Airport Names starting with a

Ac & R Components Heliport
Alpine Range Airport
Annapolis Seaplane Base
Albert Guido Memorial Heliport
At&T Heliport
A Z Minerals Corporation Airport
Aerostone Ranch Airport
Anniston AHP (Anniston Army Depot)
Airpark Private Airport
Allen Stagefield Army Heliport
Aventura Heliport
Ames Private Airport
Abc7-Tv Heliport
Albert Lodge Heliport
Ainsworth Airport
Alcovy Airport
Air Oil Inc Nr 1 Heliport
ATK/Thiokol Airport
Alpha Hotel Airport
Allen Ponderosa Heliport
Alderson Airport
Air Oil Inc Nr 2 Heliport
Aeleron Airport
Alta Sierra Airport
Airhaven Airport
Alum Ridge STOLport
Augusta Medical Center Heliport
Anderson Lake Airport
Ami National Park Medical Center Heliport
Arizona Heart Hospital Heliport
Ada Airport
Alligator Drink Seaplane Base
Airnautique, Inc. Airport
Ayresouth Airport
Audubon County Memorial Hospital Heliport
Army Reserve Heliport
Air Park Field
Abbeville Municipal Airport
Arnemann Farms Airport
Arvin Ranch Airport
Atlantic City Medical Center Heliport
Apple Airport
Autolite Heliport
Arco Ingleside Shorebase Heliport
Alta Vista Ranch Airport
Aerospatiale Helicopter Corp Heliport
Air Columbia Heliport
Aurora St Luke's Medical Center Heliport
Aurora Lakeland Medical Center Heliport
Anacacho Ranch Airport
Apple 1 Heliport
Atterbury Field (Camp Atterbury)
Arkavalley Airport
Atlantic Field Mcolf Airport
Aeronut Park Balloonport
Aubrey Mountain Airstrip
Allison Ranch Airport
Aaron's Field
Air Columbia Heliport
Applegate Airport
Arco High Island Heliport
A.I. Dupont Children's Hospital Heliport
Arrow Aviation Company Heliport
Atchafalaya Flying Company Airport
Abel Ranch Airport
Adventist La Grange Memorial Hospital Heliport
Allstate South Barrington Plaza Heliport
Alert Field
Ancam Antique Airfield
American Cyanamid Helistop
Airc Helistop
Arthur Airport
Arizona State Prison - Safford Heliport
Argyle Airport
Aha-Quin Airport
Alameda County Parking Garage Heliport
Aurora Regional Medical Center Heliport
Airpark East Airport
America's Chopper Pilots Heliport
Adams Heliport
Aerie Airport
Answered Prayer Airport
Airlane Enterprises Airport
Aero-Lane Airport
Adams Airport
Amy Airport
Alton Memorial Hospital Heliport
Ardmore Airport
Ashman Island Seaplane Base
Albert Airport
Atwell Airport
Arant Airport
Andvik Airport
Air Tractor Heliport
Arlington Municipal Airport
Aaron Penston Field
Aero Estates Airport
Austin Diagnostic Medical Center Heliport
Airpark Estates Airport
Anne Arundel Medical Center Heliport
Area Energy Llc Heliport
Advance Materials Corp Heliport
Adams Heliport
Amundson Seaplane Base
Ames Airport
ABC-TV Heliport
Alstar North Heliport
Alpha Natural Resources Llc Heliport
Aviation Acres Airport
Alexian Brothers Medical Center Heliport
Alliance Airport
Associated Enterprises Heliport
A.H. Butz Downtown Allentown Heliport
Anderson Airport
Auburn Airport
Albrecht Heliport
Arnett Landing Airport
A and K Heliport
Addison Municipal Airport
Ak-Chin Heliport
Ashmore Field
Almena Airport
Ash Mountain Heliport
American Display Heliport
Adventure Island Heliport
Air Orlando Heliport
Andy Fields Airport
Arden Hill Heliport
Alba Vineyard Balloonport
Air Park South Airport
Argonia Municipal Airport
Adams Restricted Landing Area Number 2
Air Logistics Galliano Heliport
Anderson Farm Airport
Aerospace Tech Center Heliport
Alexanders-Paramus Heliport
Apex Healthplex Heliport
Air Jordan Airport
Aero Lake Farm Airport
Alaska Regional Hospital Heliport
Alderman Airport
Albert Einstein Medical Center Heliport
Archer Memorial Field
Avera Heart Hospital of South Dakota Heliport
A M I G O For Christ Airport
Athens Regional Medical Center Heliport
Arrowhead Point Airport
Airlie Airport
Air Evac 53 Heliport
Annandale Ranch Airport
Aero Lake Estates Airport
Albert Lea Medical Center Heliport
Atlantic City Medical Center-Mainland Division Heliport
Au Heliport
Aberdeen Field
A B Dock Services Heliport
Arend Airport
Arnolds Airport
Arnold Ranch Airport
Ash Mesa Heliport
Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hosp Heliport
Ace Flying Airport
Annie Penn Hospital Heliport
Aerequus Airport
Arthur Municipal Airport
Ancient Oaks Airport
Avoca Airport
Albion Municipal Airport
Anthony Private Airport
Arlington Municipal Airport
Aldot Complex Heliport
Arnold Palmer Hospital Heliport
Army Aviation Support Facility Heliport
Agri Helicopter Inc. Heliport
Aysta Field
Alamo Navajo Airport
Aventis Pharmaceuticals Heliport
Allen Airstrip
Arnot Ogden Hospital Heliport
Astoria Heliport
Andy Barnhart Memorial Airport
Api Heliport
Ashlawn Airport
Augusta Airport
Ayres-Aicp Airport
Aviacres Airport
Angel Park Airport
Antique Aerodrome
Ashworth Airport
Ak Chin Community Airfield
Alcock RLA Restricted Landing Area
Aire Parque Airport
Androscoggin Valley Hospital Helipad
Allegheny General Hospital Emergency Heliport
Anderson Airfield
Air Evac Lifeteam 30 Heliport
Airbatco Field
Aero Crafter Inc Heliport
Ag-Air Inc Heliport
Aerobatic Practice Airport
Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital Heliport
Air Logistics (Venice) N Heliport
American Falconry Airport
Ames Field
Armstrong Ranch Airport
Al's Field
Airport Manatee Airport
Air Dusters Inc Airport
Atmautluak Airport
Aleknagik Mission Lodge Airport
Ackley Municipal Airport
Antelope Valley Ranch Airport
Arrowhead Regional Medical Center Heliport
Ambrosich Field
Alma Municipal Airport
Andrews Airport
Amar Farms Airport
Alan B. Janssen Airport
Ahearn Heliport
Air Rahe Airport
Arnold Field
A M Classics Heliport
Ag-Alley Airport
Austin Airport
Auberge Des Fleurs Airport
Altoona Regional Health System-Bon Secours Cam Heliport
Allison Ranch Airport
Abilene Regional Medical Center Heliport
Addington Field
Apache Pass Airport
Austin Air Ads Airport
Appalachian Regional Hospital Heliport
Agner Airport
Adelanto Airport
Air Castle Airport
Anderson Field
Akin Airport
Ambassador Ultralightport
Arnold Field
Atlanta Airport
Aero Flight Center Airport
Animas Air Park
Adams Co Memorial Hospital Heliport
Atlantic Refining & Marketing Corp Heliport
Air Evac EMS 57 Base Heliport
Anchorage Farm Field
Alachua General Hospital Heliport
Aslh-Heli-Pad Heliport
Athens Emergency Med-Evac Heliport
Atoka Memorial Hospital Heliport
Aurora Valley View Medical Center Heliport
A I M Heliport
Airwolf Heliport
Aleknagik / New Airport
Airway Airport
Agro-West Airport
Able Airpark
Air Acres Airport
Aero Plaines Airport
Aec Heliport
Anthony Balloonport
Anthony Hospital Heliport
Air Logistics Heliport
Arkla Flyers Inc Airport
Ammons Airport
Allen's Pond Airport
Aai Heliport
Anderson Airport
Atsion Helistop
Alexander's East Heliport
Alexander's-Roosevelt Heliport
Alge Airport
Armington Airport
Alford A. Bratcher Airport
Alexander Ranch Airport
Air Logistics-Freeport Heliport
Alleghany Regional Hospital Heliport
Ans Hospital Heliport
Alley Field
Air Ranch Estates Airport
A G A Farms Airport
Adirondack Helicopters Heliport
At&T - Apache Junction Heliport
Alvie Cole Ranch Airport
Antone Ranch Airport
Apache Springs Airport
Al Divine Airport
Arh Heliport
Aerogrange Airport
Ahlers Acres Airport
Apalachee Bluff Airpark
Aldine Heliport
Accurate Airport
Alley Oop Airport
Abbey Etna Heliport
Avsi-Sugar Land Heliport
Avey Field State Airport
A J's Airport
Arkansas Heart Hospital Heliport
Ash Creek Airport
Ames Field
Ameritech Center Heliport
Adair Airport
Alexander Field
Acushnet River Seaplane Base
Airy-Acres Airport
Aring Field
Air Haven Airport
Allied Signal Heliport
Alvin Airpark
Action 5 Heliport
Atlantic Research Corp Heliport
Airwolfe Airport
Arness Lake Airport
Amargosa Airport
Adams Restricted Landing Area Number 1
Andrews Airport
Adams Place Heliport
Altoona Regional Hospital Heliport
Adair County Memorial Hospital Heliport
Aliquippa Hospital Heliport
Arch - Effingham Heliport
Abel Ranch Airport
Arrowhead Airport
Ag-Air Inc. Airport
Art Z Airport
Abraham Ranch Airport
Adams Executive Heliport
Adams Ranch Airport
Amboy Fire Protection District Heliport
Ambler - Cady Airport
Aero Estates Airport
Avondale Heliport
Allegheny Power-Hagerstown Corp Ctr Heliport
A T I Heliport
Atrium Heliport
Arnold Airstrip
Allegheny Valley Hospital Heliport
Angelo Community Hospital Heliport
Alison Air Park
Ag Aviation Airport
Ashford Field
Airduce Heliport
A.R.S. Sport Strip
Armstrong County Memorial Hospital Heliport
Atc Heliport
Abbott Airport
Adams Strip
Allied Northborough Heliport
Anderson Heliport
Aiken Field
Allen's Airstrip
Aerospatiale Helicopter Corp Heliport
Amber Glen Business Center Hp Heliport
Angier (C A G Farms) Airport
Akron City Hospital Heliport
Acadiana One Office Bldg Heliport
Aero-Bee Ranch Airstrip
Auburn Cdf Heliport
A G Spanos Companies Hq Heliport
Arkansas Valley Regional Medical Center Heliport
Allen and Gloss Airport
Allsion Plant 5 Heliport
Allison Plant 8 Heliport
Allison Plant 3 Heliport
Adkins RLA Restricted Landing Area
Anderson Hospital Heliport
Alberta Ultralightport
Acme Heliport
Adams Airport
Amble-Tiger North Farms Airport
Ausk Strip
Ashtabula County Medical Center Ctr Heliport
Allen Airport
Allen Airport
Aero Heliport
Adams Airport
Alamance Regnl Medical Center Heliport
Abba's Airport
Ames Heliport
Antelope Airpark
Abrom Kaplan Memorial Hospital Heliport
Angel Medical Center Heliport
Arrowhead Springs Airport
Adams Private Airport
Ag Spray Inc Airport
Air Logistics Sabine Heliport
A & L Airport
Air-Ag Airport
Adams County Hospital Heliport
Atlantic County Helistop
Anderson Airport
Arctic Angel Airport
Air George Heliport
Academy Heliport
Air Logistics (Belle Chasse) Heliport
Air Logistics (Fourchon) Heliport
Air Logistics; Amelia Base Heliport
American Cyanamid Company Helistop
Amway Downtown Heliport
Anheuser/Busch Inc Heliport
At&T Helistop
Ash Personal Heliport
Aero Heliport
Askey Field
Albritton Airport
All-State Equipment Co. Heliport
Antique Aerodrome
Adin Airport
Alsek River Airport
Atkamba Airport
Andorra la Vella Heliport
Andakombe Airport
Al Ghuwaifat Border Post helipad
Al Ghuwaifat Customs Post helipad
Adareil Airport
Algeciras Heliport
Aseki Airport
Ajrestan Airport
Afore Airstrip
Afutara Aerodrome
Angoram Airport
Auki Airport
Avu Avu Airport
Amchitka Army Airfield
Ambatolhy Airport
Aiome Airport
Aiambak Airport
Ailinglaplap Airport
Anchor River Airpark
Alaska Airpark
Abi Airport
All West Airport
American Creek Airport
Amook Bay Seaplane Base
Alascom/Coastal Lena Point Heliport
Alabama Power Headquarters Heliport
Alitak Seaplane Base
Alto Molocue Airport
Ama Airport
Amanab Airport
Ambatomainty Airport
Av Ranch Airport
Angaur Airstrip
Anuha Island Resort Airport
Angus Downs Airport
Andulo Airport
Aroa Airport
Annanberg Airport
Abou-Deïa Airport
Asapa Airport
April River Airport
Aeroclub Chaco Airport
Aerofumigaciones Don Alejandro Airport
Agro Servicio Yoris Airport
Agroaire Airport
Abel Monteverde Heliport
Acindar Airport
Aeroboero Airport
Aerotec Airport
Alagro Fumigaciones Airport
Alejandro Roca Airport
Alfredo Sanchez Airport
Algarrobo/La Reforma Airport
Allen Airport
Alta Gracia Airport
Alumine Airport
Alvear Aeroparque Airport
Alvear Airport
Ameghino Airport
America Airport
Añatuya Airport
Andacollo Airport
Anibal Brizi Airport
Arelauquen Heliport
Aries Heliport
Arrecifes Aeroclub Airport
Arribeños Airport
Arroyito/Arcor Airport
Austral Heliport
Autodromo Ciudad De Bs. As. Heliport
Ayacucho Airport
Ayres De Pilar Heliport
Azcarate Irastorza Heliport
Agrocelta Servicios Aereos Airport
Agro Aereo Gualeguay Airport
Agroservicio Doña Teresa Airport
Agropecuaria Rio Juramento Airport
Azcarate Irastorza Airport
Almafuerte / Transener S.A. Heliport
Austral S.A. Heliport
Agroaire Airport
Aeroclub de El Chaltén Alf. G.N.A. Walter Omar D Anna
Ashley County Hospital Heliport
Arkansas National Guard Emergency Access Heliport
Amos Airport
Arkansas Children's Hospital Heliport
Augusta Heliport
Ano Heliport
Ark-Mo Airport
Arkansas Methodist Hospital Heliport
Aragip Airport
Asbury Park Neptune Air Terminal
Asirim Airport
Aitape Airport
Althorpe Lighthouse Airstrip
Abrolhos East Wallabi Island Airport
Avoca Airport
Avon Valley NP Airstrip
Abrolhos North Island
Abrolhos Island
Adelaide River Heliport
Amity Heliport
Appin Colliery Helipad
Agnew Airport
Alroy Downs Airport
Aua Island Airport
Ambunti Airport
Agaun Airport
Austin Robert Mueller Municipal
Aumo Airport
Alowe Airport
Awar Airport
Arou Airstrip
Aiyura Airport
Arugam Bay SPB
Aghdas Airport
Agdzhabedi Airport
Aghdam Airport
Ammon Airport
Abacus Tower Heliport
Asi Heliport
Airscrew Performance Flightpark Ultralightport
Amazon Bay Airport
Arrowhead Assault Strip
Alton Bay Seaplane Base
Aasiaat Airport
Aappilattoq (Qaasuitsup) Heliport
Alluitsup Paa Heliport
Aappilattoq (Kujalleq) Heliport
Arsuk Heliport
Ammassivik Heliport
Attu Heliport
Arngerðareyri Airport
Álftaver Airport
Akureyri Airport
Alexânia Municipal Airport
Alenquer Airport
Amana Airport
Agnes Lake Airport
Aishihik Airport
Albert Bay Airport
Algar Tower Airport
Amber Tower Airport
Anama Bay-Dauphin River Airport
Anderson Point Airport
Anderson Ranch Airport
Anglemont Airport
Arthur North Airport
Asbestos Airport
Atkinson Point Airport
Austin Airport
Aylmer Airport
Aquila Field Airport
Alhambra / Ahlstrom Heliport
Ajax / Picov Downs
Armour Heights Field
Aérodrome Saint-Louis
Abbotsford (Regional Hospital & Cancer Centre) Heliport
Alcatraz Heliport
American Display Heliport
Alta Vista Heliport
Avenal Airport
Albalisa Dinner Playhouse Inc Heliport
Alice Arm/Silver City Seaplane Base
Atlin Seaplane Base
Art Sutcliffe Field
Anahim Lake Airport
Alhambra / Ahlstrom
Arthur (Arthur South)
Atwood / Coghlin Airport
Axe Lake
Ayr/Sargeant Private Airfield
Alert Bay Seaplane Base
Alliford Bay Seaplane Base
Apple River Airport
Amherst Heliport
Amax Mill Heliport
Arapahoe Heliport
Aero Bear Field
Arichat (St. Anne Ladies Auxiliary Hospital) Heliport
Antigonish (St. Martha's Regional Hospital) Heliport
Airdrie Airport
Acme Airport
Andrew Airport
Aklavik Seaplane Base
Arctic Red River Seaplane Base
Alban Airport
Alma (Rivière La Grande Décharge) Seaplane Base
Aldergrove (Hicks) Heliport
Arcola Airport
Ashern Airport
Armstrong Seaplane Base
Atikokan Seaplane Base
Altona Municipal Airport
Arborfield Airport
Assiniboia Airport
Arnes Airport
Arborg Airport
Arctic Bay Airport
Atikokan (General Hospital) Heliport
Armstrong/Waweig Lake Seaplane Base
Arkayla Springs Airport
Airport Towers Nr 1 Heliport
Anacapa View Estates Heliport
Allan Ranch Flight Park Ultralightport
Antelope Valley Service Center Heliport
Ahlem Farms Airport
Auberry Hydro Service Center Heliport
Arthur (Metz Field)
Altay Air Base
Airport Imperial Bldg Helistop
Arnprior Seaplane Base
Atwood Airport
Arnprior Airport
Arnstein Airport
Alexandria Aerodrome
Alliston Airport
Anzac (long Lake) Heliport
Airport Punta Espada
Apotema Heliport
Apiay Airport
Apartadó Airport
Aspen Gliderport
Aurora Presbyterian Hospital Heliport
Athanasiou Valley Airport
Arapahoe Medical Park/Littleton Hospital Heliport
Avista Hospital Heliport
Aspen Valley Hospital Heliport
Air-Sprayers Nr 2 Airport
Arthur (Walter's Field)
Ajax (Pickering General Hospital) Heliport
Armstrong Heliport
Alliston Heliport
Arthur (Peskett Field)
Algoma Mills Seaplane Base
Alliston (Stevenson Memorial Hospital) Heliport
Aerocampo CSA airport
Amos (Lac Figuery) Seaplane Base
Abbotsford (Sumas Mountain)
A J Oster Co. Heliport
American Cyanamid County Heliport
Abbotsford (Teck)
Aguanish Seaplane Base
Artopex Plus Heliport
Artemisa Airport
Altagracia Airport
Amansa Guapos Airport
Adelaide Airport
Aguacate Airport
Alturas Airport
Arctic Bay Airport
Alert Bay Airport
Attawapiskat Airport
Arviat Airport
Amos Magny Airport
Atikokan Municipal Airport
Aklavik Airport
Akulivik Airport
Aupaluk Airport
Alert Airport
Atlin Airport
Alma Airport
Athabasca Airport
Abbotsford Airport
Armstrong Airport
Area Of Fire And Rescue Force Heliport
Area Of Fire And Rescue Force Heliport
Area Of Fire And Rescue Force Heliport
Airtrek Airport
Ain Oussera Airport
Ain Arnat Airport
Aguenar – Hadj Bey Akhamok Airport
Annaba Airport
Ain el Beida Airport
August-Euler Airport
Aichach Airport
Altfeld Airport
Alsfeld Airfield
Altdorf-Hagenhausen Airfield
Am Kreuzberg Glider Airfield
Altötting Airfield
Antersberg Airfield
Agathazell Airfield
Alte Ems Airfield
Am Salzgittersee Airfield
Aue bei Hattorf Airfield
Amöneburg Airfield
Aßlarer Hütte Airfield
A.I.Dupont Institute Heliport
Arly Airport
Aribinda Airport
Abengourou Airport
Ajaokuta Airport
Akwa Ibom International Airport
Akure Airport
Asaba International Airport
Akanu Ibiam International Airport
Arlit Airport
Akpaka Airport
Aeroport Hamra
Aeroport Hamra
Amougies Airport
Arlon-Sterpenich ULM
Avernas-le-Bauduin Airport
Antwerp International Airport (Deurne)
Ath/Isieres Airport
AZ Middelheim heliport
Az Sint-Jan Heliport
Altenburg-Nobitz Airport
Arnstadt-Alkersleben Airport
Allstedt Airport
Anklam Airport
Aschersleben Airport
Anspach/Taunus Airport
Aschaffenburg Airport
Allendorf/Eder Airport
Ailertchen Airport
Ahrenlohe Airport
Aachen-Merzbrück Airport
Altena-Hegenscheid Airport
Attendorn-Finnentrop Airport
Arnsberg-Menden Airport
Augsburg Airport
Ampfing-Waldkraiburg Airport
Arnbruck Airport
Auerbach Airport
Ahrensfelde Heliport
Aalen-Heidenheim/Elchingen Airport
Ansbach-Petersdorf Airport
Albstadt-Degerfeld Airport
Altdorf-Wallburg Airport
Adolf Würth Airport
Achmer Airport
Aste Air Base
Ämari Air Base
Aavahelukka Airport
Ahmosuo Airport
Alavus Airport
Al Rahmaniyah
Az Zaqaziq
Abu Rudeis Airport
Aberporth Airport
Alderney Airport
Ascot Racecourse Heliport
Anglesey Airport
Aberdeen Dyce Airport
Andrewsfield Airport
Aylesbury/Thame Airport
Andover Airfield
Ameland Airport
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Aero Club Salland
Amsterdam Heliport
Air Operations Control Station Nieuw Milligen
Abbeyshrule Aerodrome
Athboy Airport
Aarhus Airport
Allerød Airport
Anholt Airport
Avnø Air Base
Aars Airport
Aalborg Airport
Ålesund Airport
Andøya Airport
Alta Airport
Albuskjell F Platform
Albuskjell A Platform
Arlamów Airport
Ålleberg Airport
Alingsås Airport
Arvika Airport
Anderstorp Airport
Arvidsjaur Airport
Arboga Airport
Ängelholm-Helsingborg Airport
Åmsele Air Base
Arbrå Airport
Åsele Airport
Älvsbyn Airport
Avesta Airport
Ansbach Army Heliport
Altenstadt Army Airfield
Ahlhorn Air Force Base
Adazi Airfield
AMO Plant Heliport
Alytus Airport
Akmenė Airport
Arliss M Airport
Archer Emergency Heliport
Acres of Diamonds Airpark
Alexander Bay Airport
Adelaide Airport
Aberdeen Airport
Andrew's Field Airport
Aggeneys Airport
Alldays Airport
Amsterdam Airport
Aliwal North Airport
Arnot Power Station Airport
Ashton Airport
Arathusa Safari Lodge Airport
Alkantpan Copper Airport
Aubeville Airport
Antiquers Aerodrome
Aero Acres Airport
Alindao Airport
Annobón Airport
Abong M'bang Airport
Ashley Field
Angel's Field
Antsiranana Andrakaka Airport
Antananarivo Arivonimamo Airport
Antsirabe Airport
Antsalova Airport
Ambohijanahary Airport
Ankavandra Airport
Amparafaravola Airport
Atsinanana Airport
Ambatondrazaka Airport
Arrachart Airport
Andapa Airport
Ambilobe Airport
Avaratra Airport
Antsirabato Airport
Ambanja Airport
Analalava Airport
Amborovy Airport
Ambalabe Airport
Ampampamena Airport
Ambalavao Airport
Antsoa Airport
Ampanihy Airport
Ankazoabo Airport
Ambriz Airport
Angoche Airport
Azur Heliport
Amirauté Heliport
Arbouix Heliport
Arsenal-Premar Heliport
Avranches Heliport
Aleu Airport
Artigues Airport
Alphonse Airport
Assumption Island Airport
Abeche Airport
Ati Airport
Am Timan Airport
Aberdeen Airport
Aroab B Airport
Aminuis Airstrip
Arandis Airport
Aus Airport
Ariamsvley Airport
Abumumbazi Airport
Aba Airport
Aketi Airport
Ango Airport
Akieni Airport
Antique Acres Airport
Appling General Hospital Heliport
Adams Airport
Ansongo Airport
Alexandra Park Aerodrome
Aboyne Airfield
Aston Down Airfield
Ashcroft Airfield
Audley End Airfield
Akhalkalaki Airport
Akunaq Heliport
Al Massira Airport
Angads Airport
Anfa Airport
Aioun el Atrouss Airport
Abbaye Airport
Akjoujt Airport
Atar International Airport
Arnissa Airport
Amílcar Cabral International Airport
Agostinho Neto Airport
Addis Ababa Bole International Airport
Adaba Airport
Arba Minch Airport
Axum Airport
Aba Tenna Dejazmach Yilma International Airport
Awassa Airport
Asosa Airport
Alula Airport
Aden Adde International Airport
Assa-Gueyla Airport
Ali-Sabieh Airport
As Sallum Airport
Al Mansurah Airport
Abu Suwayr Air Base
As Salihiyah Airport
Al Ismailiyah Airport
Assiut International Airport
Almaza Air Force Base
Abu Simbel Airport
Aswan International Airport
Asmara International Airport
Assab International Airport
Amboseli Airport
Al Wigh Airport
Agedabia Airport
Al Khadim Airport
Al Marj Airport
Al Bumbah North Air Base
Al Jufra Airport
Al Khuwaymat Airport
Al Hamada Con 66 East Airport
Amal V12 Airport
Agropecuaria Lepaguare Airport
Akobo Airport
Atbara Airport
Aweil Airport
Azaza Airport
Anse-a-Galets Airport
Amani Gomvu Airport
Arusha Airport
Abeid Amani Karume International Airport
Adjumani Airport
Arua Airport
Action Airpark
Alexandria Airport
Antique Airfield
Allen Memorial Hospital Heliport
Anamosa Community Hospital Heliport
Anderson Airport
Aboge Airstrip
Aboyi Airstrip
Amazu Airstrip
Ambisibil Airstrip
Angguruk Airstrip
Arsbol Airstrip
Alama Airstrip
Aideralma Airstrip
Apowo Airstrip
Aurimi Wzil Airstrip
Apalapsili Airport
Anggi Airport
Amahai Airport
Ayawasi Airport
Anderson-Plummer Airport
Antonian Airport
Ashby Airport
Arthur Airport
Anderson Airport
Albrecht /2/ Airport
Adkisson Airport
Arrow Heliport
Aero Acres Airport
Andrew RLA Restricted Landing Area Airport
Aero Four Airport
Advocate Christ Medical Center Heliport
Andreas Airfield
Amreli Airstrip
Aamby Valley Airport
Aviation Research Centre, RAW Headquarter Helipad
Amravati (Belora) Airstrip
Angul Airport (JSPL)
Annandale Helipad
Ajog Helipad
Abu Road Airport
Alford Airpark
Arrowhead Farm Airport
Archangels Landing Airport
Al Fathah Air Base
Al Hayy Airport
Al Iskandariyah New Airport
Al Mufrash Airport
Al Muhammadi Airport
Amara New Air Base
An Numaniyah Air Base
Ar Rumaylah Southwest Air Base
Ar Rutbah Highway Strip
Ar Rutbah South Airport
As Salman North Air Base
Ahmadi Military Air Field
Andimeshk-Karkhe Dam Highway Strip
Addison Fire Department Station 3 Heliport
Alsip Fire Department Heliport
Arras RLA Restricted Landing Area
Aviosuperficie Eremo della Giubiliana
Aviosuperficie Bovarella
Aviosuperficie Angelo D'Arrigo
Aviosuperficie Avioclub Paternò
Aviosuperficie Rinaura
Aviosuperficie Minotaurus e Medusa
Aviosuperficie Oasi dei Re
Aviosuperficie Ramacca
Aviosuperficie Sorvoliamo
Aviosuperficie Terranova
Aviosuperficie Ali Calabria
Aviosuperficie Cosenza
Aviosuperficie Franca
Aviosuperficie Scalea
Al Jafr 2 Air Base
Azraq Highway Strip
Al Ghadaf Highway Strip
Al Qatranah Highway Strip
Al Quwayrah Highway Strip
Air-List-Ads Airport
Atlantic City Medical Center Heliport
At&T Bedminster Heliport
Allen's Seaplane Base
Animas Air Park
Atmore Municipal Airport
Abbeville Chris Crusta Memorial Airport
Aeroflex-Andover Airport
Ardmore Downtown Executive Airport
Ashland/Lineville Airport
Airglades Airport
Angwin Parrett Field
Arapahoe Municipal Airport
Augusta Municipal Airport
Ashland County Airport
Anvik Seaplane Base
Alpine Airport
Albia Municipal Airport
Abrams Municipal Airport
Antelope County Airport
Arcadia Bienville Parish Airport
Albert J Lindberg Airport
Adams County Legion Field
Athelone Williams Memorial Airport
Anacortes Airport
Avery County Morrison Field
Antlers Municipal Airport
Allendale County Airport
Albertville Regional Thomas J Brumlik Field
Arrowhead Airport
Allison Municipal Airport
Akron Airport
Ackerman Choctaw County Airport
Austin Airport
Ak-Chin Regional Airport
Apalachicola Regional Airport
Andrau Airpark
Alturas Municipal Airport
Abilene Regional Airport
Albuquerque International Sunport Airport
Aberdeen Regional Airport
Antrim County Airport
Allen Parish Airport
Arcata Airport
Atlantic City International Airport
Ada Municipal Airport
Ardmore Municipal Airport
Addison Airport
Atwood-Rawlins County City Airport
Audubon County Airport
Andrews Air Force Base
Albert Lea Municipal Airport
Alexandria International Airport
Afton Municipal Airport
Anson County Airport
Allegheny County Airport
Augusta Regional At Bush Field
Amedee Army Air Field
Amery Municipal Airport
Athens Ben Epps Airport
Alliance Municipal Airport
Anderson Municipal Darlington Field
Aiken Municipal Airport
Atlantic Municipal Airport
Aitkin Municipal Steve Kurtz Field
Atlantic City Municipal Bader Field
Akron Fulton International Airport
Albany International Airport
Alice International Airport
Alamogordo White Sands Regional Airport
Alexander Salamon Airport
Ames Municipal Airport
Anniston Metropolitan Airport
Anderson Regional Airport
Anoka County-Blaine Arpt(Janes Field) Airport
Ainsworth Municipal Airport
Anthony Municipal Airport
Arco Butte County Airport
Altoona Blair County Airport
Ava Bill Martin Memorial Airport
A P Hill Aaf (Fort A P Hill) Airport
Alpena County Regional Airport
Apple Valley Airport
Appleton Municipal Airport
Atoka Municipal Airport
Acadiana Regional Airport
Ann Arbor Municipal Airport
Aurora Municipal Airport
Aspen-Pitkin Co/Sardy Field
Astoria Regional Airport
Ashley Municipal Airport
Artesia Municipal Airport
Appleton International Airport
Augusta State Airport
Aurora Municipal Al Potter Field
Austin Municipal Airport
Auburn Municipal Airport
Auburn Opelika Robert G. Pitts Airport
Austin Bergstrom International Airport
Alva Regional Airport
Asheville Regional Airport
Avon Park Executive Airport
Arlington Municipal Airport
Algona Municipal Airport
Altus Quartz Mountain Regional Airport
Angel Fire Airport
Arnold Air Force Base
Allen C Perkinson Blackstone Army Air Field
Albion Municipal Airport
Arkansas International Airport
Andrews University Airpark
Akron Canton Regional Airport
Arthur N Neu Airport
Arcade Tri County Airport
Ashland Regional Airport
Arroket Airport
Aruba Airport
Andrews County Airport
Alpine Casparis Municipal Airport
Alexander Municipal Airport
Austin Executive Airport
Addington Field
Athens Municipal Airport
Arledge Field
Anadarko Municipal Airport
Air Park Dallas Airport
Abernathy Municipal Airport
Albertus Airport
Aravan West Airport
Ala Buka Airport
At Bashi Airport
Ashe County Airport
Arlington Municipal Airport
Austin Straubel International Airport
Abernathy Field
Asheboro Regional Airport
Ankeny Regional Airport
Alexander Field South Wood County Airport
Albany Municipal Airport
Amelia Earhart Airport
Abilene Municipal Airport
Allen County Airport
Akiachak Seaplane Base
Agua Dulce Airpark
Arnold Palmer Regional Airport
Auburn Lewiston Municipal Airport
Angelina County Airport
Arlington Municipal Airport
Altus Air Force Base
Airlake Airport
Arnold Field
Alpine County Airport
Alfred Schroeder Field
Almyra Municipal Airport
Accomack County Airport
Aztec Municipal Airport
Alameda Naval Air Station
Albert J Ellis Airport
A L Mangham Jr. Regional Airport
AJ Eisenberg Airport
Ayang Ni Highway Strip
Avi Suquilla Airport
Atkinson Municipal Airport
Akutan Seaplane Base
Aransas County Airport
Arens Field
Ashland Municipal Sumner Parker Field
Albany Municipal Airport
Auburn Municipal Airport
Anderson Field
Adirondack Regional Airport
Albert Whitted Airport
Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport
Avenger Field
Albany Municipal Airport
Aero Country Airport
Archer City Municipal Airport
Alfred C 'Bubba' Thomas Airport
American Falls Airport
Aberdeen Municipal Airport
Allen H Tigert Airport
Aurora State Airport
Arcadia Municipal Airport
Arthur Dunn Air Park
Allentown Queen City Municipal Airport
Anita Municipal Kevin Burke Memorial Field
Atlanta Municipal Airport
Arkalyk Airport
Arys Northeast Airport
Abay Bazar Airport
Almaty North Airport
Aitbuzum East Airport
Aksu Airport
Arkaylyk South Airport
Aksuyek Airport
Aktogay Air Base
Atbasar Airport
Agua Caliente Airport
Alamo Landing Field
Air Logistics (Intracoastal City) Heliport
Air Logistics 2 Heliport
Acadian Medical Center Heliport
Arco Morgan City Heliport
Angola Airstrip
Abbeville General Hospital Heliport
Angola International Airport (Under Construction)
Albacete-Los Llanos Airport
Alcolea Airport
Alicante International Airport
Almería International Airport
Ampuriabrava Airport
Asturias Airport
Alfes Airport
A Coruña Airport
Armilla Airport
Altarejos-Guadalcanal Airport
Alhama De Murcia Airport
Almansa Airport
Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport
Autoridad Portuaria de Barcelona Heliport
Alcantarilla Airport
Argentan Airport
Albert-Bray Airport
Amiens-Glisy Airport
Agen-La Garenne Airport
Angoulême-Brie-Champniers Airport
Andernos Les Bains Airport
Arcachon-La Teste-de-Buch Airport
Albi-Le Séquestre Airport
Aire-sur-l'Adour Airport
Auch-Lamothe Airport
Amboise Dierre Airport
Argenton Sur Creuse Airport
Aubigny-sur-Nère Airport
Ancenis Airport
Arbois Airport
Avallon Airport
Aubenas-Ardèche Méridional Airport
Ambert Le Poyet Airport
Aubenasson Airport
Angers-Loire Airport
Albertville Airport
Ajaccio-Napoléon Bonaparte Airport
Auxerre-Branches Airport
Annemasse Airport
Annecy-Haute-Savoie-Mont Blanc Airport
Aurillac Airport
Aix-en-Provence (BA 114) Airport
Alès-Deaux Airport
Avignon-Caumont Airport
Aspres-sur-Buëch Airport
Avignon Pujaut Airport
Avord (BA 702) Air Base
Alençon Valframbert Airport
Abbeville-Buigny-Saint-Maclou Airport
Arras Roclincourt Airport
Autun-Bellevue Airport
Angers Avrille Airport
Avranches Le Val St Père Airport
Ambérieu Airport (BA 278)
Apt St Christol Airport
Andravida Airport
Agrinion Airport
Amphiali Heliport
Athen Helenikon Airport
Alexandria Airport
Amigdhaleon Airport
Alexander the Great International Airport
Astypalaia Airport
Aktion National Airport
Araxos Airport
Aquino Airport
Amendola Airport
Aviosuperficie Airone
Asiago Airport
Alghero-Fertilia Airport
Alessandria Airport
Alzate Brianza Airport
Aosta Airport
Aviano Air Base
Ancona Falconara Airport
Arezzo Airport
Ajdovščina Airport
Air Estates Inc Airport
Arad Airport
Atwood Heliport
Atarot Airport
Altlichtenwarth Airport
Alverca Airport
Aveiro Airport
Alijó Airport
Arad International Airport
Aerodromul Strejnic
Ag Aviation Airport
Annison Private Airport
American Legion Hospital Heliport
Assumption Comunity Hospital Heliport
Avoyelles Hospital Heliport
Aerolite Aero Park Ultralightport
Amax Metals Recovery Inc. Heliport
A & P Airpark
Air Logistics (Lake Charles) Heliport
Alcon USA Heliport
Alpnach Air Base
Amlikon Glider Airport
Ambri Airport
Ascona Airport
Akıncı Air Base
Adana Airport
Afyon Airport
Antalya International Airport
Amasya Merzifon Airport
Atatürk International Airport
Alaşehir Airport
Adnan Menderes International Airport
Akhisar Airport
Anadolu University Airport
Ağrı Airport
Adıyaman Airport
Airport Lisicji Jarak
Augusta Seaplane Base
Avco/Lowell Heliport
Atlantic Trade Heliport
Army National Guard Heliport
Albert Farms Airport
Anna Jaques Hospital Heliport
Ashland Landing Farm Airport
Albrecht Airstrip
Arroyo Barril Airport
Azua Airport
Allen St Peter Memorial Airport
Acadian Seaplane Base
Avery Field
Anjajavy Airport
Ailuk Airport
Aur Island Airport
Acensa Airport
Ahuas Airport
Amapala Airport
Apala Airport
Archaga Airport
Alas Del Socorro Airport
Araslaya Airport
Aserradero Azacualpa Airport
Aserradero El Encino Airport
Agua Caliente Airport
Agropecuaria Piedra De Agua Azul Airport
Auca Airport
Azacualpa Airport
Airborn Paraflite Ultralightport
A.C. Miller Airport
Adair Airstrip
Agualeguas Old Airport
Autlan Airport
Agua Prieta South Airport
Agua Prieta Southwest Airport
Agualeguas Airport
Abraham González International Airport
Amado Nervo National Airport
Atizapan De Zaragoza Airport
Angel Albino Corzo International Airport
Aggies Landing Airport
Abbott Northwestern Hospital Heliport
Angen Field
Arthur Field
Aerovilla Airport
Aero-Plain Airport
Alamicamba Airport
Altamira Airport
Augusto C. Sandino (Managua) International Airport
Adventures Aloft Airport
American Legion-Village of Centertown Heliport
Air Ambulance Heliport
Arnika Ranch Airport
Alvaro Berroa Airport
Alonso Valderrama Airport
Augusto Vergara Airport
Aerodamas Airport
Aranjuez Airport
Amubri Airport
Arenal Airport
Aerotortuguero Airport
Atirro Airport
Altamira de San Carlos Airport
Agropecuaria Playa Caletas Airport
Aerohead Airport
Alcorn State University Airport
Abide Airpark
Andersons Hospital Heliport
Alton Field
Adjutant General Office Heliport
Agalega Island Airstrip
Arch Heliport
Angle Bar M Airport
Aero Britton Airport
Antilla Airport
Antonio Maceo International Airport
Abel Santamaria Airport
Alberto Delgado Airport
Alfonsina's Airstrip
Aerodromo San Miguel de Allende
Abreojos Airport
Álamos Airport
Andings Landing Seaplane Base
Anderson Airport
Advance Machine Company Heliport
Al's Due North Airport
Andros Town Airport
Abaco I Walker C Airport
Arthur's Town Airport
AUTEC Heliport
Auxiliary Airfield
Alexandria Airport
Afro Venture Airport
Aminuis Pan Landing Site
Anib Lodge Landing Site
Aranos Airstrip
Aranos Pan Landing Site
Auob Lodge Airport
Aris Landrig Strip
Albrechts Aistrip
Anderson Private Airport
Anderson Strip
Aero Plantation Airport
Alexander County Airport
Albemarle Hospital Heliport
Aitutaki Airport
Ag Air Airport
Abie Sky Ranch Airport
Aknux Airport
Abaiang Airport
Abemama Atoll Airport
Arorae Island Airport
Air-Wood Heliport
Abbott Heliport
Austin's Landing Heliport
Apte Heliport
Alloway Airfield
At&T Cedarbrook Heliport
Arneytown Veteran's Cemetary Heliport
American Cyanamid Linden Heliport
Atrium At Somerset Heliport
Alexanders-Menlo Park Heliport
Als Landing Strip
August Field
Amch Heliport
Antonius Ziekenhuis Heliport
Albert Schweitzer Ziekenhuis. Locatie Amstelwijck Heliport
Axel Glider Airfield
Aeroclub Nistelrode
Albuquerque Regional Medical Center Heliport
Adobe Ranch Private Airport
Aero Tech Inc Airport
Akin and Akin Airport
Amigos Del Cielo Airport
Agdenes Airfield, Breivika
Asau Airport
Anaa Airport
Apataki Airport
Aratika-Perles Airport
Arutua Airport
Ahe Airport
Aratika Nord Airport
Air Sailing Gliderport
Action Heliport
Aneityum Airport
Aniwa Airport
Auburn Memorial Hospital Heliport
Adirondack Airpark Estates Airport
Anthonson Airport
Adirondack Medical Center Heliport
Archdale Meadows Airport
Aurora Balloonport
Alexander Farm Airport
Amsterdam Airfield
Arrowsmith Station
Arkwrights Airstrip/Dunsandel (Private)
Auckland International Airport
Avalon Heliport
Alfredton Airport
Ardmore Airport
Ashburton Aerodrome
ASB Bank Centre Heliport
Auckland Hobsonville Airport
Aukland Hospital Helipad
Alexandra Airport
Andkhoi Airport
Arfa Airport
Al Lidem Airport
Al Kharj
Al Kharj East Airport
Al Artawiyah South Airport
Abu Ali Airport
Abha Regional Airport
Al Ahsa Airport
Al Baha Airport
Abqaiq Airport
Arar Domestic Airport
Al-Jawf Domestic Airport
Al Wajh Domestic Airport
Aeroacres Airport
Akron General Medical Center Heliport
Arnold Airport
August Acres Airport
Anderson Airport
Alliance Airport
Amanda Airport
Antique Acres Airpark
Aultman Hospital Heliport
Alaimo's Heliport
Abadan Airport
Aghajari Airport
Ahwaz Airport
Abumusa Island Airport
Asaloyeh Airport
Abdanan Airport
Aligoodarz Airport
Arak Airport
Amol Airport
Abadeh Airport
Ardabil Airport
Amman-Marka International Airport
Aqaba King Hussein International Airport
Avian Country Estates Airport
Atwoods Heliport
Airman Acres Airport
Ahmed Al Jaber Air Base
Ali Al Salem Air Base
Adam Airport
Abu Dhabi Northeast Airport
Abu Dhabi International Airport
Asab Airfield
Al Hamra Aux Airport
Al Ain International Airport
Al Dhafra Air Base
Arzanah Airport
Al Minhad Air Base
Al Maktoum International Airport
Al Saqr Field
Abbottabad Airport
Alama Iqbal International Airport
Ajax Airport
Apple Valley Airport
Al Asad Air Base
Al Taqaddum Air Base
Al Najaf International Airport
Al Sahra Army Air Field
Al Taji Army Air Field
Ali Air Base
Abu ad Duhur Air Base
As Suwayda West Air Base
An Nasiriyah Air Base
Al Qusayr Air Base
Al Al Airport
Aleppo International Airport
Al Udeid Air Base
Al Khawr Airport
Andre Maggi Airport
Al Anad Air Base
Aden International Airport
Abbse Airport
Ataq Airport
Al Badie Airport
Al-Bayda Airport
Al-Bough Airport
Al Ghaidah International Airport
As Salif Airport
Al-Hazm Airport
Achutupo Airport
Aguadulce Airport
Alligandi Airport
Ashland Regional Medical Center Heliport
Arnold Airport
Allegheny Hospitals Canonsburg Heliport
At&T Solid State Tech Center Heliport
Atka Airport
Allen Army Airfield
Adak Airport
Ambler Airport
Angoon Seaplane Base
Akhiok Airport
Anaktuvuk Pass Airport
Alpine Airstrip
Aniak Airport
Annette Island Airport
Anvik Airport
Arctic Village Airport
Atqasuk Edward Burnell Sr Memorial Airport
Alakanuk Airport
Akun Airport
Akiak Airport
Allakaket Airport
Agali Airstrip
Agotu Airstrip
Akwom Airstrip
Ali Airstrip
Ambua Airstrip
Ambaluwa Airstrip
Anangalo Airstrip
Ande Airstrip
Arufi Airstrip
Asama Airstrip
Asimba Airstrip
Assengseng Airstrip
Appa Airstrip
Arkosame Airstrip
Asinuwa Airstrip
Auwi Airstrip
Aziana Airstrip
Angai Airstrip
Arisili Airstrip
Aro Airstrip
Awala Airstrip
Anguganak Airport
Awaba Airport
Andersen Air Force Base
Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport
Azagra Airstrip
Aleksandrów Łódzki Airport
Abington Memorial Hospital Heliport
Akm Airfield
Altemose Ultralightport
Air One Enterprise Heliport
Arco Newtown Heliport
Agere Systems-Lehigh Valley Central Campus Heliport
Anzio Heliport
Alberter Farms Airport
Alfragide heliport
As Salwa Border Post helipad
Alkali Lake State Airport
Arawa Airport
Akasaka Press Center Heliport
Asahikawa Airport
Amakusa Airport
Asahikawa Airport
Ashiya Airport
Amami Airport
Akeno Airport
Aomori Airport
Akita Airport
Atsugi Naval Air Facility
A-306 Airport
A 511 Airport
Aguni Airport
Alabat Island Airport
Allah Valley Airport
Awang Airport
Aparri (Maura) Airport
Aerodrom "13.Maj"
Afrikanda Air Base
Alexandrovo Air Base
Aleysk Air Base
Andreapol Air Base
Arabatuk Air Base
Ashchebutak Air Base
Alakurtti Naval Air Base
Aleksandrovskoye Airport
Amazar Air Base
Ashuluk Airfield
Atkarsk Airport
Azov Airfield
Avachinskiy Heliport
Agoy Airfield
Ambassador Hotel Helipad
Alyye Parusa Helipad
Aginskoye Airport
Arsenyev Airfield
Akhty Airfield
Alferyevo Airfield
Anosino-1 Helipad
Anino Helipad
Alabino Helipad
Anosino-2 Heliport
Ataka Helipad
Abzakovo Helipad
Akhtubinsk Air Base
Andy Mc Beth Airport
Al Bir Highway Strip
Al Wariah SE Highway Strip
Al Hasa Airport
Apóstoles Airport
Andalgalá Airport
Ascochinga Airport
Aeroclub Argentino Airport
Area De Material Airport
Alferez Armando Rodriguez Airport
Antoine De St Exupery Airport
Almirante Marco Andres Zar Airport
Azul Airport
Ástor Piazzola International Airport
Aviador C. Campos Airport
Aurea Airport
Amapá Airport
Araraquara Airport
Alta Floresta Airport
Araçatuba Airport
Araxá Airport
Aeroporto Estadual Arthur Siqueira Airport
Atlas Brasil Cantanhede Airport
Afonso Pena Airport
Altamira Airport
Alberto Alcolumbre Airport
Augusto Severo Airport
Alan's Airport
Airy Hall Airport
Anna's Airport
Anderson Airport
Abbeville Airport
Abbeville County Memorial Hospital Heliport
Avinger Field
Añorada Airport
Agua Santa Airport
Atacalco Airport
Alempue Airport
Alto Palena Airport
Arquilhué Airport
Ayacara Airport
Azopardo Airport
Alto Cauquenes Airport
Almirante Schroeders Airport
Aguas Blancas Airport
Almahue Airport
Aucó Airport
Agua Buena Airport
Ainhoa Airport
Alberto Santos Dumont Airport
Aerosanta Cruz Airport
Agromanzún Airport
Alupenhue Airport
Andersen Farms Airport
Avera Queen of Peace Hospital Heliport
Anderson Aerial Spraying Airport
Araras Airport
Aché Heliport
Angra dos Reis Airport
Amil Resgate Heliport
Americana Airport
Amarais Airport
Auxiliar I Heliport
Aeroclube Airport
Andradina Airport
Acapulco Heliport
Alpha Business Empresarial Helipad
Aeroclube de Itápolis Airport
Avibrás II Heliport
Avibrás II Heliport
Abaré Airport
Aldeia Nacepoti Airport
Aldeia Piaracu Airport
Aeroclube Airport
Agropesp Airport
Attilio Tinelli Heliport
Ambev Heliport
Aldeia Pontal Airport
Atena Airport
Adhemar Ribeiro Airport
Agropastoril bom Pastor Airport
Avaré-Arandu Airport
Atibaia Airport
Agrorural Sol Nascente Airport
Alagoinhas Airport
Aldeia Kremoro Airport
Aerogalo Heliport
Aldeia Baú Airport
Aldeia Kubenkroke Airport
Aldeia de Metuktire Airport
Air Haco Heliport
Alto Paraíso Airport
Atlântida Ilhas Park Heliport
Amarras Heliport
Aeroportobelo Airport
Åre / Molanda
Alvesta Smålanda Airport
Alba Elena Airport
Aviandina Heliport
Arapicos Airport
Arajuno Airport
Ascazubi Airport
Ayangue Airport
Atahualpa Airport
Amable Calle Gutierrez Airport
Aguas Blancas Heliport
Asociación Chilena de Seguridad Heliport
Aerorescate Heliport
Anguila 1 Heliport
Asistencia Pública Dr. Alejandro del Río Heliport
Andoljšek - Ribnica UL field
Aeroandres Heliport
Ana Paula Airport
Auto Viação Reginas Heliport
Auriflama Airport
Atlântida Heliport
Ambev - Filial Guarulhos Heliport
Ambev Jaguaríuna Heliport
Auto Viação Reginas II Heliport
Adalberto S. Monturil Heliport
Asa Delta Airport
Águas Claras Heliport
Agrishow Airport
Água Boa Airport
Aldeia do Vale Heliport
Aviador Mário Luiz Spinelli Airport
Água Branca Airport
Aeroclube de São José do Rio Pardo Airport
Aquarius Heliport
Ambrósio Airport
Aerolis Airport
Aero Resende Airport
Alcoolvare Airport
Aerojaco Airport
Agrosserra Airport
Algodoeira Airport
Aeroclube de Eldorado do Sul Airport
Almenat Heliport
Agropecuária Equus Airport
Araguacema Airport
Aldeia Pykany Airport
Atrium Heliport
Álvaro Gama Heliport
Aero Agrícola Cristalina Airport
Arenhart Airport
Aerorural Floramazon Airport
Aeródromo Nova Era Airport
Aeropel Airport
Araguatins Airport
Agropecuária Vale do Guaporé Airport
Aero Agrícola Sapezal Airport
Aerocampo Airport
Alô Brasil Heliport
Ariquemes Airport
Aero Rural Airport
Avstal Airport
Andrieli Base Operacional Airport
Agromineral Mutum Airport
Agropecuária São Roberto Airport
Agropecuária Barrinha Airport
Agrifor Airport
Aero Agrícola Gaivota Airport
Angélica IV Heliport
A Universal Heliport
Aragarças Airport
Aeromis Airport
Aquapey Airport
Aloiso Ximenes de Farias Junior Heliport
Águas Frias Airport
Alice Maria Sampaio Ferreira Heliport
Alphaville Gramado Heliport
AHE Peixe Angical Airport
Água Fria Airport
Ajarani Airport
Alto Mucajaí Airport
Araí Airport
Aratha-Ú Airport
Arica Airport
Arboletes Airport
Aguaclara Airport
Altamira Airport
Araguanen Airport
Ana María Airport
Ayacucho Airport
Alfemar Airport
Ayapel Airport
Algarrobo Airport
Andalucía Airport
Aerosport Airport
Agua Blanca Airport
Agua Blanca Airport
Aniversario Estra Airport
Ataco Airport
Acaricuara Airport
Araracuara Airport
Alcides Fernández Airport
Aguachica Airport
Amalfi Airport
Andes Airport
Alfonso Bonilla Aragon International Airport
Antonio Roldan Betancourt Airport
Alfredo Vásquez Cobo International Airport
Aguas Claras Airport
Antonio Narino Airport
Almirante Padilla Airport
Alberto Lleras Camargo Airport
Alfonso López Pumarejo Airport
Abopo Airport
Arampampa Airport
Angora Airport
Apolo Airport
Aiquile Airport
Ascención De Guarayos Airport
Afobakka Airstrip
Albina Airport
Alalapadu Airstrip
Albers Airport
Albright Airport
Arrow B Ranch Airport
Amy Airport
Anton Flying Uv Airport
Araripina Airport
Arcoverde Airport
Araguari Airport
Adustina Airport
Alto Parnaíba Airport
Arapiraca Airport
Aracati Airport
Aeroclube Airport
Agrovale Airport
Amargosa Airport
Aba Airport
Alfenas Airport
Anglogold Ashantil Mineração Heliport
Aeroclube de Alagoas Airport
Aeroporto Elias Breder Airport
Aeroclube Airport
Aeroclube Airport
Ama Heliport
Abaeté Airport
Agropecuária Céu Aberto Ltda Airport
Agropecuária Ferreira Penço Ltda Airport
Agropastoril Monte Alegre Airport
Agropecuária Paralelo Dez Ltda Airport
Albrás Heliport
Atlantis Heliport
Atlântico Offices Heliport
Afogados da Ingazeira Airport
Afrânio Airport
Agropalma Airport
Açu Airport
Araçuai Airport
Aeroclube da Bahia Airport
Almeirim Airport
Agropecuária Castanhais Airport
Antônio Guerreiro Airport
Aeroxingu Airport
Aguaytia Airport
Alao Airport
Alerta Airport
Alferez FAP Alfredo Vladimir Sara Bauer Airport
Aguas Calientes Airport
Acarí Airbase Airport
Andahuaylas Airport
Alferez Fap David Figueroa Fernandini Airport
Ancón Airport
Atico Airport
Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport
Ajuini Airstrip
Ayod Airstrips
Arroio Grande Airport
Aeroclube de Foz do Iguaçu Airport
Aeroclube Airport
Amambaí Airport
Andirá Airport
Apucarana Airport
Aeroclube Airport
Aeroclube de Bento Gonçalves Airport
Aeroclube Airport
Aeroclube Airport
Aeroclube de Santana do Livramento Airport
Astral Airport
Aeroclube de Aquidauana Airport
APLIC Aviação Agrícola Ltda Airport
Aeroclube de Santa Catarina Airport
Alegrete Novo Airport
Arapongas Airport
Aqualider Heliport
Aplicação Aviação Agrícola II Airport
Aeroclube de Rio Negrinho Airport
Arraial d`Ajuda Airport
Alberto Bertelli Airport
Autovias Heliport
Alexandre Castro e Silva Heliport
Aéreo Amazônia Airport
Aero Porto Dal Lago Airport
Arapoti Airport
Arrozeira Airport
Agropecuária Monte Alverne Airport
Aficel Heliport
Angel S Adami Airport
Artigas International Airport
Aricuaisa Airport
Arichuna Airport
Algodonal Airport
Anaco Airport
Altagracia de Orituco Airport
Apurito Airport
Adícora Airport
Armando Schwarck Airport
Agua Clara Airport
Araya Airport
Aeropuerto "General Tomas de Heres". Ciudad Bolivar
Apruna Airport
Achaguas Airport
Agropecuaria Gamma Airport
Agropecuaria Los Araguaneyes Airport
Agua Linda Airport
Andres Miguel Salazar Marcano Airport
Alberto Carnevalli Airport
Aracay Abajo Airport
Agropecuaria San Francisco Airport
Antabare Airport
Arturo Michelena International Airport
Agroer Aviação Agrícola Airport
Agropecuária Floresta São Joaquim Ltda Airport
Assunção do Içana Airport
Arenápolis Airport
Anamoim Airport
Araguaiana Airport
Auaris Airport
Agro Pousadas do Guaporé Airport
Araguaína Airport
Alto Garças Airport
Agropecuária Cajabi Airport
Águia Branca do Paru Airport
Aero Agrícola Rondon Airport
Aero Agrícola Fulanete Airport
Agropecuária Tratex Airport
Aruanã Airport
Anápolis Airport
Aeródromo Nacional de Aviação Airport
Arnapar Airport
Agropecuária Nova Santana Airport
Arraias Airport
Aeroclube de Rondônia Airport
Aripuanã Airport
Autódromo Internacional de Brasília Heliport
Aerogardi Airport
Autódromo José Carlos Pace Heliport
Agrosan Airport
Aishalton Airport
Annai Airport
Apoteri Airport
Awaruwaunau Airport
Aero Estates Airport
Anxiety Aerodrome
Anderosa Airpark
Amoco Heliport
Aozou Airstrip
Aresti Aerodrome
Arrow 'S' Ranch Airport
Alba-Golden Heliport
Arrowhead Ranch Airport
Ayni Airport
Antonio Nery Juarbe Pol Airport
Antonio Rivera Rodriguez Airport
Aeropuerto Internacional Islas Michael
Anderson-Tully County Heliport
Anderson Airport
Amacher Strip
Aydelotte STOLport
Air Trade Center Heliport
Austin Field
Akhisar TSA Airfield
Ankara BB Helipad
Atatürk Hospital Helipad
Alaçatı Airport
Aksaray Airport
Arco Sabine Heliport
Austinia Airport
Air Logistics Heliport
Aviasud Airpark
Action Nr 2 Heliport
Abilene Executive Airpark
Antelope Valley Airport
Askaniya-Nova Airport
Artsiz Airfield
Almaty Airport
Astana International Airport
Ayaguz Airport
Aralsk Airport
Aktau Airport
Atyrau Airport
Aktobe Airport
Arkalyk North Airport
Akstafa Airport
Aldan Airport
Aykhal Airport
Amderma Airport
Abakan Airport
Achinsk Airport
Aban Airport
Anapa Airport
Armavir Air Base
Astrakhan Airport
Alaki Hot Springs
Avery Ranch Airstrip
Austin Executive Airport
Anaheim Police Heliport
Apci Emergency Heliport
Air Logistics Heliport
Allied Heliport
Amchitka Army Airfield
Aurora Airpark
Americus / Phoebe Sumter Heliport
Atlantic City Country Club Helistop
Almonte (General Hospital)
Austin Executive Airport
Aero Estates Airport
Aladdin Air Heliport
Antipayuta Airport
Arches Tours Heliport
Air Village Strip
Ashgabat Bezmein Airport
American Stores Heliport
Ashley Valley Medical Center Heliport
A A Helicopters Inc Heliport
Allen Memorial Hospital Heliport
American Fork Hospital Heliport
Alta View Hospital Heliport
Ashgabat Airport
Andizhan Airport
Aim Southeast Airport
Ak Kurgan Airport
Ak Tepe Airport
Andizhan Northeast Airport
Alhi Airport
Aradzhi Airport
Aravan Northeast Airport
Amla Airport
Apple Grove Airport
Armada/Hoffler Business Center Heliport
Aden Field
Ayers Airport
Akola Airport
Aurangabad Airport
Anuradhapura Air Force Base
Ampara Airport
Acañana Airport
Acañana Heliport
Acarigua Heliport
Accro Heliport
Aeroatun Heliport
Aeroservicios Ranger Heliport
Aerotécnica Heliport
Agropecuaria Cuajarote Airport
Aguasay Heliport
Alto Ipare Heliport
Araguay Mujo Heliport
Arekuna Airport
Aripao Heliport
Arismendi Airport
Asisa (Alto Asisa) Airpòrt
Asita Airport
Avila Heliport
Along Airport
Agartala Airport
Arrowpoint Airport
Abbott Airport
Akbarpur Airport
Agra Airport
Allahabad Airport
Ambala Air Force Station
Awantipur Air Force Station
Adampur Air Force Station
Attopeu Airport
Arkonam Airport
Agatti Airport
Ass-Pirin Acres Airport
Axinn Airport
Allenholm Airport
Ardell Flying Field
Ann Airport
Anisakan Airport
American Lake Seaplane Base
Air Harbor Airport
Apex Airpark
Acme Field
Aru Airport
Auburn Academy Airport
Arso Airport
Agats Airport
Amahai Airport
Abdul Rachman Saleh Airport
Adi Sutjipto International Airport
Adi Sumarmo Wiryokusumo Airport
Achmad Yani Airport
Abresso Airport
Andi Jemma Airport
Anduki Airport
Aurora Medical Center Kenosha Heliport
Aurora Medical Center Heliport
Atkins Ridge Airport
Albany Airport
Ashenfelter Aerodrome
Air Troy Estates - Restricted Airport
Army Guard Heliport
Aek Godang Airport
Auburn Fire Department Heliport
Aurora Memorial Hospital of Burlington Heliport
Atauro Airport
Abisu Heliport
Archie's Seaplane Base
Aurora Sheboygan Memorial Medical Center Heliport
Al's Airway Airport
Alpha Hotel Airport
Appalachian Regional Hospital Heliport
Allegheny Mining Heliport
Alloy Heliport
A A Ranch Airport
Antelope Run Ranch Airport
Aspern Airfield
Adkins Heliport
Allison Farm Airport
AAF Heliport
Akroville Airport
Aransas National Wildlife Refuge Airport
A&A Flying Service Airport
Agricultural Supplies Airport
Arlington Marriott Hotel Heliport
A W Ranch Airport
Albany Airport
Abingdon Downs Airport
Albion Downs Airport
Amburla Airport
Arcadia Airport
Acacia Downs Airport
Arubiddy Airport
Aldinga Airport
Adaminaby Airport
Andado Airport
Alton Downs Airport
Adaminaby Airport
Alfred Hospital Helipad
Augustus Downs Airport
Ashburton Downs Airport
Arckaringa Airport
Alcoota Station Airport
Adels Grove Airport
Albilbah Airport
Allambie Airport
Allandy Airport
Alexandria Homestead Airport
Alderley Airport
Aramac Airport
Ampilatwatja Airport
Andamooka Airport
Armraynald Airport
Ammaroo Airport
Amata Airport
Answer Downs Airport
Angatja Airport
Anna Creek Airport
Anthony Lagoon Airport
Anningie Airport
Annitowa Airport
Ardmore Airport
Anna Plains Airport
Alpha Airport
Apollo Bay Airport
Ararat Airport
Argadargada Airport
Argyle Airport
Arizona 1 Airport
Arkaroola Airport
Ardlethan Airport
Armidale Airport
Areyonga Airport
Arapunya Airport
Ardrossan Airport
Arrabury Airport
Ashford Airport
Atula Airport
Atherton Airport
Amphitheatre Airport
Atley Airport
Augathella Airport
Augusta Airport
Aurukun Airport
Austral Downs Airport
Auvergne Airport
Avon Downs Airport
Avonmore Airport
Agnes Water Airport
Ayers Rock Connellan Airport
Ayr Airport
Alice Springs Airport
Avalon Airport
Albury Airport
Adelaide International Airport
Aeropelican Airport
Adelaide Parafield Airport
Abrolhos Rat Island
Armidale - Lambert Park Helipad
Albury Base Hospital Helipad
Akiachak Airport
Al Abdaliyah Highway Strip
Aleknagik Seaplane Base
Arbeitsgenot Airport
Arizona Airport
Aldam Airport
Aero Farm Airport
Alberta Airport
Anton Fourie Farm Airport
Appleby Airport
Aero 57 Airport
Amersfoort Airport
Adamsfontein Airport
Augrabies Airport
Askham Airport
Alverstone Airfield
Amatikulu (Microlight) Airport
Amphitheatre Lodge Airport
Alldays (Greater Kuduland) Airport
Alldays Safaris Airport
Avarel Airport
Aero Den Airport
Assegaay Bosch Game Lodge Airport
Altona Airport
Aviators Paradise Field
Anyang Airport
Ankang Airport
Arvaikheer Airport
Altai Airport
Anqing Airport
Anshun Huangguoshu Airport
Aksu Airport
Alashankou Bole (Bortala) airport
Anshan Air Base