Airport Names starting with l

Lowell Field
Lt World Airport
Lejeune Airport
Lower Granite State Airport
Lazy J. Aerodrome
L P Askew Farms Airport
Lugo Substation Heliport
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Heliport
Lava Hot Springs Airport
Lourdes Hospital Heliport
Lantana Ranch Airport
Lawrence Airport
La Sal Junction Airport
La State Police Troop G Heliport
Lag Iii Heliport
Lucin Airport
Lake Persimmon Airstrip
Lakeside Marina Seaplane Base
Lorden Heliport
Llama Ranch Airport
Lanham Field
Lake Gage Seaplane Base
La National Guard Heliport
Lightning Bolt Field Airport
Lost Hills Sheriff's Station Heliport
Lucky Landing Marina and Seaplane Base
Larkin Airport
Lake Monroe Seaplane Base
LA State Police Troop F Heliport
Lake Sexton Airport
Lagrange Hospital Heliport
Lindbergh Airport
Laurel Municipal Airport
Lazy G Bar Ranch Airport
Longmont United Hospital Heliport
Lake Conway South Seaplane Base
Lookout Mountain Airport
Loyola University Medical Center Heliport
Lmn 120 Airport
Lida Junction Airport
Lonesome Dove Airfield
Lleia Kyle O'Meara Heliport
Lesterson Field
Lower Hay Lake Seaplane Base
Lewis Air Service Airport
Levert Heliport
Lone Hawk Airport
Lambs Field
Lindsay Airport
Lapeer Flyer Airport
Lakeview Airport
Long Ranch Airport
Linvill Airport
Lincoln Municipal Airport
Lenling Airport
Lodi Airport
LBJ Ranch Airport
Lake Bay Gall Airport
Lazy K Acres Airport
Landmark US Forest Service Airport
Lee Williams Memorial Airport
L-Z Blue Thunder Heliport
Lakeside Beach Airport
Lambert Fechter Municipal Airport
Lake Mills Municipal Airport
Lookout Lake Seaplane Base
Lambdins Field
Lincolns Field
Lee Memorial Hospital Heliport
Lake Louise Seaplane Base
Littlefork Muni/Hanover Airport
Loring Seaplane Base
Latham Creek Heliport
Lz Ranch Airport
Lakewood Lodge Airport
Lester State Ultralightport
Little Deer Airport
Lawrence General Hospital Heliport
Lee's Airport
Lutheran Hospital Heliport
Lower Forty Airport
Lincoln Medical Center Heliport
Little Goose Lock and Dam Airport
Lac Vieux Desert Seaplane Base
Las Trancas Airport
Long Hill Heliport
Louisville Stagefield Army Heliport
Lanni Field
Leach Farms Heliport
Lynn Airport
Lantana Ridge Airport
Lorden Ii Heliport
Lake Airport
Lagrone Ranch Airport
Lake Tuscaloosa Seaplane Base
L. A. Times Costa Mesa Heliport
Los Angeles County Fire Department Heliport
Little Buttes Antique Airfield
Lake Park Helistop
Lands End Microwave Heliport
Luther Airport
Lake Murray State Park Airport
Lawrence Airport
Lake City Medical Center Heliport
Loy Airport
Lake Wawasee Seaplane Base
Lloyd Stearman Field
Leo's Place STOLport
Lawrence Co Memorial Hospital Heliport
Long Hill Orchard Heliport
Lake Viking Airport
Longwood Mfg Corp Airport
Lake Taney Como Seaplane Base
Lonesome Field
Lake Las Vegas Heliport
Lake Woahink Seaplane Base
Lisbon Airfield
Lewis Airport
Lesikar Ranch Airport
Last Resort Airport
Locker Brothers Airport
Laas Farm Airport
Landers Ranch Airport
Lytle Airpark
Laney Farm Airport
Lewis Gale Clinic Inc. Heliport
Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital Heliport
Life Flight North Fuel Heliport
Lookout Center Rooftop Heliport
Lake Suzy Estates Airport
Leonard J. Chabert Medical Center Heliport
Liberty National Golf Club Heliport
Lookout Center Parking Lot Heliport
Land's Field
Lincoln Farm Airport
Lodi Community Hospital Heliport
Lewis Airport
Laura's Landing Airport
Longhorn Aux Landing Strip
Lefko Airport
L A Co Mens Detention Cntr-Main Jail Heliport
Lt Landing Airport
Long Acre Farms Airport
Lowell City Airport
Lake Weir Seaplane Base
Lambert Airport
Lucas Army Heliport
Loma Madera Ranch Airport
Lux Field
Loucks Airport
Little Plum Creek Airport
Litton Industries Heliport
Lockheed Martin Cmd & Cntrl Sys Heliport
Leeds & Northrup Co. Heliport
Lowrance Ranch Airport
Little Texas Airport
La Dotd Headquarters Heliport
Lake Bronson Airport
Lake Wenatchee State Airport
La Concepcion Hospital Heliport
Lehman Airport
Landells Heliport
L Auberge Du Lac Hotel Seaplane Base
Laminated Heliport
Lockett Airport
Lime Village Airport
L C Hickman Airport
Longbell Ranch Airport
Lake Arrowhead Airport
Lands End Heliport
Lib Field
Lenora Airport
Linda's Roost Airport
Lemons Field
Low and Slow Airport
Livingston Hospital Heliport
Larimore Municipal Airport
Larry D Boven Airport
Little Ferry Seaplane Base
Landmark Plaza Heliport
Leavelle Airstrip
Lockhart Airport
Lehman Airport
Laurel Hill Farms Airport
La Fonda Ranch Airport
Lewis Ranch Airport
Louis A. Johnson Va Medical Center Heliport
Long Beach Memorial Medical Center Heliport
Lakeview Airport
Lobo Field
Lloyd's Landing Airport
Lifeline Landing Area Heliport
Leaming Field
Lake Bonanza Airport
Lone Pine Aerodrome
Loudoun Hospital Center Heliport
Los Angeles County/USC Medical Center Heliport
Lone Tree Ranch Airport
Law Field
Lola Landing Airport
Lafayette Training Center - Cusa Heliport
Long Pond Landing Heliport
Lyall-Roberts Airport
Lake Whitney Country Club Airport
Lanier Park Hospital Heliport
Lucas Airport
La Dolce Terra Airport
Lyndon B Johnson General Hospital Heliport
Lynden Airport
Lukachukai Airport
Little Niklason Lake Seaplane Base
Laub Airport
Long Point Heliport
Last Chance Ranch Airport
L R M C Emergency Helistop
Lafayette Home Hospital Heliport
Lamar Field
La Coste Construction County Airport
Little Pecan Island Airport
Little Rock/Rock Port Airport
Lorentzen Airport
Longview Heliport
Laska Airport
Luke Airport
Lehman Airport
Lawrence Administrative Services Inc Heliport
Lowell Smith Jr Airport
Lost Bridge Village Airport
Little's Heliport
Louise's Strip
Landgren Ranch Airport
Lynn Heliport
Lakewood Hospital Heliport
Lynch Field
Lake Forest Hospital Heliport
Liebau Ranch Airport
Lefkowitz Heliport
Lavon North Airport
Lincoln General Hospital Heliport
Lake West Wind Airport
Le Champ Airport
Lions Emergency Evac Heliport
Lookingglass Airport
Lifeteam 20 Heliport
Lufker Airport
Land's Inn Ranch Airport
Lake Lucille Seaplane Base
Livengood Camp Airport
Long Lake Airport
Leon's Landing Airport
Lawrence Field
Leroy Airport
Lapd Hooper Heliport
Lyon Heliport
Lutheran Medical Center Heliport
Litchfield West Side Emergency Services Heliport
Litchfield RLA Restricted Landing Area
Leigh Farm Airport
La Haye Center Heliport
Little Lake Heliport
Lake Ann Airway Estates Airport
Lovewell Pond Seaplane Base
Lexington Heliport
Liberty Landing Airport
Lidgerwood Municipal Airport
Lindvig Airstrip
Lowe'S Mooresville Heliport
Lz Carroll STOLport
Lightning Tree Farm Heliport
Longwell Airport
Low Pass Airport
Lambert Field
Lusardi Field
Lock Haven Hospital Heliport
Little C Ranch Heliport
Lucky G Airport
Lone Star Steel Company Airport
Lewis Private Airport
Lincoln Regional Hospital Heliport
Lakewood Airpark
Lynn Louise Heliport
L A Co Sheriff Lakewood Heliport
LA State Police Troop C Heliport
Livingston Parish Air Support Heliport
L G Hospital Heliport
Lamberson Airport
Lake Mathews Airport
Lake Clinch Airpark
Lakewood Airstrip
Lofty Redwoods Airport
Lake Riverside Estates Airport
Lawrence Airstrip
L&L Sandblasting Heliport
Lenoir Memorial Hospital Heliport
Lebegue Lsa Landing
Los Angeles Times-La Heliport
Lee Creek Airport
Lothert's Farm Strip
Lester E. Cox Medical Center South Heliport
L D Airport
Lost Lake SPB Seaplane Base
La Cholla Airpark
Lake X Airport
Logan's Chance Airport
Lane Field
Little Hands STOLport
Lockmiller & Sons Airport
Little Wheel Field
Lake Martin Community Hospital Heliport
Ludlow Airport
Le Roy Airport
Lyons Landing Airport
Layne Field
Larkins Farm Airport
Lowe Airport
LA State Police Troop D Heliport
Lakeside Airport
Lindey's Landing Airport
Lathan Strip
Lone Oaks Ranch Airport
Lewistown Hospital Heliport
Lincoln Farms Airport
Lancaster General Hospital Heliport
Lake Billy Chinook State Airport
Loris Community Hospital Heliport
Larson Airport
L Davis Ranch Airport
Lost Creek Airport
Lake Brooks Seaplane Base
La Porte Plant Heliport
Lerchs Airport
Lewis North Airport
Lakewood Heliport
Lakeview Medical Center Heliport
Lloyd R. Roundtree Seaplane Facility Seaplane Base
Link Field
Leonards Airfield & Indust Park Airport
Lowrance Airport
Lee Bottom Airport
Lubec Municipal Airport
Lakemont Shores Heliport
Loma de Cometa Airport
L J Bose Airstrip
Lake California Air Park
Lee's Airpark
Lyda Ranch Airstrip
Liberty Memorial Hospital Heliport
Lyndon Fire Protection District Heliport
Lockheed Electronics Company, Inc. Heliport
Loring Hospital Heliport
Leise Airport
Lake Pleasant Seaplane Base
Lake James Seaplane Base
Lemont Fire Dept Heliport
Lake Gardner Seaplane Base
Little Mountain Airport
Larson Airport
Lisburg Airport
Lee Field
Lentine South Airport
Lincoln Tunnel Heliport
Lance Airport
Lasley Private Airport
Lgh-Women and Babies Hospital Heliport
Lesesne Airport
Los Ebanos Ranch Airport
Loury Lester Airpark
Luscombe Acres Airport
Lewis Airfield
Loon Lane Seaplane Base
Lakeside Heliport
Lutheran General Hospital Heliport
Lazy B I Ranch Heliport
Lakeway Regional Hospital Heliport
Labrador Landing Seaplane Base
Licking Memorial Hospital Heliport
Lowells Landing Airport
Longhorn Field
Leona Ranch Airport
Long Lake Seaplane Base
Landings East Sylvania Airport
Lafayette General Hospital Heliport
Long Pond Seaplane Base
Liberty State Park Heliport
Lucas Field
Lakeview Regional Medical Center Heliport
Little River Ranch Airport
Little Britain Airport
Lindys Airpark
Loxahatchee Airport
Lakeland Regional Medical Center Heliport
Lazy S Farm Airport
Lakewood Ranch Medical Center Helistop Heliport
Lutz RLA Restricted Landing Area
La Porte Hospital Heliport
Linders Cow-Chip Airport
Little Mount International Airport
L A County Sheriff's Department Heliport
Lake Palourde Base Heliport
Ludington Airport
Lada Airport
Letts Field
Lewis Airstrip
Lierley Farms Airport
Lebanon Twnshp Mun Building Heliport
Letterkenny Army Depot Helipad Heliport
Lenzner Farm Airport
Lometa Air Strip
Lake Anna Airport
Little Clam Lake Seaplane Base
Lewis Airport
Lift Crane Heliport
Lone Hickory Airport
Los Angeles County Fire Station Nr 123 Heliport
Luscombe Lane 1 Airport
Lavina Airport
Lucky Lairds Landing Airport
La Leona Airport
Landings Condominium Airport
Lost Creek Airport
Lake Montaza Airport
Ledet Airfield
Lindauer Airport
Lutheran Hospital - La Crosse Heliport
Lang Ranch Airport
Leak Airport
Lahey Clinic Heliport
Land's End Seaplane Base
Lazy W Airport
Lake Shore Hospital Heliport
Lafayette Hilton Heliport
Lake Air Ranch Airport
Lincoln Village Airpark
Lake Hiawassee Seaplane Base
Lajitas International Airport
Little Susitna Airport
Lizzy Lizard Airport
Lake Wohlford Resort Airport
Lucchetti Ranch Airport
Lodi Memorial Hospital Heliport
Lake Andes Municipal Airport
Lake Gibson Seaplane Base
Lykes Brighton Airport
Lucerne Medical Center Heliport
Leesburg Spraying Airport
Lewis And Clark Airstrip
Little Sister Seaplane Base
Louisiana State Police Headquarters Heliport
Lake Zumbro Seaplane Base
Liberty Hospital Heliport
Liechty Farm Airport
Lake Ridge Aero Park Airport
Lembo Heliport
Lamington House Heliport
Lamle Airport
Lebanon Hospital Heliport
Light Valley Tree Farm Heliport
Lost Acres Airport
Lansdale Hospital Heliport
Laseair Airport
Lopez Ranch Airport
Le Bonheur Medical Center Heliport
Lotus International Airport
Lake District Hospital Heliport
Lake Conway North Seaplane Base
Long Lake Seaplane Base
Lake Creek Ranch Airport
Lagrange Airport
Lund Airport
Longbird Airport
Loma Linda University Medical Center Heliport
Lutz Airport
LA State Police Troop E Heliport
Logan Airport
La State Police Troop A Heliport
Lourdes Medical Center Of Burlington Cty Heliport
Love Field
Lake Jessup Seaplane Base
LA State Police Troop L Heliport
L & L Heliport
Linville Ridge Heliport
Landing At River'S Edge
Lz Phantom Heliport
Lassen Community Hospital Heliport
Lawson Field
Lazy F Ranch Airport
Leisurewood Airstrip Owners Assoc Airport
Lillian Community Heliport
Liberty Park Heliport
Likely Airport
Lake Josephine Seaplane Base
Land South Heliport
Lowell Field
Linscott Heliport
Legacy Medical Center Heliport
Lundgren Hereford Ranch Airport
Lawlor-Justus Airport
Lag's Landing Heliport
Lutz Airport
Lafferty Field
Lance Airport
Lankenau Hospital Heliport
Lakeside State Airport
Ladue Ranch Heliport
Louise Obici Memorial Hospital Heliport
Lodi Lakeland Airport
Levelock Airport
Lawing Airport
Lakloey Air Park
Lost River 2 Airport
Long Lake Seaplane Base
Long Lake Airport
Lonely Air Station
Lapraka Airfield
Lazy Eight Airpark Llc Airport
Lakeside Heliport
Lemoyne Heliport
Lower Delta Seaplane Base
Lawrence County Hospital Heliport
Lumbala Airport
Los Cerros Airport
Los Menucos Airport
Las Ensenadas Airport
Los Toldos Airport
La Angelita Airport
La Caida Airport
La Caldera Heliport
La Carolina Heliport
La Consulta Airport
La Fantasia Airport
La Laja Airport
La Madrugada Heliport
La Mezquita Airport
La Milagrosa Heliport
La Nueva Airport
La Paz Aeroclub Airport
La Pelada Airport
La Siesta Airport
La Superba Heliport
Laborde Airport
Lago Buenos Aires Airport
Lago Escondido Heliport
Lago La Esperanza Airport
Lago Nahuel Huapi Airport
Laguna Aeroclub Airport
Laguna De Gomez Airport
Laprida Airport
Las Araucarias Heliport
Las Chacritas Heliport
Las Cortaderas Airport
Las Marias Airport
Las Ovejas Airport
Las Rosas Airport
Las Varillas Airport
Lanzillota Airport
Legat S.A. Heliport
Leones Airport
Luján Airport
Lincoln Airport
Lipton Airport
Loberia Airport
Lobos Airport
Los Cardos Airport
Los Fresnos Heliport
Los Perales Airport
Los Tucanes Airport
La Igualdad Airport
La Carlota Airport
La Chacra Airport
La Esmeralda Airport
La Lucía Airport
La Madrugada Airport
La Mariela Airport
La Zulema Airport
Las Lilas Airport
La Cura Malal Airport
La Argentina Airport
La Paz Airport
Las Plumas Filed
Lawrence Memorial Heliport
Lollars Creek Farm Airport
Landers Loop Airport
Langley Park Airstrip
Lake Clifton Airstrip
Lily Dutch Windmill Airstrip
Lake Eyre North
Lake Omeo Dry Lake Ultralightport
Lismore - Mortimer Oval Helicopter Landing Site
Lismore Helibase
Long Reef Helipad
Longford Heliport
Lady Elliot Island Airstrip
Limbunya Airport
Losuia Airport
Londolovit Airport
Lae Airfield
Lab Lab Airport
Lele Airstrip
Lowai Airport
Leron Plains Airport
Lagoon Airstrip
Lese Airport
Long Island Airport
Lae Nadzab Airport
Lakunai Airfield
Lakeside Airpark
Lava Falls Heliport
Lapaz Regional Hospital Heliport
Lone Mountain International Airport
Livada Airport
Lida Air Base
Luninets Air Base
Lake Lawn Airport
Lowell Airport
Lake Village Airport
Lac-des-Loups Airport
La Grande Airport
Lac Éon Airport
Lady Franklin Point Airport
Laforge-1 Airport
Lambert Creek Tower Airport
Lemoray Airport
Liard Construction Airport
Liard River Airport
Little Salmon Airport
Livingstone Airport
Lodgepole Airport
Longstaff Bluff Airport
Lougheed Island Airport
Lupin Airport
Lytton Airport
Little's Farm
L'Île d'Entrée Airfield
Leaside Aerodrome
Long Branch Aerodrome
Long Sault Airstrip
Lorneville Airstrip
Lac William, Piste de glace (hiver seulement)
Limberlost Ranch Airport
Lauppes Strip
Leo Creek Airport
Lillooet Airport
Lasqueti Island/False Bay Seaplane Base
Likely Airport
Little Parker Island Heliport
Lillooet (CC Helicopters 2011) Heliport
Lac Gobeil Seaplane Base
Long Pond Heliport
Lowe Airstrip
Lookout Mountain Heliport
Lucky L Ranch Airport
Lutselk'E Seaplane Base
Lacombe Airport
La Crete Airport
La Biche River Airport
Loon River Airport
Laurie River Airport
Leader Airport
Leask Airport
La Loche Airport
Little Churchill River / Dunlop's Fly-In Lodge Airport
Lampman Airport
Luseland Airport
Lac Du Bonnet (North) Seaplane Base
Leoville Airport
Lac La Croix Seaplane Base
Loon Lake Airport
La Ronge Heliport
La Loche Seaplane Base
La Ronge Seaplane Base
Leaf Rapids Seaplane Base
Lanigan Airport
Lynn Lake (Eldon Lake) Seaplane Base
Lumsden (Colhoun) Airport
Lemberg Airport
Little Bear Lake Airport
Lucky Lake Airport
Lundar Airport
Lumsden (Metz) Airport
Louise Municipal Airport
Los Robles Regional Medical Center Heliport
Los Angeles Times - Northridge Heliport
L'Assomption Airport
Lethbridge / Anderson Field
Lancaster Airpark
La Grande-4/Lac Bottine Seaplane Base
London / Chapeskie Field
Lower East Pubnico (La Field) Airport
Liege / CNRL Airport
Lethbridge (Regional Hospital) Heliport
Lethbridge / J3 Airfield
Lucknow Airpark
Langille Lake Seaplane Base
Leamington Airport
Lake Muskoka/Alport Bay Seaplane Base
Lac Polaris (pourvoirie Mirage)
Liverpool (Queens General Hospital) Heliport
Lewvan (Farr Strip) Airport
Laurel / Whittington
Lethbridge (Mercer Field)
Lacombe (Mustang Helicopters)
Laohutun Air Base
Liangxiangzhen Air Base
Lushan Heliport
Lijiang Airport
Lintsang Airfield
Luliang Air Base
Leiyang Air Base
Lingshui Air Base
Laiyang Air Base
Luyang Air Base
Lanzhou Air Base
Ljtao Air Base
Longtian/Lung-T'ien Air Base
Longyou Air Base
Lalin Air Base
Las Serpientes Airport
Lake Muskoka/Mortimer'S Point Seaplane Base
Lindsay Airport
Lake Rosseau/Windermere Seaplane Base
Little Current (Manitoulin Health Centre) Heliport
Lake Muskoka/Dudley Bay Seaplane Base
Little Current Seaplane Base
La Chorrera Airport
Las Cruces Airport
Lemons Private Strip
Lincoln Community Hospital Heliport
Land Airport
Lake Rosseau/Arthurlie Bay Seaplane Base
Listowel Airport
Lefroy Airport
Lake Rosseau/Cameron Bay Seaplane Base
London (University Hospital) Heliport
Lucan Airport
London (Victoria Hospital) Heliport
Langley (Russell Farm) Heliport
Lac Agile (Mascouche) Airport
Lac-Des-Îles Seaplane Base
Lac Etchemin Airport
Lourdes-De-Joliette Airport
Lachute Airport
Lac Duhamel Seaplane Base
Lac Kaiagamac Seaplane Base
Lebel-sur-Quevillon Airport
Louiseville Airport
La Sarre Heliport
Lac a la Tortue Airport
Lac Sept-Îles Seaplane Base
La Sarre Airport
Lac-À-Beauce Seaplane Base
Lac-à-la-Tortue (Water Aerodrome) Airport
Laurie Field
Lake Compounce Heliport
Long View Landing Airport
Lord Creek Seaplane Base
Lac Sébastien Seaplane Base
Lac à la Perchaude Airport
La Tuque Seaplane Base
Lac Beauregard Seaplane Base
Lac Pau (Caniapiscau) Seaplane Base
Lennoxville (Airview) Airport
Lac Berthelot Seaplane Base
La Romaine Airport
Lac Gagnon Seaplane Base
La Tabatière Airport
Lac-Des-Écorces Seaplane Base
Lac Trévet Seaplane Base
La Olivia Airport
La Asunción Airport
La Francia Airfield
Los Mangos de Baragua Airport
Lora Airport
La Escondida Airport
Los Ingleses Airport
Las Cruces Airport
Las Crisis Airport
Las Obas Airport
Los Galleguitos East Airport
Los Tamarindos Airport
Las Guasimas Airport
Las Nuevas Airport
Los Arabos Airport
La Cubana Airport
Los Zagales Airport
Las Cruces Airport
Las Glorias Airport
Leslieville / W. Pidhirney Residence Heliport
Lakatamia Airport
La Grande-3 Airport
La Grande-4 Airport
Liverpool South Shore Regional Airport
Lac Du Bonnet Airport
Lourdes de Blanc Sablon Airport
La Macaza / Mont-Tremblant International Inc Airport
La Grande Rivière Airport
Lac La Biche Airport
Lansdowne House Airport
Lutselk'e Airport
Lloydminster Airport
La Tuque Airport
Leaf Rapids Airport
Langley Airport
Lethbridge County Airport
La Ronge Airport
London Airport
Lynn Lake Airport
Lester B. Pearson International Airport
Little Grand Rapids Airport
Lac Brochet Airport
Lake Isabella Airpark
Laghouat Airport
Locktow Airport
Leo Airport
Loumana Airport
La Tapoa Airport
Lake Buena Vista STOLport
Lomé-Tokoin Airport
Lake Berryessa Seaplane Base
Lindrith Airpark
Luyckx heliport
Lanklaar heliport
Leopoldsburg Airfield
Liège Airport
Lierneux Airport
Liernu Airport
Lummen heliport
Limburg Regional Airport
Laucha Airport
Leipzig Halle Airport
Langenlonsheim Airport
Lager Hammelburg Airport
Lauterbach Airport
Ludwigshafen Airfield
Lüchow-Rehbeck Airport
Lüneburg Airport
Lübeck Blankensee Airport
Lauenbrück Airport
Leverkusen Airport
Landshut Airport
Leutkirch-Unterzeil Airport
Langhennersdorf Airport
Lüsse Airport
Laichingen Airport
Lauf-Lillinghof Airport
Lichtenfels Airport
Linkenheim Airport
Lachen-Speyerdorf Airport
Leipheim Air Base
Lahr Airport
Lemwerder Airport
Leer-Papenburg Airport
Langeoog Airport
Leck Airport
Lahti Vesivehmaa Airport
Lapinlahti Airport
Lieksa Nurmes Airport
Lappeenranta Airport
Lapin Central Hospital Heliport
Langar Airport
Ledbury Airport
Langford Lodge Airport
Leicester Airport
Long Marston Airfield
Lerwick / Tingwall Airport
Liverpool John Lennon Airport
London Luton Airport
Land's End Airport
Lasham Airport
London Biggin Hill Airport
Lashenden (Headcorn) Airfield
London Gatwick Airport
London City Airport
London Heathrow Airport
London Heliport
Lydd Airport
Little Gransden Airfield
Lympne Airport
Leeds Bradford Airport
Llanbedr Airport
London Stansted Airport
Leavesden Aerodrome
Leeming Airport
Lelystad Airport
Leeuwarden Air Base
Letterkenny Airport
Lindtorp Airport
Læsø Airport
Lemvig Airport
Lolland Falster Maribo Airport
Luxembourg-Findel International Airport
Leirin Airport
Lista Airport
Leknes Airport
Lunde Nome Airfield
Lublin Airport
Legnica Airport
Lask Military Air Base
Lublin Radwiec Airport
Leszno Strzyzewi Airport
Lubin Airport
Leczyca Military Air Base
Lund Hospital Heliport
Lidköping-Hovby Airport
Landskrona Airport
Lund Airport
Lycksele Airport
Lemstanas Airport
Luleå Airport
Ludvika Airport
Laxå Airport
Linköping City Airport
Ljungbyhed Airport
Ljusdal Airport
Laupheim Airport
Landstuhl Army Heliport
Landstuhl Regional Medical Center Helipad
Landsberg Lech Airport
Lechfeld Airport
Langaci-Limbaži Airport
Lielvarde Airport
Liepāja International Airport
Lake Whitney State Park Airport
Lumar Field
Lindbergh's Landing Airport
Lake Wales Heliport
Leffler Airport
Lowe's Airport
Lost Horn Ranch Airport
Lanseria Airport
Ladybrand Af Airport
Lime Acres Finsch Mine Airport
Londolozi Airport
Loeriesfontein Airport
Lohathla Military Airport
Lichtenburg Airport
Lusikisiki Airport
Lydenburg Airport
Louis Trichardt Airport
Langebaanweg Airport
Ladysmith Airport
Lobatse Airport
Limpopo Valley Airport
La Louila Airport
Lague Airport
Loutete Airport
Loufoula Airport
Leboulou Airport
Legala Airport
Leganda Airport
Loubetsi Airport
Loukanyi Airport
Leeward Air Ranch Airport
Lake Bird Heliport
Lawnwood Medical Center Heliport
Lake Gibson High School Heliport
Lee Memorial Hospital Emergency Heliport
Los Olas Center Heliport
Lafayette Landings Airport
Lavumisa Airport
Little River Airport
Lake City Airpark
Lykes Palmdale Airport
Lewis Airport
Lockheed Martin-Ocala Heliport
Lee Farms Airport
L M Hughey Heliport
Lukuzi Airport
Luanshya Zambia Airport
Lusaka City Airport
Lundazi Airport
Luwingu Airport
Livingstone Airport
Lukulu Airport
Lusaka International Airport
Lobito Airport
Lucapa Airport
Luzamba Airport
Luau Airport
Lubango Airport
Luena Airport
Lambarene Airport
Libreville Leon M'ba International Airport
Lastourville Airport
Lichinga Airport
Lumbo Airport
La Canéda Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Le Huga Heliport
Le Port Heliport
La Cavale Blanche Centre Hospitalier Heliport
La Source Heliport
Laboratoires Boehringer Heliport
Les Sangliers Heliport
Le Corum Heliport
La Ferme Saint Siméon Heliport
La Daille Heliport
Les Deux Alpes Heliport
La Clusaz Airport
La Jasserie Airport
La Plagne Bouirex Airport
La Salette Les Opinions Airport
La Serre D'aulon Airport
La Taillade Airport
La Tete Des Champs Le Menil Airport
La Toussuire Airport
La Toviere Airport
L'Escoulin Airport
Luçon - Chasnais Aerodrome
Lai Airport
Langford Airport
Longuiel Airport
Lusulu Airport
Lilongwe International Airport
Likoma Island Airport
Lifupa Airport
Lebakeng Airport
Leribe Airport
Lesobeng Airport
Letseng Airport
Lianshulu Airport
Luderitz Airport
Luozi Airport
Lukala Airport
Luheki Airport
Lusanga Airport
Libenge Airport
Lombo Airport
Lisala Airport
Lokutu Airport
Luniemu Airport
Lubero Airport
Lulingu Tshionka Airport
Lugushwa Airport
Lubumbashi International Airport
Lubudi Airport
Lusinga Airport
Luvua Airport
Luena Airport
Lubondaie Airport
Luiza Airport
Luebo Airport
Lutshatsha Airport
Lodja Airport
Lomela Airport
Lusambo Airport
Lukombe-Batwa Airport
Lubao Airport
Little Tobesofkee Creek Ranch Airport
Lower Upham Airfield
Lower Upham Airfield
Lower Upham Farm Airfield
Lower Manor Farm Airstrip
La Gomera Airport
La Palma Airport
Lanzarote Airport
Lagodekhi Airfield
Lanier Heliport
Lungi International Airport
Lamco Airport
Léopold Sédar Senghor International Airport
Letfotar Airport
Las Vegas Airport
Los Angeles Airstrip
Labe Airport
Ladouanie Airport
Lost Dutchman Heliport
Lideta Army Airport
Lalibella Airport
Lugh Ganane Airport
Luxor International Airport
Lucy Henriques Medical Center Heliport
Lianshui Airport
Lokitaung Airport
Lokichoggio Airport
Lodwar Airport
Loitokitok Airport
Loyengalani Airport
La Abraq Airport
Los Pollos Airport
Loliondo Airport
Liuli Airport
Lake Manyara Airport
Lira Airport
Lemons Airport
Lloyd's Field
Lucas County Health Center Heliport
Laverty Field
Lawton Airport
Lasondre Airport
Letkol Wisnu Airstrip
Lake Holmes Airstrip
Landikma Airstrip
Langda Airstrip
Lokok Airstrip
Long Alango Airstrip
Long Rungan
Long Segar Airstrip
Luban Airstrip
Lumbis Airstrip
Lewoleba Airport
Lunyuk Airport
Lower Loon Creek Airport
Loomis Airport
Litzinger Ultralightport
Lake Maxinkuckee Seaplane Base
Lou Abbett Farms Airport
Lindley Private Airport
Layden Heliport
Landis Plastics Heliport
Lincoln Land Community College Heliport
Lung RLA Restricted Landing Area
Leh Helipad
Ledo Airfield
Lunglei Helipad
Lebong Helipad
Lake Sylvan Seaplane Base
Lanesville Skyways Airport
Lautzenhiser Airpark
Ligonier Airport
Long Airport
Lindstrom Heliport
Liberty Cross Landing Heliport
Livingston Municipal Airport
Long Lake:Sagamore Spb & Marina Seaplane Base
Lansdowne Airport
Loup City Municipal Airport
Lind Airport
Lee County Airport
Le Sueur Municipal Airport
Lakeview-Airport-Griffith Field
Lake Norman Airpark
Logan Field
Linn State Technical College Airport
Lindsay Municipal Airport
Lincoln County Airport
Lake Barkley State Park Airport
Lampson Field
Lodi Airport
Leach Airport
Lake Elmo Airport
Lamesa Municipal Airport
Liberty County Airport
Louisville Municipal Airport
Lawrenceburg Lawrence County Airport
Le Maire Memorial Airport
Lakin Airport
Littlebrook Air Park
Lake in the Hills Airport
Litchfield Municipal Airport
Lafayette Municipal Airport
Le Gros Memorial Airport
Lakeway Airpark
La Moure Rott Municipal Airport
Lexington Municipal Airport
Lakes of the North Airport
Lockhart Municipal Airport
Lake City Municipal CJ Evans Field
Lee County Butters Field
Lakota Municipal Airport
Limington Harmon Airport
Lebanon Springfield Airport
Lexington County At Pelion Airport
Lisbon Municipal Airport
Logan County Airport
Lewis County Regional Airport
Laurel Municipal Airport
Lincoln Municipal Airport
Lancaster Municipal Airport
Lanett Municipal Airport
Ledgedale Airpark
Linton Municipal Airport
Lenhardt Airpark
Livingston Municipal Airport
Live Oak County Airport
Leaders Clear Lake Airport
Lackey Aviation Airport
Lumpkin County Wimpys Airport
Lawrence County Airport
Lexington Airport
Logan County Airport
Lehigh Valley International Airport
Lenawee County Airport
Langlade County Airport
Lee C Fine Memorial Airport
Lee Airport
Lima Allen County Airport
Llano Municipal Airport
Lakeland-Noble F. Lee Memorial field
Laurence G Hanscom Field
Lovell Field
Lakefield Airport
Lone Star Executive Airport
Leeds Municipal Airport
Laughlin Air Force Base
Lac Qui Parle County Airport
Lake Baringo (Kampi Ya Samaki) Airport
Loldia Airport
Laburra Airport
Loloroi Airport
Lake Jipe Airport
Laikipia Air Base
Laisamis Airport
Lokori Airport
Lubarra Airport
Lomolo Airport
Loporot Airport
Lothagah Airport
Lotubae Airport
Lanet Prairies Airport
Lali Galana Airport
Laikipia Ranch Airport
Lunga-Lunga Airport
Lewa Downs Airport
Lokichar Airport
Liboi Airport
Lake Baringo Airport
Lake Rudolf Airport
Lea County-Zip Franklin Memorial Airport
Lea County Jal Airport
Luce County Airport
Lake Texoma State Park Airport
Logansport Cass County Airport
Lee Gilmer Memorial Airport
Lake Havasu City Airport
Lea County Regional Airport
Lawrence County Airpark
Liberty Casey County Airport
Laughlin Bullhead International Airport
Lansing Municipal Airport
Lincolnton Lincoln County Regional Airport
Long Island Mac Arthur Airport
Leesburg Executive Airport
Louisiana Regional Airport
Leesville Airport
Lost Hills Kern County Airport
Lamar Municipal Airport
Lakeland Linder Regional Airport
Los Alamos Airport
Laramie Regional Airport
Lawton Fort Sill Regional Airport
Los Angeles International Airport
Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport
Liberal Mid-America Regional Airport
Lumberton Regional Airport
Lake Charles Regional Airport
Laconia Municipal Airport
Lake City Gateway Airport
Linden Airport
Lebanon Municipal Airport
Leesburg International Airport
Lemmon Municipal Airport
Langley Air Force Base
Lafayette Regional Airport
La Guardia Airport
Long Beach /Daugherty Field/ Airport
Lagrange Callaway Airport
La Grande/Union County Airport
Laguna Army Airfield
Logan-Cache Airport
Lincoln Regional Karl Harder Field
La Junta Municipal Airport
Limon Municipal Airport
Littlefield Municipal Airport
Litchfield Municipal Airport
Lake Placid Airport
Lancaster County-Mc Whirter Field
Louisa County Airport/Freeman Field
Lake County Airport
Levelland Municipal Airport
Little River Airport
Lamar Municipal Airport
Louisville Winston County Airport
Lancaster Airport
Lincoln Airport
Lonesome Pine Airport
Lancaster Airport
Lewis University Airport
London-Corbin Airport/Magee Field
Lompoc Airport
Lorain County Regional Airport
Larned Pawnee County Airport
Laredo International Airport
Little Rock Air Force Base
Lincoln Regional Airport
Le Mars Municipal Airport
Las Cruces International Airport
Lawrence Smith Memorial Airport
Lordsburg Municipal Airport
La Crosse Municipal Airport
Lawson Army Air Field (Fort Benning)
Lusk Municipal Airport
Los Banos Municipal Airport
Liberty County Airport
Luke Air Force Base
Laurens County Airport
Livermore Municipal Airport
Lawrenceville Brunswick Municipal Airport
Las Vegas Municipal Airport
Lawrence Municipal Airport
Lawrence Municipal Airport
Lewiston Nez Perce County Airport
Lewistown Municipal Airport
Lawrenceville Vincennes International Airport
Little Falls-Morrison County-Lindbergh field
Lee's Summit Municipal Airport
Lake County Airport
Lynchburg Regional Preston Glenn Field
Lyons-Rice County Municipal Airport
Lampasas Airport
Lake Village Municipal Airport
Lebanon Municipal Airport
Lamar County Airport
Laurinburg Maxton Airport
Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport
Lawrence J Timmerman Airport
Laurel Airport
Lakewood Airport
Lakehurst Maxfield Field Airport
Lakefront Airport
Lemoore Naval Air Station (Reeves Field) Airport
Lee Vining Airport
Lone Pine Airport
Laverne Municipal Airport
Lonnie Pool Field Weaverville Airport
L O Simenstad Municipal Airport
Lt Warren Eaton Airport
L M Clayton Airport
Livingston County Spencer J. Hardy Airport
La Porte Municipal Airport
Lee County Airport
Lowcountry Regional Airport
Lago Vista Tx Rusty Allen Airport
Lake Chelan Airport
Libby Airport
Lincoln Airport
Louisville International Standiford Field
Lackland Air Force Base
Los Alamitos Army Air Field
Lake Cumberland Regional Airport
Lemhi County Airport
Lambert St Louis International Airport
La Porte Municipal Airport
Lane Airpark
Laughlin Air Force Base Auxiliary Nr 1 Airport
Liberty Municipal Airport
Lake Tahoe Airport
Leadore Airport
Lunenburg County Airport
Luray Caverns Airport
Lake Country Regional Airport
Lake Wales Municipal Airport
La Belle Municipal Airport
Longville Municipal Airport
Lodi Airpark
LS 6 Airfield
Long Tieng Airfield
LSU University Hospital Heliport
La State Police Troop B Helipad Heliport
Louisiana State Police Headquarters Heliport
Lake Air Service Airport
Lake Charles Memorial Heliport
Live Oak Landing Strip
Lady of the Sea Hospital Heliport
Levski Airport
Leskovo Airport
Lozen Heliport
Lesnovo Airport
Luabo Airport
Larnaca International Airport
Loncopue Airport
Lošinj Island Airport
Lansdowne Airport
Lučko Airport
La Axarquía-Leoni Benabu Airport
La Nava - Corral De Ayllón Airport
La Cerdanya Airport
Lleida-Alguaire Airport
La Perdiz - Torre De Juan Abad Airport
La Juliana Airport
La Calderera Airport
Linares Airport
Leon Airport
Logroño-Agoncillo Airport
Lillo Airport
Los Martínez Del Puerto Airport
La Morgal Airport
La Mancha-Toledo Airport
Lekoni Airport
Los Pozuelos De Calatrava Airport
Laon - Chambry Airport
La Flèche Thorée Les Pins Airport
Le Touquet-Côte d'Opale Airport
La Rochelle-Île de Ré Airport
Limoges Airport
Libourne-Artigues-de-Lussac Airport
Loudun Airport
La Réole Floudes Airport
Lesparre St Laurent Medoc Airport
Le Blanc Airport
La Ferté Gaucher Airport
Lamotte Beuvron Airport
La Ferté Alais Airport
Lons Le Saulnier Courlaoux Airport
Longuyon Villette Airport
Lyon Corbas Airport
Langogne - Lespéron Airport
Le Puy-Loudes Airport
L'alpe D'huez Airport
Lapalisse - Périgny Airport
La Motte Chalancon Airport
Lurcy-Lévis Airport
Lyon Brindas Airport
La Tour Du Pin Airport
Lyon Saint-Exupéry Airport
Lyon-Bron Airport
Le Luc-Le Cannet Airport
Le Castellet Airport
Lézignan-Corbières Airport
Le Mazet De Romanin Airport
Le Havre Octeville Airport
L'aigle St Michel Airport
Lessay Airport
Les Sables-d'Olonne Talmont Airport
Laval-Entrammes Airport
Le Havre St Romain Airport
Lognes Emerainville Airport
Le Plessis Belleville Airport
Lunéville-Croismare Airport
Lens Benifontaine Airport
Lille/Marcq-en-Baroeul Airport
Lille-Lesquin Airport
La Baule-Escoublac Airport
Lorient South Brittany (Bretagne Sud) Airport
La Roche-sur-Yon Airport
Landivisiau Air Base
Lanvéoc-Poulmic Air Base
Le Mans-Arnage Airport
Lannion-Côte de Granit Airport
Langres Rolampont Airport
Luxeuil-Saint-Sauveur (BA 116) Air Base
La Grand'combe Airport
La Môle Airport
Le Valdahon Air Base
Les Mureaux Airport
Lure Malbouhans Airport
Lamia Airport
Leros Airport
Limnos Airport
Larisa Airport
Laiagam Airport
Linga Linga Airport
Logan Reserve Airport
L'Aquila–Preturo Airport
Lecce Galatina Air Base
Lamezia Terme Airport
Lampedusa Airport
Lugo Di Romagna Airport
Legnago Airport
Linate Airport
Lecce-San Cataldo Airport
Lucca-Tassignano Airport
Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport
Latina Airport
Lesce-Bled Airport
Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport
Lekana Airport
Liberec Airport
Letňany Airport
Letkov Airport
Lindell Loveless Airport
Lz Fairwinds Airport
Lissadell Airport
La Macarena Airport
Lengbati Airport
Langimar Airport
Loani Airport
Leopoldsdorf Airport
Loen Airport
Ludesch Heliport
Langkampfen Airport
Langkampfen - Au Heliport
Lienz Heliport
Landespolizeikommando Kärnten Heliport
Linz-Ost Airport
Lowe AHP (Fort Rucker) Heliport
Linz Airport
Leiria Gandara Airport
Lajes Field
Lousã Private Airport
Lisbon Portela Airport
Livno Brda Bosni Airport
Lsu Health Science Center Heliport
Liddieville Airport
Lyon Airport
Light Plane Flyers Airfield
La Petite Airdrome Ultralightport
L J Earnest Airport
Lake Charles Office Heliport
Le Blanc Field
Les Eplatures Airport
Lausanne-Blécherette Airport
La Côte Airport
Lodrino Air Base
Langenthal Airport
Lost River 1 Airport
Lodrino Heliport
Leysin Heliport
Lugano Airport
Locarno Airport
Luzern-Beromunster Airport
Lommis Airfield
Latrobe Airport
Leitre Airport
Lathrop Wells Airport / Jackass Aeropark
Lublin Airport
Liepas Air Base
Logovardi Airport
Lebak Rural Airport
Lamoni Municipal Airport
Lučenec Airport
Letisko Airport
Lindey's Landing West Seaplane Base
Long Pond Seaplane Base
Larson's Seaplane Base
Lynch's Landing Airport
Lanseair Farms Airport
La Romana Batey Cacata airport
La Romana Batey Lechuga Airport
La Isabela International Airport
Los Llanos de Sabanatosa Airport
Los Montones Airport
Las Américas International Airport
Loring International Airport
Libby Camps Seaplane Base
Little Ossipee Lake Seaplane Base
La Aurora Airport
La Libertad Airport
Likiep Airport
Lae Island Airport
La America Airport
La Esperanza Airport
La Herradura Airport
La Joya Airport
La Alondra Airport
La Esperanza Airport
La Grecia Airport
Las Lajas Airport
Limon Airport
Laguna Seca Airport
Llanos Del Tigre Airport
Luz Y Vida Airport
Las Vegas Airport
La Estanzuela Airport
Las Minitas Airport
Las Marias Airport
La Laguna Airport
Los Llanos Airport
La Katabila Airport
La Union Airport
Lee Field
Laszlo Airport
Loars Field
Lilienthal Airport
La Javilla Airport
Langkho Airport
La Retama Southwest Airport
La Encarnacion Airport
La Pesca Airport
Leon Gonzales Pie De La Cuesta Airport
Las Delicias Airport
Laguna Del Rey Airport
Licenciado Miguel de la Madrid Airport
Lázaro Cárdenas Airport
Loreto International Airport
Licenciado Manuel Crescencio Rejon Int Airport
Licenciado Benito Juarez International Airport
Licenciado y General Ignacio Lopez Rayon Airport
Licenciado Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport
Los Cabos International Airport
Licenciado Adolfo Lopez Mateos International Airport
Lake Minnewashta Seaplane Base
Lorenz Airport
Lux Strip
L & M Aerodrome
Lucht Field
Luverne Community Hospital Heliport
Lennartson Airport
Los Brasiles Airport
La Esperanza Airport
Leon (Fanor Urroz) Airport
Lyell Airport
Lonesome Sky Airport
Landing Pad Heliport
Lost Mine Airport
Linden Air Airport
Life Line 2 Heliport
La Cabezona Airport
Las Islas Airport
La Zampoña Airport
Los Chiles Airport
Laurel Airport
La Flor Airport
La Garroba Airport
La Ligia Airport
Las Lomas Airport
Limon International Airport
La Guinea Airport
La Loma Heliport
Las Piedras Airport
La Victoria de Sarapiqui Heliport
Las Trancas Airport
La Cueva Airport
La Yolanda Airport
La Zopilota Airport
Los Sueños Heliport
Linwood Airport
Lester Field
Leuth Flying Service Airport
Lundys Heliport
Lamb's Field
Lee's Field
Lewis Airport
Lang Flying Service Airport
La Aramuaca Airport
La Chepona Airport
La Carrera Airport
La Cabaña Airport
Los Comandos Airport
La Gloria Airport
Las Mesas Airport
Lakeside Airport
Laird Ranch Airport
Langhus Airstrip
Lakeview Airport
Lanning Ranch Airport
Libby Heliport
Langton Airstrip
Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge Airport
Livingston Memorial Hospital Heliport
Larner Field
Les Cayes Airport
Leo's Angus Ranch Airport
Lee's Summit Heliport
Lake Village Airport
Lester E. Cox Medical Center North Heliport
Lakeside Airport
Logh Heliport
Las Brujas Airport
Las Clavellinas Airport
Leeward Point Field
La Coloma Airport
Laguna San Ignacio Airport
Long Banga Airport
Long Lama Airport
Lino Air Park
Lake Fremont Seaplane Base
Lake Pulaski Seaplane Base
Lee Stocking Airport
Lynden Pindling International Airport
Leaf Cay Airport
Little Whale Cay Berry Islands Airport
Lincoln Park Airport
Li Calzi Airport
Laneys Airport
Louwater Pan Landing Site
Lendepas Landing Site
Lidfontein Landing Site
Leonardville Airport
Louwater S M7 Airport
Linrud Airstrip
Lill Strip
L. Seckerson Airstrip
Lee Creek Airport
Long Island Airport
Lower Creek Airport
Lindemann Airport
Letzring Airport
Lonetree Airstrip
Larrabee Airport
Loseke Airstrip
Liesveld Airport
Luetkenhaus Airport
Levuka Airfield
Laucala Island Airport
Lakeba Island Airport
Labasa Airport
Lifuka Island Airport
Locke Lake Airport
Lancaster Heliport
Leavitt Airport
Loons Nest Seaplane Base
Littleton Hospital Heliport
Logan Plant Heliport
Liberty Hall Heliport
Lz 1 Nldc Heliport
Little Falls Ems Heliport
Lewis Landing Airport
Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum Heliport
Lukkien Heliport
Langeveld Airfield
Lincoln Station Airport
Luna Landing Airport
La Mesa Park Airport
Lindøye Seaplane Base
Ler Airfield
Lillehammer Mjøsisen Airfield
Lowe'S Wilkesboro Heliport
Las Vegas Helicopters Heliport
Lackerman Ranch Airport
Longana Airport
Lamap Airport
Lamen Bay Airport
Lonorore Airport
Lenakel Airport
Lifou Airport
La Tontouta International Airport
Lakestone Farm Airport
Lakeville Airport
Lewis Field
Long Lake /Helms Seaplane Base
Lakeview Shock Incarceration Center Heliport
Lake Haupiri/Gloriavale Christian Community Airport
Limestone Downs Airport
Lake Station Airport
Lake Taupo Water Airport
Lake Oroville Landing Area Seaplane Base
Lost Bridge Airport
Logar Airport
Lal (Sarjangal) Airport
Lawen Strip
Longview Ranch Airport
Leis Airport
Lindsey L.S. Airport
Lumberton Airport
Lima Memorial Hospital Heliport
Lyttle Airport
Lazy-W Airport
Lanker Airport
Lyons Field
Lee's Dogpatch Airport
Lockeridge Airport
Lavan Island Airport
Lar Airport
Lamerd Airport
Longs Airport North Airport
Logsdon Ranch Airport
L.J. Pankey Heliport
Lekhwair Airport
Loralai Airport
Lincoln Tower Heliport
Lehman Field
La Pine Heliport
Lafayette Airstrip
Lakehill Airport
La Joya Airport
La Plantación Airport
Latrobe Hospital Heliport
Lars/Private Airport
Logue Airport
Level Acres Farm Airport
Ladd AAF Airfield
Larsen Bay Airport
Lake Hood Seaplane Base
Lumusa Airstrip
Lorengau Airfield
Lumi Airport
Lake Murray Airport
Laguindingan Airport
Lihue Airport
Lanai Airport
Leszno (Rydzyna) Highway Strip
Lindsay Airport
Lazy J Heliport
Lohr's Landing Airport
Limerick Generating Station Heliport
Lake Arthur Field
Lackawannock Airport
Labadle Airport
Lajas Airpark
Lazy B Ranch Airport
Larksville Borough Heliport
Lazy J. Ranch Airport
Loule heliport
Longtan Air Base
Lyudao Airport
Lanyu Airport
Landmark Medical Center Heliport
Lester Helo Pad Nº 2
Laoag International Airport
Legazpi City International Airport
Lubang Airport
Labo Airport
Liloy Airport
Loakan Airport
Lucena Airport
Lingayen Airport
Levashovo Air Base
Lipetsk Air Base
Lakhta Naval Air Base
Lepsari Airfield
Leonidovo Air Base
Lobanovo Airstrip
Lensovetovskiy Heliport
Loginovo Airfield
Lesnoy Airfield
Lyubytino Airstrip
Labinsk Airport
Lebedovo Air Base
Lodeynoye Pole Air Base
Logovushka Airfield
Luostari Air Base
Letneozerskiy Air Base
Loukhi-3 Air Base
Lenino Air Base
Lovozero Airport
Lyambir Air Base
Lebanon State Airport
Lopez Island Airport
Lost Isle Seaplane Base
Lake Pend Oreille Seaplane Base
Lago Fagnano North Airport
La Puntilla Airport
Loma La Lata Airport
Las Lajas Airport
Londres/Belén Airport
La Cumbre Airport
Laguna Larga Airport
La Plata Airport
Las Flores Airport
La Paz Airport
Las Termas Airport
La Quiaca Airport
Libertador Gral D Jose De San Martin Airport
Laboulaye Airport
Las Heras Airport
Lago Musters Airport
Lago Argentino Airport
Lauro Carneiro de Loyola Airport
Lages Airport
Lins Airport
Lagoa Santa Airport
Lauro Kurtz Airport
Leite Lopes Airport
Laurel Hill Plantation Airport
Lexington Medical Center Heliport
Lamar Airport
Las Alpacas Airport
La Vertiente Airport
Lago Brown Airport
La Pelícana Airport
Lolco Airport
Los Cedros Airport
La Reforma Airport
Los Calafates Airport
Loncopan Airport
Las Aguilas Airport
Los Gomeros Airport
Los Confines Airport
Los Guayes Airport
Laguna Redonda Airport
Llollenorte Airport
Los Lirios Airport
La Cascada Airport
Lipangui Airport
Licancel Airport
Los Pehuenches Airport
Llanada Grande Airport
La Escondida Airport
La Aguada Airport
La Junta Airport
Lago Colico Airport
Las Mercedes Airport
Leones Airport
Los Petiles Airport
Los Alerces Airport
La Laguna Airport
La Viña Airport
La Playa Airport
La Chimba Airport
Los Cuatro Diablos Airport
La Esperanza Airport
Los Tricahues Airport
Los Monos Airport
Las Aguilas Oriente Airport
Las Moras Airport
Los Pelambres Airport
Las Misiones Airport
Las Araucarias Airport
Los Coipos Airport
Los Paltos Airport
La Puerta Airport
La Colmena Airport
Lequecahue Airport
Las Quemas Airport
Los Morros Airport
LasTacas Airport
Laguna San Rafael Airport
La Estrella Airport
La Verónica Airport
La Florida Airport
Los Cerrillos Airport
La Montaña Airport
Las Breas Airport
Litueche Airport
La Obra Airport
Lontuecito Airport
Lago Verde Airport
La Victoria de Chacabuco Airport
Las Marías Airport
Lago Vargas Airport
Los Maitenes de Villa Vieja Airport
Las Brujas Airport
Las Bandurrias Airport
La Capilla Airport
Licán Airport
Los Maitenes Airport
Livingston Airport
Lee Airport
Lundin Airport
Lagoa Heliport
Lucélia Airport
Leme Airport
Lençóis Paulista Airport
Lagoa da Floresta Airport
Le Canton Heliport
Life Hotel Heliport
Limeira Airport
Lucent Heliport
Las Penas Airport
La Fabril Heliport
Loja Airport
La Mina Airport
La Puntilla Airport
Limoncocha Airport
Loma Larga Airport
Los Perez Airport
Los Perales Airport
Lim Chu Kang Road (Emergency Strip)
Los Paltos Heliport
La Aurora Heliport
Las Brisas De Chicureo Heliport
Los Cerrillos Military Heliport
Las Condes Heliport
Las Americas Heliport
Lan Courier Heliport
La Parva Heliport
Las Salinas Heliport
Lo Ovalle Heliport
Leda Mello Resende Airport
Lazzuli Heliport
Life Center Heliport
Lagoa do Cavalo Heliport
Luciano Peixoto Heliport
Lojas Cem Heliport
Locar Heliport
Laranjal Airport
Lura Heliport
Lagoa dos Coqueiros Airport
Luiz Eduardo Magalhães Airport
Lago Azul Heliport
Lago Grande I Airport
Leão de Ouro Airport
Lavalpa Heliport
Leonel de Moura Brizola Airport
La Providencia Airport
Los Almendros Airport
Los Planes Airport
La Rubiera Airport
La Vega Airport
La Palestina Airport
La Barquereña Airport
La Bramadora Airport
La Candelaria Airport
La Carpeta Airport
La Ceiba Airport
La Chapa Airport
La Colonia Airport
La Concordia Airport
La Culebra Airport
La Envidia Airport
La Flora Airport
La Gloria Airport
La Nevera Airport
La Pista Airport
La Reforma Airport
La Venganza Airport
Las Delicias Airport
Lasguabin Airport
Los Cabros Airport
Los Milagros Airport
Los Toros Airport
La Arrobleda Airport
La Cabaña Airport
Lopez De Micay Airport
La Cacica Airport
La Dilia Airport
La Esperanza Airport
La Fe Airport
La Irlanda Airport
La Jagua De Ibir Airport
La Matua Airport
La Nena Cayta Airport
La Palma Airport
Las Flores Airport
Las Tapias Airport
Los Monjes Airport
La Concepción Airport
La Esperanza Airport
Los Mochuelos Airport
La Aurora Airport
La Esperanza Airport
La Libélula Airport
La Paz Airport
La Ponderosa Airport
La Uribe Airport
Lagos Del Dorado Airport
La Floresta Airport
La Manga Airport
La Amalia Airport
La Ceiba Airport
La Cheka Airport
La Diva Airport
La Fe Airport
La Gaviota Airport
La Palestina Airport
La Ye Airport
La Arabia Airport
La Cabana Airport
La Cabana Airport
La Candela Airport
La Ceiba Airport
La Colina Airport
La Diana Airport
La Esmeralda Airport
La Florida Airport
La Loma Airport
La Luna Airport
La Macarena Airport
La Mansión Airport
La María Airport
La Plata Airport
La Realidad Airport
La Reforma Airport
La Union Airport
Lajitas Airport
Las Brisas Airport
Las Delicias Airport
Las Juanas Airport
Las Malvinas Airport
Los Bálticos Airport
Los Gavanes Airport
Los Sabanales Airport
Los Venados Airport
Los Mulatos Airport
Leguizamo Airport
Las Gaviotas Airport
La Cascajera Airport
La Ponderosa Airport
Los Gemelos Dorados Airport
Los Morros Airport
La Bastilla Airport
La Carmelita Airport
La María Airport
La Opia Airport
Las Garzas Airport
Leticia Airport
Los Feria Girón Airport
Los Mangos Airport
La .Estrella Airport
La Base-Fumivalle Airport
La Esmeralda Airport
La Macarena Airport
La Mesa Airport
La Primavera Airport
Las Cañas Airport
Los Angele Airport
La Jaula Airport
La Primavera Airport
La Victoria Airport
Las Gaviotas Airport
Las Flores Airport
La Florida Airport
Las Brujas Airport
La Gaviota Airport
La Pedrera Airport
Los Garzones Airport
La Nubia Airport
Los Colonizadores Airport
La Esperanza Airport
Las Brizas Airport
Lago Huachi Airport
La India Airport
Laja Airport
Laguna Loa Airport
Lagunillas Airport
Lenora Municipal Airport
Lucas Airport
Lawrence Memorial Hospital Heliport
Lcf Heliport
Lake Waltanna Airport
Lil Bird Airport
Laflin Ranch Airport
Lorenzo Airport
Leopoldina Airport
Lago Joanes Airport
Lagoa da Taboca Airport
Livramento do Brumado Airport
Las Casas Airport
Lajinha Airport
Linhares Airport
Lavrinhas Airport
Lagoa da Prata Airport
Litorânea Airport
Laginha Airport
Lagunas Airport
Luisiana Airport
Lagarto Nuevo Airport
Las Palmas Airport
Lobitos Airport
Laguna Choclococha Airport
Lamas Airport
Luya Airport
Lankien Airstrip
Laguna Airport
Loanda Airport
Lavras Airport
Luíz Eduardo Magalhães Airport
Lemon Hotel Heliport
Laguna Heliport
Laguna Airport
Laguna de Los Patos International Airport
Las Cachas Airport
Los Andes Airport
Los Camorucos Airport
La Batalla Airport
Los Belseres Airport
La Cabaña Airport
La Tortuga Punta Delgada Airport
La Divina Pastora Airport
La Esperanza Airport
La Fe de Cojedes Airport
La Fortuna Airport
La Fe de Apure Airport
La Gran China Airport
La Guacharaca Airport
Las Guadalupes Airport
La Garza Airport
Los Lajeros Airport
La Vigía Oeste Airport
La Calzada Airport
Las Clavellinas Airport
Las Adjuntas Airport
La Blanquilla Airport
Las Brisas Airport
La Fria Airport
Las Majaguas Airport
Las Delicias Airport
La Alcancía Airport
La Vieja Airport
Las Flores Airport
La Candelaria Airport
La Orchila Airport
Las Lagunitas Airport
Las Corobas Airport
La Argentina Airport
Los Aguacates Airport
La Yaguita Airport
La Yagua Airport
Las Cruces Airport
La Mona Airport
La Chinita International Airport
Los Malabares Airport
Las Mercedes Airport
Las Nieves Airport
Los Indios Airport
Los Oripopos Airport
Los Cocos Airport
Las Palmeras Airport
Luepa Airport
La Paragua Airport
La Paz Airport
La Trinidad De Apure Airport
Los Conucos Airport
Los Quitasoles Airport
La Reforma Airport
Los Arrecifes Airport
Los Roques Airport
Los Siete Samanes Airport
La Estacada Airport
La Trinidad de Ferro Airport
La Tigra Airport
La Trinidad de Orichuna Airport
La Centella Airport
La Trinidad de Barinas Airport
La Torta Airport
La Verdad Airport
Los Venados Airport
La Bananera Airport
Lábrea Airport
Luciara Airport
Lavoura Fazenda São Benedito Airport
Linden Airport
Lumid Pau Airport
Lethem Airport
Lpc Heliport
Live Oak Ranch Airport
Lempa Airport
Lupton Farms Heliport
Lm Ranch Airport
Life Flight/Refuel Heliport
Lobo Mountain Ranch Airport
La Esperanza Ranch Airport
Loghouse /Stol/ STOLport
Lackorn Airport
Lmc Heliport
Lexington Airfield
La Désirade Airport
L'Espérance Airport
Les Bases Airport
Lauriston Airport
Luis Munoz Marin International Airport
La Karouba Air Base
Lake View Airport
Loudon Justice Center Heliport
Long Meadow Airstrip
Landry STOLport
Lewis Electric Apparatus Repair Inc Heliport
Liberty Hill International Airport
Little 'L' Ranch Airport
Lubbbock Methodist Hospital Heliport
Loesch Ranch Airport
Little Peach Airport
Lucky Star Ranch Airport
Log Cabin Airport
Leroux Airport
Lochridge Ranch Airport
Lazy 9 Ranch Airport
Laguna Park Community Airport
L.F. Wade International International Airport
Lushoto Airport
Laidlaw Corrals Airport
Luzhani Airfield
Limanske Airfield
Lokhvitsya Airport
Liman Airfield
Lebedyn Air Base
Liubsha Air Base
Lutsk Air Base
Lugovoy Airport
Lankaran International Airport
Lensk Airport
Lavrentiya Airport
Luhansk International Airport
Lutsk Airport
Lviv International Airport
Limans'Ke Airport
Leshukonskoye Airport
Lopshenga Airport
Letnyaya Zolotitsa Airport
Lodeynoye Pole Airport
Lost Creek Farms Airport
Lake Havasu City Airport
Loggy Bayou Plantation Airport
Laurie's Landing Airport
Lynnhaven Heliport
Little Elm Field
Lakewood / St. Anthony's Hospital Heliport
Little York Airport
Lz Alfa Heliport
Labytnangi Heliport
Lugovoy Airport
Lbl Farms Airport
Lds Hospital North Heliport
Lipetsk Airport
Longbranch Airport
Layne Farm Airstrip
Longs Airport
Lous Airport
Lockerman Seaplane Base
Lakeview Aerodrome
La Bendición Ramera Airport
La Cantara Airport
La Concepción Heliport
La Esmeralda Airport
La Ladera Heliport
La Tortuga Punta Arena Airport
La Trinidad De Amazonas Airport
La Yegua Airport
Lago Guanoco Heliport
Lagunillas Heliport
Lagunillas Airport
Lamargas Heliport
Las Carmelitas de Apure Airport
Las Mercedes Capanaparo Airport
Loma Azul Heliport
Los Caballos Airport
Luisa Airport
La Guaira Airport
La Culata Airport
Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport
Lengpui Airport
Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Airport
Lonesome Pine Hospital Heliport
Lee Field
Lalmonirhat Airport
Lal Bahadur Shastri Airport
Ludhiana Airport
Leh Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport
Lalitpur Airport
Luang Phabang International Airport
Luang Namtha Airport
Lamidanda Airport
Lukla Airport
Langtang Airport
Lampang Airport
Lamphun Airport
Loei Airport
Lien Khuong Airport
Las Malvinas/Echarate Airport
Loikaw Airport
Lonekin Airport
Lashio Airport
Lanywa Airport
Leon Airport
Lower Monumental State Airport
Lost River Resort Airport
La Center View-Air Airport
Lacrosse Municipal Airport
Longview Bridge Medical Emergency Heliport
Leisureland Airpark
Lereh Airport
Larat Airport
Long Atip Airport
Long Semado Airport
Long Geng Airport
Long Lellang Airport
Long Seridan Airport
Limbang Airport
Long Akah Airport
Lio Matu Airport
Long Sukang Airport
Lawas Airport
Lahad Datu Airport
Labuan Airport
Long Pasia Airport
Lake Menomin Seaplane Base
Lilac Time Airport
Larson Studio Airport
Langlade Memorial Hospital Heliport
Lake Geneva Aire Estates Airport
Larson Airport
Labuhan Bilik Airport
Lasikin Airport
Lhok Sukon Airport
Labis Airport
Langkawi International Airport
Lumut Heliport
Lutong Airport
LTS Pulau Redang Airport
Lawson Airpark
Lake Union Heliport
Lower Granite Dam Heliport
Leach Farms Heliport
Lower Monumental Dam Heliport
Lee's Airport
Long Bawan Airport
Long Mawang Airport
Long Apung Airport
Lonely Pines Airport
Lake Ell Field
Luther Hospital Heliport
Leeward Farm Airport
Log Cabin Airport
Lee Massey Airport
Lee Norse Nr 2 Heliport
Lost Mountain Airport
Louis Bennett Field
Larew Airport
Lieving Airport
Luckinbill Airstrip
Little Buffalo Ranch Airport
Lone Pine Flying Ranch Airport
Los Cuernos Ranch Airport
Lake Pointe Medical Center Heliport
Landry's Seafood House Heliport
Lmh Heliport
Landry's Warehouse Heliport
Las Colinas Medical Center Heliport
Laredo Medical Center Heliport
Lubbock Heart Hospital Heliport
Lewis Ranch Airport
Lone Star Flying Service Airport
Lebyazhye Air Base
Lewis Heliport
Las Culebras Airport
Lake Water Wheel Airport
Lake Preston Municipal Airport
Leo E. Goetz County Airport
Lake Keepit Airport
Lagoon Bay Airport
Lawn Hill Airport
Lakeside Airpark
Lambina Airport
Langawirra Airport
Lameroo Airport
Lawlers Airport
Lombadina Airport
Lake Bolac Airport
Lake Cargelligo Airport
Lancelin Airport
Locksley Field
Lady Barron (Flinders Is) Airport
Landor Station Airport
Leeman Airport
Leigh Creek Airport
Lethbridge Park Airport
Leeton Airport
Leongatha Airport
Leonora Airport
Lakes Entrance Airport
Lake Evella Airport
Lakefield Airport
La Grange Bay Airport
Lake Grace Airport
Longdown Airport
Laglan Airport
Loongana Airport
Legune Airport
Lord Howe Island Airport
Long Hill Airport
Lockhart River Airport
Lyndhurst Airport
Lilydale Airport
Limbunya Station Airport
Lindeman Island Airport
Lismore Airport
Lucky Downs Airport
Lakes Entrance Airport
Lake King Airport
Lake Nash Airport
Lilla Creek Airport
Langlo Downs Airport
Lake Leagur Airport
Lily Vale Airport
Lambrook Airport
Lakeland Airport
Landor Races Airport
Lochinvar Airport
Longwood Airport
Louth Airport
Lock Airport
Lorraine Airport
Louisa Downs Airport
Lotus Vale Airport
Loxton Airport
Longwarry Airport
Lake Pedder Airport
Laura Airport
Lightning Ridge Airport
Longreach Airport
Lorna Glen Homestead Airport
Lorraine Station Airport
Lismore Airport
Lansdowne Airport
Leinster Airport
Laverton Airport
Latrobe Valley Airport
Lucy Creek Airport
Lucindale Airport
Leeuwin Estate Airport
Lovely Banks Airport
Lake Everard Airport
Laverak (Military) Airport
Lake Varley Airport
Lake Way Airport
Lyndley Airport
Lyndoch Airport
Lyndon Airport
Lizard Island Airport
Launceston Airport
Learmonth Airport
Laidley Hospital Helipad
Leeton Showground Heliport
Lithgow Hospital Helipad
Liverpool Hospital Helipad Alpha
Lake Hood Strip
Lake Louise Airport
Lavino Airport
Lobatse Southeast Airport
Luoding Sulong Airport.
Lingling Airport
Luoyang Airport
Lanzhou City Airport
Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport
Lilayi Airport
Lijiang Airport
Longyan Guanzhishan Airport
Lianyungang Airport
Liuting Airport
Longdongbao Airport
Liangping Airport
Lhasa Gonggar Airport
Luzhou Airport
Liping Airport
Longjia Airport
Lindu Airport