca (J. W. Berteus) Airport
Paso Canoas Airport
Pandora Airport
Puerto Jimenez Airport
Portalón Airport
Palmar Sur Airport
Pelon Nuevo Airport
Punta Banco Airport
Playa Pájaros Airport
Peñas Blancas Airport
Playa Ballena Airport
Playa Samara Airport
Pascagoula Refinery Pad Nr 3 Heliport
Pascagoula Refinery Pad Nr 2 Heliport
Pace Airstrip
Pascagoula Refinery Pad Nr 1 Heliport
Parkview Regional Medical Center Heliport
Punta San Juan Airport
Peterson Ranch Airport
Port-de-Paix Airport
Piney Bend Airport
Peterman Airport
Platte Valley Airport
Punta de Maisi Airport
Punta Alegre Airport
Playa Baracoa Airport
Pilon Airport
Pinar Del Rio Airport
Punta San Francisquito Airstrip
Palo Blanco Airstrip
Puerto Cortés Airstrip
Punta Arena Airstrip
Punta Final Airstrip
Punta Prieta Airstrip
Punta San Carlos Airstrip
Puerto Adolfo López Mateos Airstrip
Pablo L. Sidar Airport
Playa del Carmen Airport
Punta Chivato Airport
Pinotepa Nacional Airport
Pandewan Airport
Paramudu Airport
Prudential Helistop
Pinetree Airpark
Pavek Personal Airport
Pake Airport
Pitts Town Airport
Paradise Island Airport
Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport
Perkiomen Valley Airport
Picatinny Army Heliport
Penns Cave Airport
Paul Airstrip
Philbrick Private Airstrip
Propst Airport
Propst Heliport
Piney Ridge Airport
Paramounts Carowinds Heliport
Pungo District Hospital Heliport
Pitt County Memorial Hospital Heliport
Punton Private Airport
Peterson Airport
Pete's Tractor Salvage Airport
Peterson Airport
Pender Community Hospital Heliport
Polaks Sky Ranch Airport
Pester Airport
Port Harcourt City Airport
Prescott Hill Heliport
Pow-Wow Seaplane Base
Psnh Heliport
Peaslees Airstrip
Paruszewski Farm Strip
P & A Deptford Heliport
Prudential/Florham Park Heliport
Pacemaker Heliport
Potoczak Airport
Private Sealanes-Jamaica Bay Seaplane Base
Parker's Landing Heliport
Peest Airport
Pointe Vele Airport
Patterson Ranch Airport
Pay Jay Nr 1 Heliport
Pay Jay Nr 2 Heliport
Price's Dairy Airport
Poco Loco Airport
Park Springs Airport
Playas Air Strip
Pago Pago International Airport
Puka Puka Airport
Pukarua Airport
Petan Ranch Airport
Palomino Airport
Pinenut Airport
Pilot Creek Ranches Airport
Pine Grove Airport
Precious Materials Heliport
Port Vila Bauerfield Airport
Poum Airport
Plaine des Lacs Airport
Port Jervis Fire Department Heliport
Paradise Airport
Poolsbrook Aerodrome
Phillipsburg Landing Heliport
Palmer Station Airport
Palmerston North Hospital Heliport
Paihia Private Airport
Pudding Hill Aerodrome
Parakai Aerodrome
Pikes Point Airport
Palmerston North Airport
Picton Aerodrome
Porangahau Aerodrome
Paraparaumu Airport
Pukaki Airport
Pauanui Beach Glider Airport
Pinnacles Ranch Airport
Port of Catoosa Heliport
Panyab Airport
Prince Salman Bin Abdulaziz Airport
Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Airport
Pump Station 3 Airport
Pump Station 6 Airport
Pump Station 9 Airport
Pump Station 10 Airport
Prince Sultan Air Base
Ponderosa Ranch Airport
Poverty Hollow Airport
Providence Newberg Medical Center Heliport
Pier 126 Heliport
Petersburg Airport
Pine Lake Airport
Providence Hospital Heliport
Porter Airport
Planevue Airport
Pheasant Run Airport
Persian Gulf International Airport
Payam Airport
Parsabade Moghan Airport
Prince Hasan Air Base
Patton Army Heliport
Perry Memorial Hospital Heliport
Police Civic Center Heliport
Purcell Municipal Hospital Heliport
Pauls Valley State School Heliport
Preah Vinhear Airport
Pano Aqil Southeast Airport
Parachinar Airport
Panjgur Airport
Pasni Airport
Pishin Airport
Peshawar International Airport
Propst Airport
Pine Valley Airport
Port Lions Airport
Palmyra Airport
Papago Army Heliport
Pixley Airport
Pleasant Valley Airport
Penn's Landing Heliport
Prairie Ronde Airport
Playón Chico Airport
Puerto Armuelles Airport
Port Moller Airport
Port Alexander Seaplane Base
Palmer Municipal Airport
Portage Creek Airport
Port Clarence Coast Guard Station
Perryville Airport
Petersburg James A Johnson Airport
Port Heiden Airport
Platinum Airport
Pilot Point Airport
Point Hope Airport
Prospect Creek Airport
Paxson Airport
Porcupine Creek Airport
Punta Colorada Airport
Pindiu Airport
Pelican Seaplane Base
Pacific City State Airport
Pasinkap Airstrip
Purari Airstrip
Pukapuki Airstrip
Panasesa Airstrip
Pori Airstrip
Port Graham Airport
Pamalican Airstrip
Port Harcourt City Airport
Port Allen Airport
Płoty (Maków)
Przasnysz Airport
Przytoczna Airfield
Paiela Airport
Palmyra (Cooper) Airport
Pimaga Airport
Pabst Blue Ribbon Airport
Practice Football Field
Passavant Hospital Heliport
Poplar Muni Airport
Point Lay LRRS Airport
Passikudah Helipad
Palmas del Mar Airstrip
Prasa-La Plata Heliport
Parguera Heliport
Prasa-Barbosa Heliport
Public Buildings Authority Heliport
Prtc Office Building Heliport
Puerto Heliport
Pecora Field
Penn Dda Inc Heliport
Parker-Cramer Airport
Poverty Airport
Peco Oregon Shop Heliport
Pittsburgh City Center Heliport
Press Enterprise Heliport
Ponte de Sor heliport
Pohnpei International Airport
Puas Airport
Port Walter Seaplane Base
Puerto Guaraní Airport
Puerto La Esperanza Airport
Puerto Risso Airport
Puerto Alegre Airport
Puerto Calera Airport
Puerto Max Airport
Puerto Itapucu Airport
Puerto Abente Airport
Puerto Boqueron Airport
Puerto Michi Airport
Puerto Leda Airport
Puerto La Victoria Airport
Perry Island Seaplane Base
Pingtung South Airport
Pingtung North Airport
Port Edgewood Marine Heliport
Portsmouth Ramada Heliport
Plouffe Landing Seaplane Base
Pohang Airport
Pagbilao Grande Island Airport
Pasar Airport
Pinamalayan Airport
Palanan Municipal Airport
Pagadian Airport
Plaridel Airport
Puerto Princesa Airport
Pugachev Airport
Plestsy Airport
Palana (East) Airport
Pravdinsk Airport
Pribylovo Naval Air Base
Petropavlovskaya Krepost Helipad
Pugachyov Heliport
Pyaozero Airport
Pushkino Heliport
Panki Heliport
Pakhomovo Airfield
Pavlovskoye Helipad
Primorsko-Akhtarsk Air Base
Pereyaslavka Air Base
Pridachinskaya Damba Heliport
Privolzhskiy Air Base
Pervomayskiy Airport
Pristan Naval Air Base
Polyany Helipad
Panino Airstrip
Psebay Airport
Poduzhemye Air Base
Petrovsk Air Base
Povorino Air Base
Puerto Deseado West Airport
Puerto Rosales Airport
Petrel Airport
Punta Indio Airport
Pergamino Airport
Pilar Airport
Punta De Vacas Airport
Paso De Los Libres Airport
Piedra Del Aguila Airport
Paso De Los Indios Airport
Puerto Deseado Airport
Piloto Civil N. Fernández Airport
Perito Moreno Airport
Pigüé Airport
Presidente Peron Airport
Puelches Airport
Pirenopolis Centeral Airport
Pampulha - Carlos Drummond de Andrade Airport
Presidente Juscelino Kubistschek International Airport
Presidente Prudente Airport
Plataforma P-15 Airport
Pinto Martins International Airport
Prefeito Renato Moreira Airport
Presidente Castro Pinto International Airport
Presidente João Suassuna Airport
Plataforma P-25 Airport
Plataforma P-20 Airport
Ponta Pelada Airport
Prefeito Doutor João Silva Filho Airport
Poços de Caldas Airport
Pelotas Airport
Porto Nacional Airport
Ponta Porã Airport
Porto Seguro Airport
Plácido de Castro Airport
Professor Urbano Ernesto Stumpf Airport
Prof. Eribelto Manoel Reino State Airport
Paulo Afonso Airport
Piedmont Medical Center Heliport
Pluff Mud Field
Pocotaligo Airport
Pearson's Farm Airport
Palmetto Air Plantation Airport
Parker Field
Palmetto Heliport
Providence Hospital Heliport
Price Airport
Paul's Plantation Airport
Perry International Airport
Pupelde Airport
Palo Alto Airport
Pampa Guanaco Airport
Posesión Airport
Pedro Villarroel C. Airport
Pdte. carlos Ibañez del Campo Airport
Pichidangui Airport
Pelícano Airport
Punta Galera Airport
Punta Gaviota Airport
Punta Baja Airport
Punta El Saco Airport
Punta Chungo Airport
Puerto Ingeniero Ibañez Airport
Puerto Sur Airport
Panimavida Airport
Piedra Negra Airport
Puerto Marín Balmaceda Airport
Panilonco Airport
Papageno Airport
Pilauco Airport
Paranal Airport
Puelo Bajo Airport
Pucón Airport
Puyuhuapi Airport
Pullami Airport
Puerto Cisnes Airport
Pichilemu Airport
Pillán Airport
Poco a Poco Airport
Perales Airport
Peulla Airport
Peumo Airport
Punta Catalina Airport
Patriot Hills Airport
Purrahuín Airport
Puerto Sanchéz Airport
Panguilemo Airport
Pumalín Airport
Pichoy Airport
Paredes Viejas Airport
Poyo Airport
Pozo Brujo Airport
Plihal Farms Airport
Platte Community Memorial Hospital Heliport
Priebe Landing Strip
Pioneer Memorial Hospital Heliport
Porto Seguro Heliport
Panco 10 Heliport
Presidente Epitácio Airport
Parque do Peão Mussa Calil Neto Heliport
Pirelli - Laboratório Eng. Cabos Heliport
Philips Heliport
Palácio Tiradentes Heliport
Panco 13 Heliport
Paulista Capital Plaza - The Flat Heliport
Plataforma Merluza Airport
Panco V Heliport
Península Heliport
Pedreira Pau Pedra Heliport
Pindamonhangaba Airport
Pirelli Eden Heliport
Portoferreir Han Airport
Porto do Sol Hotel Heliport
Panco VII Heliport
Panco I Heliport
Palácio dos Bandeirantes Heliport
Penápolis Airport
Plaza Centenário Heliport
Pirelli S/A Heliport
Pedreira Sargon Heliport
Parque Paulista Heliport
Paquetá Heliport
Presidente Venceslau Airport
Piracicaba Airport
Pirassununga Airport
Parque Cultural Paulista Heliport
Prefeitura do Rio de Janeiro Heliport
Pirelli Sumaré Heliport
Panco III Heliport
Parati Airport
Paraguaçu Paulista Airport
Panco 9 Heliport
Palácio Boa Vista Heliport
Pista Sol Nascente Airport
Piracaia Heliport
Panco II Heliport
Pedro Teixeira Castelo Airport
Posorja Heliport
Palobamba Heliport
Pepsicola Heliport
Pedro Carbo Airport
Patuca Airport
Pedernales Airport
Posorja Airport
Putumayo Airport
Puna Airport
Payo Airport
Pulau Sudong Military Airstrip
Pozo Colorado Airport
Pelayo Prats Gill Airstrip
Puerto Pinasco Airport
Prefectura Aeropolicial de Carabineros Heliport
Pelluco Heliport
Papudo Heliport
Portillo Heliport
Punta Catalina Heliport
Posesión Heliport
Posesión 5 Heliport
Prilozje - Metlika
Pobrezje UL field
Podpeč field
Pedro Simões Pimenta Airport
Praia da Piraquara Heliport
Porto Marina Asturias Heliport
Pátio de Treinamento da HSE - TRAINING Heliport
Polícia Federal Heliport
Polícia Federal - Florianópolis Heliport
Palácio das Mangabeiras Heliport
Primo Bitti Airport
Porto Cubatão Heliport
Petrobrás - São José dos Campos Heliport
Plaza Iguatemi Heliport
Parque Dom Pedro Heliport
Pier Mauá Heliport
Posto de Proteção Ambiental Santo André Airport
Portal do Céu Airport
Praia do Morcego Heliport
Petrobrás Refinaria de Paulínea Replan Heliport
Papaiz Heliport
Piraquara Airport
Pista Santa Tereza Airport
Pista Comunidade São Domingos Airport
Parque Manoelito Argolo Airport
Projeto Iriri Airport
Pista PLA e Silva Airport
Pista Nações Unidas Airport
Plaza II Heliport
Pitangueira Heliport
Professor Maurício Joppert Airport
Paiva Air Heliport
Pedro da Costa Lima Airport
Polícia Federal do Espírito Santo Heliport
Pousada do Rio Roosevelt Airport
Pousada Rio Xingu Airport
Polícia Federal Heliport
Pista KRB Airport
Paapiu Novo Airport
Pacu Airport
Palimiú Airport
Parafuri Airport
Pedra Branca Airport
Pedra Preta Airport
Piolho Airport
Pipi Airport
Praia da Armação Heliport
Polícia Federal Heliport
Pista Branca de Neve Airport
Prefeitura do Município de Jundiaí Heliport
Petrobrás - Refinaria de Capuava Heliport
Pau D`Arco Airport
Porto Jofre Airport
Paredão da Serra Airport
Pesqueiro Xingu Airport
PCH Garganta da Jararaca Airport
PCH Buriti Airport
Palma Heliport
Plaza JK Heliport
Praia do Algodão Heliport
Pagrisa Airport
Pouso Alto Airport
Praia de Olaria Heliport
Parkway Heliport
Parque Fazenda Bom Futuro Airport
Piratas Mall Heliport
Projac Heliport
Puerto Perales Airport
Pensilvania Airport
Puerto Rico Airport
Palma Rosa Airport
Palmar De Oriente Airport
Palmarito Airport
Palmas Del Casana Airport
Paratebueno Airport
Pore Airport
Providencia Airport
Pororó Airport
Pizarro Airport
Planeta Rica Airport
Palanquero Airport
Primero De Mayo Airport
Puerto Boyacá Airport
Polonia Airport
Puerto Estrella Airport
Palmasola Airport
Petriba(Guayabal) Airport
Puerto Alvira Airport
Puerto Lleras Airport
Puerto Rico Airport
Payán Airport
Petrolea Airport
Portugalito Airport
Puerto Wlches Airport
Pajonales Airport
Planadas Airport
Potrerito Airport
Praga Airport
Pacoa Airport
Pacu Airport
Papunagu Airport
Piedra Ñi Airport
Piracuara Airport
Pinoquia Airport
Palonegro Airport
Perales Airport
Puerto López Airport
Puerto Bolívar Airport
Puerto Gaitan Airport
Pitalito Airport
Plato Airport
Puerto Nare Airport
Puerto Berrio Airport
Paz De Ariporo Airport
Palmar Airport
Piso Firme Airport
Progreso Airport
Pitai Airport
Padilla Airport
Palmira Airport
Porvenir Norte Airport
Puerto Rico Airport
Piray Airport
Poesoegroenoe(Pusugrunu) Airstrip
Pilot Pointe Estates Airport
Paramirim Airport
Piquiatuba Airport
Ponte Nova Airport
Pista Castanheirinho Airport
Palmares Airport
Ponta Do Sol Airport
Piçarrão Airport
Paragominas Airport
Praia de Santa Rita Heliport
Posthaus Heliport
Pousada Thaimaçu Airport
Pista Canaã Airport
Polo Industrial Heliport
Palácio do Governo do Estado do Amazonas Heliport
Prainha Airport
Prefeito Octávio de Almeida Neves Airport
Paulistana Airport
Porto de Moz Airport
Praia do Forte Airport
Praia do Saco Airport
Propriá Airport
Povoado de Camaçari Airport
Pará de Minas Airport
Pastos Bons Airport
Picos Airport
Patos de Minas Airport
Penedo Airport
Porto Grande Airport
Piatã Airport
Patrocínio Airport
Palmeiras Airport
Pompeu Airport
Pesqueira Airport
Pontezinha Airport
Passa Tempo Airport
Paraguaçu Airport
Piaus Airport
Pirapora Airport
Pedra Azul Airport
Prado Airport
Porto Rico Airport
Prata Airport
Piritiba Airport
Patos Airport
Piumhi Airport
Pão de Açúcar Heliport
Pires do Rio Heliport
Paradise Golf Heliport
Primavera Airport
Pilão Arcado Airport
Pinheiro Airport
Pista São Jorge Airport
Pista São Pedro Airport
Pouso Alegre Airport
Poções Airport
Pista Santa Lúcia Airport
Paracatu Airport
Picota Airport
Pucacaca Airport
Pebas Airport
Puerto Esperanza Airport
Puerto Bermudez Airport
Puerto Victoria Airport
Patria Airport
Pias Airport
Paita Airport
Pampa Grande Airport
Puerto Ocopa Airport
Paramonga Airport
Pampa Hermosa Airport
Playa Airport
Pomacocha Airport
Palmas del Espino Airport
Pozuzo Airport
Palcazú Airport
Puerto Inca Airport
Padre Aldamiz International Airport
Pacasmayo Airport
Pachiza Airport
Panjut Airstrip
Pieri Airstrip
Pathai Airstrip
Pulturuk Airstrip
Panyagor Airstrip
Palmares Airport
Parque Barigui Heliport
Pereira Alvim Heliport
Piquet Airport
Polícia Federal Curitiba Heliport
Piratininga Airport
Porto Bonito Airport
Pederneiras Airport
Pato Branco Airport
Paranaguá Airport
Paranavaí Airport
Porecatu Airport
Palmeira das Missões Airport
Porto Murtinho Airport
Paranaíba Airport
Porto Walter Airport
Palmas Airport
Palotina Airport
Porto Índio Airport
Pedra do Sino Heliport
Porto Frade Heliport
Pousada das Águias Airport
Prudentópolis Airport
Ponta Grossa Airport
Presidente General Don Oscar D. Gestido International Airport
Punta de Oro Airport
Punto Fijo Airport
Punta Gorda Airport
Puerto Paez
Piscuri Airport
Punta Brava Airport
Pedernales Airport
Pariaguán Airport
Perai Tepuy Airport
Pesurca Airport
Paramillo Airport
Palmarito Airport
Pedraza La Vieja Airport
Pelayo Airport
Palma Sola Airport
Playa Pintada Airport
Pontes e Lacerda Airport
Porto Caracará Airport
Palmeiras de Goiás Airport
Primavera Heliport
Palmeiras do Javari Airport
Porto Cajueiro Airport
Pontes e Lacerda Airport
Pousada Xaraés Airport
Paa-Piu Airport
Porto Fluvial Suiá Missu Airport
Pedro Afonso Airport
Parí Cachoeira Airport
Pouso da Águia Airport
Porto dos Gaúchos Airport
Parintins Airport
Poconé Airport
Posto Leonardo Vilas Boas Airport
Pimenta Bueno Airport
Paranã Airport
Pires do Rio Airport
Porto São Sebastião Airport
Planaltina Airport
Pouso da Garça Airport
Primavera do Leste Airport
Pedra Airport
Pedreira Pombal Fazenda Recanto Heliport
Presidente João Batista Figueiredo Airport
PCDF Heliport
Porto Moura Heliport
Paraíso do Tocantins Airport
Pauini Airport
Panorama Airport
Porangatu Airport
Posto de Proteção Ambiental Nossa Senhora do Carmo Airport
Posto de Proteção Ambiental Santa Maria Airport
Posto de Proteção Ambiental São Luiz Airport
Posto de Proteção Ambiental São Joaquim Airport
Posto de Proteção Ambiental Espírito Santo Airport
Prainha Airport
Paramakatoi Airport
Paruma Airport
Phillips Flying Ranch Airport
Phillips Farm Airport
Petroleum Helicopters Inc Heliport
Post Oak Airfield
Puesta del Sol Airport
Persimmon Gap Ranch Airport
Putty Ranch Airport
Premier Aviation Inc Heliport
Pierce Airport
Putman Heliport
Parkland Health & Hospital System Heliport
Polly Ryon Memorial Hospital Heliport
Palmer Field
Pointe-à-Pitre Le Raizet
Point Salines International Airport
Prachom Klao Airfield
Penjikent Airport
Palmer Village-Napier Lake STOLport
Parr Field
Parsons Field
Pensinger Airport
Princess Juliana International Airport
Port Alsworth Airport
Pınarhisar Airport
Polatlı Airport
Progreso Airport
P P H Heliport
Parker Airport
Pagan Airstrip
Piarco International Airport
Penghu Airport
Pratas Island
Portlock Airfield
Pippen-York Ranch Airport
Parrish Airstrip
Police H Port-Redbird Heliport
Parker Place Airport
Pustogorod Air Base
Perekop Airfield
Poltava Air Base
Palmira Airfield
Pryluki Air Base
Petropavlosk South Airport
Pavlodar Airport
Polyarny Airport
Provideniya Bay Airport
Pevek Airport
Palana Airport
Plastun Airport
Pertominsk Airport
Purnema Airport
Pulkovo Airport
Pushkin Airport
Pestovo Airport
Pskov Airport
Pudozh Airport
Petrozavodsk Airport
Peski Airport
Pruzhany Air Base
Podkamennaya Tunguska Airport
Pyatigorsk Airport
Pinedale Medical Clinic Airport
Pinedale Medical Clinic
PGE Boardman Heliport
Plane Haven Airport
Pavilion Heliport
Powderly Airport
Putz Airport
Prison Canyon Ranch Airport
Panamint Springs Airstrip
Paradise Landing Seaplane Base
Pohakuloa Training Area
Point Bennett Research Station Airstrip
Peason Landing Strip
Point Barrow LRRS Airstrip
Putz Aero Inc Airport
Pobedilovo Airport
Plekhanovo Airport
Pfeiler Ranch Airport
Pitnyak Airport
Pakhtakor Airport
Pioneer Valley Hospital Heliport
Payne Field
Paradise Air Park
Pelican Lake Airport
Phc Hospital Heliport
Pridacha Airport
Pechora Airport
Penza Airport
Pap Airport
Payark Airport
Pap East Airport
Put'k Sotsialismu Airport
Pace Airport
Phalodi Airport
Powhatan Airport
Point Farm Heliport
Peace and Plenty Farm Airport
Plainview Airport
Pune Airport
Porbandar Airport
Phnom Penh International Airport
Pacicuchero Airport
Parima Airport
Parque Central Heliport
Parupa Airport
Pedeca Heliport
Pendare Airport
Pista Larga Airport
Planta de Vapor HH-8 Heliport
Planta Lagogas I Heliport
Planta Lama Heliport
Planta Procesos la Paz Heliport
Planta Procesos Mara Heliport
Planta Sidor Heliport
Planta Sisor I Heliport
Planta Sisor II Heliport
Planta Sisor III Heliport
Platanal Airport
Prosomaca Heliport
Protinal Heliport
Pueblo Nuevo Heliport
Punta de Mata Airport
Punta de Palma Heliport
Punta Diablito Heliport
Pasighat Airport
Panagarh Air Force Station
Purnea Airport
Payne Airport
Philip M Grabill Jr Memorial Heliport
Pilani New Airport
Pithorgarh Airport
Pathankot Air Force Station
Patiala Airport
Pantnagar Airport
Potomac Airfield
Pakse International Airport
Phonesavanh Airport
Pokhara Airport
Phaplu Airport
Pondicherry Airport
Paro Airport
Perras Field
Prachuap Khiri Khan Airport
Prachuap Airport
Phayao Ban Chiang Kham Airport
Phrae Airport
Phetchabun Airport
Phitsanulok Airport
Photharam Airport
Pattani Airport
Phuket International Airport
Phu Bai Airport
Phu Cat Airport
Pleiku Airport
Phu Quoc Airport
Phan Rang Airport
Phan Thiet Airport
Phonngbyin Airport
Paletwa Airport
Pearl Island Airport
Pauk Airport
Pinlebu Airport
Pathein Airport
Putao Airport
Pakhokku Airport
Palaw Airport
Pyay Airport
Pine Bluff Airport
Pfister's Airport
Private H/C PAD Heliport
Paradise Air Ranch Airport
Pleasant Farm Airport
Parkside Airpark
Pathfinder Helicopter Heliport
Ponggaluku Airport
Pitu Airport
Pattimura Airport, Ambon
Pongtiku Airport
Pamol Airport
Parker County Airport
Pine Grove Airport
Pfaffenroth Private Airport
Pine River Airport
Pinang Kampai Airport
Penggung Airport
Pasir Pangaraan Airport
Pondok Cabe Air Base
Pelabuhan Ratu Airport
Parapat Airport
Pematang Siantar
Pangsuma Airport
Pangkal Pinang (Depati Amir) Airport
Padang Kemiling (Fatmawati Soekarno) Airport
Pendopo Airport
Pulau Tioman Airport
Penang International Airport
Pulau Pangkor Airport
Pete's Airport
Podeweltz Airport
Park 90 Heliport
Presidente Nicolau Lobato International Airport
Pahdameleda Airport
Polish Paradise Airport
Pioneer Airport
Petit Cache Airport
Prescott Field
Pinewood Air Park
Port Field
Paya Lebar Air Base
Peterstown Airport
Pratt Mining Heliport
Pomeroy-Mason Seaplane Base
Princeton Community Hospital Heliport
Pleasant Valley Hospital Heliport
Philip Sporn Plant Heliport
Powell Hospital Heliport
Pinedale Medical Clinic Heliport
Platt Ranch Airport
Pike Airfield
Patillas Airport
Prose Field
Ponderosa Field
Palo Pinto General Hospital Heliport
Plaza Medical Center Heliport
Presbyterian Hospital Of Allen Heliport
Presbyterian Hospital Of Greenville Heliport
Paris Regional Medical Center Heliport
Plockton Airstrip
Polk Ranch Airport
Priour Ranch Airport
Police Heliport
Port O'Connor Private Airport
Price Ranch Airport
Parson Field
Pickle Plantation Airport
Pbeaaye Airport
Proserpine Whitsunday Coast Airport
Pacific Haven Airport
Port Augusta Airport
Pakenham Airport
Palm Island Airport
Papunya Airport
Peterborough Airport
Paraburdoo Airport
Pooncarie Airport
Patchewollock Airport
Pinnacles Homestead Airport
Pandie Pandie Airport
Pardoo Airport
Padthaway Station Airport
Penfield Airfield
Pigeon Hole Airport
Phillip Island Airport
Pinnacle Airport
Port Pirie Airport
Pia Airport
Pingelly Airport
Perenjori Airport
Perth Jandakot Airport
Peake Airport
Peak Hill Airport
Parakylia Airport
Puckapunyal (Military) Airport
Parkes Airport
Port Keats Airport
Port Lincoln Airport
Plenty Airport
Pilliga Airport
Palmers Island/Yamba Airport
Peak Hill Airport
Plutonic Airport
Plumbago Airport
Palmer Airport
Pormpuraaw Airport
Port Macquarie Airport
Pine Creek Airport
Penong Airport
Prenti Downs Airport
Pinnaroo Airport
Pannawonica Airport
Portland Airport
Porepunkah Airport
Porphyry Airport
Port Hedland International Airport
Perth International Airport
Prairie Airport
Prince Charles Hospital Helipad
Premer Betoota Airport
Princess Alexandra Hospital Helipad
Penneshaw Airport
Perisher Valley Medical Centre Helipad
Peterborough Airport
Patjarr Airport
Palumpa Airport
Punmu Airport
Plevna Downs Airport
Pittsworth Airport
Palmyra Airstrip
Pyramid Hill Airport
Paynes Find Airport
Pattaya Airpark
Peak Hill Hospital Helipad
Pindarra Hospital Helipad
Parkes Hospital Helipad
Port Macquarie Hospital Helipad
Proserpine Hospital Helipad
Paraguari Airport
Philippolis Airport
Phuthadijhaba Airport
Pretoria Central Heliport
Panorama Airfield
Pumba air strip
Pumba Helipad