Airport Names starting with c

Cordes Airport
Cass Field
Caffrey Heliport
Cooper Flying Service Airport
Colgate-Piscataway Heliport
Clear Creek Ranch Airport
Community Hospital of De Queen Heliport
Cedar Knoll Flying Ranch Airport
Community Hospital Heliport
Caldwell Municipal Airport
Country Breeze Airport
Compaq Andover Heliport
Crystal Lakes Resort Airport
Champion Ranch Airport
Colonial Air Park
Conover Air Lodge Airport
Cuchens Airport
Condell Medical Center Heliport
Cuttyhunk Heliport
Canon Heliport
Cuylers Airport
Cawleys South Prairie Airport
Clarks Dream Strip
Cahoochie Airport
Cascade Airport
Collegeville Heliport
Creekside Airport
Chinle Airport
Cross Creek Farms Airport
Columbus Southwest Airport
Chesapeake City Heliport
Collins Landing Strip
Capitol National Bank Building Heliport
Charlton Strip
Classic Landings Airport
Cooper Airport
Cartersville Airport
Circle 'A' Ranch Airport
Cole Farm Airport
Chemical Bank - New Jersey Na Heliport
Cherokee Island Castle Heliport
Campbell Field
Comanche Creek Airport
Central City Municipal - Larry Reineke Field
Churchill Airport
Cuddihy Field
Corntassel Airport
Cross-Country Estates Airport
Crittenden Regional Hospital Heliport
City of Coalgate Airport
Christenson Point Seaplane Base
Clark Airport
Cross Wind Airport
Cottonwood Field
Cheryl-Lane Landings Airport
Coffman Airport
Clay County Hospital Heliport
Castle Well Airport
Canadian Lakes Airport
Cushing Field Ltd Airport
Coach & Paddock Heliport
Crawford Airport
Colorado Plains Medical Center Heliport
Chenoweth Airport
Century Helicopters Heliport
Cartwheel Airport
Corydon Airport
Cloverleaf Farms Ii Inc. Heliport
Crystal Lake Airpark
Carpenter Airport
Cromwell Heliport
Coyote Run Airport
Chuck's Airport
Creighton Airport
Cady Aerial RLA Restricted Landing Area
Camp Chippewa Airport
Cambron Field
Clinton-Hickman County Airport
Conoco Inc Heliport
Calvert Memorial Hospital Heliport
Catfish Point Airport
Cottonwood Airport
Christian Hospital Northeast Heliport
Chandelle Estates Airport
Columbus Municipal Airport
Corning Municipal Airport
Cirino Heliport
Chappell Airport
Cade's Airport
Crystal Airport
Community Medical Center Nap Heliport
Carson Heliport
Carsonville Airport
Crazy Horse Heliport
Christus Spohn Hospital Memorial Heliport
Card Aerodrome
Copper Basin Airport
Coffman Field
Curtis Airport
Childrens Hospital Emergency Heliport
Crash In International Airport
Coopers Landing
Clark Heliport
Channel 7 Heliport
Candlelight Farms Airport
Conoco Heliport
Chesapeake General Hospital Heliport
Clinton Elks Lodge Balloonport
Columbus Stockyards Airport
Channel Two Heliport
Curtis Ranch Field
Camano Island Airfield
Camp Davis Mcolf Airport
Cheshire Medical Center Heliport
Colmery-O'Neil Vamc Heliport
Cylon Heliport
Cannon Creek Airpark
Creole Heliport
Cloverleaf Ranch Airport
Canapitsit Airport
Camp Rilea Heliport
Cavage Personal Use Airport
Cotton Strip
Coyote Ridge Airport
Chehalem Airpark
Carolina Cow Country Airport
Comfort Airpark
Cherokee Strip
Camp Beauregard Army National Guard Heliport
Comanche County Memorial Hospital Heliport
Connelly Field
Clark Airport
Conrads Airport
Cut and Shoot Airport
Craig Cg Heliport
Crevice Creek Airport
Crosswind Lake Airport
Cherokee Strip
Country Air Estates Airport
Chapin Field
Cottonwood Airport
California Title Building Heliport
Clifford Field
Canton-Plymouth-Mettetal Airport
Corkscrew Trace Airpark
Cape Canaveral Hospital Heliport
C & W Air Park
Converse Airport
Camp Tahigwa Landing Site Heliport
Confer's Place Airport
Cottingham Airport
Cribbet Airport
Cochran Airport
Community Methodist Hospital Heliport
Central Baptist Hospital Heliport
Chevron Intracoastal Heliport
Cal Mire Field
Cosmar Styrene Plant Heliport
Cameron Airstrip
Clng Cove Point Heliport
Chesuncook Lake House Seaplane Base
Cook Hospital Heliport
Cuyuna Regional Medical Center Heliport
Columbus Air Force Base Aux Field Airfield
Church's Landing Airport
Carlson Agricultural Airport
Catalano Airfield
Chenango Bridge Airport
Caughdenoy Airport
Clinton Memorial Hospital Heliport
Chehalem Mountain Heliport
Clackamas Heights Airport
Clackamas County Redsoils Heliport
Children's Hospital Heliport
Camp Rapid Heliport
Corpora Airport
Cedar Crest Field
Clayton Heliport
Cig 804 Heliport
Calkins Equipment Company Heliport
Covered Bridge Fields Airport
Chase Field Industrial Airport
Christus Spohn South Heliport
Clayton Heliport
Canary's Airport
Clark Field
Crooked Lake Airstrip
Currier's Seaplane Base
Clearwater Airpark
Carlisle Regional Medical Center
Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center Heliport
Commodore Center Seaplane Base
Churchill Downs Heliport
Couvillion Airport
Community Memorial Hospital Heliport
Classic Airstrip
Clark Airport
Cedar Acres Private Group Airport
Clearfield Hospital Heliport
Caleb Heliport
City of Geneseo Heliport
Central Jersey Bank Heliport
Columbia Seminole Heliport
Cherrystone Airport
Cross-B Airport
Crystal Lakes Airport
Connell's Wahoo Airport
Cook Airport
Corr Airport
Carter's Heliport
Columbia River Park Hospital Heliport
Christianson Field
Chitwood Airstrip
Cub Port Airport
Coastal Helicopters Inc Heliport
Charter Bank Building Heliport
Cedar Farm Airport
Cranland Airport
Cannizzaro Field
Cain Ranch Airport
Childrens Hospital Los Angeles Heliport
Caloosa Downtown Seaplane Base
Cramer Aerodrome
Craik Airport
Cactus Hill Airport
Crossings Heliport
Clear Creek Airport
Collier Airpark
Cape Cod Airport
Cosmodyne Heliport
Cones Field
Crosswinds Airport
Castle Dome Army Heliport
Children'S Hospital Heliport
Commerce Business Park Heliport
Canyon Creek Heliport
Cherokee Trail Ranch Airport
CMRS Airdrome Airport
Cackleberry Airport
Circle U Heliport
Central Florida Regional Hospital Heliport
Crystal Village Airport
Catoosa Springs STOLport
Chukkar Farm Ultralightport
Cornell Municipal Airport
Central Community Hospital Heliport
Cmc At West Ninth Heliport
Cayuse Creek /US Forest Service/ Airport
Columbus Regional Hospital Heliport
Central Industries Airport
Costello Airport
Cow Island Trunkline Heliport
Cwian Field
Chitimacha Air Park
Compaq Littleton Heliport
Compaq Powdermill Road Heliport
Compaq Stow Heliport
Cherry Field
Charleston / Harte Field
Capen Airport
Chippewa County Hospital Heliport
Community Medical Center Heliport
Cambridge Medical Center Heliport
Casslindan Airport
Coppersmith Airport
Cove Neck Heliport
Catskill Valley Airpark
Cedar Creek Airport
Childrens Medical Center Heliport
Caesar Creek Gliderport
Comprix Heliport
Cole Landing Area Airport
Caribbean Constr Main Office Heliport
Cuero Community Hospital Heliport
Circle R Ranch Airport
Cub Haven Airport
Clearview Airpark
Coulee Community Hospital Heliport
Curns Airport
Cunningham Airport
Connor'S Lake Landing
C. R. Acres Airport
Columbia Valley Regional Heliport
Cross Triangle Ranch Airport
Chena River Seaplane Base
Coyote Creek Ranch Airport
City of Fort Lauderdale Heliport
Columbia Putnam Community Hospital Heliport
Clay County Hospital Heliport
Clinton Hospital Heliport
Crusader Heliport
Coye Field
Cone Airport
Clinch Valley Medical Center Heliport
Chambers Island Airport
Control Dynamics Heliport
Cedar Circle Heliport
Centra State Medical Center Heliport
Crow-Mag Airport
Cardwell Strip
Cobb General Hospital Heliport
Coastal Ridge Airpark
Crowhurst Heliport
Cyanamid-Hannibal Heliport
Colle Field
Carolinas Medical Center Heliport
Chilton Memorial Hospital Heliport
Canyon Lake Airport
Citronelle / Silcox Memorial Heliport
Continental Airport
Clarion Field
Cyber Density Balloon Spot Balloonport
Carriage Lane Airport
Crawford Memorial Hospital Heliport
Camp Clark Army Heliport
Cobbetts Pond Seaplane Base
Ciszak Airport
CMH Medical Heliport
Calhoun Medical Center Heliport
Colliers Mills Heliport
Carilion Westlake Center Heliport
Cuba Memorial Hospital Heliport
Cole Airfield
Cain Field
Cashen Airport
Chicora Field
Chandler Personal Use Airport
Castle Heliport
Crosswind Meadows Airport
Croman Heliport
Cullman Regional Medical Center Heliport
Cypress Creek Airport
Crystal Ridge Airport
Campbell Lake Spb Seaplane Base
Clark Ranch Airport
Chase Plaza Heliport
Cridler Field
Crivitz Municipal Airport
Cauley's Airstrip
Cottonwood Lake Seaplane Base
Carlson Farm Airport
Chain-O-Lakes Airport
Cherry Hill Heliport
Chesnut Knolls Airport
Craw Daddy Landing Airport
Carroll County Hospital Heliport
Charlie Hammonds Seaplane Base
Compton Airport
Compaq Woburn Heliport
Chandler Airport
Clear Sky Heliport
Clyde Valley Airport
Chinquapin Heliport
Community General Hospital Heliport
Creager Airport
Cedar Crest Heliport
Cubehole Airport
Cline Falls Air Park
Countryside Airport
Chester County Hospital Heliport
Chestnut Street Garage Heliport
Coxton Lake Heliport
Carolina Pines Regional Medical Center Heliport
Crooked Fence Farm Airport
Chris Hofer Landing Strip
Cedar Mills Airport
Clark Airport
Clark Sky Ranch Airport
Chacon Creek Ranch Airport
Carnot Field
Clover Valley Airport
Christus St. John Hospital Heliport
Chicken Strip
Citizens Medical Center Heliport
Comanche Hospital Heliport
City of Industry Civic Financial Center Heliport
Cherry Hill Airport
Children's Memorial Hospital Heliport
Chanay Airport
Calkins Field
Clayton Heliport
Circle P Ranch Airport
Central Washington Hospital Heliport
Costa Mesa Police Department Heliport
Cole's Seaplane Base
Charles A. Chase Jr. Memorial Field
Cortopassi Airport
Carlinville Area Hospital Heliport
Compton Airport
Cherokee Airport
Chapin Medical Pad Heliport
Cummings Field
Clinton County Hospital Heliport
Crystal Airport
Cloud Nine Field
Circle Bar Ranch Airport
Cliff Scott Airport
Chapin Airport
Cabin Pad Heliport
Castle Mountain Airstrip
Cedar Creek Airport
Chevron Place Heliport
Cub Cove Seaplane Base
Circle A Ranch Airport
Camp Lake Airport
Cougar Mountain Airfield
Conway Regional Health System Heliport
City National Bank Heliport
Camp Parks Heliport
Choc Heliport
Chevron Refinery Heliport
Captiva Heliport
Chattahoochee Air Park
Community Memorial Hospital Heliport
Chesak Airport
Culp Farms Airport
Creek Side Landing Airport
Chevron Fourchon Heliport
Chevron Usa Inc Heliport
Covenant Medical Center Heliport
Colonial Acres Airport
Clarendon Municipal Airport
Carey Field
Clements Airport
Catoctin Crosswind Airport
Coot Landing Airport
Crop Care Airport
Casino Center Heliport
Cochran Airport
Cane Creek Airport
Corporate Park of Staten Island Heliport
Cross' Farm Airport
Cherokee Seaplane Base
Candy Lake Estate Airport
C.J.K. Airport
Cohen Airport
Coatesville Heliport
Costello Island, Inc Airport
Comanche Caves Ranch Airport
Cotton Field
Christian's Airport
Cool Water Airport
Cricket Field
Carlson Airport
Carhart Farms Airport
County Rescue Services Heliport
Card Airfield
Coyote Field
Columbia Lakes Heliport
Cattle Creek Ranch Airport
Culver Field
Chiefland Sky Ranch Airport
Cagney Airport
Curry Airport
Cedar Air Park
Cass Lake-Cove Island Seaplane Base
Clay's Rv Airport
Charles E Grutzmacher Municipal Airport
Coshocton County Memorial Hospital Heliport
Chinook Ultralight Airpark
Clear Lake Regional Medical Center Heliport
Charlotte's Field
Clapper Airport
Charloe Airport
Christus Santa Rosa Westover Hills Heliport
Cannon Field
Columbia Agricultural Airport
Caldwell Field
Cliff Dow Airport
Community Hospital Heliport
Camelot Airport
Costerisan Farms Airport
Conley Field
Cranmoor Airstrip
Cyr Aviation Airport
Casad Industrial Park Airport
Cole Memorial Airport
Coker Hill Heliport
Chapman Ranch Airstrip
Comanche Livestock Airport
City Hall Heliport
Cox-Coyour Meml Air Field
Camp Gruber Heliport
Colberg Airport
Carranza Farm Airstrip
Chandalar Shelf Airport
Creekside Airport
Cheyenne Wells Municipal Airport
Canal Street Heliport
County Line Airstrip
Chinsegut Airport
Chipola Airpark
Cedar Lane Airport
County Police Heliport
Clear Lake Municipal Airport
Community Memorial Health Center Heliport
Clarian West Medical Center Heliport
Clear Lake Seaplane Base
Crooked Lake Seaplane Base
Corman Acres Airport
Cast Airport
Cochituate Heliport
Cridler Airport
Chanlin Field
Carolina Kidney Heliport
Craig Private Airport
Congoleum Helistop
Claremore Regional Hospital Heliport
Christopher M. Rippee Memorial Airport
Chambers Airport
Chestnut Hill Airport
Charping Airport
Creasy Airport
Comanche Ranch Airport
Chan-C Airport
Calhan Airport
Chimney View Airport
Coeburn Heliport
Carol'S Heliport
Chp Academy Airport
Chadron Community Hospital Heliport
Carlin Lawrence Airport
Carl Ensor Airport
Cindy Guntly Memorial Airport
Casey County Hospital Heliport
Combs Airport
Carleton Heliport
Cinder Butte Heliport
Corn Alley Airport
Chandler Armory Heliport
Colville Municipal Airport
Carpentiers Strip
Cholla Airport
Cordell Memorial Hospital Heliport
Creeds Heliport
Curtis and Curtis Airport
Chautauqua Lake Airpark
Cherry Valley Airport
Corporetum Office Campus Heliport
Cavanaugh Bay Airport
Chapman Farms Airport
County Poor Farm Airport
Cowell's Heliport
Central County Airport
Calhoun Heliport
Clinton County Fairgrounds Heliport
Casa De Aero Park Airport
Cloud 9 Airport
Carilion New River Valley Medical Center Heliport
Chiles Airpark
Clute's Hilltop Airport
Cizek North Airport
Cypress Creek Airpark
Copper Queen Hospital Heliport
Catalina Air-Sea Terminal Heliport
Crystal River Power Plant Heliport
Cove Valley Airport
Central State Hospital Heliport
Clarke County Hospital Heliport
Cornell Airport
Centralia Correctional Center Heliport
Cary Fire Dept Heliport
Cablevision Bethpage Heliport
Cottonwood Airport
Church Point Flyers Airport
Cagc Freshwater Terminal Heliport
Cumberland Air Park RLA Restricted Landing Area
Cotuit Heliport
Cuttyhunk Harbor Seaplane Base
Civista Medical Center Heliport
Curt's Place Airport
Chuck West Memorial Heliport
Craddock Field
Chase Airstrip
Cox-Grantham Airfield
Circle P Farm Airport
Casey's Airport
Computer Associates Heliport
Cec Heliport
Craighead Heliport
Connor Heliport
Cleveland Clinic Foundation Heliport
Cary Ranch Airport
Cochran Ranch Airport
Chenoweth Airpark
Champ Field
Columbia Heliport
Culp Airport
Coldwater Ranch Airport
Circle M Ranch Airport
Chippenham Hospital Heliport
Caswell Airport
Carr Airport
Cascade Valley Hospital Heliport
Cub Acres Airport
Cannon Aviation Airport
Candlelight Heliport
Charlevoix Area Hospital Heliport
Crestline Hospital Heliport
Cerny Airport
Circle C Ranch Airport
Cornerstone Heliport
Carr Airport
Chaparrosa Ranch Airport
Clarksville Airport
Cruz Farm Heliport
Charles J Hughes Ranch Airport
Civic Center Heliport
Crossroads Community Hospital Heliport
Childrens Mercy Hospital Heliport
Coleman Cattle Company Nr 1 Airport
Camp Withycombe Heliport
Coleman Cattle Company Nr 2 Airport
Celebration Health Hospital Heliport
Christus Schumpert Medical Center Heliport
Collins-Flege Airpark
Camp Friendship Airfield
C.T.S. Airport
C&R Farm Airport
Carls Airport
Cpc Parma Heliport
Crowley Ranch Airstrip
Center Island Airport
Coates Airport
Cambridge Memorial Hospital Heliport
Cruse Memorial Heliport
Children's Hospital Oakland Heliport
Central District Police Station Heliport
Cody Port RLA Restricted Landing Area
Cloud Airport
Croisant Airport
Carson Sheriff Station Heliport
Craig Cove Seaplane Base
Caldbeck Field
Clark Airport
Catawba Valley Medical Center Heliport
Crooked Creek Airport
Coombs Airport
Cantagree Farm H Heliport
Campis Airport
Culver Airfield
Canal Fulton Airport
Curtis Airport
Cleveland Police Department 6th District Heliport
Christy's Airport
City of Faith Heliport
Charles G. Kalko Airport
Caterpillar Pbp Heliport
Club House Nr 1 Heliport
Cage Ranch Airport
Carlisle Airport
Centennial Medical Center Heliport
Cowden Heliport
Cig 806 Heliport
Clover Project Landing Zone Heliport
Charlies Airport
Crispy Cedars Airport
Christian Ranch Airport
Cox's Hammock Airport
Cox Field
Creech Heliport
Cheechako Airport
Cameron Community Hospital Heliport
Circle P Ranch Airport
Coastal Airport
Century City Heliport
Capeletti Heliport
Cobo Hall Heliport
Collier Farms Airport
Cotton Field
Camp Longhorn Airport
Cia Headquarters Heliport
Christison Airport
Children's Hospital Heliport
Cub Bear Airport
Country Landings Airport
Craig Craft Airport
Craig Heliport
City National Plaza Heliport
Cielo Grande Ranch Airport
Cottonwood Farm Airport
Cinco B Ranch Airport
Corriher Field
Chippewa Field
Chain Lakes Airpark
Clark Regional Medical Center Heliport
Circle C Airport
Carter Ranch Airport
Carty's Airstrip
Colorado Antique Field
Colony Heliport
Capra Farms Heliport
Careferre Acres Airport
Clarian Arnett Heliport
Cimarron Municipal Airport
Caintuckee Airport
Chevron Usa Inc. Seaplane Base
Conoco Inc. Venice Heliport
Chevron Southpass Tank Battery W-2 Heliport
Consumers Power Company Heliport
Cupp/Sjvs Landing Strip
Curtis Field
Cayton Pony Express Airport
Camp Grafton Heliport
C A M P Airport
Carnegie Center Heliport
Camp Crook Municipal Airport
Clum Airport
Cleveland Area Hospital Heliport
Cc & M Airport
Cameron County Junior/Senior High School Heliport
Community Medical Center Heliport
Cashmere-Dryden Airport
Carter Ranch STOLport
Canyon Ferry Airport
Christensen Field
Clarissa Municipal Airport
Callaghan Ranch Airport
Cross Airport
Christensen Bros Wahluke Strip
Chilhowee Gliderport
Carter Airport
Carlstrom Field
Chaney San Francisco Ranch Airport
Conner Heliport
Chumuckla 20-20 Airport
Crawford Ultralightport
C C A Heliport
Chupadera Ranch Airport
Citrus Hedging Ranch Airport
Cowley Field
Cable Creek Ranch Airport
Cedar Creek Ranch Airport
Crazy Horse Municipal Airport
Clear View Farm Airport
Cabin Creek Landing Airport
Circle T Airport
Creamer Heliport
Candy Lake Estate Airport
Copland Airport
Cig 402 Heliport
Curtis Parkway North Heliport
Courtney's Landing Airport
Cahc Emergency Heliport
Cooper Field
Chuathbaluk Airport
Cubdivision Airport
California Mart Heliport
Christensen Ranch Airport
Chinaberry Ranch Airport
Cruzan Field
City of Highland Park Heliport
Cedar Ridge Airport
Chase County Airport
Coffeyville Regional Medical Center Heliport
Clay City Vol. Fire Department Heliport
Chandler Airport
C M H S Heliport
Custer Main Heliport
Carey Lake Seaplane Base
Crocker Airport
C.C.A. Heliport
Community Hospital Lakeview Heliport
Cimarron Strip
Central Park Helistop
Carbondale-Clifford Airport
Childrens Hospital Of Philadelphia Heliport
Camp Bullis Heliport
Charlton-Careflite Heliport
Cig 816 Heliport
Camp Bullis Als (Cals) Airport
Canon Ranch Airport
Crippen Creek Farm Airport
Campbell Field
Clio Crop Care Airport
Carlson Airport
Courtney Plummer Airport
Coloma Municipal Airport
Costin Airport
Chignik Lake Airport
Central Pad Heliport
Charikar Airport
Choiseul Bay Airport
Chena Hot Springs Airport
Camp Point Airport
Carl's Landing Airport
CD-3 Airstrip
Chena Marina Airport
Candle 2 Airport
Christiansen Lake Seaplane Base
Campbell BLM Heliport
Charlie Wilkes Airport
Cloudmont Airpark
Cullman Medical Center Heliport
Carraway Medical Center Heliport
Community Hospital Heliport
Coemba Airport
Cangamba Airport
Capanda Airport
Cullen Airport
Caleta Olivia Airport
Charata Airport
Cipoletti Aeroclub Airport
Cabaña San Isidro Labrador Heliport
Cabañas Airport
Cabildo Airport
Cabo Vírgenes Heliport
Caleufu Airport
Campo De Vuelo Heliport
Canals Airport
Cañada De Gomez Airport
Cañada Rosquin Airport
Cañuelas Airport
Capitan Sarmiento Airport
Carhue Airport
Carlos Casares Airport
Carlos Tejedor Airport
Carmen De Areco Airport
Casa De Gobierno Heliport
Casilda Airport
Castelli Airport
Castelli Airport
Centinela Heliport
Central Nuclear Heliport
Centro Cívico Grand Bourg Heliport
Cereales Anahi Ruca Airport
Cerro Chapelco Heliport
Chacabuco Airport
Chacharramendi Airport
Chajari Airport
Chañar Ladeado Airport
Chascomus Airport
Chivilcoy Airport
Cholila Airport
Cinco Saltos Airport
Citefa Heliport
Ciudad Universitaria Heliport
Club Nautico San Isidro Heliport
Colon Airport
Colon Airport
Complejo Llao Llao Heliport
Concepcion Del Uruguay Airport
Concordia Aeroclub Airport
Confluencia Airport
Coronel Dorrego Airport
Coronel Pringles Airport
Coronel Vidal Airport
Corral De Bustos Airport
Cruz Alta Airport
Curuzu Cuatia Aeroclub Airport
Chevron Texaco Airport
Carlos Saqui Airport
Carmen De Patagones Airport
Club De Planeadores Airport
Colonia Tirolesa Airport
Comandante Eduardo A. Olivero Airport
Concepción Airport
Coronel Brandsen Airport
Coronel Moldes Airport
Casilda Fumigaciones Airport
Campanopolis Heliport
Casa De Lata Heliport
Country Club San Diego Heliport
Cañuelas Gas SA Heliport
Colonia La Capilla Heliport
Colonia Sarmiento Airport
Camerones Field
Caleta Valdés Field
Cushamen Field
Centerville Airstrip
Cantrell Farms Airport
Cedar Creek Ranch Airport
C. Andrew Laird Heliport
Carroll General Hospital Heliport
Chicot Memorial Hospital Heliport
Cross County Hospital Heliport
Crawford Memorial Hospital Heliport
Circle S Farms Airport
Chael Airport
Cardabia Station Airstrip
Chittering Airstrip
Cowal Gold Mine Helipad
Coolibah Airport
Coorabie Airport
Carlton Hill Airport
Cresswell Downs Airport
Camballin Airport
Chimbu Airport
Cliff Dwellers Lodge Airport
Circle H Ranch Airport
C & L Ranch Ultralightport
China Peak Observatory Airport
Cross Cut Heliport
Coyner Airstrip
Cooper Ranch Airport
Chandler Regional Hospital Heliport
Coyote Run Gliderport
Cape Santa Maria Airstrip
Cave Cay Airstrip
Castaway Cay (Gorda Cay) Airstrip
Chan Chich Airstrip
Caye Caulker Airport
Caye Chapel Airport
Corozal Municipal Airport
Commonwealth Health Center Heliport
Catron County Heliport
Cross Winds Airport
Crystal Lake Airport
Cabin Creek Airport
Cabin Airport
Calgary (Children's Hospital) Heliport
Campbellford Airport
Camsell River (Terra Mining) Airport
Cape Christian Airport
Cape Dyer Airport
Cape Hooper Airport
Cape Jones Airport
Cape Parry Airport
Cape Young Airport
Carberry Airport
Carrot River Airport
Casey Airport
Casino Airport
Cavendish Airport
Charlotte Lake Airport
Chilko Lake (Wilderness Ranch) Airport
Chipmunk Airport
Chunamon Airport
Churchill Falls Airport
Clearwater Airport
Clifton Point Airport
Clinton Creek Airport
Clinton Point Airport
Coal Valley Airport
Comet Airport
Cormorant Lake Airport
Covey Hill Airport
Cowpar Airport
Crater Airport
Crater Airport
Crawfish Lake Airport
Cree Lake Airport
Crooked Lake Airport
Cullaton Lake Airport
Culloden Airport
Cypre River Airport
Citadelle de Québec Heliport
Chucker Farm Airport
Courtland / Tillsonburg Flying Club Field
Colinville Field
CNRL Strip
Centreview Airstrip
Cruikshank Air Field
Calgary (Aerial Recon) Heliport
Charlie's Field
Clapp Farm Heliport
Clapp Farm Airfield
Coonrod Ranch Airport
Camanche Skypark Airport
Commodore Heliport
County Medical Center Heliport
Central Valley Aviation Inc Airport
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Heliport
Correctional Training Facility Heliport
Community Memorial Hospital Heliport
City Hall Heliport
Corona Regional Medical Center Heliport
Cadiz Airstrip
Christy Airstrip
Calgary (Alberta Children's Hospital)
Cranbrook (East Kootenay Regional Hospital) Heliport
Campbell River Seaplane Base
Chilko Lake (Tsylos Park Lodge) Airport
Courtenay Airpark
Cayley A J Flying Ranch Airport
Camp Cordero Seaplane Base
Coal Harbour Seaplane Base
Crawford Bay Airport
Campbell River (Campbell River & District General Hospital) Heliport
Cache Creek-Ashcroft Regional Airport
Campbell River (West Coast) Heliport
Cherrabun Airport
Calgary / Blue-Con Heliport
Courtenay Airpark Seaplane Base
Cortes Island Heliport
Clinton / Bleibler Ranch
Comox (St. Joseph's Hospital) Heliport
Cable Head Airpark
Canso (Eastern Memorial Hospital) Heliport
Camden East Airstrip
Charlottetown Airport
Cortes Island (Hansen Airfield) Airport
Candle Lake Airpark
Christina Lake
Caroline Airfield
Conn Field
Chute-St-Philippe Airport
Caniapiscau Airport
Cline River Heliport
Campbell River (E & B Heli) Heliport
Castor (Our Lady of the Rosary Hospital) Heliport
Conne River Seaplane Base
Campbellton (Regional Hospital) Heliport
Chipman Airport
Courtenay (Smit Field) Airport
Cookstown Airport
Castlegar (Tarrys Convention Centre) Heliport
Comox Seaplane Base
Clarenville Airport
Centennial Healthcare Plaza Heliport
Chapman Field
Cerro Summit Heliport
Castle Lakes Airport
Cuchara Ranch Airport
Castle Peak Heliport
Coal Bank Pass Heliport
Cape Decision C. G. Heliport
Clearwater Airport
Charlottetown (Queen Elizabeth Hospital) Heliport
Cardston Airport
Colville Lake Airport
Carcross Seaplane Base
Chinchaga Airport
Colville Lake Seaplane Base
Chipewyan Lake Airport
Cu Nim Airport
Claresholm Industrial Airport
Cadotte Airport
Calgary (City / Bow River) Heliport
Calgary (Eastlake) Heliport
Calgary (Rockyview Hospital) Heliport
Cold Lake Regional Airport
Calgary (Bow Crow) Heliport
Camrose Airport
Castor Airport
Conklin Airport
Conklin (Leismer) Airport
Canmore Municipal Heliport
Carmacks Airport
Chapman Lake Airport
Carcross Airport
Christina Basin Airport
Consort Airport
Calling Lake Airport
Calgary (Foothills Hospital) Heliport
Calgary (Westport) Heliport
Cheadle Airport
Clearwater River Airport
Chipman Airport
Claresholm (General Hospital) Heliport
Calgary / Okotoks Air Park
Chestermere (Kirkby Field) Airport
Colomac Airport
Craig Seaplane Base
Cape Gloucester Airport
Casiguran Airport
Chinguetti Airport
Church Lake Seaplane Base
Circle Hot Springs Airport
Chicoutimi (Hydro-Québec) Heliport
Chomley Seaplane Base
Craik Airport
Central Butte Airport
Cudworth Municipal Airport
Cambridge Bay Seaplane Base
Cabri Airport
Churchill Seaplane Base
Confederation Lake Seaplane Base
Corman Air Park
Camsell Portage Airport
Charlot River Airport
Carlyle Airport
Canora Airport
Cluff Lake Airport
Carman (South) Airport
Cumberland House Airport
Cushing Lake Seaplane Base
Cigar Lake Airport
Crooked Creek Airport
Crane Island Airstrip
Cudworth Airport
Cree Lake (Crystal Lodge) Airport
Cordova Municipal Airport
Cut Knife Airport
Churchbridge Airport
Country Gardens B&B Heliport
Chicken Airport
Camino Airstrip
Caltrans District 7 Heliport
Camp 11 Heliport
Castaic Dam Heliport
Camp 2 Heliport
Camp 8 Heliport
Camp 14 Heliport
Camp 15 Heliport
County Heliport
Clear Lake Metroport
Calgary (Peter Lougheed Centre) Heliport
Clear Sky Lodge Airport
Coalinga Airport
Camrose / St Mary's Hospital Heliport
Caia Airport
Chengdu Air Base
Chongqing Air Base
Changsha Datuopu Airport/AFB
Cangxian Air Base
Changzing Air Base
Changchun Air Base
Chifeng Air Base
Childrens Hospital and Health Center Heliport
Community Regional Medical Center Heliport
Cobourg (Northumberland Hills Hospital) Heliport
Caledonia/Grand River Seaplane Base
Chapleau Seaplane Base
Cochrane Seaplane Base
Constance Lake Seaplane Base
Carleton Place Airport
Carey Lake Airport
Collingwood Airport
Centro Administrativo Municipal Heliport
Cofa Buga Heliport
Cofa-Palmira Heliport
Cofa Roldanillo Heliport
Cofa Montenegro Heliport
Camara De Comercio De Bogota Heliport
Caja De Vivienda Militar Heliport
Centro Internacional Tequendama Heliport
Caja De Vivienda Militar Heliport
Clinica Shaio Heliport
Centro Comercial Andino Heliport
Chaparral Airport
Craig Heliport
Cirino Heliport
Capri Heliport
Cheyenne Mountain Heliport
Comanche Airfield Llc Airport
Circle 8 Ranch Airport
Crop Air Inc Airport
Christman Field
Cherry Creek Townhouse Heliport
Comanche Springs Ranch Airport
Cambridge / Reid's Field
Chatham (Public General Hospital) Heliport
Cape Orford Airport
Cardinal Couriers Heliport
Carleton Place (District Memorial Hospital) Heliport
Collingwood (General and Marine Hospital) Heliport
Cornwall (Community Hospital McConnell Site) Heliport
Cottam Airport
Cardinal Aviation Seaplane Base
Curries (Rand Private Airfield)
Calgary / Okotoks (Rowland Field)
Coronation (Health Centre) Heliport
Calgary / Christiansen Field
Chibougamau Heliport
Chibougamau (Hydro-Québec) Heliport
Cape Spencer C.G. Heliport
Campbell Airstrip
Clova/Lac Duchamp Seaplane Base
Chisasibi Airport
Clark Hill Heliport
C N Flagg Heliport
Corporate Ridge Heliport
Clark Heliport
Corporate Center Heliport
Consumer Products Div Warner-Lambert County Heliport
Cigna Heliport
Chase Manhattan Bank of Ct Heliport
Causapscal Airport
Chute-Des-Passes/Lac Margane Seaplane Base
Canton Aerodrome
Chambly Airport
Cascades Seaplane Base
Corral de Rio Airport
Caio Voisan Airport
Cayama Nueva Airport
Campechuela Airport
Cabera Airport
Cupeyes Airport
Caserio la Jocuma North Airport
Cape Vogel Airport
Chitina Airport
Cat Lake Airport
CFB Bagotville
Campbell River Airport
CFB Borden
Calgary / Springbank Airport
Cartwright Airport
Cambridge Bay Airport
Cornwall Regional Airport
Castlegar/West Kootenay Regional Airport
Chatham Kent Airport
Charlo Airport
Cochrane Airport
Chetwynd Airport
Cross Lake (Charlie Sinclair Memorial) Airport
Chesterfield Inlet Airport
Coronation Airport
Cartierville Airport
Chilliwack Airport
CFB Gagetown Heliport
Clyde River Airport
Chevery Airport
Collins Bay Airport
Chapleau Airport
Chatham Seaplane Base
Charlevoix Airport
Chapais Airport
CFB Cold Lake
C J.H.L.(Joe) Lecomte) Heliport
Comox Airport
Chicoutimi St Honoré Airport
Cape Dorset Airport
CFB Trenton
Cranbrook Airport
Calgary International Airport
Charlottetown Airport
Cowley Airport
Churchill Airport
Chris Hadfield Airport
Coral Harbour Airport
CFB Greenwood
Corazón de Jesús Airport
Cascade Locks State Airport
Chisana Airport
Chistochina Airport
Churchill Falls Airport
Canandaigua Airport
Columbus Municipal Airport
Clarence Aerodrome
Corsica Municipal Airport
Creekside Airport
Chéraga Airport
Cheikh Larbi Tébessi Airport
Cadjehoun Airport
Cana Airport
Children's Hospital Heliport
Cham-Janahof Airfield
Christina Hospital Heliport
Conchas Lake Seaplane Base
Cerfontaine Nouv Airport
Chimay-Ronvaux Ulmodrome
Chièvres Air Base
CRC Glons Heliport
Citadelle heliport
Carabon Airport
Cochstedt Airport
Cottbus-Drewitz Airport
Chemnitz/Jahnsdorf Airport
Cologne Bonn Airport
Coburg-Brandensteinsebene Airport
Coburg-Steinrücken Airport
Celle-Arloh Airport
City of Derry Airport
Cheltenham Racecourse Heliport
Coventry Airport
Cotswold Airport
City Airport Manchester
Caernarfon Airport
Culter Heliport
Campbeltown Airport
Coll Airport
Colonsay Airstrip
Cardiff Heliport
Cardiff International Airport
Compton Abbas Aerodrome
Chichester/Goodwood Airport
Challock Airfield
Chalgrove Airport
Carlisle Airport
Cumbernauld Airport
Castle Mill Airfield
Cambridge Airport
Crowfield Airfield
Clacton Airport
Cranfield Airport
Colerne Airport
Connemara Regional Airport
Castlebar Airport
Castlebridge Airport
Cork Airport
Clonbullogue Aerodrome
Coonagh Aerodrome
Castleforbes Airport
Casement Air Base
Cecilie Helideck
Copenhagen Kastrup Airport
Copenhagen Roskilde Airport
Cod Platform
Cewice Military Airport
Copernicus Wrocław Airport
Chaira Airport
Castriz/Cambe Airfield
Celle Airport
Cottbus (Cottbus Army) Airport
Coleman Army Air Field
Cesis Airport
Cīrava Airport
Calhoun County Airport
Cypress Gardens Heliport
Circle P Airport
Coral Creek Airport
Colesberg Airport
Cradock Airport
Ceres Airport
Cap St Francis Airport
Cookhouse Airport
Citrusdal Airport
Christiana Airport
Carolina Airport
Carnarvon Airport
Carltonville Airport
Cape Town International Airport
Calvinia Airport
Clanwilliam Airport
Cathcart Airport
Cape Blue Mine Airport
Camp Okavango Airport
Cleveland Clinic Florida Hospital Heliport
Cuyler Field
Cooksey Brothers Airport
Cub Haven STOLport
Calhoun Sheriff's Heliport
Cape Coral Hospital Heliport
Collier/Pine Barren Airpark
Carnot Airport
Carcass Island Landing Strip
Crews Homestead Ranch Airport
Crosswind Farm Airport
Care Flight Heliport
Carter Airport
Calusa Ranch Airport
Chocha Airport
Choma Airport
Chipata Airport
Chinsali Airport
Cahama Airport
Cabo Ledo Airport
Cabinda Airport
Camembe Airport
Cacolo Airport
Cafunfo Airport
Chitato Airport
Camabatela Airport
Catumbela Airport
Cuito Cuanavale Airport
Camaxilo Airport
Cazombo Airport
Cocobeach Airport
Cuamba Airport
Chimoio Airport
Chingozi Airport
Centre Hospitalier De Moenchsberg Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Hautepierre Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Sainte Catherine Heliport
Castets Heliport
Centre Hospitalier De La Côte Basque Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Saint Nicolas De Blay Heliport
Clinique Du Medoc Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre De Secours Principal Heliport
Centre d'Etude du C.E.A. Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Hotel Dieu Heliport
Centre Hospitalier J. Bouveri Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Régional Heliport
Centre Hospitalier W. Morey Heliport
Circuit Automobile de Nevers Magny-Cours Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Chubert Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Cornouailles Heliport
Centre Hospitalier de l'agglomeration Montargeoise Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Régional Heliport
Centre Vinicole Heliport
Centre Hospitalier de Lons le Saunier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier F. Quesnay Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Henri Mondor Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Intercommunal Robert Boulanger Heliport
Centre Hospitalier La Pitié Salpétrière Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Lariboisière Heliport
Centre Hospitalier René Dubos Heliport
Centre Medical du Cap Peyrefite Heliport
Centre Hospitalier La Perche Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Médical Heliport
Château Castel Novel Heliport
Chateau De Saint Maixant Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Intercommunal du Val d'Ariege Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Régional Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Régional Heliport
Coquelles Eurotunnel Heliport
Centre Hospitalie Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier J. Monod Heliport
Crossma Heliport
Casino Heliport
Center Parc Heliport
Centrale Nucléaire Heliport
Centrale Nucléaire Heliport
Centre Hospitalier de Verneuil Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Cholet Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Challans Heliport
Camas Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Laënnec Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Sud Heliport
Centre Hospitalier De Poitiers Heliport
Centre Hospitalier de Saintongues Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
CCMAR Mediterranee
Centre De Secours Heliport
Centre De Secours Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre de Secours de Courchevel Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Château De Pézay Heliport
Clinique Pneumologique des rieux Heliport
Croix De Lognan Heliport
Crs Alpes Heliport
Cabaliros Airport
Cap De Barres Airport
Cap De Pouy Airport
Castillon De La Laquette Airport
Cipieres Alpes Dazur Airport
Clamensane Airport
Claveisolles Airport
Clos De Legua Airport
Col De Belledonne Airport
Col De Cenise Airport
Col De La Fenetre Airport
Col De La Marrano Airport
Col De Sarenne Airport
Col Du Beal Airport
Col Saint Jean Airport
Coste Del Palm Airport
Coumely Airport
Crete De Brouffiers Airport
Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Nord Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Sud Francilien Heliport
Centre Hospitalier Bicêtre Heliport
Croisette Heliport
Coetivy Airport
C.C. Strip
Chirundu Airport
Celina Airport
Chipinge Airport
Cam+Motor Airport
Centenary Airport
Charles Prince Airport
Chizarira Airport
Chivu Airport
Chilumba Prv Airport
Chelinda Malawi Airport
Chileka International Airport
Club Makokola Airport
Chitipa Airport
Canon Lodge Airport
Celo Zongo Airport
Crawford Hendrix Farm Airport
Childrens Health Care Atl At Scottish Rite Heliport
Candler Co Hospital Heliport
Cypress Lakes Airport
Crowe Airport
Cedar Ridge Airport
Crawford W. Long Memorial Hospital Heliport
Cameron Field
Coleman Field
Causeway Airfield
Camphill Airfield
Carlton Moor Airfield
Croft Farm Airfield
Clench Common Airfield
Cromer/Northrepps Aerodrome
Colemore Farm Airfield
Coal Ashton Airfield
Canterbury Airfield
Christians Folly Airport
Ceuta Heliport
Cufar Airport
Cape Palmas Airport
Cherif Al Idrissi Airport
Cap Skirring Airport
Chiquimula Airport
Cuarto Pueblo Airport
Canilla Airport
Conakry Airport
Combolcha Airport
Candala Airport
Chabelley Airport
Cairo International Airport
Cairo West Airport
Coral Ocean Point Pro-Shop Heliport
Cheung Chau Helipad
Cristo Te Quiere Airport
Carthago Airport
Chunya Airport
Cabin Creek US Forest Service Airport
Crooksville Airport
Columbia-Adair Co. Airport
Cherokee Regional Medical Center Heliport
Carter Field
Cass County Memorial Hospital Heliport
Cobb Farm Airport
Cilacap Wulung Airport
Calang Airstrip
Comoro Airstrip
Cx Ranch Airport
Coeur D'Alene Resort Heliport
Carlin Bay Airport
Clearwater Valley Hospital Heliport
Cuddy Meadows Airport
Cx Ranch Nr 2 Airport
Cptpa Headquarters Airport
Cameron Hospital Heliport
Clover Knoll Airport
Clinton Power Station Heliport
Creekside Farm Airport
C. V. Airport
Carlson Farms Heliport
Channel 13 Heliport
Clay Hill Farms Airport
Crawford Field
Columbia Hoffman Estates Medical Center Heliport
Center Point Heliport
Crook Restricted Landing Area
Cooch Landing Area Airport
Cottonwood Airport
Chicago Glider Club Gliderport
Chatsworth Restricted Landing Area
Corn Field
Chicagoland Speedway Heliport
Chettinad Airstrip
Catholic Medical Centre Helipad
Charra Airfield
Cholavaram Airstrip
Clifton Airport
Community Hospital Heliport
Carroll's Airpark
Clear Lake Heliport
Chinde Airport
Curless Airport
Crystal Lake Holiday Inn Heliport
Carlson RLA Restricted Landing Area
Community Memorial Hospital Heliport
County Emerg Svcs/Disaster Agcy Heliport
Central Dupage Hospital Heliport
Cgh Medical Center Heliport
Caterpillar Aurora Heliport
Carle Hospital Heliport
Campo di Volo Valbelice
Campo di Volo Assoro
Campo di Volo AvioClub Centro Sicilia
Campo di Volo Avioclub Caltagirone
Campo di Volo Capo d'Orlando
Campo di Volo Cugno
Campo di Volo Camemi
Campo di Volo Elpifly
Campo di Volo Marano
Campo di Volo "Il Cherubino"
Campo di Volo Pachino Fly Dream
Campo di Volo Albatros
Campo di Volo Ali Val di Neto
Campo di Volo Dragons Fly
Campo di Volo Il Grifo
Castel Gandolfo Heliport
C.V. Country Fly - Bene Vagienna
Campo di volo Ploia
Campo volo "Il Laghetto"
Campo Volo Angela e Sara
Campo Volo Chatelair
Campo Volo Falchi della Baraggia
Campo volo Malabaila
Campo volo Sant'Elia
Campo volo Val Triversa
Campo volo Valsusa
Cerreto Castello
Club Volo Ultraleggeri del Canavese
Clearwater Aero Estates Airport
Commodore Center Heliport
Chichi-jima Heliport
Colgate-Palmolive/Mennen Heliport
Commerce Bank Heliport
Capitol Airport
Columbiana County Airport
Calhoun County Airport
Cuchara Valley At La Veta Airport
Carthage-Leake County Airport
Charleston Municipal Airport
Crownpoint Airport
Cynthiana-Harrison County Airport
Columbia-Marion County Airport
Concordia Parish Airport
Clayton Municipal Airport
Carl Folsom Airport
Cook County Airport
Cross Keys Airport
C. A. Moore Airport
Camden County Airport
Columbia County Airport
Creve Coeur Airport
Casey Municipal Airport
Clinton Airport
Crystal City Municipal Airport
Cooperstown-Westville Airport
Clarke County Airport
Cypress River Airport
Cuthbert-Randolph Airport
Carrollton Memorial Airport
Council Airport
Causey Airport
Cavalier Municipal Airport
Camp Blanding Army Air Field/NG Airfield
Cluck Ranch Airport
Commerce Municipal Airport
Concord Airpark
Charles W. Baker Airport
Chowchilla Airport
Chiloquin State Airport
Campbell Municipal Airport
Calico Rock Izard County Airport
Cullman Regional Airport-Folsom Field
Calverton Executive Airpark
Cable Union Airport
Cisco Municipal Airport
C E 'Rusty' Williams Airport
Comanche County Airport
Collegedale Municipal Airport
Condon State Pauling Field
Custer State Park Airport
Carrington Municipal Airport
Cherokee County Airport
Central Jersey Regional Airport
Curtis Municipal Airport
Cochran Airport
Clare Municipal Airport
Chemehuevi Valley Airport
Clayton County Tara Field
Columbia Airport
Carroll County Airport
Carlisle Municipal Airport
Corning Municipal Airport
Cherokee Municipal Airport
Circle Town County Airport
Cook Airfield Inc Airport
Cecil County Airport
Cherry Springs Airport
Crystal Lake Airport
Casselton Robert Miller Regional Airport
Crescent Lake State Airport
Cape Blanco State Airport
Camden Municipal Airport
Cottage Grove State Airport
Christmas Valley Airport
Council Grove Municipal Airport
Creighton Municipal Airport
Cleveland Municipal Airport
Cairo Grady County Airport
Caddo Mills Municipal Airport
Canton Hackney Airport
Clifton Municipal Isenhower Field
Canton Municipal Airport
Corning Painted Post Airport
Camp Guernsey Airport
City of Las Animas Bent County Airport
Clare County Airport
Cheyenne Eagle Butte Airport
Carnegie Municipal Airport
Clark County Airport
Crosbyton Municipal Airport
Corry Lawrence Airport
Chattanooga Sky Harbor Airport
Cassville Municipal Airport
Cleveland Municipal Airport
Crawford Airport
Covington Municipal Airport
Cando Municipal Airport
Currant Ranch Airport
Chamberlain Municipal Airport
California Pines Airport
Colorado Springs East Airport
Colonel James Jabara Airport
Central Colorado Regional Airport
Corona Municipal Airport
Colorado Plains Regional Airport
Centennial Airport
Catalina Airport
Chandler Field
Clarion County Airport
Colorado City Municipal Airport
Columbus Municipal Airport
Curtis Field
Central Illinois Regional Airport at Bloomington-Normal
Cram Field
Centre Municipal Airport
Crosby Municipal Airport
Cassville Municipal Airport
Campbell Airport
Columbia Metropolitan Airport
Craig Moffat Airport
Clayton Municipal Airpark
Caribou Municipal Airport
Clarion Municipal Airport
Council Bluffs Municipal Airport
Cambridge Municipal Airport
Columbus Air Force Base
Coffman Cove Seaplane Base
Clinton Municipal Airport
Cable Airport
Caledonia County Airport
Cedar City Regional Airport
Cambridge Municipal Airport
Chadron Municipal Airport
Childress Municipal Airport
Cessna Aircraft Field
Crete Municipal Airport
Cortez Municipal Airport
Coulter Field
Crawfordsville Municipal Airport
Coffeyville Municipal Airport
Chignik Fisheries Airport
Crystal River Airport
Cambridge Dorchester Airport
Cuyahoga County Airport
Cape Girardeau Regional Airport
College Park Airport
Chicago Meigs Airport
Casa Grande Municipal Airport
Chandler Municipal Airport
Chickasha Municipal Airport
Charlottesville Albemarle Airport
Charleston Air Force Base-International Airport
Chillicothe Municipal Airport
Chico Municipal Airport
Choteau Airport
Cairo Regional Airport
Chippewa County International Airport
Culpeper Regional Airport
Crisp County Cordele Airport
Crookston Municipal Kirkwood Field
Cherokee County Regional Airport
Clarksville–Montgomery County Regional Airport
Chignik Lagoon Airport
Cleveland Hopkins International Airport
Clintonville Municipal Airport
Clinton Regional Airport
Cliff Hatfield Memorial Airport
Chehalis Centralia Airport
Charlotte Douglas International Airport
Clearwater Air Park
Camarillo Airport
Chernofski Harbor Seaplane Base
Chariton Municipal Airport
Claremont Municipal Airport
Cavern City Air Terminal
Chino Airport
Chanute Martin Johnson Airport
Canyonlands Field
Coeur D'Alene - Pappy Boyington Field
Coleman Municipal Airport
Concord Municipal Airport
Cloquet Carlton County Airport
City of Colorado Springs Municipal Airport
Cotulla-La Salle County Airport
Columbia Regional Airport
Columbus County Municipal Airport
Chesapeake Regional Airport
Compton Woodley Airport
Casper-Natrona County International Airport
Cleburne Municipal Airport
Calaveras Co Maury Rasmussen Field
Chandler Regional Airport
Cook Municipal Airport
Cheraw Municipal Airport/Lynch Bellinger Field
Chatham Municipal Airport
Colorado Creek Airport
Corcoran Airport
Corpus Christi International Airport
C David Campbell Field Corsicana Municipal Airport
Corning Municipal Airport
Cambridge Municipal Airport
Columbus Metropolitan Airport
Clinton Sherman Airport
Creston Municipal Airport
Crossville Memorial Whitson Field
Cut Bank International Airport
Cross City Airport
Cushing Municipal Airport
Carmi Municipal Airport
Custer County Airport
Castroville Municipal Airport
Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport
Clovis Municipal Airport
Corvallis Municipal Airport
Cannon Air Force Base
Charlevoix Municipal Airport
Central Wisconsin Airport
Chennault International Airport
Clinton Municipal Airport
Claxton Evans County Airport
Chase City Municipal Airport
Calexico International Airport
Carson Airport
Camilla Mitchell County Airport
Capital City Airport
Cheyenne Regional Jerry Olson Field
Clay Center Municipal Airport
Cozad Municipal Airport
Crosby Municipal Airport
Chorman Airport
Chester Catawba Regional Airport
Coleman A. Young Municipal Airport
Converse County Airport
Chautauqua County-Dunkirk Airport
Columbia Gorge Regional the Dalles Municipal Airport
Carroll County Regional Jack B Poage Field
Chepgoiven Airport
Congrieve Airport
Crocodile Camp Airport
Cottar's Camp Airport
Changoi Tea Estate Airport
Crane County Airport
Conchas Lake Airport
Chinle Municipal Airport
Chippewa Valley Regional Airport
County Memorial Airport
Centralia Municipal Airport
Captain Jack Thomas El Dorado Airport
Charlotte-Monroe Executive Airport
Caldwell Industrial Airport
Coastal Carolina Regional Airport
Curtis L Brown Jr Field
Cameron Memorial Airport
Center Municipal Airport
Clarence E Page Municipal Airport
Cordell Municipal Airport
Carrizozo Municipal Airport
Cochran County Airport
Caldwell Parish Airport
Chesterfield County Airport
Capital City Airport
Clearfield Lawrence Airport
Cape Cod Coast Guard Air Station
Chatkel Agri Airport
Chon Aryk Airport
Chayek Airport
Claremore Regional Airport
Centerville Municipal Airport
Clinton Memorial Airport
Central Nebraska Regional Airport
Camdenton Memorial Airport
Clarksville Municipal Airport
Campbell AAF (Fort Campbell) Air Field
Conway Horry County Airport
Carroll County Airport
City of Tulia-Swisher County Municipal Airport
Clinton Field
Cincinnati West Airport
Clermont County Airport
Creech Air Force Base
Cincinnati Blue Ash Airport
Campbell County Airport
Chautauqua County-Jamestown Airport
Concord Regional Airport
Cherokee County Airport
Clark Regional Airport
Charleston Executive Airport
Capt. Ben Smith Airfield - Monroe City Airport
California City Municipal Airport
Chiriaco Summit Airport
Capital City Airport
Clarksville Red River City-J D Trissell Field
Challis Airport
Cincinnati Municipal Airport Lunken Field
Covington Municipal Airport
Caruthersville Memorial Airport
Copiah County Airport
Colstrip Airport
Cornelia Fort Airpark
Chicago Midway International Airport
Castle Airport
Crystal Airport
Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport
Comanche County City Airport
Chester County G O Carlson Airport
Coles County Memorial Airport
Cortland County Chase Field
Carlisle Airport
Camp Pendleton MCAS (Munn Field) Airport
Choctaw Nolf Airport
Corpus Christi Naval Air Station/Truax Field
Cabaniss Field Nolf Airport
China Lake Naws (Armitage Field) Airport
Cherry Point MCAS /Cunningham Field/
Coupeville Nolf Airport
Camillus Airport
Colusa County Airport
Columbia Airport
Cedarville Airport
Cloverdale Municipal Airport
Cameron Airpark
Christman Airfield
Cattaraugus County-Olean Airport
Columbus Municipal Airport
Currituck County Regional Airport
Chicago O'Hare International Airport
Central Maine Arpt of Norridgewock Airport
Cairns AAF (Fort Rucker) Air Field
Chongjin Airport
Changjin-up Airport
Chik-Tong Airport
Changyon Highway Strip
Ch'o do Airport
Cochise College Airport
Coolidge Municipal Airport
Cochise County Airport
Cottonwood Airport
Carl R Keller Field
Charlotte County Airport
Calhoun County Airport
Clinton County Airport
Cox Field
Carbon County Regional/Buck Davis Field
Casement Airport
Chicago Executive Airport
Centre-Piedmont-Cherokee County Regional Airport
C 503 Heliport
C272 Heliport
C 137 Heliport
C 316 Heliport
Chicago Rockford International Airport
Cleveland Municipal Airport
Caldwell Municipal Airport
Cobb County-Mc Collum Field
Cleveland Regional Jetport
Conrad Airport
Cooperstown Municipal Airport
Crest Airpark
Country Squire Airpark
Cottonwood Municipal Airport
Craig Field
Clark Field Municipal Airport
Cheboygan County Airport
Chester Airport
Charles M. Schulz Sonoma County Airport
Cheyenne County Municipal Airport
Chambers County Airport
Charles R Johnson Airport
Cameron Municipal Airpark
Colorado City Airport
Chambers County Winnie Stowell Airport
Collin County Regional At Mc Kinney Airport
Carroll County-Tolson Airport
Custer Airport
Cabool Memorial Airport
Cherry Capital Airport
Centerville Municipal Airport
Cokeville Municipal Airport
Cascade Airport
Chamberlain Usfs Airport
Cold Meadows US Forest Service Airport
Council Municipal Airport
Cal Black Memorial Airport
Cumberland Municipal Airport
Columbus Lowndes County Airport
Cuba Municipal Airport
Coffey County Airport
Culberson County Airport
Cartersville Airport
Cecil Field
Crisfield Municipal Airport
Crewe Municipal Airport
Camp Peary Landing Strip
Condron Army Air Field
Cape May County Airport
Carrabelle Thompson Airport
Cape Canaveral AFS Skid Strip
Chetek Municipal Southworth Airport
Crandon Municipal Airport
Calvin Campbell Municipal Airport
Chan Gurney Municipal Airport
Chilik Southeast Airfield
Chimkent/Sayram Airport
Chikment / Khatynkopir Airport
Chubarovka Airport
Chundzha Airfield
Charyn Airfield
Camp Roberts Heliport
Coal Creek Airport
Colfax Airport
Cane-Air Airport
Coffman Heliport
Castille Field
Cchcc Heliport
Chloe Airport
Citizens Medical Center Heliport
Central Farmers Coop Airport
Cuba Farm Airport
Chalkley Heliport
Capozzoli Airport
Calpine Heliport
Cagc Berwick Heliport
Cagc Dock Heliport
Cheneyville Airport
Covington-Vincent Airport
Children's Hospital Heliport
Corkern Airport
Cheshnegirovo Air Base
Čepin Airport
Čakovec Pribisla Airport
Čazma Grabovnica Airport
Córdoba Airport
Costa Brava-Centro Heliport
Cas Curredó Heliport
Calaf-Sallavinera Airport
Calamocha Airport
Castejón de los Monegros Airport
Castellon De La Plana Airport
Cuatro Vientos Airport
Campolara Airport
Castellón-Costa Azahar Airport
Campo Gaviota Heliport
Ciudad Sanitaria y Universitaria de Bellvitge Heliport
Casarrubios Del Monte Airport
Cala'n Blanes Heliport
Casas de los Pinos Airport
Costa Norte-Puerto de Viveiro-Celeiro Heliport
Ciudad Real Central Airport
Chambley Airport
Calais-Dunkerque Airport
Compiègne Margny Airport
Conde/Noireau Airport
Cazaux (BA 120) Air Base
Cognac-Châteaubernard (BA 709) Air Base
Châtellerault Airport
Cahors-Lalbenque Airport
Castres-Mazamet Airport
Castelsarrasin Moissac Airport
Castelnau Magnoac Airport
Couhé Vérac Airport
Chauvigny Airport
Condat-Sur-Vezere Airport
Châteauroux Villers Airport
Château-Thierry - Belleau Airport
Châteauneuf Sur Cher Airport
Colmar-Houssen Airport
Cosne Sur Loire Airport
Champagnole Crotenay Airport
Condom Valence Sur Baise Airport
Cassagnes-Bégonhès Airport
Chalais Airport
Chaumont-Semoutiers Airport
Clamecy Airport
Corlier Airport
Cazeres Palaminy Airport
Chailley Airport
Calvi-Sainte-Catherine Airport
Corte Airport
Chambéry-Savoie Airport
Clermont-Ferrand Auvergne Airport
Chambéry-Challes-les-Eaux Airport
Chalon-Champforgeuil Airport
Courchevel Airport
Châteauroux-Déols "Marcel Dassault" Airport
Cannes-Mandelieu Airport
Carcassonne Airport
Castelnaudary Villeneuve Airport
Château-Arnoux-Saint-Auban Airport
Carpentras Airport
Châteaudun (BA 279) Airport
Châlons-Vatry Air Base
Chartres – Métropole Airport
Cholet Le Pontreau Airport
Creil Air Base
Charles de Gaulle International Airport
Chelles le Pin Airport
Coulommiers-Voisins Airport
Chavenay Villepreux Airport
Châtillon Sur Seine Airport
Cambrai-Épinoy (BA 103) Air Base
Châlons Ecury Sur Coole Airport
Charleville-Mézières Airport
Cherbourg-Maupertus Airport
Caen-Carpiquet Airport
Colmar-Meyenheim Air Base
Cessy Baigneux les Juifs Airfield
Cuers-Pierrefeu Airport
Châteaubriant Pouancé Airport
Coëtquidan Air Base
Cambrai Niergnies Airport
Chios Island National Airport
Chania International Airport
Csákvár Airport
Capua Airport
Crotone Airport
Comiso Airport
Catania-Fontanarossa Airport
Cà Negra Airport
Cortina Airport
Carpi-Budrione Airport
Cagliari Elmas Airport
Calcinate Del Pesce Airport
Casale Monferrato Airport
Cremona-Migliaro Airport
Clusone Heliport
Como (Idroscalo - Water Ad) Hidroport
Cameri Airport [MIL]
Cuneo International Airport
Cervia Air Force Base
Ciampino–G. B. Pastine International Airport
Cerklje Airport
Celje Glider Airport
Cheb Airport
Česká Lípa Airport
Chomutov Airport
Černovice Air Base
Choceň Airport
Chrudim Airport
České Budějovice Airport
Chotěboř Airport
Čáslav Air Base
Community Hospital of Ottawa Heliport
C D Maulding Airport
Chicago Fire Dept Air Sea Rescue Heliport
Curanda Airport
Cambier Airport
Chester Wyss Airport
Compass Rose Airport
Clarke Heliport
Christophorus 16 Heliport
Chaves Airport
Coimbra Airport
Corvo Airport
Cascais Airport
Covilha Airport
Cluj-Napoca International Airport
Caransebeş Airport
Câmpia Turzii Air Base
Craiova Airport
Circle G Airport
Caillou Island Heliport
Country Bend Airport
Cameron Shore Base Heliport
Compressor Station 524 Heliport
Compressor Station 527 Heliport
Caddo Detention Center Airport
Courtelary Airport
Çardak Airport
Çıldır Airport
Çanakkale Airport
Çiğli Airport
Cengiz Topel Airport
Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg Helipad
Centre Hospitalier Emile Mayrisch Heliport
Clinique Ste-Thérèse heliport
Cahul International Airport
Chadyr Lunga Airport
Chişinău International Airport
Camp Bondsteel Army Heliport
Čačak-Preljina Airport
Cenej Airport
Ćemovsko Polje Airport
Chambers Heliport
Cmelak Field
Congamond Lake Heliport
Camp Edwards Heliport
Charlton Memorial Hospital Heliport
Chicopee Heliport
Compaq Marlboro Heliport
Compaq Parker Street Heliport
Chalk Point Generating Station Heliport
Craig Company Heliport
Citizens Bank Headquarters Heliport
Chesapeake Ranch Airstrip
Church Hill Airport
Cromwell Farm Airport
Carroll Hospital Center Heliport
Clements Creek Seaplane Base
Carmean Airport
Cotui Angelina Airport
Consuelo Batey Anita airport
Cabo Rojo Airport
Constanza Dom Re Airport
Casa De Campo International Airport
Cibao International Airport
Crescent Lake Seaplane Base
Cooper Seaplane Base
Chesuncook Forestry District Heliport
Clayton Lake Strip
Cutler Regional Airport
Cummings Airport
Cross Lake Seaplane Base
Cliffords Airport
Clark Field
Cmmc Air Ambulance Landing Site Heliport
Clark Field
Catsa Airport
Coban Airport
Carmelita Airport
Coatepeque Airport
Catacamas Airport
Cocobila Airport
Concepción Airport
Comayagua Airport
Chiquerito Airport
Colon Airport
Choloma Airport
Coco Airport
Cochino Pequeño Airport
Carta Airport
Coyoles Airport
Cauquira Airport
Chumbagua Airport
Coratsa Heliport
Ciudad Nacaome Airport
Copan Ruinas Airport
Coronel Enrique Soto Cano Air Base
Cucuyagua Airport
Crompton's Private Strip
Chrysler Corp Heliport
Crippen Field
Cedarville Airport
Crump Airport
Cornish Field
Claucherty Airport
Crystal Airport
Cass Heliport
Carl's Airport
Community Health Center of Branch County Heliport
Circle T Ranch Airport
Ciudad Camargo Southeast Airport
Cordoba Airport
Ciudad Guzman Airport
Cementos Mexicanos Airport
Campo Gobierno Airport
Casa Madero Airport
Ciudad Pemex Airport
Cosala Airport
Campo Cuatro Milpas Airport
Cuatro Cienegas New Airport
Coahuayana Airport
Cupul Airport
Cananea Airport
Ciudad Acuña New International Airport
Ciudad del Carmen International Airport
Chilpancingo Airport
Chetumal International Airport
Ciudad Obregón International Airport
Comitan Airport
Chichen Itza International Airport
Captain Rogelio Castillo National Airport
Cozumel International Airport
Ciudad Constitución Airport
Ciudad Mante National Airport
Cabo San Lucas International Airport
Cancún International Airport
Carlos Rovirosa Pérez International Airport
Crystal Lake Seaplane Base
Community Memorial Hospital Heliport
Cameron's Airport
Charlton Building Heliport
Cooks Landing Airport
Chandler Field
Corn Island
Corinto Airport
Cuinche Airport
Clevenger Airport
Ccc Airport
Cedar Creek Airport
Cap Justiniano Montenegro Airport
Calzada Larga Airport
Chame Airport
Cap Manuel Niño International Airport
Captain Ramon Xatruch Airport
Cap Scarlet Martinez Airport
Codela Airport
Coto 47 Airport
Carate Airport
Chacarita Airport
Ciruelas Airport
Coyolar Airport
Carrillo Airport
Cabo Velas Airport
Carrizal Airport
Christmas Airport
Country Club Airport
Cedar Creek Air Ranch Airport
Clay Airport
Ceiba Doblada Airport
Corral De Mulas Airport
Casas Nuevas Airport
Columbus Hospital Heliport
Central Montana Hospital and Nursing Home Heliport
Ckye Field
Cottontail Ranch Airport
Castleberry Airport
Carson Field
Camas Airport
Clark Fork Valley Hospital Heliport
Campbell Ranch Airport
Ccmh Heliport
Cap Haitien International Airport
C.E.F. Airport
Childress Airstrip
Cherokee Airpark
Cowgill-Roemer Airport
Clarion Heliport
Cardinal Glennon Heliport
Capital Region Medical Center Heliport
Carlos Manuel de Cespedes Airport
Caibarién Airport
Ciego De Avila Sur Airport
Colón Airport
Cayajabo Airport
Central Agramonte Airport
Ciudad Libertad Airport
Cayo Coco Airport
Ciudad Acuña Old Airport
Cadejé Airstrip
Compressor Station 2207 Heliport
Cloverleaf-East Bemidji Airport
Children's Hospital -St Paul Heliport
Cary Airport
Country Haven Airport
Clarence A. Bain Airport
Congo Town Airport
Chub Cay Airport
Cat Cay Airport
Colonel Hill Airport
Cay Sal Airport
Cutlass Bay Airport
Cistern Field
Cape Eleuthera Airport
Chokwé Airport
Centre Airpark
Cherry Ridge Airport
Carlisle Barracks Heliport
Cowdray Airstrip
Central Valley Aviation Airport
Circle Z Landing Strip
Changbaishan Airport
Coastal Systems Station Heliport
Charles A. Cannon, Jr Memorial Hospital Heliport
Canaan Air Base
Charles Field
Craven Regional Medical Center Heliport
Chalfant Airport
Cox Airport
Cape Fear Valley Medical Center Heliport
Comlantflt Heliport
Cloud Nine Airport
Cherry Heliport
Cavanaugh Airport
Clearidge Airport
Cicia Airport
Castaway Island Seaplane Base
Cooper Farm Airport
Concord Hospital Heliport
Chickville Airport
C.S.S. Heliport
Chopper One Heliport
Crowley Heliport
Chiefs Hut Heliport
Country Club Air Park
Cheney Heliport
Cooper Medical Center Heliport
Coyle Field
Cherry Hill Inn Heliport
Colgate Palmolive Heliport
Chem-Fleur Helistop
City of Bridgeton Heliport
Charles Wood Helipad Heliport
Cuddihy Landing Strip
Caputo Helistop
C and T Helistop
Countryman's Landing Strip
Cambria Airport
Connelly Field
Copake Lake Seaplane Base
Ciba-Geigy Heliport
Chowning Heliport
Clavel Ranch Airport
Chama Land & Cattle Co. Airport
Candy Kitchen Ranch Airport
Chloride Airport
Camco Ranch Airport
Casas Adobes Airpark
Cubero Airport
Car Country Heliport
Carson-Tahoe Regional Medical Center Heliport
Circle L Ranch Airport
Circus Circus Heliport
City Hall Complex Heliport
Carson-Tahoe Hospital Heliport
Claude I. Howard Heliport
Calvada Meadows Airport
Caas Airport
Craig Cove Airport
Canala Airport
Cole Landing Zone Airport
Curtis Airport
Circle K Ranch Airport
Carter Flight Park Ultralightport
Ch 12 News Woodbury Heliport
Cloverdale Farm Airport
Cattle Creek Airstrip
Cape Campbell airstrip
Centre Bush Aerodrome
Christchurch International Airport
Chatham Islands-Tuuta Airport
Cromwell Racecourse Aerodrome
Coromandel Aerodrome
Christchurch Hospital Heliport
Carmel Valley
Creekside Ridge Heliport
Chakcharan Airport
Camp Bastion Airport
Columbia Memorial Hospital Heliport
Cove Side Ranch Port Airport
Curtis Airfield
Coca Cola Airport
Cottonwood Creek Ranch Airport
Cutler Field
Christ Hospital Heliport
Columbus Heliport
Cow Chip Creek Heliport
Chapman Memorial Field
Carcioppolo Field
Carroll's Airport
Checkpoint Charlie Airport
Channel 10/Wbns-Tv Heliport
Conklin Airport
Children's Hospital Heliport
Canadian River Ranch Airport
Colby Field
Cherokee Ranch Airport
Choctaw Indian Hospital Heliport
Canyon Springs Ranch Airport
Collinsville Rural Fire District Heliport
Cushing Regional Hospital Heliport
Channel 8 Heliport
Carnegie Municipal Hospital Heliport
Chashma Airport
Chandhar Airport
Chitral Airport
Chilas Airport
Chirat Airport
Cape Monz Airport
Chore Airport
Chadwick Airport
Central Cascades Fire and EMS Heliport
Columbia Helicopters Heliport
Columbia Aviation Heliport
Calvert Peak STOLport
Canoxy Airport
Carti Airport
Corazón de Jesús Airport
Contadora Airport
Commonwealth Security Systems Heliport
Couillard Seaplane Base
Canaan's Field
Cuatros Vientos Airport
Cloudbound Airport
Cosklos Elkview Airport
Cast & Baker Heliport
Chambersburg Hospital Heliport
Cairnwood Heliport
Cumberland Valley Airstrip
Circle W Airfield
Cherokee Heliport
Casco Cove Coast Guard Station
Cold Bay Airport
Central Airport
Chalkyitsik Airport
Chefornak Airport
Clear Airport
Circle City /New/ Airport
Cape Sarichef Airport
Coldfoot Airport
Cape Romanzof LRRS Airport
Cape Newenham LRRS Airport
Chignik Airport
Chandalar Lake Airport
Cape Lisburne LRRS Airport
Cantwell Airport
Chevak Airport
Canton Island Airport
Chenega Bay Airport
Clarks Point Airport
Cape Rodney Airport
Chungribu Airport
Campbellpore Airport
Chojna Air Base
Chrcynno Airport
Chociw (Kanice) Highway Strip
Chojne Airport
Cassidy International Airport
Crosswinds Airfield
Cedar Run Airport
Carlson Airport
Cranes-N-Lifts Inc Heliport
Charles Cole Memorial Hospital Heliport
Cash Creek Airport
C & W Milliron Flying Field
Car Tech Heliport
Campbell's Heliport
Culmerville Airport
Chero'kee Furko Heliport
Cataney Airport
Cullingford Field
Consol Heliport
Captain's Folly Airport
Core States - 1st Pa Heliport
C.C. Hospital Heliport
Crozer-Chester Heliport
Cider Field
Conemaugh Valley Memorial Hospital Heliport
Chuuk International Airport
Coronel Oviedo Airport
Colonia Carmelo Peralta Airport
Coronel Bogado Airport
Chiayi Airport
Chihhang Air Base
Capital Center Heliport
Chitose Air Base
Chubu Centrair International Airport
Chofu Airport
C 281 Heliport
C 100 Heliport
C 106 Heliport
C 114 Heliport
C 116 Heliport
C 118 Heliport
C 123 Heliport
C 126 Heliport
C 132 Heliport
C 135 Heliport
C 141 Heliport
C 143 Heliport
C 181Heliport
C 183 Heliport
C 184 Heliport
C 265 Heliport
C 271 Heliport
C 316 Heliport
C 325 Heliport
C 327 Heliport
C 332 Heliport
C 335 Heliport
C 400 Heliport
C 406 Heliport
C-408 Heliport
C-411 Heliport
C-412 Heliport
C 424 Heliport
C 426 Heliport
C 427 Heliport
C 428 Heliport
C 432 Heliport
C 433 Heliport
C 504 Heliport
C 507 Heliport
C 512 Heliport
C 514 Heliport
C 516 Heliport
C 517 Heliport
C 518 Heliport
C 519 Heliport
C 521 Heliport
C 523 Heliport
C 527 Heliport
C 528 Heliport
C 531 Heliport
C 535 Heliport
C 613 Heliport
C 232 Heliport
C 714 Heliport
C 715 Heliport
C 716 Heliport
C 717 Heliport
C 718 Heliport
C 719 Heliport
C 720 Heliport
C 723 Heliport
C 816 Heliport
C 817 Heliport
C 818 Heliport
C 821 Heliport
C 822 Heliport
C 823 Heliport
C 824 Heliport
C 826 Heliport
C 187 Heliport
C 415 Heliport
C 431 Heliport
C 524 Heliport
C 827 Heliport
C 828 Heliport
C 621 Heliport
C 102 Heliport
C272 Heliport
C 145 Heliport
C 201 Heliport
C 176 Heliport
C 150 Heliport
C 136 Heliport
C 240 Heliport
C 243 Heliport
C 286 Heliport
C 288 Heliport
C 107 Heliport
C 244
C 120 Heliport
C 245 Heliport
C 249 Heliport
C 429 Heliport
C 434 Heliport
C 329 Heliport
C 425 Heliport
C 533 Heliport
C 168 Heliport
C 252 Heliport
C 283 Heliport
C 285 Heliport
C 289 Heliport
Central 119 Rescue Heliport
Cheongju International Airport
Corvera/Murcia International Airport
Clinceni Airfield
Clark International Airport
Cuyo Airport
Carmen Rosales Airstrip
Corregidor Airport
Camiguin Airport
Cagayan De Oro Airport
Cagayan de Sulu Airport
Cesar Lim Rodriguez Airport
Castillejos Airport
Calapan Airport
Cauayan Airport
Calbayog Airport
Catarman National Airport
Catbalogan Airport
Chebenki Air Base
Chekurovka Air Base
Chornoye Air Base
Chindant Air Base
Chernyakhovsk Naval Air Base
Chistoozyornoe Airfield
Chernigovka Air Base
Chizha Airport
Chaikovskiy Airport
Chegdomyn Airport
Chavanga Airport
Chapoma Airport
City Clinical Hospital No.71 Helipad
City Clinical Hospital No.20 Helipad
City Clinical Hospital No.15 Helipad
City Clinical Hospital No.7 Helipad
City Children's Clinical Hospital No.9 Helipad
Charyshskoye Airfield
City Clinical Hospital No.36 Helipad
Chernogolovka Airfield
Cheryomushki Air Base
Chudovo Air Base
Chuguyevka Air Base
Condon US Forest Service Airport
Copalis State Airport
Craigmont Municipal Airport
Cle Elum Municipal Airport
Cachi Airport
Cafayate Airport
Campo Arenal Airport
Calilegua Airport
Cañadon Seco Airport
Choele Choel Airport
Colonia Catriel Airport
Comandante Luis Piedrabuena Airport
Comodoro Pierrestegui Airport
Cap D. Omar Darío Gelardi Airport
Coronel Olmedo Airport
Chepes Airport
Chamical Airport
Campo De Mayo Airport
Chos Malal Airport
Caviahue Airport
Cristo Redentor Airport
Comodoro D.R. Salomón Airport
Catamarca Airport
Capitan V A Almonacid Airport
Chilecito Airport
Ceres Airport
Corrientes Airport
Caa Cati Airport
Cataratas Del Iguazú International Airport
Clorinda Airport
Curuzu Cuatia Airport
Cabo F.A.A. H. R. Bordón Airport
Capitan D Daniel Vazquez Airport
Comandante Espora Airport
Cerro Catedral Airport
Comodoro Pedro Zanni Airport
Cutral-Co Airport
Conceição do Araguaia Airport
Campo Délio Jardim de Mattos Airport
Comandante Gustavo Kraemer Airport
Chafei Amsei Airport
Cascavel Airport
Cabo Frio Airport
Cachimbo Airport
Caçador Airport
Campo Grande Airport
Chapecó Airport
Carajás Airport
Caldas Novas Airport
Canoas Airport
Corumbá International Airport
Caravelas Airport
Cruzeiro do Sul Airport
Cataratas International Airport
Chapada Diamantina Airport
Campo de Marte Airport
Carlos Prates Airport
Congonhas Airport
Campo Fontenelle Airport
Clarendon Memorial Hospital Heliport
Curry Airport
Canchones West Airport
Cox Airport
Crosswinds-Wilson Private Airport
Creech Aviation Facility Airport
Cockfield Aerodrome
Country Squire Airport
Chandelle Airport
Chester County Hospital Heliport
Chacalluta Airport
Cabo 1° Juan Román Airport
Cacique Blanco Airport
Cotreumo Airport
Chile Chico Airport
Contao Airport
Caldera Airport
Callipulli Airport
Curacaví Airport
Chépica Airport
Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport
Cerro Moreno Airport
Capitan Fuentes Martinez Airport Airport
Cholguahue Airport
Caleta Gonzalo Airport
Curaco Airport
Chamonate Airport
Chicureo Airport
Chumilden Airport
Chan Chan Airport
Copihue Airport
Cochrane Airport
Carriel Sur Airport
Chollinco Airport
Caleta Blanco Airport
Cañal Bajo Carlos - Hott Siebert Airport
Cochamó Airport
Coposa Airport
Curimanque Airport
Calcurrupe Airport
Carolina Airport
Calpulli Airport
Corte Alto Airport
Cerro Castillo Airport
Chañaral Airport
Colorado Airport
Costa del Sol Airport
Chaitén Airport
Cuatro Pantanos Airport
Cuyumaique Airport
Casas Viejas Airport
Calico Field
Cdp Hospital Heliport
Cook Field
Community Memorial Hospital Heliport
Carr Airport
Custer Heliport
Cooks Airport
Custer Regional Hospital Heliport
Centro Empresarial do Aço Heliport
Capão Bonito Airport
Country Club Orgabil Airport
Catanduva Airport
CBS Heliport
Cabiúnas Heliport
Condomínio Edifício Itaquere Heliport
Centro Médico Naval Marcílio Dias Heliport
Citibank Heliport
Centro Empresarial Mourisco Heliport
Camargo Corrêa Heliport
Cândido Mendes Heliport
Cesari Heliport
Condomínio Spázio Central JK Heliport
Centro Empresarial Vari Heliport
Centro Gráfico Folha Heliport
Centro Empresarial Botafogo Heliport
Condomínio Edifício San Paolo Heliport
Casa Nova Airport
Casas Bahia Heliport
Catedral Mundial da Fé Heliport
CPM Granja Viana Heliport
Comercial Campineira de Combustíveis Heliport
Cetenco Plaza - Torre Norte Heliport
Clube do Céu Airport
Centro Empresarial Araguaia Helipad
Casa Branca Airport
Condomínio América Business Park Heliport
Coribe Airport
CL Heliport
Condomínio Laranjeiras Heliport
Caldas do Jorro Airport
Caculé Airport
Comando do 8º Distrito Naval Heliport
Center Shopping Heliport
Cimed Heliport
Centro Nacional de Pára-quedismo Airport
Casas Bahia Heliport
Centro Empresarial Nações Unidas - Torre Oeste Heliport
Companhia Agrícola de Quatá Airport
Crystal Tower Heliport
Centro EmpresariaL Iudice Heliport
Cometa Vila Maria Heliport
Comandante Gastão Airport
Cragea-Suzano Heliport
Cyk Heliport
Central Towers Paulista Heliport
Cristalina Airport
Cesp Heliport
Chácara Serradinho Airport
Costa Rica Airport
Carmo Couri Heliport
Companhia de Cimento Ribeirão Grande Heliport
Campo Maior Airport
Canal Uno Heliport
Celia Maria Airport
Chachoán Airport
Chone Airport
Coaque Airport
Curaray Airport
Cotachachi Airport
Cotopaxi International Airport
Coronel E Carvajal Airport
Chimborazo Airport
Coronel Artilleria Victor Larrea Airport
Camilo Ponce Enriquez Airport
Carlos Miguel Gimenez Airport
Caburga Heliport
Clínica Las Condes Heliport
Cachagua Heliport
Corporativo Mutual Heliport
Cuartel Gral. I División De Ejercito Heliport
Carabineros de Chile Heliport
Cuartel Gral. VI División de Ejercito Heliport
Clínica Santa María Heliport
Catalina Norte 1 Heliport
Catalina Norte 2 Heliport
Cerro Sombrero Heliport
Cerkvenjak Airfield
Clínica Porto Dias Heliport
Chacará Recanto Tranquilo Heliport
Catolé da Rocha Airport
Conceição Airport
Conjunto Hospitalar de Sorocaba Heliport
Cidade Capelinha Airport
Cantareira Heliport
Chamonix Heliport
Centro Século XXI Heliport
Colonial Airport
Cosan Heliport
Condomínio Menega Airport
CD Guarulhos Heliport
Companhia Siderúrgica Nacional Heliport
Cel PM Cícero Dantas dos Santos Heliport
Campo de Exposições Torto Heliport
Caragoatá Heliport
Crepurizão Airport
Cosipa Heliport
Cimento Tupi Heliport
Colider Airport
Calciolândia Airport
CFAPP Heliport
Clube de Ultraleves Aeroleve Airport
Comandante Carlos Inácio Agnes Airport
CRT - Caieiras Heliport
Capinópolis - Aviação Agrícola Buttarello Ltda. Airport
Codenorte Airport
Codesp Heliport
Costão Heliport
Cauê-Ijaci Heliport
Centro de Distribuição Ponto Frio Heliport
Caravelas Heliport
CAVU - Clube de Aviação Ultraleve Airport
Chimical Heliport
Caima Airport
Condomínio Faria Lima Pinheiros Heliport
Cedrolância Airport
Carmine Castaldo Airport
Cara Preta Airport
Candote Airport
Cereal Citrus Heliport
Clube Aerodesportivo Selva Airport
Cirrus Sociedade Aerodesportiva Airport
Crispiano Airport
Cia. Brasileira de Alumínio Heliport
Comunidade São Leopoldo do Tapajós Airport
Condomínio New Place of Business Heliport
Cimento Poty Airport
Condomínio Edifício Berrini 1681 Heliport
Coppersteel Bimetálicos Heliport
Calcário Vale do Araguaia Airport
Coopersucar CTC Heliport
CBMM Heliport
Comandante Vittorio Bonomi Airport
Classic Heliport
Cap PM Paulo José de Menezes Filho Heliport
Continental Square Heliport
CDA - Uberaba Heliport
Coca-Cola Heliport
Cidade Empresarial Heliport
Cadete 56-147 Santana Airport
Cruz Bay Seaplane Base
CIFI Airport
Condomínio Fly-In Community Airport
Canal Heliport
Confresa Airport
Casas Bahia Heliport
Ceará-Mirim Heliport
Cotriguaçu Airport
Curiaú Airport
Coca-Cola Heliport
Canã Airport
Canawapai Airport
Caracanã Airport
Cararuau Airport
Caraparu Airport
Caramambataí (Mapae) Airport
Catrimani I Airport
Contão Airport
Cumaipá Airport
Cumanã I Airport
Cumanã II Airport
Cutia Airport
Clube de Esportes Aéreos e Náuticos do Pará Airport
Cosmos Aviação Agrícola Airport
Cristália Heliport
C.B.E. - Companhia Brasileira de Equipamentos Heliport
Capitão PM Cidimar Antunes de Almeida Heliport
Campan Heliport
Coqueiral Heliport
Condomínio Boa Esperança Airport
Carlos Gomes Center Heliport
Cristal Airport
Centauro Heliport
Cimento Rio Branco Heliport
CPFL Sede Heliport
Condomínio Edifício Mansão Macedo Heliport
Chácara da Capela Heliport
Cimento Rio Negro-Cantagalo Heliport
Campos Gerais Airport
Carolina de Assis Repetto Airport
Caraguatá Heliport
Caju Airport
Camará Airport
Campo Formoso Airport
Campo Grande Airport
Cauê-Apiaí Heliport
Capão Alto Airport
Carlos Alberto Pinto Airport
Costa Brasilis Heliport
Centro Administrativo Rio Negro Heliport
Ciudad Yari Airport
Caño Garza Airport
Caño Grande Airport
Chaparrito Airport
Ciénaga Airport
Colegial Airport
Currillo Airport
Cusiana Airport
Calenturitas Airport
Calima Airport
Campo Alegre Airport
Casacara Cayta Airport
Cerro De Piedra Airport
Codazzi Airport
Cabo Marzo Airport
Chapinero Airport
Colombaima Airport
Calamar Airport
Campo Alegre Airport
Cerrejón Central Airport
Cotoprix Airport
Chivolo Airport
Corral Nuevo Airport
Canaima Airport
Candilejas Airport
Caño Blanco Airport
Caquetania Airport
Cinera Airport
Campo Capote Airport
Comuneros Airport
Calicanto Airport
Cerritos Airport
Chicoral - Estra Airport
Cruz Verde Airport
Castilla Central Airport
Cavasa Airport
Chambimbal Airport
Cachiporro Airport
Cananari Airport
Cano Coló Airport
Casuarito Airport
Centro Adm/Tivo Airport
Cumachagua Airport
Cumaribo Airport
Capurganá Airport
Carmen De Bolivar Airport
Camilo Daza International Airport
Carimagua Airport
Cimitarra Airport
Cravo Norte Airport
Cupica Airport
Carurú Airport
Coveñas Airport
Chaparral Airport
Chigorodó Airport
Cicuco Airport
Caucaya Airport
Casanare Airport
Camiri Airport
Copacabana Airport
Cañada Airport
Cabezas Airport
Charagua Airport
Chimore Airport
Caigua Airport
Collpani Airport
Camiare Airport
Charaña Airport
Capitán Aníbal Arab Airport
Concepción Airport
Comarapa Airport
Cerdas Airport
Choreti, Bolivia, South America Airport
Culpina Airport
Cavinas Airport
Chive Airport
Collpa Airport
Caranda Airport
Cerrillos Airport
Capitán de Av. Emilio Beltrán Airport
Cachascani Airport
Chacobos Airport
Copaquilla Airport
Cañada Larga Airport
Capitan Nicolas Rojas Airport
Capitán Av. Salvador Ogaya G. airport
Coquinal Airport
Capitán Av. Selin Zeitun Lopez Airport
Capitán Av. German Quiroga G. Airport
Capitán Av. Juan Cochamanidis S. Airport
Capitan Oriel Lea Plaza Airport
Cuevo Airport
Curahuara de Carangas Airport
Covendo Airport
Capitán Av. Vidal Villagomez Toledo Airport
Caranavi Airport
Coeroeni Airport
Cottica Airstrip
Caney Municipal Hospital Helicopter Pad Heliport
Curtis Airport
Callaway Airpark
Converse Farm Airport
Crosswind Airfield
Carajás Heliport
Cirilo Queiróz Airport
Cristiano Ferreira Varella Airport
Campo de Boi Airport
Campo Belo Airport
Castanhal Airport
Calçoene Airport
Catuama Heliport
Campo do Meio Airport
Continental Airport
Campos Gerais Airport
Cibrasa Airport
Caponga Heliport
Carutapera Airport
Cocorobó Airport
Campos Sales Airport
Cururupu Airport
Campina Verde Airport
Centro de Lançamento de Alcântara Airport
Colatina Airport
Campo da Praia Airport
C.T.O Itaú Heliport
Cachoeira Airport
Canavieiras Airport
Caetité Airport
Cipó Airport
Cocos Airport
Conceição do Mato Dentro Airport
Conselheiro Lafaiete Airport
Creputiá Airport
Cachoeiro do Itapemirim Airport
Caicó Airport
Colinas Airport
Currais Novos Airport
Corrente Airport
Crepurizinho Airport
Canudos Airport
Costa dos Coqueiros Airport
Carinhanha Airport
Coroatá Airport
Ceará-Mirim Airport
Casa de Campo Heliport
Coronel Alexandre Raposo Airport
Cangapara Airport
Curvelo Airport
Cururu Airport
Colina Verde Heliport
Caruaru Airport
Centro Empresarial Nações Unidas - Torre Norte Heliport
Correntina Airport
Camocim Airport
Crateús Airport
Caxambu Airport
Chaves Airport
Cikel Brasil Verde Airport
Cumbuco Heliport
Chácara Paraíso Airport
Copra Heliport
Cayenne-Rochambeau Airport
Caraz Airport
Ciro Alegria Airport
Camana Airport
Caballococha Airport
Ciudad Constitución Airport
Casa Grande Airport
Cap FAP David Abenzur Rengifo International Airport
Contamana Airport
Cunocuno Airport
Chota Airport
Cesar Torke Podesta Airport
Chagual Airport
Chincha Airport
Chala Airport
Capitan FAP Jose A Quinones Gonzales International Airport
Coronel FAP Alfredo Mendivil Duarte Airport
Comandante FAP German Arias Graziani Airport
Celendín Airport
Capitan FAP Pedro Canga Rodriguez Airport
Collique Airport
Chachapoyas Airport
Coronel FAP Francisco Secada Vignetta International Airport
Capitán FAP Leonardo Alvariño Herr Airport
Capitan FAP Carlos Martinez De Pinillos International Airport
Casma Airport
Capitán FAP Renán Elías Olivera International Airport
Cadete FAP Guillermo Del Castillo Paredes Airport
Coronel FAP Carlos Ciriani Santa Rosa International Airport
Capitán FAP Guillermo Concha Iberico International Airport
Caraveli Airport
Capitan Montes Airport
Chazuta Airport
China Strait Airstrip
Cayana Airstrip
Centeno Airport
Camapuã Airport
Chapadão do Sul Airport
Coxim Airport
Concórdia Airport
Cassilândia Airport
Canela Airport
Comandante Marilda Zaiden de Mesquita Airport
Cornélio Procópio Airport
Cianorte Airport
Capivari Airport
Capitão Pedro Paranhos Airport
Candiota Airport
Condomínio Fazenda da Grama Heliport
Campo Evelina Airport
Capão da Canoa Airport
Campo Mourão Airport
Campo Novo Airport
Copacel Airport
Cachoeira do Sul Airport
Curitibanos Airport
Cacoal Airport
Carazinho Airport
Chácara Monte Alegre Heliport
Cejen Heliport
Chico Ledur Airport
Comandante Carmelo Airport
Company Heliport
Castro Airport
Centro Empresarial de São Paulo Heliport
Castro Alves Airport
Campo Alegre de Lourdes Airport
Copesul Heliport
Caçapava do Sul Airport
Cambará Airport
Clube Céu Heliport
Condomínio Spázio Central Heliport
Cachoeira Rica Airport
Condomínio Laguna Heliport
Centenário do Sul Airport
Carneirinho Agroindustrial Airport
Carmelo International Airport
Capitan Corbeta CA Curbelo International Airport
Cerro Largo International Airport
Carrasco International /General C L Berisso Airport
Cachimbo Airport
Carbonero Airport
Central Venezuela Airport
Caicara del Orinoco Airport
Casigua El Cubo Airport
Caño Lucas Airport
Calabozo Airport
Cañita Mendera Airport
Canaima Airport
Carora Airport
Cazorla Airport
Caujarito Airport
Cumaná (Antonio José de Sucre) Airport
Cunaviche Airport
Chinazón Airport
Cuartel Yaruro Airport
Capitán Manuel Ríos Airbase
Cocuiza Airport
Cordereño Airport
Codsa Airport
Ciudad Piar Airport
Churuguara Airport
Curujujul Airport
Caño Negro Airport
Corral Viejo Airport
Callejas Airport
Coco de Mono Airport
Cacique Aramare Airport
Cumarebo Airport
Carrao Airport
Corocito Airport
Central Bolívar Airport
Central Matilde Airport
Carauari Airport
Campos Belos Airport
Coperjava Airport
Chácara Santa Eulália Airport
Campo Novo do Parecis Airport
Costa Marques Airport
Complexo Turístico S. R. Pantanal Hotéis LTDA Airport
Casalvasco Airport
Cavalcante Airport
Cabixi Airport
Ceres Airport
Canarana Airport
CCN Torre Norte Heliport
Cáceres Airport
Cobrape Airport
Coari Airport
Chácara Veneza Airport
Catalão Airport
Cucuí Airport
Corixá Airport
Capão da Cruz Airport
Caracaraí Airport
Campos de Júlio Airport
Cervejaria Petrópolis Heliport
C.F. de Souza Bais Airport
Chácara Córrego Fundo Airport
Chácara São José Airport
Chácara Messias Heliport
Cotia Foods S/A Heliport
Clube de Marte Ibirá de Pará-Quedismo Airport
CON-CN-Cidade Nova Heliport
Cheddi Jagan International Airport
Charles L Kelly Army Heliport
Cuero Municipal Airport
Columbus Community Hospital Heliport
Cook Canyon Ranch Airport
Coyote Crossing Airport
Cielo Dorado Estates Airport
Clear Fork Ranch Heliport
Cotton Patch Airport
Cottonpatch Aerodrome
Chambers Airport
Carter-Norman Airport
Childress Regional Medical Center Heliport
Creech Heliport
Chevron Chemical County Heliport
Codrington Airport
Coco Point Lodge Airstrip
Crystal Brook Airport
Canefield Airport
Coastal Bend Hospital Heliport
Casey Field
Cleveland Airport
Cow Pasture Airport
Canyon Ranch Airport
Caselman Ranch Airport
Cross Wind Acres Airport
Chigger Field
Cibolo Sea-Willo Airpark
Clover Lake Farms Airport
Crosswinds Airfield
Cameron Ranch Airport
Cyril E. King Airport
Cantwell Airport
Cub Haven Airport
Cookeville General Heliport
Cumberland River Hospital Heliport
Colony Park Heliport
Carey Airport
Cox Farm Airport
Cedar Glade Aerodrome
Cotton Patch Airport
Çardak Highway Strip
Çanakkale Çan Airfield
Çukurhisar Airport
Calaway Airport
Cig 809 Heliport
Cibolo Creek Ranch Airport
C Lazy T Ranch Airport
Celina Field
Community Hospital Heliport
Camden Airfield
Captain Auguste George Airport
Canouan Airport
Chi Mei Airport
Carrington Heliport
Cunningham Airpark
Crescent C Ranch Airport
City of Fort Worth Heliport
Coppenger Farm Airport
Cade Field
Coxs Well Airport
Carey Airport
Crescent Valley Airport
Camas County Airport
Chernihiv Air Base
Chortkiv Air Base
Chkalovskiy Airfield
Chоrnobil Heliport
Chardara Airport
Chirchik Airport
Cholpon-Ata Airport
Chelkar Airport
Chulman Airport
Chokurdakh Airport
Cherskiy Airport
Chumikan Airport
Chaybukha Airport
Chita-Kadala Airport
Chara Airport
Chuhuiv Airport
Cherlyany Airport
Cherkasy International Airport
Chepelevka Airport
Chernivtsi International Airport
Chernobayevka Airport
Chernihiv Shestovitsa Airport
Cherepovets Airport
Cheremshanka Airport
Cascade Reservoir Private Strip
City Heliport
Canaan Air Base Heliport
Cable's Corner Airport
Carrera Airpark
Cleveland Airport
Cibor Airport
Chicken Strip
Comanche Landing Airport
Capps Airport
Camp Canard Heliport
Compressor Station Nr 10 STOLport
CLM Ranch Airport
Cts Stacy Airport
Carroll Lake-View Airport
Circle H Farm's Ltd Airport
Coberly Airport
Cow Creek Airport
Castle Rock Adventist Health Campus Heliport
Coast Guard Air Station San Francisco
Cape May County Dept of Mosquito Control Helistop
Coal Field
Cape Simpson
Colts Neck Police Heliport
Community Medical Center Helistop
Cumberland County Mosquito Control Helistop
Cape Sabine Airport
Cardiff Brothers Airport
Campbellville (Bellshill Airpark)
Cape Field at Fort Glenn
Charlie Airport
Caven Point Usar Center Heliport
Caton South Heliport
Chelyabinsk Balandino Airport
Chelyabinsk Shagol Airport
Camp Williams Airfield
Cedar Valley Airport
Cheleken East Airport
Channel 4 Heliport
Carmel Mountain Ranch Airport
Citabriair Airport
Crystal Springs Ranch Airport
Century Equipment Company Heliport
Cirque Lodge Studio Heliport
Chkalovskiy Airport
Chistopol Airport
Cheboksary Airport
Charkhin Airport
Chartak Airport
Chinaz Highway Airstrip
Chambel Airport
Chim Airport
Chimkurgan Airport
Chimkurgan Northwest Airport
Clinchfield Heliport
Catawba Valley Airport
Centreville Airport
Chanda Airport
Chorhata Airport
Culpeper Memorial Hospital Heliport
Crippen's Heliport
Covington Airport
Cub Field
Chance Airport
Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport
Colombo Ratmalana Airport
China Bay Airport
Cabimas Hilton Heliport
Cabuya Airport
Cacuri Airport
Cacurito Airport
Caicara de Maturín Heliport
Camani Airport
Camatagua Airport
Campo de Palma Airport
Caño Iguana Sur Airport
Caño Santo Airport
Capitán Alfredo Sierra Heliport
Capure Heliport
Caribe (Simón Bolívar Internacional) Heliport
Caripe Heliport
Caripito Heliport
Carona Airport
Cayoateri (Coyowateli) Airport
Ceibana Airport
Centro Lago I Heliport
Centro Miranda Heliport
Cerro Bolívar Airport
Cerro El Divorcio Heliport
Cerro El Escondido Heliport
Cerro Negro Heliport
Chajuraña Airport
Chaparalito Airport
Chivapure Airport
Chorobobo Airport
Clínica Avila Heliport
Corporación Venezolana de Televisión Heliport
Coshiloateri Airport
Cuttack Airport
Chabua Air Force Station
Chakulia Airport
Cooch Behar Airport
Chesapeake Energy Center Heliport
Cathro Airport
Carrsville Vol Fire Dept Heliport
Collins Airport
Carilion Patient Transportation Services Heliport
Clear Moore Corp. Kenneth Moore Heliport
Cedar Point Landing Heliport
Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital Heliport
Cox's Bazar Airport
Comilla Airport
Chek Lap Kok International Airport
Charlotte Amalie Harbor Seaplane Base
Christiansted Harbor Seaplane Base
Chandigarh Airport
Chakeri Air Force Station
Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport
Campbell Bay Airport
Coimbatore International Airport
Cochin International Airport
Calicut International Airport
Cuddapah Airport
Car Nicobar Air Force Station
Chennai International Airport
Coimbatore Air Force Station
Carriers Skypark Airport
Catamount Airfield
Chiang Mai International Airport
Chiang Rai Airport
Chiang Rai International Airport
Chumphon Airport
Cha Ian Airport
Chu Lai International Airport
Cat Bi International Airport
Cam Ly Airport
Cà Mau Airport
Cam Ranh Airport
Co Ong Airport
Can Tho International Airport
Coco Island Airport
Chanmyathazi Airport
Cedars North Airpark
Connell City Airport
Coulee City Airport
Clam Harbor Airport
Chinook Farms Airport
Columbia Crest Winery Airport
Cascade Heliport
Cepu Airport
Cedar Island Airport
Cacic Airport
Crane Field
Cornucopia Field
Cardinal Ridge Airport
Ceder Lake Seaplane Base
Clintonville Community Hospital Heliport
Columbus Community Hospital Heliport
Corinth Airport
C Jeidy Farms Airport
Chippewa Valley Hospital Heliport
Chilcott Farms Airport
Cibeureum Airport
Cougar Flat Airstrip
Clinesmith Ranch Airport
Columbia Ag 2 Airport
Coupeville Airpark
Cougar Heliport
Columbia Basin Hospital Heliport
Capitol Medical Center Heliport
Cranberry International Seaplane Base
Cakung Airport
Casey Lake Airport
Cloud Dancer Private Airport
Community Memorial Hospital Heliport
Coleman Airport
Circle K Airport
Christie Aerodrome
Cain's Field
Circle T Airport
Changi Air Base (East)
Cng Division 4 Heliport
Cabell Huntington Hospital Heliport
City Hospital, Inc. Heliport
Center Wheeling Parking Garage Heliport
Camc-Memorial Heliport
Carr Airport
Campbell County Memorial Hospital Heliport
Community Hospital Heliport
Cheyenne Whiskey Heliport
Cheyenne Echo Heliport
Chamberlain Brothers Ranch Airport
Covey Trails Airport
Chalet Suzanne Air Strip
Cozby-Germany Hospital Heliport
Circle Eight Ranch Airport
Chuckster Airport
Cook Children's Medical Center Heliport
Connies Aviation Airport
Creekside Air Park
Cougar Landing Airport
Coon Creek Club Heliport
Candelaria Airport
C F C Aviation Ranch Airport
Cedar Park Rgnl Medical Center Heliport
Cherry Spraying Service Airport
Chesson Airport
Casey Three Ranch Airport
Corralitos Airport
Charlton Methodist Hospital Heliport
Cairns International Airport
Charleville Airport
Catholic Agricultural College Bindoon Airstrip
Calga Airport
Caboolture Airport
Cattle Creek Airport
Campbell Town Airport
Caiguna Airport
Coolah Airport
Callion Airport
Cadjebut Airport
Castlemaine Airport
Cannington Station Airport
Cannon Hill Community Airport
Carnarvon Airport
Casino Airport
Cobar Airport
Coonabarabran Airport
Canobie Airport
Cape Barren Island Airport
Cape Borda Airport
Coober Pedy Airport
Collarenebri Airport
Chinchilla Airport
Cape Crawford Airport
Canteen Creek Airport
Coconut Island Airport
Cloncurry Airport
Coondambo Airport
Cobden Airport
Cadney Homestead Airport
Cradle Mountain Airport
Condobolin Airport
Caloundra Airport
Childers Airport
Carandotta Airport
Ceduna Airport
Caldervale Station Airport
Cleve Airport
Capella Airport
Coldstream Airport
Ceres Airport
Camfield Airport
Clifton Hills Airport
Cape Flattery Airport
Clifton Airport
Clonagh Airport
Carnegie Station Airport
Chillagoe Airport
Cherrabah Airport
Charlton Airport
Childra Airport
Charters Towers Airport
Corrigin Airport
Conjuboy Airport
Curdimurka Airport
Clarke Island Airport
Croker Island Airport
Cooktown Airport
Cocklebiddy Airport
Clare Station Airport
Callendale Airport
Coolgardie Airport
Collymongle Airport
Cape Leveque Airport
Collector Airport
Coleambally Airport
Camden Haven Airport
Camel Creek Airport
Cummins Town Airport
Clermont Airport
Cunnamulla Airport
Camooweal Airport
Corona Station Airport
Camp Nifty Airport
Cooranga Airport
Carnarmah Airport
Cessnock Airport
Coonamble Airport
Coonana Airport
Conargo Airport
Coonawarra Airport
Cann River Airport
Coniston Airport
Cooranga Airport
Century Mine Airport
Cordillo Downs Airport
Coen Airport
Coffin Bay Airport
Coongan Airport
Cohuna Airport
Collie Airport
Coleraine Airport
Cooma Snowy Mountains Airport
Cooinda Airport
Copmanhurst Oval Helipad
Corowa Airport
Cosmo Newberry Airport
Coral Bay Airport
Cape Don Airport
Coppins Gap Airport
Copper Hills Airport
Carpentaria Downs Airport
Copper Triangle Airport
Carinda Airport
Corryong Airport
Christmas Creek Station Airport
Crookwell Airport
Cranbrook Airport
Carrieton Airport
Croydon Airport
Cassilis Rotherw Airport
Consuelo Airport
Curtin Springs Airport
Collinsville Airport
Cotten Creek Airport
Chatsworth Airport
Cockatoo Island Airport
Cootamundra Airport
Casterton Airport
Calton Hills Airport
Cape Otway Airport
Cudal Airport
Cuddapan Airport
Cue Airport
Cunderdin Airport
Cabramurra Airport
Cummins Airport
Cuthero Airport
Calvin Grove Airport
Cervantes Airport
Coondewanna Wa Airport
Cape Wessels Airport
Commonwealth Hill Airport
Cowarie Airport
Cowell Airport
Corowa Downs Airport
Chatsworth Airport
Cowra Airport
Cowes Airport
Canowindra Airport
Coolawanyah Airport
Cooloola Village Airpark
Crystal Brook Airport
Colac Airport
Cooranbong Airport
Cook Airport
Cocos (Keeling) Islands Airport
Cooma/Polo Flat (Unlic) Airport
Christmas Island Airport
Canberra International Airport
Coffs Harbour Airport
Camden Airport
Cluny Airport
Collector2 Airport
Canberra Hospital Helipad
Cherbourg Hospital Helipad
Chinchilla Hospital Helipad
Cooma Hospital Helipad
Collinsville Hospital Helipad
Calvary - Bruce Oval Helipad
Caboolture Hospital Helipad
Cape Pole Seaplane Base
Chignik Bay Seaplane Base
Clearwater Airport
Copper Center 2 Airport
Cibecue Airport
Clan Airport
Castle Bromwich Aerodrome/RAF Castle Bromwich
Cape Town Heliport
Chifeng Airport
Changzhi Airport
Changde Airport
Changsha Huanghua International Airport
Changzhoudao Airport
Chingola Airport
Choibalsan Airport
Chinggis Khaan International Airport
Changzhou Airport
Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport
Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport
Changhai Airport
Chaoyang Airport